Dishonest and Corrupt Brahmin scholars.

Religious history of India is heavily corrupted by the Brahmin scholars in an attempt to prove their supremacy over other castes. Few decades ago they were constantly propagating that they were “Aryans” who invaded India, defeated Dasa, Dasyu’s and Asura’s, the local uncultured tribal communities and forced Aryan culture over them. When well planned ancient cities begun to see sunlight after various excavations in Sindhu/Ghaggar Hakra region, first they were shocked, baffled and later on suddenly changed their stance. First they started to state that those were Aryans who destroyed those cities. But when no proof of violent battle in or around the remnants of cities came forward, they started to say that the Sindhu culture was created by Aryans. (Shrikant Talageri is a strong supporter of this hypothesis.)

Awakening among the common people begun with the spread of education and many scholars and social reformers used the very Aryan theory against Brahmins. “If you are the first invaders of this country, just get out, you have no place on this very land of ours.” The researchers found many instances of killing or maligning of the history of India in which Brahmin’s remained dominant. Even in many cases, such as of Satvahana dynasties, Pandya dynasties, though thee dynasties weren’t ever Brahmin, they declared them as Brahmin. It happened with Great Poet Walmiki and Vyasa too those were non Brahmin’s by birth, but were declared as Brahmins to suit Bramanical propaganda that no great person can take birth in ordinary class (varna). (Saint Ramdas already declared that if anyone from Shudra class is seen valiant or knowledgeable take it that his biological father must be some Brahmin.) Recently the crooked minded Brahmin scholars spread similar rumor about Great King Shivaji.

However, when Brahmins found that their foreign origin theory is backfiring, they again changed their stance and started saying that they were originally Indians and that they from India spread worldwide spreading Aryan culture and Sanskrit language. The main question remains, whether there really exists Indo-Aryan language group? The answer is negative, but we will deal with this later.

However there is no proof either in Veda’s or in any ancient so called Aryan scriptures that Aryan ever was a race that migrated to India. Also there are no physical proofs of such invasion.

Then who were they?

The word “Arya” appears in Rig Veda 36 times in 34 stanzas. Whenever this word is used it is addressed to the Clan of Sudasa only. Rests of clans, such as Iswaku, Yadu etc. were “Anarya’s” for the Vedic seers.

“Arya” meant Noble Person. Not a race.

To trace origins of these Vedic people we have ample proofs available in Veda’s itself.

Vedics themselves were Das, dasyu and Asuras.

May be this statement will sound stunning but it is the only fact.

Aryan invasion theory (AIT) proposes that Aryans invaded India from north and defeated das, Dasyu and Asura’s.

Fact: In the name of king Sudasa is a very word Das. During the rule of Sudasa veda’s were composed. Now, if Aryans defeated dasa’s how the word Dasa could be attached to his name? (Sudasa means “Good Slave”) The winners despise defeated communities is a global example set from ancient times. If Dasa community was despicable Aryan King wouldn’t have preferred to call himself by this name.

Sudasa’s fathers name was “Divodasa” again the same “Dasa” in his name.

Sudasa’s grandfather’s name was “Trasdasyu”.

Again the same logic. If so called Aryans defeated dasa’s and dasyu’ how come that dasyu word appearing in the list of Aryan kings?


It is always have been propagated that “Asura” means bad, devilish and demonic. Scholars state that the Puranic wars between Deva and Asura actually depicts wars between aboriginal Indians and Aryans in which Asuras were finally defeated.

Fact: Tarkatirtha Laxmanshastri Joshi has stated that originally meaning of Asura was entirely opposite. Asura meant valiant lively person. In the course of time the meaning got changed, whether deliberately or not I difficult to say.

There is no doubt that though Asura’s have been despised by the Purana’s it is clear that Asura society was a strongest one in ancient times. Asura along with Naga, Vanara etc. dwelt in Indian subcontinent and had established their kingdoms in various parts of India.

And that Vedic’s too originally belonged to Asura clan.


Rigveda is a solid proof to prove this statement. The greatest God in Veda’s, before rise of Indra was “Asur Varuna”.

So Varuna was always Asur. Not only Varuna but Agni to whom Vedics revered is called Asur in many Rics. Besides Varuna, Agni there are hoards of deities those are referred as Asura, such as Mitra, Aryama, Bhaga, Aditya, Vansa etc. Even as mother of Indra is also Asur, hence shcholar Malati Shendge had stated that Indra is half Anarya….the greatest God of Vedics!
Now, by any logic, it cannot be said that so-called Aryans or Vedics defeated Asura, dasas or dasyus as their kings and Gods bear epithets such as Dasa, Dasyu and Asura. No winning race can bear this. So this kills Aryan Invasion theory and proves that:

Vedic’s originally belonged to Asura clan of whom Das -Dasyus were sub-clans. For political reasons King Sudasa adopted Fire-sacrifice religion on the instance of Rishi Vasishtha. This religion was originally introduced by Bhrugu’s. But as secluded from the same Asura clan (society), Sudasa and his seers couldn’t abandon their ancestral links. Hence Asura, Dasa, Dasyu remained important epithets which had to be obscured in later times when the division was complete. And we can find traces of this course in the Vedas.


Grandson of Lord Krishna, Aniruddha, married Usha, daughter of Banasur, an Asur King.
Lord Krishna’s mother belonged to Asur clan.
Arjuna married Ulupi, a Naga (Asur) princess.
Bhima married Hidimba, a Raksasa (another optional name for Asura) woman.
Seer Jaratkaru married a Naga woman, sister of Naga Taksaka, of same name…Jaratkaru.

There are hundreds of such examples which tell us that Asura clan never was dethroned from their original position nor it was shoved southwards. The Puranik Brahmins in later centuries opened a campaign through Puranik myths composing heinous stories around Auras…that Asuras were bad, demonic, man-eaters, enemy of virtues, devilish and what not. While doing so they forgot they too were Asuras and now too follow their religion…Idol (Shiva-Vishnu) worshipping!

Sanjay onawani :

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