WHO ARE THE BRAHMINS? The word Brahmin incorporates all the upper-caste Hindus of India. They claim that, because they were made from God Brahma’s head, they are the “chosen people of God.” Worshipping a Brahmin is akin to worshipping God incarnate. Serving a Brahmin and offering him alms is like serving God himself. These are in the beliefs that are inculcated in the minds of all other people, especially in the low caste Hindus. As a result, five percent of the Indian population have psychologically enslaved the other 95 percent. The Brahmins are the “Aryan” invaders of India who entered the country thousands of years ago via the Khyber Pass. Over the centuries they have established themselves firmly on Indian soil by ruling over, and enslaving, the country’s original inhabitants.


In Southern India the main divisions among the Brahmins are the Ayyars and the Ayyangers. A thorough study of these two groups will give the reader the correct knowledge of their gods, writings, families, culture and above all, the centuries old concealed rivalry between them for power and influence. The Ayyars are, by physical composition, the more direct descendants of the Aryans invaders. They have fair complexions, long noses and other physical features characteristic of Germans.


  • A Brahmin is born to fulfill Dharma. Whatever exists in the world is the property of the Brahmin. On account of the excellence of his origin, he is entitled to all. All mortals subsist through the benevolence of the Brahmin.
  • Ignorant or learned, a Brahmin is still a great deity.


Dr Ambedkar says the cardinal principles of Brahminism are six:

  1. Graded inequality between the different classes.
  2. The complete disarmament of the Shudras and Untouchables.
  3. The complete prohibition of education to the Shudras and Untouchables.
  4. Ban on the Shudras and the Untouchables in occupying places of power and authority.
  5. Ban on the Shudras and the Untouchables in acquiring property.
  6. The complete subjugation and suppression of women.

“Inequality is therefore the official doctrine of BRAHMINISM” (IBID – 204).

Devadhinam jagat sarvarm Mantradhinam ta devata Tam Mantram Brahmandhinam Brahmana nam devata


“The Universe is under the power of gods, The gods are under the power of the mantras, The mantras are under the power of the Brahmins, Therefore the Brahmins are our gods.”

  • Abbe J.A. Dubois’s “Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies” Oxford, Third Edition 1906, Page 139. See also page 93.




Dr Keshav Baliram Hegdewar, a Sithpawan Brahmin, was the founder of R.S.S. Today they have grown very powerful and are threatening the unity of India. Many of us are not aware of the policies and principles of R.S.S. e.g.:

  • Women cannot become members of the R.S.S.
  • The R.S.S. opposes the women’s voting right.
  • Only SITHPAWAN BRAHMINS (Blue eyed people – generally identified by low caste Hindus as “Cobras”) can become top leaders of the R.S.S.
  • It opposes Communism, Sikhism, Christianity and Islam.
  • It’s main principle is that the Aryans (Brahmins) should rule India.
  • It is an Anti-Dravidian movement.
  • All sorts of terrorist training are given to its members.
  • It supports “Sati” (Widow burning).
  • Its aim is to make Sanskrit the national language of India,
  • It specializes in creating rumors and brainwashing people.

The Achievements of R.S.S.

  • The Assassination of Mahathma Ghandi. (The reason for his assassination was that he preached inter-communal harmony and equality amongst people, including the low caste Hindus.
  • The attempt to kill Dr Ambedkar by poisoning him.
  • The attempt to kill Mr Kamaraj Nadar.
  • The attack on Mr Karpoori Tagore (this was because he was from the barber profession and community).

Recently the R.S.S. has been recruiting retired police and military officials to take charge of their massacres.


Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai” (Say proudly we are Hindus!) is the latest call of Shiv Sena. It is not in the name of India and its welfare, but it is in the name of Hindu terrorism. Balasaheb Thackery’s (the founder of Shiv Sena) first aim was to force the Malayalis, the Tamils and the Kannadigas to leave Bombay. As this did not attract much support, he switched his hatred to the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims. Oh Hindu! instead of fighting the Sikhs, Christians and Muslims, why don’t you fight the caste system which is clearly oppressing you?


