Brahman (ब्राह्मण) word derived from union of two words Bramha(ब्रह्म) + hana (हन/हन्).  “Bramha(ब्रह्म)” means soul or life and “hana (हन/हन्)” means killing, a killer, slayer, slaughter; i.e. those who kills living beings or souls are called Brahmana(ब्राह्मण). Varna system or caste system streams from killing of “Purusha” is the proof, how Vedism is the faith of stupidity, unscientific, illogical, irrational, ignorance, vandalism, lies, deception, delusion, discrimination  and violence. They call themselves born scholar or पंडित but you can estimate their level of intellectualism or stupidity; it has been about more than 2000 years, no scholar from this Brahman class  or anybody else never tried to find out the root meaning of Brahman, which means a Killer or हत्यारा; if they had known to the original meaning of Brahman then they would not feel proud of being a Brahman. Original meaning of Brahmin/Brahman/ब्राह्मण is slayer or slaughter or killer i.e. a Criminal or हत्यारा. In present days Indian varna/caste majority social norms, when an Indian recognize itself according to Vedic Certification of Varna/Caste as “I am Brahmin/Brahman,”  Actually he/she wants to say, you are lower than me in all respects by birth; which violates basic rights of humans i.e. rights of human equality & dignity. They violates Preamble of our Constitution; Violates Right to equality guaranteed in  Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 of the Constitution; Violates Articles of UDHR. Those violates our Constitution and International laws they are not elites but Criminals. Psychologically and morally even they are degraded to their certified Shudras; its because Shudra feed themselves by their hard labor, not like them those lives as parasites cheating with the beliefs of their followers by showing imaginative deities idols made in soil, stones, metal and logs etc.  and communicating these non-living identities with Sanskrit chants. Any kind of verbal communication with non-living elements are the sign of mental disorders; its not the wisdom, magic or exceptional quality of any kind.

अगर हम आधुनिक शिक्षा के साथ वेदवाद / ब्राह्मणवाद का समर्थन करेंगे, तो यह केवल पढ़े लिखे विकृत पैदा करेगा ।

ब्राह्मण अपनेआप को जन्मजात पंडित बोलता है; लेकिन ये वह मुर्ख है जो अपनेआप को अपने मुहं से शान से अपराधी यानि हत्यारा बोलता है लेकिन उसको इसकी अहश ही नहीं होता; क्यों की ब्राह्मण का असली अर्थ उसको सदियों से पता ही नहीं है । ब्राह्मण सब्द का असली अर्थ “जिव हतियारा” होता है, ना की कोई कुलीन उच्च बर्ग । वैदिक सोच इनलोगों की पूर्वज की दिमाग को ऐसे रेप यानि बलात्कार किया है की उनकी धूर्त बुद्धि से कमोनसेन्स यानि सामान्य बुद्धि गायब है । ब्राह्मण दो शब्द का मिश्रण से पैदा हुआ शब्द है, एक है “ब्रम्ह” और दूसरा है “हण/हन/हन्;” “ब्रम्ह” का अर्थ आत्मा या जीवन है, और “हण/हन/हन्” का अर्थ बध करनेवाला या हतियारा (ब्रम्ह+हण/हन/हन्=ब्राह्मण)। वर्ण पुरुष की बलि से पैदा हुआ ये इस बात का सबुत है; हत्या की वजह या आधार से ही वर्ण पैदा हुए, अगर हत्या यानि पुरुष की बलि नहीं दी जाती तो वर्ण पैदा नहीं होते । ये सब काल्पनिक सोच से पैदा हुआ घटिया व्यवस्था है जिसको धूर्तों ने मासूम और अबोध मूलनिवासियों पर जबरन थोपा है ।

Caste System Social Administration (Purusha Sukta 10.90) is a Criminal activity by Vedism/Brahmanism and its promoters are just Criminals. All selfish crook intelligentsia root natives those promoted Vedism as organized priesthood by self certification as Brahmins from different linguistic clans is know as  “ब्राह्मणबाद” or Brahmanism. These selfish crook intelligentsia were the mother of divide and rule principles. They divided the societies with four classes according to their professions to rule their life by weakening the social integrity. Vedic Purusha sukta 10.90 that classifies the different linguistic social groups in Indian demography according to their professions as ruling class and working class is only a philosophy by some crooks of this land. Vedic cons used their intelligentsia to rule the society classifying psychological & physical abilities of the root natives to promote their philosophy and to rule their life in the name of God and religion. They unified & uplifted organized alliance of Crooks/Cons, Bullies and Dishonest Traders as Vedic upper castes (ruling class as Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya) and all working class as their slaves named Shudra or lower castes; those were not part of the caste based social administration were considered as Atishudra or out castes or social identity names like untouchables, Harijana, Dwija, lower castes etc. Since Vedic clan is not the only clan found in this largest demography, therefore this Vedic philosophy is enforced to more than 1700 non Sanskrit spoken linguistic races by shine of sword and by hook and crook. Forward root natives of the different linguistic races adopted & divided themselves due to their self and organized benefits mentioned in their adopted vedic philosophy to control their backward root natives to have benefits using them as slaves. Main intention to implement Vedic caste based social administration was only to stop evolution or development of  backward root natives (पिछड़ी मूल निवासी) to forward root natives (अगड़ी मूल निवासी). Vedic promoters ruled the demography only by hook and crook and destroyed all rational philosophies of the land. They promoted lies, deception, delusions, ignorance, irrationality, blind beliefs, discrimination, disharmony, inequality, extremism, casteism, violence with honey coated sweet lies. They fed these poisoned honey coated sweet lies as opium to society and maintained the God delusion to control the brains of others as Boss. Since killing a cosmic human named “Purusha” humans with specific profession can’t be born; so its just a blind belief. Those promote these lies, blind beliefs, irrationality, ignorance, violence, disharmony and discrimination are the real pollutants & stagnaters of the Indian civilization. According to our constitution in “right to life” (Article 21)  pollution free thoughts are even fundamental right of a person. Those blind beliefs, irrationality and ignorance corrupt the thought process of a citizen should be prohibited by our government, but in the name of freedom of religion (Article 25-28) these stupidity guaranteed by itself our constitution. Vedic caste system meant for, backward root natives can’t be converted in to forward root natives hereditary for which they used the Manusmriti to ban upliftment of lower castes or backward root natives. Indian demography had never been a caste based demography in past. India was a demography of many kingdoms with many linguistic races without any single unified name. Kingdoms had their own identities and their regime names. Largest kingdom ever made in this demography was Mauryan empire. Mauryan empire was a non-caste based kingdom and its national religion was Buddhism. India is a demography of 122 major linguistic races and more than 1599 other linguistic races. Many linguistic races mean, many civilizations. So claiming there was only vedic civilization is totally wrong education to us. Sanskrit is mother of all language is a fake claim by stupid scholars. If it was so old, then who destroyed it? Giving even all kind of reservation to this language till to date it could not been popular? It was not a popular language in whole Indian history. It is a mother tongue of less than even 15 thousand people in present India. Either organized priesthood developed this language to fool their followers to hide what is in their compositions from their followers or this language was a language of few root natives of Indian demography. We can’t find any old stone or copper inscriptions like Ashokan scripts (may be old Pali letters) of this language though few stupid scholars claim Ashokan stone inscription letters are Brahmi scripts. If Brahmi scripts had invented by Vedic promoters, then why they didn’t have inscription of Vedas? And Waited till Devanagari invented. Those can’t speak in Sanskrit or their mother tongue is not Sanskrit; then they have no relation with this language; which means there was no caste system in their linguistic race. Many priest group of India those certified them as Vedic followers are just called as Brahmins; those use Sanskrit language, to worship their loving deities but they have their own mother tongues; which proves Sanskrit is only their adoptive language but their mother tongue is their origin of Identity. Like a root native from Indian origin speaking in English can’t be considered as English root natives like so, using Sanskrit for worship practices does not proves they are from Sanskrit spoken clan. Vedic civilization is Sanskrit spoken clan because all scriptures composed in only Sanskrit language not in other more than 1700 languages found in Indian demography. Purusha Sukta composed in Sanskrit not in other Indian languages implicates enough proof there is no link of cast based system to non-Sanskrit spoken clans of India other than adoption to this philosophy or enforcement of this philosophy to these non-spoken Sanskrit clans. Nobody will accept him/her as a lower caste or Shudra or slave to others as choice; so it directly proves its an enforcement to different linguistic root natives of India by brainwash to Kings of different linguistic race and by shine of sword, and by hook and crook, and by this kind of different possibilities. When Islamic invaders came to India in and after 700AD they ruled their unified kingdoms according to their regime name. Since they were well known to dwellers or demography near the river Shindu as Shindu clan or Shindu civilization, they used the name for their kingdom according to this clan name as Al-Hind or Hindustan or Indoustan etc. for their kingdom, where this Hindu identity had no relation to other linguistic clans those were not belongs Shindh province or Shindu civilization or Shind clan. This “Hindu” word can’t be found in any Indian religious scriptures. Neither Indian Vedic Gods were Hindus nor their followers were Hindus. Hindu identity is given by Muslim emperors to non-Muslims of Indian demography to depart them from converted Indian Muslims. There was no single identity name had to this demography in whole history but changed according to the regime names with the times because all kingdoms had their own regime names. The faith of the root natives even changed accordingly, according to the king’s regimes and their adopted or promoted or enforced faith system or art of livings in that time. Shindu civilization or Sindh province is now resides in Pakistan after the partition. Sindh people speaks in Sindhi language not in Sanskrit which directly proves Shindu civilization is not Vedic civilization. Many Sindhi linguistic spoken people have been converted in to Islam those majorly lives in Pakistan and few in India those follow Vedism. Vedism is actually renamed to Hinduism after the name given by Muslim emperors to non-Muslims of Indian demography in their 900 years of rules. Root natives of this demography gone through different religious changes with their king’s regime. Before 3000 years all our ancestors were non-religious. In 263BC Buddhism became the major or National religion of the land. When dishonest, disloyal, traitor, quisling crook Brahmin army chief of Mauryan empire Pushyamitra Shunga captured the Mauryan empire assassinating the last ruler Brihadratha, he only destroyed Buddhism and massacred to many Buddhist monks and enforced Vedism or Caste based system to Buddhist Kingdom of India in 185BC. After 185BC organized priesthood grown up as Brahmanism and destroyed all rational philosophies like Ajivika, Charuvaka/Lokayata, Vaisheshika, Buddhism, Jainism etc. and captured the many philosophies under their umbrella like Yoga, Naya, Mimansa etc. to rule the life of their followers promoting lies, blind beliefs, delusions and ignorance till to date. Root natives of different linguistic clans of Indian demography got their most idiotic & stupid social caste based identities only after 185BC. Brahmanism/Vedism renamed as Hinduism after the invasion of Islam and it codified as Hindu in Indian laws after formation of the Nation INDIA.

बद बुद्धि ही वैदिक धर्म है

झूठ, अंधविश्वास, भ्रम, तर्कहीनता, अज्ञानता, छल, कपट, नफरत और हिंसा का धर्म ब्राह्मण बस इन सब  “झूठ, अंधविश्वास, भ्रम, तर्कहीनता, अज्ञानता, छल, कपट, नफरत और हिंसा” जैसे बद गुणों की पंडित होता है

( ब्राम्हणोने पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी झूठ, अंधविश्वास, भ्रम, तर्कहीनता, अज्ञानता, नफरत और हिंसा की नशा पिला पिला कर हर पीढ़ी को इतना झूठ की नशेड़ी कर डाला है की बिना झुठकी आजकी पीढीको जीना मुश्किल लगता है । ब्राम्हणोने झूठी ख्वाबों की अफीम खिला खिलाके इंडिया भूखंडमें बसी हर सभ्यता को अपने स्वार्थ केलिए बर्बाद और ध्वंस कर दिया, इसलिए ब्राम्हणबाद, आतंकबाद और बाहरी आक्रमणकारियोंसे भी ज्यादा खतरनाक है क्यों के “पुरुष” की बली से मनुष्य पैदा हो नहीं सकते; इसलिये ये सोच एक अंध विश्वास है इस सोच को फैलाने वाले ही इस भूखंड में असली गंदगी हैं )


धूर्त ब्राह्मण अपने जाती में भी कई तरह की ब्राह्मणो की वर्ग बना के उन में छोटे और बड़े का फर्क पैदा करता है । ये लोग केवल इतिहास और उनके अनुयाइयों के मन के साथ छेड़ छाड़ नहीं करते बल्कि इतिहास में अपनी मन गढ़न काल्पनिक बातों को डालकर उससे लाभ भी उठाते हैं । अपने आप को सही और सबसे बड़ा बनाने के चक्कर में ये छल और बल का उपयोग करके दूसरों को हानि पहुंचाते है । नियोजित अपराध इनका एक साधारण लक्षण है । ये ज्यादातर अपने दुश्मन/शिकार को छल से या उन में भेद पैदा करके हराते हैं । अपने दुश्मनों की नजदीक लोगों का इस्तेमाल करके उनके द्वारा विश्वासघात करवाते हैं जैसे प्रसाद में शरीर को बीमार कर देने वाले पधार्तों का इस्तेमाल, यहाँ तक जेहेर का इस्तेमाल करना इत्यादि भी इसमें शामिल हैं, नियोजित दुर्घटना करवाना या अपने लोगों को भड़का के उनके दुश्मनों के लिए इस्तेमाल करने के लिए दुश्मनों के वेश में अपने ही लोगों को हानि पहुंचाना या उनकी कत्ल भी करना इसमें शामिल है ।

