Narendra Modi is a puppet to Brahmins (RSS)

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 to a family of grocers in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, in Bombay State (present-day Gujarat). His family belonged to the Ghanchi (oil-presser) community, which is categorised among the other backward classes by the Indian government. He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand and Heeraben. As a child, he helped his father Damodardas sell tea at the Vadnagar railway station, and later ran a tea stall with his brother near a bus terminus. His schooling was in Vadnagar.

At the age of eight, Modi came into contact with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and began attending its localshakhas, or training sessions. There he met Lakshmanrao Inamdar, popularly known as Vakil Saheb, who was to become Modi’s political mentor. Inamdar inducted Modi as a balswayamsevak, or junior cadet in the RSS. While training with the RSS, he also met Vasant Gajendragadkar and Nathalal Jaghda, Bharatiya Jana Sangh leaders who were later founding members of the BJP’s Gujarat unit in 1980. The RSS is the ideological inspiration of the BJP and since joining, Modi has been inclined to the ideology of Hindu nationalism. He became a full–time RSS pracharak (propagandist) in 1970.

After receiving training at the RSS in Nagpur, Modi worked as an activist for the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of RSS, in Gujarat. During Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule, Modi secretly carried on the RSS’s activities and joined the JP Movement.

Modi joined the BJP in 1985. He has since held many offices in the party and slowly became an important figure in the BJP in Gujarat. His campaign organizing skills were praised in the successful campaigns of Murli Manohar Joshi’s Kanyakumari-Srinagar Ekta yatra (Journey for Unity) in the 1991 and 1995 Gujarat elections. Modi became general secretary of the BJP in 1995 and moved to Delhi, but returned to Gujarat in 1998 and was again a central figure in the BJP victory in that year’s state election.

Modi replaced Keshubhai Patel as Gujarat’s chief minister in 2001 amid allegations of corruption as well as a number of by-election defeats for the BJP. Earlier, Modi was offered the deputy chief ministership of Gujarat, but refused to be Patel’s second-in-command.

Jashodaben Chimanlal is the wife of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their traditional marriage was arranged in Vadnagar by their families when they were children. Modi and Chimanlal had an arranged marriage in the custom of the Ghanchi caste of Vadnagar. Around age three or four they were engaged. Around age thirteen they had shaadi. Literally as public announcement the couple married in 1968 when Narendra Modi was 18 and Jashodaben was 16. Shortly thereafter Narendra Modi ceased living with Jashodaben, traveling for three years to practice Sannyasa, going into business with his uncle, and later pursuing public office. Modi wandered in the Himalayas practicing Sannyasa for two years out of contact with anyone who knew him. Modi did not officially acknowledge this marriage until 2014 during his campaign. In the Indian general election, 2014, Modi contested the Vadodara seat of the Parliament of India. Under the Representation of the People Act, Modi was asked to declare any previous marriage, and during this statement for the first time in public and media Modi acknowledged that he had a wife. This was confusing to some because previously, Modi had often said that it was not possible for him to participate in corruption in India because he had no family.

Modi’s tenure was marred by the Gujarat Massacre in which over 3000 people, mostly Muslims, lost their lives. Evidence exists of police complicity and participation in the massacre which saw some of the worst human rights violations ever witnessed such as the brutal gang rapes of women and young girls and the burning alive of women and babies. What is more surprising is that despite the widespread carnage not a single person was ever convicted for the massacre. The massacre was sparked off by the burning of a railway train carrying Hindus returning from a trip to the “Ram Janmabhoomi” at Ayodhya. The riots were in response to the death of 59 Hindus in the town of Godhra  Although nationalist Hindus blamed the burning of the train on a Muslim mob, investigations into the fire by a university in Hyderabad concluded that the train had ignited from the inside. Over 110,000 Muslims were housed in refugee camps after they were forced out of rural villages in Gujarat. Despite the widespread carnage not a single person has yet been convicted for the massacre, an indication of the excruciatingly slow judicial process in India.

In April 2009, the Indian Supreme Court appointed a Special Investigation Team to investigate Modi’s role in the riots. In December 2010, the investigation cleared Modi of wilfully allowing the rioters to rampage through the province.