This is one example of Militant Hindu Police (pro RSS) working under the banner of the Indian Police Force. So far not even a single non-Hindu member has been recruited to this group which receives higher pay and better facilities from the Government of India. Mr Khuswant Singh has the following to say in the Hindustan Times on this subject:

It is no longer any secret that the loss of life in both Delhi and Meerut was predominantly Muslim and the majority of victims were killed by bullets fired by the police and the Provincial Armed Constabulary. Our government controlled media tried to camouflage this ugly truth.

A private independent enquiry revealed that the RSS Chief (Ex D.I.G. of police) had masterminded the Meerut massacre and executed the plan.


Reuters reported the following on the 19th November 1987:

“Amnesty International has concluded that there is strong evidence that members of the Provincial Armed Constabulary were responsible for the Muslim massacre and the deliberate killing of unarmed civilians during the riots and following days. There is also evidence to suggest that at least five Muslims arrested in connection with the rioting died in jail mainly as a result of injuries inflicted upon them after arrest.”

The report added that witnesses had charged PAC officers (all Brahmins and High caste Hindus) of herding Muslims into trucks and later shooting them dead (raping the Muslim ladies, in most cases). Their bodies were then tossed into canals and rivers.


All the Brahmin controlled newspapers and Government media have wholeheartedly blacked out the Amnesty International Report. It was only published by the Western media.


The Untouchables ARE NOT HINDUS!” So says THE SHANKARACHARYA OF PURI whom the Brahmin worship as their “great leader” (India Express, April 4, 1989). Balasaheb Deoras (RSS Chief) and Bal Thackeray (Shiv Sena chief) should go and correct Shankaracharya of Puri before begging untouchable Harijans for support.

According to Manu (A Hindu Holy Book) it says:

  • The Shudras belong to the same category as crows, frogs, ducks, moles, dogs or transport animals and have the same disabilities as members of their category.
  • It is permissible for a member of the high caste to expropriate the wealth of a Shudra by deceit.
  • The different castes shall pay interest at different rates, the lowest will pay the highest rate.
  • A Shudra’s witness is not normally to be accepted when there is no witness of a “twice-born” person.

To get a strong foothold in India, the Brahmin divided the sons of India into various different castes. According to a recent government survey there are more than 2,000 castes in India. Each caste claims superiority over the other, a man from one caste will not marry a girl of another caste, no two castes congregate together…….. and so on. See page 79 [SECTION VII, The Hindu Gods].


Brahminism and the Vedas have paved the way for the bonded Labour System in India. After 40 years of independence, India still can’t save the low caste Shudras from this bonded labour. The Times of India reported on 10th May 1987 that Swami Agnivesh, President of the Bonded Labour Liberation Front, said that more than 20,000 people, mostly Harijans and Adivasis, were still being exploited and were leading the lives of slaves in the West Champaran and Gopalganj districts of North Bihar. This he proved to the Government with unassailable evidence. We are living in the 20th century where science and technology have advanced unprecedently and yet, in some parts of India, even today a low caste Hindu cannot pass along a street from one end to the other without first having his chappals removed and placed on his head. Hotels and other eating places also maintain separate cutlery for low caste Hindus.

The First Indian Governor General and Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. Rajagopalachari, alias Rajaji, advocated that people should pass down through generations the professions of their father and forefathers in order to reduce unemployment. This suggestion was highly praised by many newspapers owned by Brahmins/ RSS. The reasoning behind this advocacy was to keep the low castes tied down to their menial jobs while the Brahmins maintained their high positions.

Why are the so called low caste Hindus financially destitute? Why is India economically backward? It is because the Brahmins do not allow others to progress. They hold high offices in government, control the news media, educational system, etc. How could others possibly rise up, and break free of the caste system bondage? Needless to say, with all the facilities at their disposal they produce brilliant scientists, doctors etc. Assuredly even the low caste Hindus could do this if they were provided with the same facilities.