आज के करीब ६ करोड़ ब्राह्मणों में ज्यादातर ब्राह्मण ब्रैनवाश्ड हैं; और आपने वारेमें जानते तक नहीं क्यों की वह भी ब्राह्मणवाद का शिकार हैं; वह क्यों और कैसे ब्राह्मण बने उन्हें जानना जरूरी है । धूर्त ब्राह्मण हमेशा ब्राह्मणवाद से बने ऊँची जात का ब्रेनवाश करके अपने स्वार्थ के लिए इस्तेमाल करता आ रहा है । समय समय में सेंटीमेंट अटैक से उनको भड़काने का काम करता है ताकि उन में ब्राह्मणवाद जीता रहे ताकि उसकी इस्तेमाल वह समय आने पर कर सके । कुछ बुद्धिस्ट सन्यास के पूर्वज भी इन ब्राह्मण की झुण्ड में हैं; क्यों के जब इंडिया में 185BC के बाद बुद्धिजीम को ख़तम किया गया ज्यादातर बौद्ध सन्यास उसके शिकार हुए । कइयों को मौत की घाट उतारा गया; किंवदन्ती ये भी है पुश्यमित्र शुंग ने एक दिन में ही ७० हजार से ज्यादा बौद्ध सन्यासियों का हत्या किया था । समय के साथ वैदिक धर्म अपनाने वाले राजाओं ने वैदिक क्षत्रिय जात को अपनाया और ब्राह्मणवाद को अपने राज्यों में फैलाई । कुछ राजाओं तो पुष्यामित्र शुंग का जैसे एक बौद्ध सन्यास के सर के बदले १०० सोने का मुद्रा की भी घोषणा किया था; उन में बंगाल की राजा शशांक भी शामिल है; कइयों को तो उबलता हुआ तेल की कढ़ाई में फेंक दियाजाता था, इसलिए कई बौद्ध इंटेलेक्चुअल्स और सन्यास अपने आपको छुपा ने के लिए शूद्र/अतिशूद्र भी बन गए । कोई मौत के भय से कहीं भाग गया तो कोई अपने सामाजिक अस्तित्व को बचाये रखने के लिए उस को मजबूरन वैदिक धर्म के आगे झुकना पड़ा और उसको वैदिक वर्णवाद अपनाना पड़ा, और उनमें से कुछ मजबूरन उसकी प्रचारक और प्रसारक बनना पड़ा होगा । जो बौद्ध सन्यासियोंने वैदिक धर्म का प्रचारक बने वह ब्राह्मण पहचान लेने के लिए मजबूर हुआ होगा क्यों की ना वह शूद्र बनके वैदिक धर्म को प्रचार कर पाता ना वैदिक वाले एक शूद्र को अपना धर्म प्रचारक बनाते, ना व्यापार करने के लिए उसके पास पैसा हुए होंगे, ना वह रातों रात राजा यानी क्षत्रिय बन सकता था; वह वैदिक धर्म वालों के आगे अपने जमीर गिरवी रख कर बौद्ध धर्म को अपभ्रंश करने में सहायता किया होगा । क्यों के उनके पूर्वज ना असली ब्राह्मणोके जैसे धूर्त थे ना उनके संतान समय के साथ धूर्त बन सके इसीलिए वे कन्वर्शन के वाद भी वही गरीब बने रहे । ये ज़रुरी नहीं के एक धूर्त ब्राह्मण का हर पीढ़ी धूर्त ही बने; जो मुलनिवाशी धूर्त थे और मनुस्मृति में ब्राह्मण को दिए गये मान्यता और सुविधायें से आकृष्ट होकर ब्राह्मण बने (छद्म ब्राह्मण) उन्हों ने ब्राह्मणवाद की संगठित स्वार्थ के लिए ब्राह्मणवाद का बढ़ावा दिया ताकि ब्राह्मणवाद से संगठित लाभ उठाते रहे । इसलिए जो गरीब ब्राह्मण और भीख मांगने वाले ब्राह्मण हैं वह ज्यादातर बुद्धिस्ट ओरिजिन से आते हैं । ब्राह्मण के झुण्ड में कई तरह की स्रोत है, इन में कुछ असली ब्राह्मण ओरिजिन से हैं, कुछ कनवर्टेड हैं और कुछ छद्म हैं । आचार्य चाणक्य के अनुसार मूर्ति-पूजा मूर्खो के लिए है । लेकिन ब्राह्मणवाद ही मूर्ति-पूजा है; मूर्ति को दिखाकर पेट पालना और लोगों की दिमाग को कण्ट्रोल करना उनकी जीविका है । वह कहते है भावना में भगवान होते है । यदि ऐसा है तो मिट्टी में चीनी की भावना करके खाये तो क्या मिट्टी में मिठास का स्वाद मिलेगा ? एक पक्षी को भी पता होता है कि कोई मूरत उसका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकती है । वह किसी मनुष्य की मूर्ति पर पेशाब कर देता है । बीट कर देता है उससे डरता नहीं है । कोई मूर्ति का शेर हमें खा नहीं सकता । कोई मूर्ति का कुत्ता काट नहीं सकता तो मनुष्य/देवताओं की मूर्ति मनोकामना कैसे पूरी करती है ?

Hindu and Hinduism is a conspiracy to slave major Indians by Vedic Caste system which is defined in Rig Veda Purusha Sukta 10.90. Hindu word originally a construct by Iranians, Afghans and Arabians origin which had used to recognize river side dwellers of river Shindu. Later it had used for the root natives of partial parts of the Indian demography ruled itself by Islamic emperors after 700AD; though later used the Hindu identity to non-Muslims of Indian root natives ruled by them to depart Islamic followers of Indian origin. Islamic emperors had named their kingdom as Al-Hind, Indoustan & Hindustan etc.; Since Al-Hind, Indoustan & Hindustan or word “Hindu” can’t be found in any religious scriptures developed in Indian demography, therefore it has no relation with Indian root natives except as an imposition. Hindu word adopted by polytheist Vedism promoters to use it politically for hegemony of Brahmanism and to promote and reserve Vedism/Brahmanism/Casteism in present and future India. So Hindu/Hinduism is a conspiracy by Brahmin think tanks to preserve Caste system in India.

Pushyamitra Shunga

Disclaimer: This blog exposes who are really Brahmins and what are their contribution to Indian race. It can hurt to approximate six crores Brahmins out of 126 crores of Indians, those are majorly ignorant about their ancestors evil contributions to Indian race for which India stagnated till to date. This website does not claim all Brahmins are having evil ideology but being a part of the evil race knowing their persecution to others is severely bad, is also one kind of sleeping support to that evilness or racial crimes. Knowing to their evil contribution to Indian society and not having any try for reformation shows negligence of supporting crimes by the liberal Brahmins. More than 90% Brahmins may even don’t know why they are Brahmins, so whatever they did they were told or commanded by their authorities to do so; In this case they are abettors of racial crimes due to their authorities, those passed the evil information with the miscarriage of guidance to exploit others according to their wish. So evil Brahmins authorities those passed to their descendants knowing its bad to others or to Indian society is prime accused and the website name them as crook Brahmins. The citizens of India with  surnames of Brahmins and with the professions other than priests without supporting and promoting the ideology of Purusha Sukta is departing them from these Crook Brahmins. This website exposes crook Brahmins those wants to establish racial hegemony to democratic India as like they had been doing to non-sovereign India, implementing their old idiotic Vedic & Manusmritic ideology to Indian race. If you don’t want to know the evil contribution of Brahmins to Indian race then stop reading the website here. Saying truth is not hatred speech; but some crook Brahmins and their vedic supporters and promoters wants to suppress the truth in the name hatred speech punishable by law even saying truth for social reformation. The Constitution of India and its hate speech laws aim to prevent discord among its many ethnic and religious communities. The laws allow a citizen to seek the punishment of anyone who shows the citizen disrespect “on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever”. The laws specifically forbid anyone from outraging someone’s “religious feelings”. This is the reason why Indian constitution even indirectly give permissions to promote and support antisocial activities done by the cunning religious races and itself religions in the name of hate speech bans.  Saying truth and claiming justice against antisocial activities by religious communes are not crimes; so saying truth if  someone’s “religious feelings” is outraged they must have to proof the truth claimed is false otherwise they are accused of promoting religious crimes. Section 295 A of IPC stops hate speech but not banning telling the truth. If it bans telling truths then we have no rights to condemn any kind of terrorist activities done in the name of any religion or race or group; so in that case we even don’t have right to condemn ISIS for their evil deeds. All Brahmins are not crooks and even they don’t know why they are Brahmins. The blog helps to make transparent who are the crooks among the Brahmins those are curse to Indian race. Contents of this website should not be taken or subjected or constitute or construed  as abusive, enticing or promoting hate or violence against any particular race, nationality, religion or lifestyle; illegal, threatening, harassing, annoying or disrupting, hateful, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, scandalous or injurious to the reputation of any person or entity, and only be constitute or construed  as facts of knowledge which need to be discussed for mankind to decline harm full believe structure of Human-beings. Nature has given humanity the ability to think, to evaluate, to imagine, to compare and contrast and then come to conclusions based upon knowledge. This is what differentiates the faculties of human beings from the other members of the Animal Kingdom. The motive of this website is for establishing our global and National peace, unite humanity, strengthening the securities and establishing peaceful life. Website is against the irrationalities in religions and races. Strictly mentioned don’t read if you don’t like; nobody (writer or it’s promoters) will be responsible if it hurts to your existing beliefs or any conflicts in any forms due to this website though your state laws may enforces it as offenses. Reading this website means you are aware about the disclaimer of the website and bound to accept and agreed; that, you will not misuse the information in any means and in any forms. The information in this website will be only taken as the knowledge for discussion and interpretation for the eradication of irrationality in Human belief system that arises due to God beliefs in different parts of the world; So solely take this website at your own risk. Readers are requested to have the intellectual inquisitiveness, to persevere, to continue reading and investigating.


छल और बल, कपट कौशल जयते


Organized Vedic priesthood as Brahmanism controlled and ruled the life of major root natives of Indian demography in the name of god just using mud, stones, metals and artistic impressions through delusions for their self and organized benefits. You can estimate their height of knave or crooked mind and their attitude of deceptions by reading this whole blog.

