Media,entertainment and BRAHMINS


Who has the major share of magazines/newspapers published in India? The Brahmins/RSS of course! According to a recent survey their share of the media is approximately 81 %. The following are the well known Newspapers that are owned by the Brahmins, not to mention so many others which are financed less by the Brahmins to blow their trumpets.

  • The Indian Express – 93 % employees are Brahmins
  • The Hindu – 97 % employees are Brahmins
  • The Times of India – 73 % employees are Brahmins

These Brahmins have invaded both All India Radio and Television. Most of the time the Brahmins and their programs are on air.They have totally control over News Media to control the India as they like.


Media and entertainment

Ajay Devgun, Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal Manoj bajpai Raj kumar Manoj joshi Sanjay dutt Piyush mishra Mahesh bhatt Mahika Sharma Manoj kumar Vishal Bhardwaj Sharmila tagore Prakash jha Sudhir mishra Rani mukhrjee Anupam kher


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