Brahmins Fabricated Chankaya’s Biography

Chanakya was a Non-caste(NC) think-tank. Fake history by dominant races confused Indians in that ways that, we are getting many false and fabricated facts till to date thinking it’s as true. We can even trace truth from fake history by simply reasoning and applying proper logic to it to find the truth. Whatever we know about Chanakya(350 BCE-Died 275 BCE) today through media, movies, books and mouths of some people, is based on the 8th century Sanskrit drama called Mudra Rakshas written by Vishakhadata. The drama discusses political activities of Chanakya and nothing else. As this drama was written after 1200 years of Chandragupta, we can not rely solely on it to know this personality. The drama itself is based on Mahanamthero, a Buddhist book. This drama says nothing about the parents and forefather of Chanakya, or about his childhood, marriage and death. Chanakya was very ugly with black complexion which proofs he was from the native tribal race. The story of Chanakya relates to Magadha and Mouryans means its 100% he may be the identity from this region. He had served to Magadha means he was a supporter of the faith of his king; means he might either had no faith or believed in Jainism as per the present historic evidences by historians;  it’s because many sources claim Chandragupta was a Jainism follower but not to Vedism(now called as Hinduism). If we keenly study the history and Jainism context then one can find easily there was no Jainism in that age and the Mauryan empire kings including Chanakya all may be Buddhist. By logical interpretation it concludes that Ashokan’s ancestors and Chanakya had followed “Ajivika” but after the adoption of Buddhism by Ashoka Chanakya had even followed Buddhism. To dominate the history and to prove supremacy of Brahmanism over Buddhism; history passed by Vedic or Bramhanism promoters that  Chanakya had embraced Jainism in his last life. They had also fabricated herbal medicine science of India “Ayurgyan” to “Ayurveda” for racial hegemony over this knowledge. There is no proof exists that Charaka & Shusruta was from Vedic or Brahmins origin or their compiled work has relation with Brahmanism race or from their origin; so its just Ayurgyana that is renamed by Brahmins as Ayurveda for racial hegemony and has no connection with Vedism or Veda without only lies, bluffs &  fabrications. Jainism had created by Brahmins hybridizing some philosophy from Buddhist origin rooting it to Vedism to encounter the Buddhism and to eliminate it from the root; it was something creating confusion to followers and descendants making contemporary identity Mahavir with Buddha. It was something like B team of Sanatan Dharma to decline Buddhism in India theopolitically for organized benefits. Since Chandragupta Maurya was from Magadha which is now known as Bihar and born in pataliputra i.e. in Patna (340 BC-298 BC) it’s highly acceptable the kingdom had the race of Bihar without any Vedic fourfold caste system. So he was only a teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal adviser to the kingdom without any fourfold Vedic caste system certificate. Nanda and Mouryans were Ati-Shudra kingdoms according to the Vedic followers. Why would a Brahmin will help to untouchable king as per their Vedic faith? In our ancient puranas and epics we come across the Rakhashas or Ashuas kings those had even their royal advisers; had all of them Brahmins? Mouryan Empire had declined the Vedic fourfold caste system so you can’t certify him as Brahmin. When Ashoka(August 304 BC, Pataliputra-Died: 232 BC) the descendant of Mouryan Empire adopted Buddhism he tried to ban Vedic philosophy in his kingdom of Ashoka so Vedic Brahmins lost their job and joined Ashoka’s army for their livelihood as directed by Ashoka. It’s because in that time Brahmins were sacrificing animals in the Vedic ceremonies like cows, horses etc. saying it’s as gomedha yangya or ashwamedha yangya but Ashoka had declined all these things and was giving cruel punishments for this kind of activities, it’s because Buddhism declines violence of any kind. Since meat eating by sacrificing animals was the livelihood of Brahmins they lost their jobs and joined in army for their livelihood, for this reason Vedic Brahmins became Vegetarian and it’s became puritanical part to their evolution; later they even worship cows as their mother. Suppression to Vedic Brahmins were making