(Vedism is nothing but Brahmanism now well known as Hinduism due to major followers of Vedism in it, which is the root evil of Indian demography from 185BC+2018AD=2203years. Sanskritk spoken clan was the composer of Purusha Shukta that defines how world is made and Brahmins and other castes are made.  Which is unscientific and from stupid knowledge origin. Brahmanism had implemented by Vedic Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga to Buddhist kingdom of Mauryans in 185BC which is now know as present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sanskrit spoken class were very few in the age of kingdoms. India is having more than 122 major spoken language races and more than 1600 other languages/linguistic races. Sanskrit spoken class is even less than 15 thousands in present India. Tribal priests i.e. majorly idol worshipers of different linguistic races converted themselves to priest certified according to vedic philosophy and named them as Brahmins and promoted Vedism as organized priesthood. They implemented the Vedism to the other kingdoms by hook and crook certifying kings as Kshatriyas and other professionals according to their professions specified in Purusha shukta, its the reason why Vedism or Brahmanism is the religion of “I am high and you are low” or religion of discrimination; which violates human rights. Only Vedic or Sanskrit spoken clan of this demography was the follower of Veda and their created philosophies, other linguistic races has no relation or connection to it in any kind though their promoters hype Sanskrit is mother of all language is totally fake and stupidity. More than 82% working class fall in Shudra caste due to Vedic caste based division. They were forced to become lower casts due to forceful implementation of this social system to their linguistic races. Nobody wouldn’t convert them as Shudra or lower caste or slaves in their free will, so it was only the enforcement by Vedic promoters by hook and crook. Conversion of working class root natives to lower caste or as Shudra or as slaves was the biggest crime in the human history by Brahmins. Its the reason why Brahmins are only the prominent heinous con criminals of the Indian civilization. All deities only understand Sanskrit chants or slokas or mantras; which proves the delusion world of Hinduism is only made by them to control their followers for their personal and organized benefits. Purusha Sukta (Purusha Sukta 10.90) of Rig.Veda had divided the other linguistic societies/races according to their beneficial profession orders. Harmless and mind controlling positions, or those wanted to full control over the knowledge or controlling mind and life of others designated them as Brahmans or as prime social elites in Vedic social system. Priest class or full time idol care takers of the different linguistic races had majorly converted them in to Brahmins adopting Vedism for organized priesthood, its the reason why they have their mother tongue dissimilar with worshiping language Sanskrit. Kings were certified as Kshatriyas and Traders are Vaishyas. These three prime professions i.e. priest, king and traders in that time reserved by the advanced and powerful root natives designating them as upper castes in their Vedic caste based society. They made all working class in their linguistic race as Shudra or lower castes and banned right to good life, fair justice, equality, dignity, property and education etc. to them so that they can be only used by them as slaves and can’t be their competitors or competitors to their decedents forever. Brahmanism is not from any single race its the organized priesthood from different linguistic clans promoting vedism/prurusha shukta for organized benefits; its because changing the linguistic races and demography their mother tongues & surnames changes. If they were from single race then they would have single surname and single mother tongue. More than 82% population follow Vedic caste based system society in India. All Vedic administered society are slave to Vedic promoters and to their philosophy. Every baby born in these Vedic philosophy based caste administered society becomes slave as he/she born in their society as Brahmins or Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or Shudras. Why a human baby should be certified as slave or assigned to a class based upon the profession i.e. priest, king, trader and working class due to stupid Vedic philosophy? Why should be a newborn baby have the compulsory social religious identity due to Vedic certification? Is not it a great human right violation? Why it should be given importance to Vedic certification which is mentioned in Purusha Sukta 10.90 of Rig Veda? Vedic clan or Sanskrit spoken clan was one of the clan from thousands of clans from this demography. Why Vedic hegemony should be tolerated? Vedism is only the stupid and con philosophy ever made in this demography; which had destroyed the real great civilization of India i.e. Buddhism.  In ancient India there was no single united largest kingdom till it united as largest kingdom by Chandragupta Maurya as Mauryan empire. In ancient age of kingdoms thousands of kingdom were there with their kingdom names and had their own kind of faith systems. There was no nationality name as India. Chandragupta Maurya was a follower of Ajivika even Chanakya too. In ancient India rationalism and philosophies based on rationalism like Ajivika, Charuvaka/Charvak/Lokayata, Vaisheshika, Buddhism, Nyaya, Samkhya, Yoga etc. were major faiths. Rational philosophies were based on Non-Theism and those were believing in God were based on theist philosophies. Ashoka was one of the largest empire maker in Asia in 263BC and was a rationalist that had promoted Buddhism as his national religion. Vedanta is a theist philosophy and it became only the major religion after destruction of Buddhist empire by Pushyamitra Shunga after 185BC. So all ancestors of Indians were Hindu is totally a fake claim by Vedic promoters. Hindu word even does not exist in any religious scriptures developed in India till Islam invaded Indian demography. Theists are slaves to their religion and god, and their religious executives are the master of their followers. So Indirectly all religious executives are the Masters of their follower’s brain. Non-Theists (Atheist word is used by theists as slang or to insult and humiliate and to dominate rationalism so using Non-Theist as identity those don’t believe in God) are masters of their own brain. It’s the reason why rationalism is better than irrationalism Vedanta. Still Indian demography had influenced with rationalism it was a prosperous civilization; after its destruction it has been stagnating and suffering from many social evils. Those embraced our Buddhism they rule the world of science and technology; like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan etc. Jesus was even a Buddhist Monk. Christianity even had influenced by Buddhism though copied from Judaism or Abrahamic religion. All theist must know every theist’s brain has a supreme master know as God where God may be in any forms; where Non-Theist’s brain has no Masters so their dimensions of thinking are open in all directions. Buddha had taught, always search for truth and be the master of your own brain; don’t let anybody to be the master of your own brain. God believers have never seen their God and even their ancestors did not, except artistic impressions or sculptures or statues which is virtual representations of their God that has even no authenticity, implicating a world of delusion. Buddha never believed in God, never promoted any God and never said he himself a God or messenger of God and even had said not to worship him as God or representing him as Idol. He had emphasized to follow his teachings not to his identity. Where Vedanta teaches become victims to powerful identities as Gods and be slave to them for accomplishment of your desires. Victimizing your brain to non-existed identity or identity created by only psychological representations to control your brain is a deviation and cheating to your belief system. It’s the reason why theism is a psychological disorder. God addition i.e. THEOPHILIA (Theo=God, Philia=Abnormal love to a psychologically created or mostly mind born godly powered identities) is a psychological disorder and deception to human brain that promotes irrationality, blind beliefs, ignorance, inequality, discrimination, disharmony, hate and violence in the human race. Vedant never ever implemented in love and peace or their followers embraced the faith in their free will. It has been implemented forcefully by hook and crook and by the shine of sword or through the deception till to date in Indian demography. Vedic promoters fabricated, misinformed, deluded and maintained miscarriage of the information to all the Indian descendants to make their brain slave to their philosophy and to have organized benefits from them. Which should be exposed and should not be tolerated more to elevate our civilization.)

ब्राह्मणबाद/मनुबाद/शोषणबाद/धूर्तबाद/पाखंडबाद/छलबाद/सातीरबाद/चालाकीबाद/मिथ्याबाद/दुष्टबाद/उपद्रबिबाद/शठबाद/ठगीबाद/ढ़ोंगीबाद/भ्रमबाद/कपटीबाद/परजीवीबाद/दंगाइबाद/अवसरवादीबाद/मौक़ापरस्तबाद /पक्षपातबाद/पापीबाद/कुबुद्धिबाद/नमकहरामबाद/बेवफ़ाबाद/देशद्रोहीबाद/बेईमानबाद/सर्वोच्चबाद/भ्रस्टाचारबाद/स्वजनवाद/दबंगबाद/कुसंस्कारबाद/छुआछूतबाद/उत्कोचवाद/अपराधीबाद/अंधा विश्वासबाद/भेदभावबाद/अन्यायबाद/अज्ञानीबाद/कुतर्कबाद/भांड़ और फेकूबाद/अहंबाद/उन्मादबाद/मानसिक बिकृतिबाद/मूर्तीबाद/हिंसाबाद/जातिबाद:
“में बड़ा तू छोटा” अंधा धर्म

धूर्त और शातिरोंकी मनगढन भगवान और उनकी मनगढन धर्म

(We say those stupids as scholars i.e. “पंडित” those communicates to soil, metals, stones, papers and colors etc. etc. with Vedic chants. We can say them as “racially psychological disordered race” due to such activity for decades. Nobody asks how they communicate these things those have no senses and why they are only the executives to Hindu deities? They fools & exploits to their followers being executives even to their mind born deities those are made with soil, metals, stones, papers and colors etc. as idols or as artistic impressions. Its just cheating to their followers belief system and con hegemony to their mind to have organized benefits from them. These Vedic promoters are the real enemies of science and reasons and creator of God delusions in the Indian demography for which Indian civilization stagnated till to date. They create mind born identities and their mind-born powers to these identities as delusion to control a group i.e. to control their followers to have different benefits from them. Only con and crooks of different linguistic clans promote Purusha sukta of  Vedism naming them as Brahmins i.e. prime social elites as organized priesthood in Indian civilization to dominate whole Indian civilization with an empire of faith named Sanatan religion which is presently known as Hinduism. Original major faith of Indian civilization was Buddhism which had wiped out by only this organized priesthood for their organized benefits and livelihood as a theopolitical organized group like present National political parties of India like BJP, Congress etc. etc.. Brahmins are not from any other race as many historians thinks like they were Arayans or from the Iran etc. Brahmins are our crook root natives of different linguistic clans leaded by Vedic cons those worked as organized to dominate all civilization as their slaves. If Brahmins were Aryans then what were their Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras those have different mother tongues and surnames changing with the demography in India? If Arayans were outsiders then what were these Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras? The language and surnames of these castes even changes with changing demographic regions. Should we say them even outsiders or root-natives of Indian demography? Indian demography was a place of thousands of kingdoms those had their own kind of governance and art of livings; but implementation of Vedic caste system to those kingdoms made Kings as Kshatriyas, Priests as Brahmins, traders as Vaishyas and working class as slaves naming them Shudra. If we will define it in other terms Vedic Social system made the societies, knave or धूर्त as Brahmins, blusterer or दबंग as Kshatriyas,  dishonest traders or ठग as Vaishyas, and working class or slaves or गुलाम as Shudra. धूर्त, दबंग, ठग collectively known as upper castes or ruling castes by Vedism those made working class as गुलाम or lower caste. It does not means all Vedic certified ruling class’s  descendants has same psychological or personality and social behaviors as their ancestors but majorly same. Only Vedic Purusha Sukta privileged and uplifted criminals of different linguistic races with their so called Vedic upper caste certifications to give them a noble social status in their Vedic society.  Vedic society or Caste system or Varna system is the dirty and idiotic social management system ever made in this demography by only cons or crooks of this land that has been devastating & stagnating Indian civilization till to date. Every patriotic Indian must decline this stupid Vedic social system identities. To be an Indian its not necessary to be certified by a Vedic social recognition or by their caste system certificates as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Kings were there in other Nations or other civilizations but they are not called as Kshatriyas. Kings from other religions are not called as Kshatriyas; Even in our Indian mythologies Rakhasha or devil kings were not called as Ksatriyas. Kashtriya is a certification of Brahmins or Vedic promoters to Kings.  In Indian civilization many kings had declined Vedism/Brahmanisms but their promoters representing them according to their caste based certification till to date and their supporter writers and historians using their certification in many places to promote Purusha Sukta in present civilization. For an example Mauryans never ever believed in Vedic based caste systems but now Vedic follower writers promoting them as Kshatirya to promote their hegemony. Why a King should need a Vedic Kshatirya certification from  Brahmins or Vedic promoters? Is not it sufficient a King should be called as only a King or emperor? We can find priest class in other religions but they are not called Brahmins. Even in our Indian civilization priest/spiritual teachers of Ajivika, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Charuvaka,  Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs etc. are not called Brahmins. We can find many people doing business/trade professions in other civilizations or in other religions but they are not called as Vaishyas. Working class other than Vedic Varna/caste system implemented societies never ever called as Shudras. So Brahman, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras nomenclature and restriction of professions to these specific class of people branding them with these names and implementing a surname to their names for prohibiting varna/class/profession interchange is just a social system made by only con and stupid Vedic promoters with an evil intention to rule & dominate the Indian civilization making preferred professions reserved to only their descendants as race. It is not mandatory an Indian should have a social identity according to Vedic certification of Purusha Sukta or caste system. Caste system had organized only धूर्त, दबंग, ठग as ruling class or upper castes and Shudras or working class or श्रमिक वर्ग/मज़दूर वर्ग/गुलाम वर्ग as lower castes. If a person should be recognized as per the Vedic social representations then it should be transparent or nude to their characteristic they represent. In that way if a person’s name is Jawaharlal Nehru and don’t represent its vedic social identity, then its ok. If it represents Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru better to say it Jawaharlal धूर्त. If Baldev Singh represents to Kshatriya caste, it can be represented as Baldev दबंग, like that if Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  represents to Vaishya caste, it can be said as Mohandas Karamchand ठग and representing to Shudra like B. R. Ambedkar as B. R. श्रमिक/मज़दूर/गुलाम. Either we should represent the real identities of Purusha Sukta or we should abolish the stupid Purusha sukta social certifications and adopt universal representations according to their skills and professions without any involvement of any Vedic certified hereditary caste based nomenclature of social identity that creates disharmony and discrimination.)

Brahmanism not only polluted the literature and history of India but also polluted their thinking process and their lives.

इंडिया में प्रस्थापित झूठ वर्चस्ववादी, अंधविश्वासवादी, भ्रमवादी, कुतर्कवादी, छलवादी, कपटवादी, नफरतवादी और हिंसावाद ब्राह्मणवादी शक्तियों का हर कार्य चौर्यकर्म, पाखंड, साजिशे, और झूठ से लथपथ होता है । कोई उन्हें तार्किक, वैचारिक, सांस्कृतिक चुनौती दे तो वे पहले तो उसका इतिहास जालसाज़ी और मिटाने की कोशिशे करेंगे, इसमें अगर सफलता न मिले तो वे उस व्यक्ति का इतिहासही पूरी तरह से विकृत कर देंगे और उसकि विचारधारा इनसे मेल खाती है अपितु वह व्यक्ति इन्हिके बताये नक़्शे क़दमों पे चला था यह बताने के लिए न जाने कितने बेईमान सृजन करेंगे । ज्यादातर ब्राह्मण लेखकों और इतिहासकार आतंकवादियों और विदेशी आक्रमणकारियोंसे भी ज्यादा खतरनाक हैं । जब जब इस देश में कोई क्रांति का आगाज कर गया, इनकी व्यवस्था को ललकार गया, या जो भी बात लोकप्रिय है, करोड़ों लोग जिस बात को मानते हैं उसका ब्राह्मणीकरण किया जाए, यह उनकी सदियों रणनीति रहा । और इसी रणनीति के तहत इन्होने कई इंडियान अवैदिक, गैर ब्राह्मण पहचान और व्यक्ति विशेष को अपने जाति की प्रतिष्ठा और प्रचार के लिए उनके पहचान और उनकी इतिहास के साथ छेड़ छाड़ किया और आनेवाला पीढ़ी को अपनी झूठ से भ्रमित किया । इशलिये कोईभी लेख, लिटरेचर या इतिहास अगर कोई ब्राह्मण से लिखी या प्रेरित हो उससे बिना परखे विश्वास मत कीजिये । क्योंकि ब्राह्मण सदियों से इंडियन समाज पर हावी रहे और सदियों साहित्य और इतिहास पर उनकी वर्चस्व रहा, इशलिये उनके विचार अपने विचारोंमें स्थान देने से पहले अच्छी तरह से परखलेना जरूरी है । ये मत भूलें ब्राह्मणवाद, अंधविश्वास के साथ साथ एक आनुवंशिक मनोविकार बीमारी है ।

(ब्राह्मणबाद केबल इतिहास और साहित्य की प्रदूषण नहीं की बल्कि इंडियन भूखंडमें बसा हर भाषीय लोगों की सोच और उनकी जिंदगी को भी प्रदूषित किया)

In the world we are having population of more than 720 crores i.e. more than seven billions. In this 7.2 billion peoples we are having different countries those are belongs to different races or social groups according to their adopted religions and linguistic race. Different racial groups are having their own way of social life. Now we have to locate where the Brahmins hails from? We can’t find anywhere in the world expect India i.e. one from 267 sovereign and non-sovereign countries. It’s confirmed that Brahmins are belongs to only from India. Now question arises what is the population of Brahmins in India? Since caste based census by India is absent to till date it is estimated from unofficial sources that they are about 6 crores out of 1,267,401,849 as of July 1 2014 Indian populations. Let’s go to investigate the origin of Brahmins race from Indian history. Brahmin is a varna (caste) in Hinduism specializing as priests, teachers (acharya) and protectors of sacred learning across generations according to wikipedia. Brahmins traditionally were responsible for religious rituals in temples, as intermediaries between temple deities and devotees, as well as rite of passage rituals such as solemnising a wedding with hymns and prayers. Here point to be noted is, the caste or fourfold caste system is only empowering them as Brahmins, if there is no castes, there is no Brahmins; in other means If there had no castes then there would not have been Brahmins or other three Bramhanic social classes. Then what is caste and where it streams from and who were its originators? The caste system hails from Purusha sukta (puruṣasūkta) hymn 10.90 of the Rig-Veda. What Purusha sukta tells about?