Apastambha Dharma Sutra III, 10-26, says:

The tongue of a Shudra, who spoke evil about a BRAHMIN should be cut off A Shudra who dared to assume a position of equality with the first three castes was to be flogged. If a Shudra overheard a recitation of the Vedas, molten tin was to be poured into his ears; if he repeated the Vedas his tongue should be cut and if he remembered Vedic hymns, his body was to be torn into pieces.

MANU, 167-272 says:

If a Shudra arrogantly teaches Brahmins Dharma, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and ears.

Again, MANU, 167-272 says:

Let the king never slay even a Brahmin though he may have committed all possible crimes.

With all references to Vedas and Puranas, it would be appropriate to question: “How fair is the system of administrating justice?” Well, according to these Holy Books if a Brahmin commits a sin, he is forgiven, but on the contrary if a low caste Hindu commits a sin, he has to feed twenty Brahmins in order to expiate or erase his sin. Would you call this a fair and just system of justice?! Who was responsible for the assassination of Mahathma Gandhi -the father of the Nation? Obviously you know the answer. Mahathma Gandhi preached and practiced intercommunal harmony, equality among people, including the low caste Hindus whom he named as Harijans (which means children of God). All human beings are (according to Gandhi) the children of one God and, therefore, all are equal.


  • Harijan women were forced to parade naked in the street. (CURRENT 6-4-83)
  • A scheduled caste man was severely beaten as his dress happened to touch the body of a High Caste Hindu. (TIMES OF INDIA 18-11-84).
  • High caste Hindus threw dead animals and filth in a Harijan well. Police took no action. (TIMES OF INDIA, 18-11-84)
  • A Harijan who asserted his right to worship at a temple was allegedly assaulted and excreta put in his mouth at Thathur village of Sorab Taluk (DECCAN HERALD, 5-2-88) [Of course, since excreta is considered holy in Hinduism, this was probably not looked upon as being a bad thing by these barbarians, whereas in Al-Islam, this, as well as the rest of these devilish acts, are most disgustingly reprehensible]
  • Harijan women were thrown out of rescue boat. (BLITZ, 18-3-84)
  • The late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, informed the Rajya Sabha on 18th, August 1970, that during the last three years I.I 17 Harijans – a Brahmin official account – were killed in different parts of the country.


In his book “Why Conversion“, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar says that untouchability is a permanent feature of the Hindu society. In order to attain freedom from this evil practice, he urges the victims to establish close relations with other societies to embrace another religion. He concludes that conversion is the only way to achieve eternal bliss, for, by becoming a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Sikh, a convert will get the political safeguards of the religion of his choice. Doesn’t this sound very strange, seeing how the overwhelming majority of people in India are Hindu?

Is there a Christian, Sikh or Muslim who has willingly embraced Hinduism? Even if a person should decide to become a Hindu, which caste will he choose? He cannot – for sure – become a Brahmin for according to Veda, he has to die three more deaths. But would any Brahmin object to his becoming a Shudra? The answer to that question is no, because history proves that conversion to Hinduism was forced upon people, mainly by the sword. It should be noted that in today’s 1990’s society, the Indian government is currently trying to sway people into Hinduism via monetary coercion.


In India the 5 % Brahmins rule over 95 % of the Indian population. In South Africa 15 % Whites rule over the 85 % Black race. Does India then have any right to point an accusing finger at the apartheid policy of South Africa when the worst kinds of discrimination are being practised in India?

We talk “democracy” and “equality before the law” but keep a third of India’s 800 million people as Untouchables, unseeables and unapproachables!


Who has the major share of magazines/newspapers published in India? The Brahmins/RSS of course! According to a recent survey their share of the media is approximately 81 %. The following are the well known Newspapers that are owned by the Brahmins, not to mention so many others which are financed less by the Brahmins to blow their trumpets.

  • The Indian Express – 93 % employees are Brahmins
  • The Hindu – 97 % employees are Brahmins
  • The Times of India – 73 % employees are Brahmins

These Brahmins have invaded both All India Radio and Television. Most of the time the Brahmins and their programs are on air.


MANU VII, 133 says that:

Brahmins should not be taxed and should be maintained by the State.”

