Brahmins Cruelties…


Apastambha Dharma Sutra III, 10-26, says:

The tongue of a Shudra, who spoke evil about a BRAHMIN should be cut off A Shudra who dared to assume a position of equality with the first three castes was to be flogged. If a Shudra overheard a recitation of the Vedas, molten tin was to be poured into his ears; if he repeated the Vedas his tongue should be cut and if he remembered Vedic hymns, his body was to be torn into pieces.

MANU, 167-272 says:

If a Shudra arrogantly teaches Brahmins Dharma, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and ears.

Again, MANU, 167-272 says:

Let the king never slay even a Brahmin though he may have committed all possible crimes.

With all references to Vedas and Puranas, it would be appropriate to question: “How fair is the system of administrating justice?” Well, according to these Holy Books if a Brahmin commits a sin, he is forgiven, but on the contrary if a low caste Hindu commits a sin, he has to feed twenty Brahmins in order to expiate or erase his sin. Would you call this a fair and just system of justice?!


  • Harijan women were forced to parade naked in the street. (CURRENT 6-4-83)
  • A scheduled caste man was severely beaten as his dress happened to touch the body of a High Caste Hindu. (TIMES OF INDIA 18-11-84).
  • High caste Hindus threw dead animals and filth in a Harijan well. Police took no action. (TIMES OF INDIA, 18-11-84)
  • A Harijan who asserted his right to worship at a temple was allegedly assaulted and excreta put in his mouth at Thathur village of Sorab Taluk (DECCAN HERALD, 5-2-88) [Of course, since excreta is considered holy in Hinduism, this was probably not looked upon as being a bad thing by these barbarians, whereas in Al-Islam, this, as well as the rest of these devilish acts, are most disgustingly reprehensible]
  • Harijan women were thrown out of rescue boat. (BLITZ, 18-3-84)
  • The late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, informed the Rajya Sabha on 18th, August 1970, that during the last three years I.I 17 Harijans – a Brahmin official account – were killed in different parts of the country.


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