The first two verses of the Purusha sukta, with Sayana‘s commentary. Page of Max Müller’s Rig-Veda-sanhita, the Sacred Hymns of the Brahmans (reprint, London 1974).

स॒हस्र॑शीर्षा॒ पुरु॑षः । स॒ह॒स्रा॒क्षः स॒हस्र॑पात् ।
स भूमिं॑ वि॒श्वतो॑ वृ॒त्वा । अत्य॑तिष्ठद्दशांगु॒लम् ॥

पुरु॑ष ए॒वेदग्ं सर्वम्॓ । यद्भू॒तं यच्च॒ भव्यम्॓ ।
उ॒तामृ॑त॒त्व स्येशा॑नः । य॒दन्ने॑नाति॒रोह॑ति ॥

ए॒तावा॑नस्य महि॒मा । अतो॒ ज्यायाग्॑‍श्च॒ पूरु॑षः ।
पादो॓‌உस्य॒ विश्वा॑ भू॒तानि॑ । त्रि॒पाद॑स्या॒मृतं॑ दि॒वि ॥

त्रि॒पादू॒र्ध्व उदै॒त्पुरु॑षः । पादो॓‌உस्ये॒हा‌உ‌உभ॑वा॒त्पुनः॑ ।
ततो॒ विष्व॒ण्-व्य॑क्रामत् । सा॒श॒ना॒न॒श॒ने अ॒भि ॥

तस्मा॓द्वि॒राड॑जायत । वि॒राजो॒ अधि॒ पूरु॑षः ।
स जा॒तो अत्य॑रिच्यत । प॒श्चाद्-भूमि॒मथो॑ पु॒रः ॥

यत्पुरु॑षेण ह॒विषा॓ । दे॒वा य॒ज्ञमत॑न्वत ।
व॒स॒ंतो अ॑स्यासी॒दाज्यम्॓ । ग्री॒ष्म इ॒ध्मश्श॒रध्ध॒विः ॥

स॒प्तास्या॑सन्-परि॒धयः॑ । त्रिः स॒प्त स॒मिधः॑ कृ॒ताः ।
दे॒वा यद्य॒ज्ञं त॑न्वा॒नाः । अब॑ध्न॒न्-पुरु॑षं प॒शुम् ॥

तं य॒ज्ञं ब॒र्॒हिषि॒ प्रौक्षन्॑ । पुरु॑षं जा॒तम॑ग्र॒तः ।
तेन॑ दे॒वा अय॑जंत । सा॒ध्या ऋष॑यश्च॒ ये ॥

तस्मा॓द्य॒ज्ञात्-स॑र्व॒हुतः॑ । संभृ॑तं पृषदा॒ज्यम् ।
प॒शूग्-स्ताग्‍श्च॑क्रे वाय॒व्यान्॑ । आ॒र॒ण्यान्-ग्रा॒म्याश्च॒ ये ॥

तस्मा॓द्य॒ज्ञात्स॑र्व॒हुतः॑ । ऋचः॒ सामा॑नि जज्ञिरे ।
छंदाग्ं॑सि जज्ञिरे॒ तस्मा॓त् । यजु॒स्तस्मा॑दजायत ॥

तस्मा॒दश्वा॑ अजायंत । ये के चो॑भ॒याद॑तः ।
गावो॑ ह जज्ञिरे॒ तस्मा॓त् । तस्मा॓ज्जा॒ता अ॑जा॒वयः॑ ॥

यत्पुरु॑षं॒ व्य॑दधुः । क॒ति॒था व्य॑कल्पयन् ।
मुखं॒ किम॑स्य॒ कौ बा॒हू । कावू॒रू पादा॑वुच्येते ॥

ब्रा॒ह्म॒णो॓‌உस्य॒ मुख॑मासीत् । बा॒हू रा॑ज॒न्यः॑ कृ॒तः ।
ऊ॒रू तद॑स्य॒ यद्वैश्यः॑ । प॒द्भ्याग्ं शू॒द्रो अ॑जायतः ॥

च॒ंद्रमा॒ मन॑सो जा॒तः । चक्षोः॒ सूर्यो॑ अजायत ।
मुखा॒दिंद्र॑श्चा॒ग्निश्च॑ । प्रा॒णाद्वा॒युर॑जायत ॥

नाभ्या॑ आसीद॒ंतरि॑क्षम् । शी॒र्ष्णो द्यौः सम॑वर्तत ।
प॒द्भ्यां भूमि॒र्दिशः॒ श्रोत्रा॓त् । तथा॑ लो॒काग्म् अक॑ल्पयन् ॥

वेदा॒हमे॑तं पुरु॑षं म॒हांतम्॓ । आ॒दि॒त्यव॑र्णं॒ तम॑स॒स्तु पा॒रे ।
सर्वा॑णि रू॒पाणि॑ वि॒चित्य॒ धीरः॑ । नामा॑नि कृ॒त्वा‌உभि॒वद॒न्॒, यदा‌உ‌உस्ते॓ ॥

धा॒ता पु॒रस्ता॒द्यमु॑दाज॒हार॑ । श॒क्रः प्रवि॒द्वान्-प्र॒दिश॒श्चत॑स्रः ।
तमे॒वं वि॒द्वान॒मृत॑ इ॒ह भ॑वति । नान्यः पंथा॒ अय॑नाय विद्यते ॥

य॒ज्ञेन॑ य॒ज्ञम॑यजंत दे॒वाः । तानि॒ धर्मा॑णि प्रथ॒मान्या॑सन् ।
ते ह॒ नाकं॑ महि॒मानः॑ सचंते । यत्र॒ पूर्वे॑ सा॒ध्यास्संति॑ दे॒वाः ॥

अ॒द्भ्यः संभू॑तः पृथि॒व्यै रसा॓च्च । वि॒श्वक॑र्मणः॒ सम॑वर्त॒ताधि॑ ।
तस्य॒ त्वष्टा॑ वि॒दध॑द्रू॒पमे॑ति । तत्पुरु॑षस्य॒ विश्व॒माजा॑न॒मग्रे॓ ॥

वेदा॒हमे॒तं पुरु॑षं म॒हांतम्॓ । आ॒दि॒त्यव॑र्णं॒ तम॑सः॒ पर॑स्तात् ।
तमे॒वं वि॒द्वान॒मृत॑ इ॒ह भ॑वति । नान्यः पंथा॑ विद्य॒ते‌உय॑नाय ॥

प्र॒जाप॑तिश्चरति॒ गर्भे॑ अ॒ंतः । अ॒जाय॑मानो बहु॒धा विजा॑यते ।
तस्य॒ धीराः॒ परि॑जानंति॒ योनिम्॓ । मरी॑चीनां प॒दमिच्छंति वे॒धसः॑ ॥

यो दे॒वेभ्य॒ आत॑पति । यो दे॒वानां॓ पु॒रोहि॑तः ।
पूर्वो॒ यो दे॒वेभ्यो॑ जा॒तः । नमो॑ रु॒चाय॒ ब्राह्म॑ये ॥

रुचं॑ ब्रा॒ह्मं ज॒नय॑ंतः । दे॒वा अग्रे॒ तद॑ब्रुवन् ।
यस्त्वै॒वं ब्रा॓ह्म॒णो वि॒द्यात् । तस्य॒ दे॒वा अस॒न् वशे॓ ॥

ह्रीश्च॑ ते ल॒क्ष्मीश्च॒ पत्न्यौ॓ । अ॒हो॒रा॒त्रे पा॒र्श्वे ।
नक्ष॑त्राणि रू॒पम् । अ॒श्विनौ॒ व्यात्तम्॓ ।
इ॒ष्टं म॑निषाण । अ॒मुं म॑निषाण । सर्वं॑ मनिषाण ॥

तच्चं॒ योरावृ॑णीमहे । गा॒तुं य॒ज्ञाय॑ । गा॒तुं य॒ज्ञप॑तये । दैवी॓ स्व॒स्तिर॑स्तु नः । स्व॒स्तिर्मानु॑षेभ्यः । ऊ॒र्ध्वं जि॑गातु भेष॒जम् । शं नो॑ अस्तु द्वि॒पदे॓ । शं चतु॑ष्पदे ।

Purusha Sukta- The Caste system of India

Purusha is described as a primeval giant, not unlike Norse Ymir, that is sacrificed by the gods (Purushamedha) and from whose body the world and the varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which in turn the world was made. In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet. The Moon was born from his spirit, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth.

Atishudra are not mentioned in Rig Veda so they are just out of  Vedic society i.e. foreigners with degraded values comparing to Shudras. Foreigners are also out caste therefore they are banned to Hindu temples by Brahmins. According to Vedic fourfold caste system those are not a part of caste system or those declines Vedism or caste system or non Hindus are all Atishudra or out castes; Its the reason why foreigners are not belongs to a part of Hinduism or Vedic fourfold caste system and all are Atishudras or untouchables for which they are banned to enter in any Hindu temples by Vedic or Brahmins rules according to Purusha Sukta. It means all great scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, mathematicians, politicians, actors, actress, business tycoons etc. etc. those are not a part of caste system are all belongs to out castes or Atishudras by so called Pandits or clever Psycho Brahmins.



The origin of Rig Veda is only in India so Vedic creation theory limited to only Indian origin, though itself creation theory is unscientific, irrational, imaginative and full of stupidity, it is never tried for rectification though detected by many scholars; which implicates racial conspiracy for organized benefits by promoting it generation to generation only by Brahmins. Some scholars even claims Purusha Sukta was not in Rig veda but later it had inserted or fabricated by only Brahmins. Whatever the reason may be but its truth the fourfold caste system streams from this definition. Since the definition is in favor of Brahmins it implies its the creation of some Indian clever humans those are in  psychological term equivalent to Sociopaths. They first certified themselves as Brahmins positioning them in social first rank and rest according to beneficial order to them as per their economical and educational skills or according to their professions for their personal and organized benefits. It means some humans form any social groups in our ancient India created this definition according to their favor to dominate other social groups for racial hegemony. Their motive was to divide society symbolizing according to the important body parts of a human with social pivotal professions to administer the social groups according to their favor. If it had been great social management system,  it would have been accepted by other parts of the world and same theory could have been found everywhere and learned by others. Since it has been highly protested in India till to date from past it implicates it has been implemented by forceful enforcement with clever intentions or with evil motives for organized benefits. Purusha Sukta is only a mind born assumption theory by some so called clever think tanks those belongs to only Indian specific tribal race or specific social group form Indian origin. Since Rig Veda  and Manusmriti are all the creation of inhabitants of Indian origin by specific social groups or linguistic race, it proofs that the creation and implementation age of the Caste system or Brahmanism is equivalent to the date of creation of Purusha sukta and the time frame when it had implemented in the whole social groups of India. According to some scholars Rigveda had composed, most likely between c. 1500–1200 BC,[14][15][16] though a wider approximation of c. 1700–1100 BC has also been given but without any valid confirmations with logic in public domains; where the oldest manuscript in the Pune collection dates to the 15th century. The Benares Sanskrit University has a Rigveda manuscript of the 14th century. Earlier manuscripts are extremely rare; the oldest known manuscript preserving a Vedic text was written in the 11th century in Nepal. Since Vedas are not common to their followers it implies it is not the origin of the Hindu faith, for which we can estimate more than 99% Hindus may not know what are actually written in these Vedas but just having a prima facie knowledge that Vedas are the origin of Hindu faith as promoted and commanded by Hindu spiritual authorities to polarize them as Hindus and Vedas are the root scriptures of Hinduism. If Vedas are root scriptures of Hinduism why their followers don’t know what are written in Vedas? How many Hindus knows about Purusha Sukta that tells about fourfold caste system and how Hindus are created? Its because Vedas are scriptures of specific social group from Indian origin that had been imposed by force to whole India as political and racial benefits. Since Caste system had politically implemented by Pushyamitra Shunga through Brahmans constitution “Manusmriti” in his ruling age, so we can say the birth time of political caste system is equivalent to the reign age of Pushyamitra Shunga or the creation and implementation age of Manusmriti i.e. majorly in 185 – c. 149 BCE. It means before this period, there was no caste system in many linguistic social groups of the India. It means, there was no Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishiyas and Shudras in non-Bramhanic or non-Vedic regions where Brahamins could not capture the social groups for their administrative dominance. Before the Bramhanism or Vedism, tribal idol care takers or worshipers were called as only priests or “Pujaka” or “Pujari” but not Brahmins and there was no vedic chants in their worshiping methods. Ruling social identity in the social group were only called as kings or tribal chiefs but not as Kshatiryas. People with trading professions were called merchants or Businessmen but not as Vaishyas. Peoples with other professions had no name like Shudras and there was freedom of professions.  The social identities of peoples were like other countries according to their skills and adopted professions without any hereditary adoption of professions as mandatory protocols. There was no compulsory acceptance of their forefathers professions or labeling surnames according to their ancestral professions. We don’t say priests or clerics of other religions as Brahmins. We don’t say businessmen out of Hindu social groups as vaishyas and kings to Kshatriyas. According to Vedic rules those are not a part of vedic implemented fourfold caste system social groups, all are called Atishudras i.e. even degraded to Shudras its the reason why foreigners or non-Hindus are not allowed to Hindu temples after Bramhanic capture to Pagan deities of other linguistic social groups. Surname convention are created in medieval age to differentiate different racial professionals according to their hereditary acceptance of the ancestral professions. There was no surnames in Ramayan and Mahabharat age its the reason why we can’t find any surnames to their names. We don’t say Lord Rama to Rama Sharma or Rama Yadav or Rama Singh or Lord Krishna to Krishna Yadav or Krishna Acharya or Krishna Ambedkar. Even major ancient Kings and Rishis etc. had not their surnames.