heart burn jealousy or severe haterdness in their race so they were seeking a chance of revenge. The time came when descendant of Asoka was busy with spreading the Buddhism around the world and Brihadratha was the non-violent king. In this time a Brahmin named Pushyamitra shunga had been the army chief of the Ashoka’s kingdom. Pushyamitra Shunga the dishonest Vedic Brahmin beheaded mercilessly to the king Brihadratha, the descendant of Ashoka when he was marching with the army and proclaimed himself the king of Ashoka’s kingdom. Ashoka’s kingdom was united or allied kingdom of many regional kingdoms so he forcibly implemented the Vedic faith to Asoka’s Buddhist kingdom and declined Buddhism that is the reason why we have fourfold caste system all over the India those follows Vedism i.e. now Hindusim. Asoka’s kingdom is now known as India. Vedic Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga(Reign:185–149 BCE) implemented Manusmriti by force and by shine of sword to the united kingdoms of Ashoka and destroyed many emblems of Buddhism. This Vedic Brahmin Pushyamitra shunga killed more than 70,000 Buddhist monks in one day and declared 100 gold coins for every Buddhist monk’s head. They fabricated each and everything in favor of Brahmins i.e. mostly used Bramha, Bramhana, bramhi, Deva etc. in their fabricated literature even for renaming existed literature and knowledge and created many self claimed great literature. Since they were used to Sanskrit they proclaimed Sanskrit as great language where itself the language not even having its own letters.  This is the reason why Chanakya even became Brahmin due to fake and flatter literature by Vedic promoters. I had read many moral quotes of Chanakya but there is no sign of Vedism in his moral literature, which proofs there was no relation between Vedism with Chanakya. The artist impression of Chanaky everywhere we see is also a false and fake image itself hyped by Vedic promoters that looks like a Brahmin character; they made him white complexion with handsome face to promote Bramhanism but truth is, he was a dark complexion ugly human for which king of Nanda dynasty had insulted him; its all implies how hypocrites are Vedic promoters. Vedic promoters destroyed each and everything of all regional cultures imposing Vedic philosophy to the Ashoka’s allied kingdoms. Vedic promoters had one ideology whoever is famous let them include in their race with honey coated story and creating racial literature as great to descendant of Brahmins so descendant of Vedic faith/ Hindu followers will think the race was great; which implies Vedic promoter race is a race of crooks or a race of knaves. Many scholars also claims he was a native to South India, but for their kind information they must know what was the regional distance and lingual difference was there. South Indians are not well with north Indian languages and there was no airplanes and trains in that time to communicate easily to those places so that he could to and fro from south India to Bihar. How he was wandering in north-east and south Indian regions, with a so long distance range? How and why he migrated to Bihar? If he migrated to Bihar then how you can proof he was belongs to Brahmin? Its because in that time that region was a non-Vedic kingdom i.e. possibly they even did not know what is fourfold caste system. There is no possibility of their claim. If he was a south Indian intelligent Brahmin then why he was helping to east or north Indian kings to develop their kingdoms is matter of fun and talk of bullshits. It all proofs Brahmins wants to bag all the credits of Chanakya, by including him in their Bramhanic race. In conclusion I must say one thing, he had no caste as so called scholars claims, he was a Brahmin; but its 100% he was native to east India without affiliation to any caste i.e. his caste was non-caste(NC) and was a great wise human being that belongs to present India.
Probable real artistic impression of Chankya.
 real-chanakya-fiath-copy real-chanakya
Computer generated artistic impression according to his historic features of his face. Please use this picture as Chanakya and stop spreading lies. Chankaya never had accepted Shaivasm (dedicated to Shiva) as Vedic promoters spread lies by putting three parallel lines on his head and, sikha hair as Brahmins with white body complexion fooling us till to date.


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