ABOUT LOW CASTE Shudras – MANU XMRITI X, 129 says that:

No collection of wealth was to be made by a Shudra, even though he may be capable, for a Shudra who has acquired wealth would pain a Brahmin, and that Brahmins may appropriate by force the property of the Shudra.


Even if a Shudra acquired wealth, he must always remain a slave. His main job is to wash the feet of the higher caste.

TULSIDAS, A Brahmin in his Ramayana writes:

Even if a Shudra is learned and virtuous, he should not be given respect and honor.

When the British left India, almost all the industries owned by them were taken over by the Brahmins. So much so that today they own about 60 % of the leading Industries in the country.

Remember their (Brahmin) population is only 5% of the total population of India.


  1. Loksabha – 48% are Brahmins
  2. Rajyasabha – 36 % are Brahmins
  3. Governor/L.G. – 50 % are Brahmins
  4. Secretary to Governor/ L.G. – 54 % are Brahmins
  5. Union Cabinet Secretaries – 53 % are Brahmins
  6. Chief Secretaries to Minister – 54 % are Brahmins
  7. Private Secretaries to Minister – 70 % are Brahmins
  8. JS/ Additional Secretaries – 62 % are Brahmins
  9. Vice Chancellors to Universities – 51% are Brahmins
  10. Supreme Court Judges – 65 % are Brahmins
  11. High Court Judges/ Addl. Judges – 50 % are Brahmins
  12. Ambassadors – 41% are Brahmins
  13. Chief Executive of Public undertaking:

(i) Central – 57 % are Brahmins

(ii) State – 82 % are Brahmins

(Courtesy: Voice of the Week, Oct. 1989)

In other fields also:

Banks – 57% are Brahmins

Airlines – 61 % are Brahmins

IAS Offices – 72% are Brahmins

IPS Office – 61 % are Brahmins

Radio & TV – 83% are Brahmins

CBI, Customs & Central Excise – 72% are Brahmins

This then is the employment situation in India. The cream of the jobs goes to the five percent Brahmins. Do you get a fair salary for your hard work? Probably not! Because your paymasters are Brahmins. Remember! Your children and grand children will suffer the same fate, or worse, if you don’t free yourself from the control of the Brahmin.

Since independence, India has been ruled only by Brahmins. All the Prime Ministers (except V.P. Singh) have so far been Brahmins.


Here is the aphorism of the Brahma-Sutras:

Shravana, adhyana, arthapratishedhat smriteh ca (Brahma-Sutras


The smrithi orders that shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying and understanding the Vedas.

MANU 162-272 says:

If a Shudra arrogantly teaches Brahmins, Dharma, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and ears.

India is the only country in the world where one race has made education their exclusive monopoly. The average Indian literacy rate is 30 % but the Brahmins are almost 100 % literate!

Out of the total Indian doctors in the U.S.A. 67% are Brahmins. Instead of serving the poor masses of India, these doctors have opted to work in rich America and other Western countries.

Brahmin representation in the fields of engineering and law is 53 % and 57 % respectively. In the field of education their teachers and professors make up more than 51 %.

They are motivated by the claim that they are the Master Race on this earth from the day of Ashoka, They have educated themselves generation after generation and today a Brahmin means an educated person.


Oh you Hindu! Why don’t your children get equal opportunities in education and become doctors, engineers, lawyers, collectors (IAS) and police officers (IPS)? Is it because if your children learn and acquire education, they will get freedom from Brahmin rule?

Why don’t you think, discuss, join hands with other brothers, unite and act against the cruelties, atrocities and inhuman actions directed against you in the name of your religion? Why don’t you start thinking positively for your own good? It looks as though the low caste Hindus gain only illiteracy, ignorance, liabilities and sickness under the present system. Can the low caste Hindu leave a decent will for his children? With their standard of education can he/she obtain a good job?

It is really unfortunate (and pitiful) that the non-Brahmins do not realise the potentiality and the power which could be generated by them for their own benefits.

It seems as though the Brahmins are fooling the people with the words of SECULARISM & DEMOCRACY. Is India really secular? Has not democracy been misused for the benefits of a minority, and not for the majority? The ignorance and illiteracy of the people is being manipulated in an unfair fashion.


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