According to Purusha Sukta definition of creation it proofs how weak and poor standard of wisdom used for this philosophy; again that implies, it is not only from a blind beliefs origin but also from irrational origin of their so called mind born imaginative wisdom. Purusha sukta is unscientific and from stupid wisdom origin. It is not mentioned where this “cosmic man” hailed from. Where itself God hailed from and who were those prime Gods? Why it is sacrificed? If they sacrificed then to whom they sacrificed? And who sacrificed? How it is possible a cosmic man had thousands of heads and thousands of feets etc. ? How female creative principle had happened? How could it be possible, sacrificing a “cosmic man” all the world made from his body parts? How it’s possible sacrificing a “cosmic man” Vedic chanted can be created? How horses and cows were born by sacrificing “cosmic man”? How and why? the Brahmins were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet? Is it really possible sacrificing a “cosmic man” all these can be created? How the Moon was born from his spirit? and the Sun from his eyes? The heavens from his skull? and how breath became air? If the cosmic person was able to breathing then how itself breath became air? Where breathing of cosmic person itself proofs air was present before his breath being air. How Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth? Its simply a hypocrisy imaginative bogus principle of creation theory by some stupid so called intellectual scholars those recognize them as Brahmins. Some Scholars also says Veda was with some other versions and some so called stupid scholars had corrupted them and added fourfold caste system and other selfish things for self and organized benefits. Whatever the case; since it all happened in Indian origin, in simple definition we have to admit, some peoples from ancient Indian origin those were belongs to specif demography region in the age of kingdoms or tribes classified themselves as superior to others naming them as Brahmins to dominate others by not only socioeconomically but also educationally, judicially, and politically etc. with hook and crook (छल और बल) ideology. Since they are now only 6 crores of total Indian population, we can guess what might be their population in the age of Vedism. The population of the territory that became the British Raj was 100 million by 1600 and remained nearly stationary until the 19th century. The population of the Raj reached 255 million according to the first census taken in 1881 of India. If we calculate maximum 5% Brhamins were there in British Raj then their population will be some thing like 50 Lakhs in 1600AD and if we will go further to the age of Pushyamitra Shunga i.e. 185BC-149BC  then it would be even less than 50 thousands. Having less populated commune origin indicates the Brahmanism ideology had created by specific group of people for their evil motives to rule other inhabitants surround to them. They were self claimed super race to dominate others for their self and organized benefits. According to their Vedic division Shudras (more than 80%) were more than Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishiyas which implies the India is majorly belongs to Shudras not to this minority communes. Later in medieval age i.e. after the age of Ashoka and Pushyamitra Shunga or after declination of Buddhism when Brahmins age was in its extreme regime in the medieval age of Bhakti movement or Puranic age of Brahmins, few Shudras and Athishudras those were little bit educated and clever than other Shudras and were from mixed breeds with Shudras and wanted a favorable positions they uplifted themselves to higher castes by hook and crook or with favoritism with the mutual understanding by Brahmins departing themselves from Shudras but all remained underneath the Brahmin’s caste but remains a controversy about their real class. In puranic age Brahmins linked purusha sukta with Bramha. Majorly famous Puranas were created after the declination of Buddhism in India. As an example  Markandeya Purana to c. 250 CE (with one portion dated to c. 550 CE), Matsya Purana to c. 250–500 CE, Vayu Purana to c. 350 CE, Harivamsa and Vishnu Purana to c. 450 CE, Brahmanda Purana to c. 350–950 CE, Vamana Purana to c. 450–900 CE, Kurma Purana to c. 550–850 CE, and Linga Purana to c. 600–1000 CE, the Padma Purana (Srishti Khand, Patal Khand and Uttar Khand) was compiled between the 4th and 15th century,  Bhavishya Purana, Yama Samhita, Mahabharata and Brihad Parashar Smriti etc. had created to promote Bramhanism or Sanatana Dharma. According to post vedic caste definition, Brahmins said that Brahma, the Creator, having established the four varnas i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra from his mouth, arms, thighs and legs. Later Brahmin added new mind born story for uplifting mix breeds clever Shudras those were rival to their castesm including a story of Yama and his record maintainer Chittagupta. According to Brahmins, Bramha ordained Dharamraj ( also called Yamraj, the god of death) to keep record of the deeds — good and evil — of all life-forms born and yet to be born on the earth, in the heavens above and in the lands below. Dharamraj, however, complained, “O Lord, how can I alone keep record of the deeds of the beings born into lakhs and lakhs of yonis (life-forms) in the three worlds? (Swarga(heaven), Martya(land) and paatal (under land)).”  Brahma then closed his eyes, meditated for a while and lo and behold! there appeared a radiant figure with a quill-pen in one hand and an ink-pot in another. Brahma named him Chittagupta for he was conceived in his cognitive-self (chitta) and he was lying in Him, dormant and secret (gupta). He was born of Brahma’s body (kaya) and so the Lord decreed that his progenies be called Kayasthas. He was assigned to work as a minister, to write and record for Dharamraj Yama. Thus, the fifth varna, the Kayastha, came into existence those were designated to this uplifted clever Shudras. Kayasthas were majorly in chaos for their castes whether they are belongs to Shudra or Kshatriya or Brahmin? There is no fifth Varna according to Purusha Sukta so this fifth varna is a fabrication. According to some scholars Kayasthas are “Pratiloma and Biloma descendants,” or inter-caste descendants. The truth is they know they are belongs to Shudra but protesting them will be problem to their Brahmanism so better create a story in that way that neither they will be designated to Brahmins but will limit their circumference to Shudra to Kashtriya. According to Purusha sukta they are neither belongs to Kings family nor to Merchants or from Brahmins so they straight way fall in to Shudra or Atishudra but due to favoritism of Brahmins they departed them as kayastha so that they won’t fight as anti Bramhins and caste system can be well maintained in the society without any disturbance. Its the reason why some parts of India Kayasthas are Shudra and in some parts they are Kshatriya according to level of dominance of Brahmins hegemony and according to their certification. Some kingdoms or tribal races those were designated as Shudras and Atishudras kingdoms by Vedic Brahmins had even uplifted themselves as upper castes below to Brahmins by mutual understanding certification by them. Rajputs, Gurjars, Yadavas and Jats are good examples for this kind of conversion. It was a conspiracy something like, creating a barrier, Shudra against Shudra i.e. uplifted Shudra can even exploit Shudra those are not elevated. Brahmins Bramha’s Chittagupta Kayastaha theory was not there in the age of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha but in post vedic Brahmins age Buddha even became kayastha departing  him from AtiShudra and later Kayastha Kshatriya so that Shudra can’t feel proud of him that he was Shudra in post Vedic  popularity of Buddha.

Since Brahmins history in Hinduism as specializing priests, teachers (acharya) and protectors of sacred learning across generations they are only creator of this philosophy. The philosophy of this kind of creation is intentionally made without any base to fool and control the social groups by some intellectual thugs for their personal and organized benefits as a race. I have no intention to condemn them without any base though their evil intention implies them as intellectual thugs or antisocial intellectuals or in psychological term racial sociopaths. They implemented this theory as an authority of intellectuals to ignorant and innocents to manage them according to their wish. Since Rig-Veda had written in Sanskrit according to evidences and there is no proofs till exist it had translated from other language to Sanskrit it show those were using Sanskrit as their communicative language were prime promoters of Vedic philosophy. Since the writers of Rig-Veda tradition associates as rishis so we can say these were the rishis those were designated themselves as Brahmins. It is said Angiras, Kanva, Vasishtha, Vishvamitra, Atri, Bhrgu, Kashyapa, Grtsamada, Agastya, Bharata were the prime writer of this Veda. It is clear some rishis or intellectual think tanks of ancient kingdoms proclaimed themselves as Brahmins or super intellectuals promoting their written Vedic Philosophy, but all rishis were not belongs to Brahmins or had a certification of Vedic caste system. The Manuscripts of Rig-Veda are not so old as we are told by Vedic promoters comparing even to Buddhism Manuscripts. There are, for example, 30 manuscripts of Rigveda at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, collected in the 19th century by Georg Bühler, Franz Kielhorn and others, originating from different parts of India, including Kashmir, Gujarat, the then Rajaputana, Central Provinces etc. They were transferred to Deccan College, Pune, in the late 19th century. They are in the Sharada and Devanagari scripts, written on birch bark and paper. The oldest of them is dated to 1464AD. The 30 manuscripts of Rigveda preserved at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune were added to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2007. But recently an important archaeological discovery was made, consisting of the earliest known Buddhist manuscripts, recovered from the ancient civilization of Gandhara in north central Pakistan (near Taxila just south west of the capital Islamabad). These fragments, written on birch bark, are dated to the 1st century and have been compared to the Dead Sea scrolls in importance. Donated to the British Library in 1994, they are now being studied in a joint project at the University of Washington. We can find many Buddhist evidence and inscriptions dated to Asoka period i.e. about to 232 BC but we can’t find any Vedic inscriptions and their evidences across the country as they claim older than other ancient faiths originated in India. Astonishingly even Sanskrit has not having their own letters. They use Hindi that is possibly letters of popular ancient language now claimed as Hindi or Devnagari for their manuscripts. It all proofs there is a conspiracy of racial hegemony to Indian race by Brahmins. Now let’s talk about how many peoples in India speaks Sanskrit as their mother tongue. It’s because they are the root clan of the Vedic philosophy as an inheritance. In the 2001 census of India, only 14,135 people reported Sanskrit as their native language [3]   It means Sanskrit spoken peoples are even less than presently population of Brahmins! Why? If Brahmins those are officiating Hindu rituals in different parts of the India don’t have their mother tongue as Sanskrit? It expose another truth that those Brahmins are now populate as 6 crores are not all from a single Bramhanic origin! Whey titles of Brahmins changes with changing the linguistic race? And Brahmins has different sects? Why Bhumihar Brahmin, Bengali Brahmins, Kulin Brahmins, List of Telugu, Brahmins, List of Maithil Brahmin, List of Kashmiri Pandits, List of Goud Saraswat, Brahmins, List of Deshastha Brahmins, List of Chitpavans, List of Iyengars, List of Iyers, List of Deshastha Brahmin surnames, List of Saraswats are present? What exactly it means? It means Brahmins is not a race from any single origin. It is adoption of a commune according to their designated profession defined in Rig-Vedic Purusha sukta 10.90 in the time of implementation. Now question arises how it all happened? For this we have to go past history who and how rig-Vedic philosophy had implemented to present India.

India officially the Republic of India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area (3,287,590 km2), the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. Religion in India is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. India is the birthplace of world’s four major religions; namely Hinduism (15% of world population), Buddhism (7.1% of world population), Jainism and Sikhism. Religion has been an important part of the country’s culture throughout India’s history. Its estimated approximately Hinduism holds 78.35%, Islam 14.88%, Christianity 2.5%, Sikhism 1.9%, Buddhism 0.9%, Jainism 0.4% and other holds 0.9% of Indian population.

Demography of British India i.e. present Pakistan + India + Bangladesh was a place of many kingdoms or princely states in the “age of Kingdoms,” and “age of exploration,” without any National name as like today’s India (Name given by British which is derived from the word Indus/Sindhu, a river that flows through Pakistan, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat, and western Tibet), Hindustan (Given by the Islamic emperors, which indirectly says slave to Islam i.e. land (Stan) of Hindus or dweller of Shindhus, and the word Hindu is derived from Sindhu, a river that flows through Pakistan, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat, and western Tibet, without any religion brand, like presently dedicated or hijacked to Vedism or Santana Dharma) and Bharat (1. Given by Vedic promoters claiming younger brother of Rama i.e. Bharat was the emperor of British Indian demography once upon a time, but according epics he was a king of only Ajodhya/Ayodhya which is a city i.e. a tiny part of present India at the south end in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya used to be the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom., 2. Other theory is; it is named as Bharat because Jain’s first Tirthankar Lord Rishabhadev’s eldest son Bharat Chakravorty had ruled to the land long and long days back where exact time and area of demography is unknown; according to Jains, Jain Dharma is an ancient religion & even older than Vedic-Hinduism., 3. Another claim is, long days back in history, the land had ruled by a brave like lion emperor Bharat, where exact time and area of demography is unknown. He was the founder of the Bhārata dynasty and thus an ancestor of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. Vedic supporters claim, the Bhāratas are prominent tribe in the Rigveda, the story of Bharata is first told in the Adi Parva of Mahabharata, wherein he is the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala).

Majorly Sindhu/Indus River has been used as an emblem or symbol to recognize the dwellers of this river’s side gigantic plane without affiliation to any religion. Sindhu is a river without relating to any faith or religion, which is badly used to represent a faith for communal benefits in Hinduism. These names had been given by their respective governments in their regime when they were in the power to this big demographic area according to their favor. India is practically unification of many kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups. These kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups had their own language, literature, social administration, heritage, with or without any faith system, art and culture etc. in their individual regime. Now we recognize major kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups as a State or province according to their respective languages like Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Guajarati, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bihari, Odia, Sanskrit etc. etc. These kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups had always involved with the warfare to enlarge their demography for acquiring resources. Kings, tribal chiefs and nomadic chiefs were the head of their social commune. The largest kingdom had ever ruled in this demography was by King Ashoka (269 BCE to 232 BCE).  Ashoka reigned over a realm that stretched from the Hindu Kush mountains in the west to Bengal in the East and covered the entire Indian subcontinent except parts of present day Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Emerging with the demographics, amalgamations of their art of living was also taking an evolution. According to historic literature evidence we come across the race those were using Sanskrit as their communicative language had written Vedas those were a smallest part of this largest demography. Now even Sanskrit is spoken by some people which is approximately or even less than 1000 in Uttarakhand and in some village like Mattur or Muttoor (Karnataka), Hosahalli (Karnataka), Jhiri (Madhya Pradesh), Mohad (Madhya Pradesh), Baghuwar (Madhya Pradesh). Vedas are the proofs of these Sanskrit using clan was believing in Rig Vedic fourfold class system. These Vedic supporters had always trying to implement their fourfold caste system to administrate the reined kingdoms society and always were considering the non-implemented society as out castes or Atishudras. Vedic philosophy is based on the faith of God that implements theocracy according to their distribution of occupation maintained by Purusha Sukta as Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisyas and Sudra as I mentioned above. They were implementing this theory to the society to administrate the kingdom after they rein it. According to their creation story of Veda, it describes the division of the primordial being Purusha into the four castes “for the protection of this whole creation”. Brahmins were born from the mouth, Ksatriyas from the arms, Vaisyas from the thighs and Sudras from the feet. Each one of these castes from the beginning was assigned a particular purpose and station in life. Brahmins (priests) were to recite and teach the Veda, offer and officiate at sacrifices, and receive gifts, while Ksatriyas (warriors) were charged mainly with protecting others, and Vaisyas (merchants) were to engage in “trade, money lending or any kind of actions of buying and selling goods and services.” These first three castes constituted the ‘twice-born’ who had, if they led pure lives, fairly decent chances of going to heaven but Sudras as lower castes those were treated as menial which will serve to these three upper castes without touching to them and have no chance for any change for their present life. Brahmin, Ksatirya and Vaisyas are known as upper castes those enjoy services of lower castes and lower caste had to serve them without dignity, equality, education, liberty and property. Change of occupation and social status strictly prohibited in Vedic believes. It means Brahmins can’t be degraded to Sudra and Sudra can’t get the position of Brahmin and vice versa for the other two castes Ksatriyas and Vaisyas. Those were not belongs to a part of their society i.e. not a Brahmin or Ksatriya or Vaisya or Sudra were considered as out castes or Atisudras those were even treated as worse than animals and even more degraded and cruel ways as they like. In their age of Vedism, Kingdoms without having Vedic management system were considered as kingdoms of Atisudras. In the age of kingdom the largest kingdom had acquired by the king Ashoka who was a king of Mauryan Dynasty, was a kingdom of Atishudra as per the Vedic philosophy; it’s because Mauryans had declined the Vedic beliefs. Vedism is a faith of “discrimination and violence” as its base, whose masterminds were only Vedic promoter Brahmins. Vedic implementer Brahmins and Vedic adopted Brahmins of different princely states have no biological relationship to each others, so adopted Brahmins are also victims of Vedic classifications; and enjoyed so called high status reserved by Vedic class system by maintaining and promoting  the cruel rules of discrimination for personal and communal benefits. Many Hindu followers even don’t know cow slaughtering was an occupation of Brahmins in the age of Vedism. Brahmins were officiating Bali (sacrifice) for fulfilling the desires of followers by offering to their loving deities. Balis (sacrifices) were eaten by Brahmins in that days. Sacrifice is a normal word in Vedism. You can find also terms like gomedha (cow sacrifice), ashwamedha (horse sacrifice), purushamedha (man sacrifice) in Veda and many Vedic imposed Hindu scriptures. Another example is the Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad Gita which  was inserted into an epic called the Mahabharata which had written by ved Vyasa that teaches justice by violence. The story of Mahabharata is fight between cousin brothers for justice.  Every human will agree, taking alcohol as bad habits and gambling is a crime and sin but story starts with the gambling and ends with the justice for Pandavas  those had defeated in gambling;  lord Krishna helped Pandavas to make them win against thousands of  lives in the war for a simple crime i.e. insulting or outraging modesty of a woman is ridicules and foolishness justice ever made in ancient history. Against the one woman’s modesty i.e. Drupadi, thousands and thousands of innocent women and children lost their innocent husbands and fathers, mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers, is which kind of justice by Lord Krishna only he knows or if its said by itself writer in the name of Krishna then he knows, which reflects the level of understanding of these identities and its promoters. How a divine identity with the position of God supported gamblers to kill millions of innocents  in the war is a good example how violence is taught in the name of morals in Hinduism.

Buddha had born in India and was a great opposer to Vedism. He had declined to the concept of God and worshiping of idols, animal sacrifices and even had declined to fourfold caste system of Vedism. Buddha was a great follower to good human values, perfect justice, meditations, and even was a dedicated follower to good knowledge or intelligence and rationality. Vedism begins with fourfold caste system i.e. classifying humans in four groups which creates human discrimination and social disharmony, violence i.e. different kind of animal sacrifices, bribe to God for fulfilling their desires etc.; Even in many Vedic chants we can see the use of word “Swaha/Svāhā/Svadha/Soha” means destroy or kill or finish as per the worshiping activities done by a priest at Hindu ceremonials  or Yajyen/Havan i.e. whenever fire sacrifices are made, svāhā is chanted repeatedly, but their scholars explain different meaning for this word as per their understandings like, “let it be,” “hail,” “well said,” “so be it,” “verily,” “I prostrate myself,” “how wonderful!” etc., some even claims Svaha is a minor goddess, wife of Agni. Buddha’s path starts from non-violence, equality; freedom of thought, speech and life; kind, calm, peace, share, care and loving to each other without any discrimination etc. where Vedic base is violence, bribe to God and discrimination, favoritism, nepotism etc. as its prime base. Ashoka (269 BCE to 232 BCE) had embraced the Buddhism. It’s the Ashoka who was the king of violence became nonviolent after embracing the Buddhism and propagated this attitude to his kingdom without any force or violence. It’s in human history only one religion which had been spread or propagated i.e. Buddhism without any violence or force to different parts of the world. He had propagated Buddhism as his National religion without any force and had made lot of emblems of Buddhism as Shrines, Stupas, Viharas, and Monasteries etc. for good art of living without any violence. Buddhism became National religion to Kingdom of Ashoka; even till to date we see many emblems of Buddha in different parts of India though it had been ruined a lot by Vedic and Islamic promoters. He became supporter of, “use of human intelligence and force should be benefits or protection of the mankind not for destruction of mankind and Nature.” He had propagated the Buddhism outside of kingdoms; this is the reason why we come across China, Japan, Sri Lanka, South Korea etc. Nations with Buddhist followers. Since non-violence is one of the prime value of Buddhism, he had banned the Bali and punished the Brahmins not to conduct sacrifices and eating of the meats as holy food or Prasad. Buddhism and Jainism strongly support non-violence, and Buddhism also declines human discrimination in any ground. Buddha was supporting to class-less society and had declined the Vedic fourfold caste system and Brahmins hegemony. He was supporter of good human values without any kind of discrimination; and had declined existence of God. We can say Buddha as, “well recognized ancient Psychologist” and an “Atheist” who had enlightened with good human values. I said Buddha as an atheist its because Buddha never believed in God and had taken it as absurd. Atheists are more better than theists comparing with their human values, knowledge and use of human force and intelligence. History is the evidence theists are more violent than atheists and cause for many social evils and pains. Buddha had said; do not believe blindly in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything blindly simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe blindly in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe blindly in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe blindly in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. Which is a modern thought of scientific world. He had also told if my verses are wrong after observation then discard it. This is the reason why Ashoka followed the same thing for his kingdom without adopting Vedic faith. He had forced to citizens to care the Nature and old age persons, must responsible for maintenance of old age parents and dependents, must respect to elders and stop cutting trees etc. and was promoting for forestations or plantation of trees. He had declined any kind of animal sacrifice in his regime and was punishing with hardcore punishments for neglecting this law. Due to fear of punishment many Brahmins became vegetarian and it’s became a puritanical part to their evolution. Later Vedic adoptee or labeled Brahmins also started to worship cows as divine saying Gomata (Cow is our mother) even considered its poops i.e. cow dung and cow pee are all divine and sacred. When Vedic Brahmins lost their job Ashoka helped them to join his army for livelihood. Many Brahmins joined the army of Ashoka and one Brahmin named Pushyamitra Shunga also became chief commander of Ashoka’s army. Suppression to Brahmins had created the deep internal betrayal in their heart and they were seeking for a revenge. They got this chance after the Ashoka’s regime, when his non-violent Buddhist descendant ruled the kingdom; when most of his family members were busy in spreading Buddhism in different parts of the world; This Brahmin chief commander of Ashoka kingdom dishonestly beheaded mercilessly to descendant of Ashoka named Brihadratha and proclaimed himself as the king of “kingdom of Ashoka,” and changed all the things in favor of Brahmins implementing irrational Manusmriti. Banabhatta in his Harshacharita says, Pushyamitra, while parading the entire Mauryan army before Brihadratha on the pretext of showing him the strength of the army, crushed his master, Brihadratha Maurya. When he implemented forcefully the faith of Vedic fourfold caste system to Many Ashokan’s linguistic races the citizens divided in to four classes according to their profession they were doing at that time. So tribal priests or idol care takers became Brahmins. It’s the reason why we get different kind of linguistic Brahmins with different surnames. Kings of different united Asoka’s kingdoms designated to Kshatriyas. Those were professing business in that time designated to Vaishyas and rest are Shudras and Atishudras. It is said in one day Pushymitra Shunga had killed more than 70,000 innocent Buddhist monks and had declared 100 gold coins for one Buddhist monk’s head. Vedic Brahmins were the first radical terrorist those had done Buddhist monks genocide in India to eradicate the Buddhism from India in that age of kingdoms. It might be the first radical terrorism in the world. He terrorized the kingdom of Ashoka by forcefully implementing Vedic beliefs to the kingdoms those were part of the largest kingdom of Ashoka. He tried to destroy all the emblems of Buddhism as much as he can in kingdom of Ashoka. Many Hindu temples we see may be a Buddhist shrine before Vedism implemented to the land. Vedic promoters destroyed, fabricated and contaminated Buddhist culture in India in every means after that Islam did the same with the Vedic culture or with the Sanatan Dharma. Pushyamitra Sunga (185–149 BCE), the dishonest cruel Brahmin chief commander of Ashoka’s kingdom terrorized to those acquired kingdoms of Ashoka in such a way, that Buddhism became a relic in India, and India is having all the problems till to date due to this reason. Vedic faith is the faith that had been implemented with the shine of swords as Islam had implemented in India. He suppressed Shudras and AtiShudras implementing hardcore punishments to them and privileged Brahmins with different reservation implementing cruel Manusmriti i.e. the constitution of Brahmins. He suppressed Shudras and Atishudras banning right to good life, liberty, education, property, dignity, equality, opportunity etc. for long decades; it’s the reason why Shudras and AtiShudra became suppressed, illiterate, uneducated and poor after regime of Ashoka. If Aryan Invading theory is correct as claimed by  some scholars, then its also like a foreign religion as Islam and Christianity. Vedic promoters started to include many famous identities of different smallest kingdom, those were super identities as pagan deities in their religious culture. Whether it is belongs to real or a part of story or popular hearsay or a fiction or imaginative/mind born all became spiritual icon to their Dharma if they considered it as beneficial to them. Initially it was named as Sanatan Dharma and after that it is renamed as Hinduism which is in practical, Vedism imposed on paganism or belief of many famous local deities to a religious communal beliefs as a brand. They included major famous local identities as the part of their religious culture like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh etc. those were pagan deities with imaginative or mind born identities which won’t be found in any Vedic scriptures but later Vedic supporter added them as super powers and icons of Dharma as Avataras or incarnation and reincarnation in their philosophy with super coated honey lies and created many literature as resources of faith, with con-literature or honey coated lie literature and many festivals and ceremonials so that the followers won’t get time to find out their exploitation logic due to busy life and enjoyment of celebrations. Now according to Vedic philosophy Rama is belongs to Kshatriya who was a son of impotent king Dasharatha had made suicide due to his own conjugal disturbances and had fought for wife Sita who had been abducted by Ravana. He got her back with exchange of thousands innocents life in the war saying it as justice against the outraging modesty of his own wife. Krishna who was belongs to Yadu clan is belongs to OBC (other back word class) which is Vedic Sudra according to their fourfold caste division. Lord Shiva belongs to kiratians which is ST (Sheduled tribe) or Atishudra so his imaginative or artificial or mind born son God Ganesh is also belongs to ST according to Vedic division. No God will never tell to worship his private part where he piss or excretes or passes his residual or impure elements of the body and use the body part for reproductions, i.e. penis of Shiva, which is famous as “Shiva Linga” but these hypocrites Vedic promoters fooled their ignorant and innocent followers telling them the penis of Lord Shiva as divine. They brain washed the followers mind in such a way that, if they are told anything in the name of God they blindly accepted that without any interpretation and understanding, which is one kind of mental illness that makes a follower psychologically logical blind; and follower with millions with this problem is nothing but mass hysteria. How a private part of a God could be an emblem of divine source? Which kind of divinity is there where Lord Shiva passes his urine? Is really stupidity and ridiculous. Those are promoting all these things in the name of spirituality knowingly or without knowledge either stupid scholars or criminals. Majorly Vedic lower caste deities are famous in the Hinduism, not a single Brahmin God worshiped except Brahma which is biologically impossible i.e. man with remaining four heads. Brahma had five heads but one head had slain by Shiva and that fell down in Badrinath in Uttarakhand. Now this fifth head can be seen as Brahma-kapal a stone which is used to fool their followers, victimizing as, their forefathers will be sent to heaven if it is worshiped. According to Vedic promoters Brahma is the creator of the universe, Saraswati, who became the wife of her own father, was the daughter of Brahma. There are two stories about her genesis in the “Saraswati Purana”. One is that Brahma created his beautiful daughter Saraswati direct from his “vital strength” or seminal fluid. The other is that Brahma used to collect his semen in a pot whenever he masturbated fixing his carnal eyes on the celestial beauty Urvasi. Brahma’s semen in the pot gave birth to Saraswati. Thus, Saraswati had no mother. This daughter of Brahma is the Hindu goddess of learning. When Brahma saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father’s passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma’s wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for many years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma’s son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters. There is only one recognized temple of Brahma or Brahma Mandir situated at Pushkar in the Indian state of Rajasthan, close to the Pushkar Lake where hardly followers goes to worship. Though thousands and thousands of Hindu temples are there, Adi Shankara (788–820 CE), a Keralian Nambudiri Brahmin, a Hindu philosopher and theologian, a prominent spiritual Hindu leader from India had certified four places as four sacred pilgrims for Hindu followers i.e. Char-Dham temples, which are Badrinath (supporters claims, date of built is in 9th century CE but architectures shows it’s a temple of few centuries back), Rameshwaram (12th century CE), Dwarka (15th- 16th century) and Jagannath-Puri (Date of built is 1161 CE i.e. in 12th century CE) placing his four Shankaracharya Peeth (Seats) at the Chaar Dham school of Hinduism. He organized the Hindu monks under four Maṭhas (Sanskrit: मठ) (monasteries), with the headquarters at Dvārakā in the West, Jagannatha Puri in the East, Sringeri Sharada Peetham in the South and Badrikashrama in the North. There is a belief among the Hindu community that a yatra or visit to the Char Dham washes away all the sins of a person and takes him to ‘Moksha'(release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma). It is also believed that a Hindu must visit these pilgrimage sites once in his lifetime to wash all its sins. Many pagan faith creators also added their own deity as a part of Hindu religious culture; for an example Gadhimai in north India had created by an accused worshiper named choudhury where Hindu sacrifices more than 200000 animals in its ceremonial festival. Some Indian humans also claim themselves as human personification of God and get worshiped as living God by their followers and rule their empire of faith; Once they are dead they are also getting the same position like old deities as Shiva, Vishnu, Bramha, Krishna etc., which is really irrational and ridiculous. According to the Hindu believers there were 330000000 deities in Hindu faith; now new human deities are increasing the numbers of Hindu deities day by day, where exact number of present Hindu deities are not maintained and unknown. Many clever or knave faith creators used the three male identities i.e. Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswar or Shiva as source God to his/her created God or deity as Avatar; like so, many famous Goddess like Lakshmi, Kali and Jagadamba or Durga are also used as source deity for their created Goddess as Avatara or as reincarnation with honey coated lie stories with rich literature or rich praising motivational words that tells about miracles of identity and services can be achieved by that deity to motivate the followers. Swaminarayan Akshardham, (Date of built: 6 November 2005) a temple complex of New Delhi, is the world’s largest comprehensive Hindu temple, located near the banks of the holi river Yamuna, whose 3,000 volunteers helped 7,000 artisans to construct Akshardham for Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS). This temple is dedicated to a Brahmin or priest caste of Sarvariya named Swaminarayan (3 April 1781 – 1 June 1830), also known as Sahajanand Swami, as its prime idol in the temple. The monument and complex has carved pillars, nine domes, and 20,000 murtis or idols, including Sita Ram, Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati, and Lakshmi Narayan etc. as secondary idols. It attracts the followers due to its largest magnificent architecture and used to motivate the followers about the Hindu religious culture, spirituality and faith of Swaminarayan as Vedic promoter. Swaminarayan as its prime god idol, disrespects all the famous Hindu religious idols believed by Hindu flowers. It proves if you have money then you can control the mind of faith followers the way you like. Swaminarayan is viewed as God (Purushottama) by BAPS followers. What benefits or miracles did this identity to India? Which kind of super identity it is? Why should all Hindu followers submit themselves to this identity as God? It’s all stupidity by Vedic supporters and promoters those make fools to their followers for their ignorance and innocence for their selfish and organized benefits; that directly proofs Vedic hegemony over the land.

It all proofs Brahmins are mostly the race of crooks. Brahmins those are not crooks they even don’t like Brahmin Caste. Brahmins are the race of guileful priests, conspirators, stupid scholars, knaves, crooks, Megalomaniacs, Psychopaths, irrationality, blind beliefs, discriminators, lies promoters and spreaders, cheaters, exploiters, crueler, atrocities, corruptions, favoritism, nepotism, traitors, racial ego and status addicts, prestige hunger, greed, rapists (creator of Deva Dashi pratha that forces a girl in the profession of prostitution from her childhood), extremists, orthodox, radicals, terrorists (Brahmins had massacre to large numbers of Buddhist monks in 185 BC, it was world’s first radical attack to a religious group by a religious group) etc. etc. you can’t count their crimes to Indian race. They are curse of Indian race. Whenever they ruled dishonestly to a great empire, the empire always got destroyed. Example is Mouryan Empire destroyed by dishonest Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga and Marataha Empire destroyed by Chitpavan Brahmin Balaji Baji Rao and his fellow-castemen. Shudras were always great empire makers examples are, Chandragupta and his grandson Ashoka i.e. founder of Mauryan Empire which is now known as India, and another is Maratha Empire by Chhatrapati Shivaji which is well known as Maharastra, now is a part of India. Brahmins are still thinking all Hindus are fools and won’t recognize their real face behind their own created self-claimed noble mask. Don’t believe in Brahmins written literature and history, and even Brahmins influenced writer’s literature and history, they are majorly corrupt and lies.

Reason of Exposing Brahmins:

  1. Purusha sukta or fourfold classification to society by Rig-veda is unscientific and from stupid wisdom origin.
  2. Maintaining this Pursha Sukta is possible in India due to only Brahmins. These 6 crores Brahmins devastating the lives of 120 crores peoples of India till to date implementing and maintaining Purusha sukta by their hook and crook ideology. They use Hindu polarization theory to feed the innocent and ignorant followers mind to exploit them for their personal and organized benefits.
  3. To decline spreading lies, conspiring for personal and organized benefits, blind beliefs, superstitions, exploitation, irrationalities, discrimination, miss carriage of information , cheating, cruelties, atrocities, corruptions, favoritism, nepotism, traitors, racial ego and status addiction, social prestige hunger & self-claimed great by birth, claiming of Scholar(Pandit) by birth and studying Hindu scriptures, greed for personal benefits using religion, raping women making them deva dashi (creator of Deva Dashi pratha that forces a girl in the profession of prostitution from her childhood), extremism, orthodox, radicalism, Hindu terrorism and different kind of antisocial activities done by Brahmins in the name of Hinduism/ Religion, custom, culture, and heritage till to date in India.
  4. Declining Brahmins trap on Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Army, Police, News media and Literature for personal and organized benefits.
  5. Declining racial hegemony by 6 crores Brahmins to 120 crores peoples of India.
  6. Declining anti-national activities by Brahmins. Crook Brahmins are only the root cause of destroying social integrity and for social disharmony on the ground of castes and religion.


ConversionCongress was Brahmins dominated party in those days. Nehru was pseudo supporter of Secularism but backdoor supporter of Hindu Mahasabha. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru  of  Indian National Congress had led Indian Hindu personal Laws. If he was so secular then he could support to uniform civil code like USA not to personal laws. Present congress is mentally Brahmin but publicly or politically so called secular. Islam is the religion of about 70% of the population in Kazakhstan but they don’t follow any personal laws.


After the Indira Gandhi lineage this family fall in to Vedic Atishudra category according to Vedism certification; but due to their political royalty in India they are still maintaining Brahmanism in their inheritance. The children from an out castes and from Vedic certified lower caste inheritance always considered as “CHANDALA/CHANDAL,” means degraded to even Atishudra by Vedic certification. All foreigners are out castes according to Vedic caste system; its the reason why foreigners are always considered as out castes or Atishudra or untouchables in their practices and not allowed to enter in their temples.

IS IT ONLY FOR 20 CRORES INDIAN MUSLIMS VOTE BANK! OR A RESPECT TO THEIR FAITH?Indira NeheruMuhammad IqbalMuhammad Iqbal, was one of the first to propose (1930) the creation of a separate Muslim India.

Gandhi was born into the vaishya (business caste) got popular for freedom movement in British India. Britisher were about to leave India because huge losses in World War II and problem in managing India due to loss of budgets with pain from freedom movement. Dirty communal politics of Brahmins Vs. Islam divided India in to two countries as Pakistan and India as an ending result. How Islamic emperors and British ruled over India for more than 300 years each without any communal disturbances? When country is given to our people it got divided  from the beginning! What does it mean? Major invaders never did any division when they ruled the India, but our own leaders divided India for their political mileage and organized benefits which implicates invaders were very integrated than our political leaders. Major Islamic emperors never returned to their country, they invaded and became the permanent resident of India; their collected taxes form the citizens majorly invested in our country but after the independence our dishonest politicians had been looted more than US$100.06 trillion from our country according to Wikileaks and other sources, and used for their self and organized benefits. Since independence, India has been majorly ruled only by Brahmin PMs. Major Brahmins scholars link themselves to Arayan race means they claim they were invaders like Islam and Britishers, which concludes only Vedic certified Shudras are the root natives of India including tribal priests or idol care takers those converted to Brahmins, ruling class as Kshatriyas and business professionals as Vaishyas from different linguistic races of Indian origin.  Division of our country was only due to political benefits under the ground of two major religions ignoring the interest of citizens. There was no poll had taken from the citizens of India by the politicians to divide India. Dividing India under the ground of their religious social identities was the greatest foolishness of our political leaders. Dividing India only was a political decision not the decision of the citizens. Gandhi was a part of this dirty politics with Nehru and Jinnah. He got punished for his accompany to dirty politics by losing his life. Brahmins won and we got two countries with Brahmins hegemony as Congress rule in India. The Hindu Mahasava and its sister organization RSS were underground players to divide India without notice of others. In the late 1920s, the Mahasabha came under the influence of leaders like Balakrishna Shivram Moonje and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Savarkar was a former revolutionary who had been banned from anti-British political activities and opposed the secularism of the Congress.  Under Savarkar, the Mahasabha became a more intense critic of the Congress and its policy of wooing Muslim support. The Mahasabha suffered a setback when in 1925, its former member Keshav Baliram Hedgewar left to form the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu volunteer organisation that abstained from active politics. Although ideologically similar to the Mahasabha, the RSS grew faster across the nation and became a competitor for the core constituency of the Mahasabha. RSS leaders were supportive of the Jewish State of Israel, including Savarkar himself, who supported Israel during its formation. Golwalkar admired Jews for maintaining their “religion, culture and language”. If Nathuram Godse was so patriotic as believed and hyped by RSS, then why he not killed itself Jinnah instead of Gandhi? Why RSS is not trying to reunite Pakistan with India instead of bashing Muslims of India terrorizing them with Hidutwa? Hindu Mahashava & RSS did not hurt or kill Jinnah, directly proofs they wanted partition; then why false patriotism by RSS and its wings BJP, BHP & ABVP etc.? These are Deshi ISIS(Indian States of Integrated Saffrons/Sanaatans) or Saffron/Sanatani terrorist or Hindu Jihadist. Why India tolerates these terrorists till to date?




AmitSaha Atal

RSS is current Brahmanism orthodox Organization that advocates for Hindu nationalism; means it decline Democratic Republic of India, or want to trap Indian democracy for its agenda. Its called treason. It has its many active wings like BJP, VHP, ABVP, Bajarang Dal, Durga Vahini etc. It means either Indian government not capable to protect its citizens so they had created their army to protect themselves or this organization had an evil intention to fight against the other communities and Governance.

RSS the Deshi ISIS(Indian States of Integrated Saffrons/Sanaatans)

RSS में कुछ अंध भक्त देश की सेवा की मकसद लेकर जुड़ते हैं लेकिन उनको ये पता नहीं होता है की उनका इस्तेमाल RSS अपने मकसद केलिए करता है; ये ओर्गनाईजेशन सेवा की लॉलीपॉप के नाम पर अपने सोच/बिचारधारा को लोगोंके ऊपर थोपना चाहता है । RSS देश की सेवा करने की चोला पहनकर मनुवाद/वर्णवाद/वेदवाद/ब्राह्मणवाद फैलाता है । RSS “हिन्दू” सब्द को एक सामूहिक पहचान की शक्ल अपने “वर्णवाद” माननेवाला अनुगामियों को देना चाहता है और इस “हिन्दू” पहचान को प्रमोट करके वर्णवाद को सदियों बचाना चाहता है । हिन्दू थिओरी एक षड़यंत्र है और मनुवाद/वर्णवाद/वेदवाद/ब्राह्मणवाद को बचाये रखनेका साजिश है । RSS के हिंसावादी लोग मनुवाद/वर्णवाद/वेदवाद/ब्राह्मणवाद टेररिस्ट हैं ना की कोई देश भक्त । इस RSS NGO की मनसा गैर लोकतांत्रिक और Unconstitutional है; इसलिए संघ परिवार को ही देश में बैन करदेना चहिये । कांग्रेस में छुपे बैठे हिंदूवादी पॉलिटिशियन का काम भी RSS का जैसा है और RSS का साथ उनके वैचारिक सम्बद्ध भी हैं । कांग्रेस पोलिटिकल पार्टी कोई सेकुलर पार्टी नहीं बस हिंदूवादी डोमिनेटेड छद्म सेकुलर पार्टी है ।

RSS copy



Rss-Members-like Muslim Jihadist


Dominating RSS






Bramhanism Terrosism


z2o6sza1h5s61z0h.D.0.100_1327 bajrang-dal-shastar-pooja-1

Bajrang Dal Protest against UP govt's crackdown on 84-kosi yatra at New Delhi on August 26, 2013. Pic: Sanjay Rawat


BHOPAL, INDIA - AUGUST 11: Bajrang Dal workers stage a protest against incidents of attack on Hindus those happened in Kishtwar, Jammu on August 11, 2013 in Bhopal, India. A town in the south of Indian Kashmir was under curfew for a second day after two people were killed and dozens wounded in Hindu-Muslim clashes in the disputed Himalayan region, police said. Stores and buildings were torched in the clashes on August 9, which erupted in Kishtwar town, 150 kilometres (90 miles) southeast of Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar after prayers marking the end of Ramadan. (Photo by Gagan Nayar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

18-bajrangdal 04slide4


6f188961-40da-48bf-bbfb-2bfb1fdeb840WallpAutoWallpaper2 21swords 29-ND-Sangh-Del_TH_2294555e 5750_girls-of-durga-vahini-a-wo 158697409 171865754 3088353125_3772e14511_z 3088353573_9398c65c09_z bajrangdal24aug_24_08_2014 d2 DE17-P2_DURGA_V_DE_1489433f Durga Vahini at a training programme in Bhopal durga Durga-Vahini dv F4NT79 frpgNishaChinmayee p04-130707-319 self-defence-training-camp-in-jammu vhptrainingwomen w_..productsingle_INPA0206126 w_..productsingle_INPA0206127 w_..productsingle_INPA0206128 w_..productsingle_INPA0206129 w_..productsingle_INPA020612239


Peethadiswara Theocrats

Political Love to Bramhanism

27-shankaracharya-swaroopanand 1093670_Wallpaper2 godman-2_650_010514020111 LS-elections-Ra15296 shankaracharya_650_051414094612 swaroopananda-saraswati-1 swarupanand-4

Brahmins are those stupid crooks or antisocial elements with polite masks, those use Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras instigating them as Hindu to fight against other communal religion but itself they discriminate within their created religion Hinduism/Vedism/Sanatana Dharma saying we are superior to you all in fourfold caste system. They mistreats the castes without giving right to equality, same opportunity and dignity to all making fool to their followers even till to date after India being a democratic country. Fool, stupid, polarized and radicalized Kshatiryas, Vaishyas and Shudras take parts in their evil motives feeling a proud being a commune named Hinduism but in truth its Brahmanism i.e. a trap of exploitation in the name of God and idolism. They are using this word Hindusim instead of Brahmanism to hide them in the word Hindu, because if they will promote it as Brahmanism those are only less than 6 crores i.e. minor community in Indian population, the huge part of the castes i.e. Ksahtiryas+Vaishyas+Shudras will be departed from them and can’t be used for their evil motives. Ksahtiryas, Vaishyas, and Shudras are discriminated to each other its because Brahmins created and implemented this discrimination to their trapped social groups and said you are Kshatriyas and your profession is to acquire land and to protect the social group you acquired as a king; You are merchants so you are Vaishyas and rest are all slaves so you are Shudras. Freedom of profession and profession change is declined once its branded and certified by Brahmins with a professional class surname. Changing of surname or freedom of surname is declined in Brahmanism/Vedism/Sanatan Dharma. Ksahtiryas can’t use the surname of Brahmins and vice versa to other castes. If they will be departed as superior or controller class in naked then huge mass will go against them and they can’t exploit and fool them further, its the reason why they use the word Hindu for Bramhanism. Itself Hindu word is not having any relation or affiliation with Sanatan Dharma/Vedism/Brahmanism because its only designated the riverside dwellers of Sindhu river i.e. probably wrongly pronounced it as Hindu by foreign origin specially by Iranians or Parsis that was later used by Islamic emperors as slave to Islam but now Brahmins use it to promote Vedism/Brahmanism hiding them in this word.

Reference: Investigate the truth rationally reading these e-books and think scientifically without logical blindness and don’t try to link science irrationally justifying the inclination to your love to belief.

( ब्राह्मणबाद इंडियामें इसलिए देखने में मिलता है, क्योंकि की ब्राह्मणबाद इंडियामें ही पैदा हुआ कोई दूसरे देशमे नहीं । इंडिया के सबसे ज्यादा आबादी शूद्र हैं क्योंकि वैदिक प्रचारकों ने इस बड़ी श्रम जीवी श्रेणी को अपने दास बनाने के लिए उनको छल और बल पूर्वक दास बनाया और उनको अपनी वैदिक मान्यता पर शूद्र की पहचान दी । पहचान देने वाले ये लोग होते कौन हैं और उनकी पहचान पत्र को मान्यता क्यों दी जाए? इंडिया का बैदिक घोसित शूद्र ही श्रम श्रेणी हैं जिन्होंने अपने श्रम के बल पर समाज को आज तक पहुँचाया और जिन्दा रखा । हर शूद्र को अपने ऊपर गर्व होना चाहिए क्यों की उनके पूर्वज अपनी ईमानदारी की मेहनत पर अपनी और अपने परिवार की पेट पाला । ब्राम्हणों के जैसा नहीं जिन्होंने आपने पेट के लिए समाज को बाँटा, आदमी को आदमी से लड़वाया, उनको ऊंचा और नीचा की पहचान दी और उनमें ऊंचा निचा की घृणा पैदा की, छुआ छूत फैलाई, झूठ और अंध विश्वास फैलाई, श्रमिक श्रेणी को सदियों शोषित, बंचित और मुर्ख बनाये रखा; मिट्टी, पथर, धातु और लकड़ी से बनी झूठी मन गढन बहुदेबबाद फैलाई और उनकी झूठी प्रतिमा दिखा के चढ़वा के नाम पे भीख मांगा, भोला भाला भक्तोंको ठगा और भक्ति के नाम पे उनको लुटा और उनकी शोषण किया । समाज में अंध विश्वास, तर्कहीनता, भेदभाव, भ्रम, हिंसा और झूठ फैलाई और हर तरह की पाप और गुनाह किया, फिर भी वह अपने आपको छल और बल से समाज के श्रेष्ठ की मान्यता देते रहे । जिन्होंने निर्जीब मूर्तिओंको संस्कृत मंत्र सुनाई, जिन्होंने मिट्टी, पथर, धातु और लकड़ी से बनी झूठी मन गढन मूर्तिओं के सामने मासूम, बेकसूर, बेगुनाह पशुओं की बलि दी उनको हम पापी, मानसिक बिकृत का मान्यता नहीं देके सामाजिक श्रेष्ठ का मान्यता देते हैं, ये मूर्खता नहीं तो क्या है?

शूद्र अपने आप पे गर्व करना चाहिए क्योंकि की उसकी श्रम के बजहसे ही आज का इंडिया समाज जिन्दा है । इसलिए गर्व करना चाहिए क्यों के उनके पूर्बजों ने अपने पेट के लिए किसीके आगे भगवान के नाम पर भीख नहीं मांगा, किसी को ना भक्ति के नाम पर ठगा ना लोगों को भक्ति के नाम पे लुटा, वह ना उपद्रवी थे ना धूर्त, ना अंध विश्वास फैलाई ना दूसरों को दास और मुर्ख बनानेकी कोशिश या उनकी उत्पीड़न किया, बल्कि अपने सहनशीलता से समाज को अपने श्रम से पाला, पोसा, और उसकी देखभाल की । अब समय आ गया है, इंडिया की श्रमिक श्रेणी को (शूद्र) कोई वैदिक पहचान की जरूरत नहीं बल्कि आधुनिक सामाजिक पहचान की जरूरत है । ईशा पूर्व २६३ में जब अशोका साम्राज्य था ना तब शूद्र थे ना ब्राह्मणोकि संगठित ब्राह्मणबाद । ये देश राजा अशोक की साम्राज्य था जो की एक बौद्धिक साम्राज्य था ना की वैदिक । मोर्या साम्राज्य की ब्राह्मण सेनापति  पुष्यामित्र शुंग ने ईशा पूर्ब १८५ में विश्वासघात और तलवार धार की आतंक से बौद्धिक साम्राज्य को वैदिक साम्राज्य में परिवर्तित किया और श्रमिक श्रेणी को अपनी आतंक,  छल, कपट से शूद्र बनाया । कोई भला अपने आप को शूद्र या अपने आपको दूसरों की दास क्यों बनाना चाहेगा ?

अब हर शूद्र को वैदिक पहचान फेंकना होगा, उनकी पहचान देने वाली बैदिक “पुरुष सुक्त” का दर्शन पर थूकना होगा । उनको श्रमिक श्रेणी मूल निवासी होने का अपने आप पर गर्व करना होगा । जिस ब्राह्मणबाद लोगों को अछूत भंगी या मेहतर की पहचान दिलाई वह ब्राह्मणबाद की सफाई (ब्यक्ति बिशेष की नहीं ब्राम्हणबाद दर्शन की ) अच्छी तरह से करे, तेली उनकी अच्छी तरह से तेल निकाले, चमार उनकी अच्छी तरह से चमड़ी उधड़ाई करे, धोबी उन लोगों की अच्छी तरह से धुलाई करे ताकि आनेवाला पीढ़ियां इन धूर्त्तों से बच सके … )

shudraWho we are?

We are not Christians, not Muslims or not Hindus; We are children of HUMANS, so we are only just HUMANS.

ना हिन्दू हैं ना मुस्लमान हैं, इंसानके बच्चे हैं  हम बस इंसान हैं |



Meet this popular rationalist Brahmin with his excellent thought about our Nation; but he never ever explored why he is a Brahmin. He never ever tried to expose Purusha Sukta that made criminals of the all linguistic races as upper castes or ruling castes by Vedic social division and working class to Shudra. He is different because he thinks in his rational ways of thinking but not as his ancestor’s way of thinking. It’s not mandatory a descendant of a criminal always a criminal. Many Brahmins are not wealthy like poor Brahmins in India; its because they could become con like their ancestors.