On June 15, 2004, four people suspected to be Lashkar-e-Toiba militants plotting to kill Modi, were shot down in an encounter by the Ahmedabad police. The four included a 19-year old girl, one Muslim-turned-Hindu, and two others based in Pakistan. This incident, which generated a lot of controversy, was the third such one in which the Gujarat police have shot down civilians on mere suspicion.

Many political parties in India have asked him to resign following his inability to stop the Gujarat Massacre. But Modi has stood firm and challenged his opposers, and continued to hold power in Gujarat.

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Education of Modi:

Disturbed Modi:

Narendra Modi speech after Godhra incident 2002


Proofs are exists it was a conspiracy and riot done by Hindu Radicals.

He Himself admits He had done Gujrat Riot. Then how Indian justice system released him as an innocent? It proofs Indian justice system is undue influence of Modi or he purchased the justice from Indian corrupt justice system.

Narendra Modi in Aap ki Adalat Full episode

He himself admits he had done the Gujrat Riot in above video and in this video he is saying it is a conspiracy against him. It exposes the real character of Mr. Modi.

Tea Sellers suit Costs 4.31 Crores.

Modi’s suit costs more than 10 Lakhs but when it is hyped and criticized by media and opponent political parties then he made  an auction where his sycophants (Chamcha) bought it in 4.31 crores.

See some pictures of Modi that has collected from various sources of Internet and set your mind what he is.

1 8 11~0 18-1424249401-suit 1513f7a31b8ec8d98a091e25087fbcba 305312-modi-bandhgala-his-own-name 1790699_1420001828 1415978237Narendra-Modi B_Id_419530_modi-advani-12 B_Id_419532_modi-thackerafdsfy B_Id_419532_modi-thackeray B_Id_419533_narendra-modi-2 B_Id_419534_narendra-modi-1 birthday-special-unseen-rare-pictures-of-narendramodi- ch286066-700x447 Clean-Shaved-Modi-speech-with-Devras-99 Clean-shaven-NARENDRA-MODI F59sa4-000489[1]-700x447 F87sa5-000762[1]-700x447 hqdefammult hqdefault hqdefaultkj imaccges imagedss imagehhjhjs imagems imaghhjs imagmes imames imammges imanjges img_53c7d4d80cc72 img_53c7dec3956e9 img_53c7ef4756ae3 img_53c7efb6b8e66 img_53c7f26ae2abf imnmnges IndiaTv3920ea_Narendra-Modi-pinstrip-suit main-qimg-9b1e38dc72dcc6d8559759ce771ee674 Modi and Madhuri Modi modi_04 modi_08 modi-001 Modi2 modi-2-650_021715110348 modi-700x448 Modiadvani modi-advani-rally Modi-as-RSS-Pracharak-7 Modibike Modi-in-BJP MODI-IN-YATRA-EARLY-PICTURES-PHOTO-IMAGES Modi-Ji Modi-Kailash-Mansarovar-Yatra-1 modi-keshubhai-patel Modiki1 Modi-Rare-68 Modi-Rare-70 Modi-Rare-79 Modi-Rare-Picture Modi-Rare-Picture1 modi-rss-days-early-image modi-rss-pracharaks Modi-seeking-the-blessings-of-his-Mother Modisuit modisuit_1b031d904aa362434e278dbf516b0118 modi-with-vajpayee namo-activist-in1 namo-activist-inner4 namo-activist-inner5 namo-activist-inner7 namo-activist-inner9 narendra modi young age narendra narendra_modi_young_20121105_1

Narendra Modi, BJP leader. Express photo

Narendra Modi, BJP leader. Express photo

NARENDRA-MODI-ADVANI narendra-modi-as-a-kid NARENDRA-MODI-BJP-EARLY-PICTURES Narendra-Modi-cleaning-his-own-room narendra-modi-early-pic narendra-modi-himalayas-ganges narendra-modi-leader-in-making1 Narendra-Modi-Pracharak Narendra-Modi-Rare-Pic Narendra-Modi-RSS narendra-modi-rss-bjp-rare-images narendra-modi-rss-young-photo NARENDRA-MODI-SADHU- narendra-modi-sadhu-1 Narendra-Modi-Stalking-Mansi-Soni-Amit-Shah-Madhuri Narendra-Modi-with-4th-RSS-Chief-Prof-Rajju-Bhaiyya-Rajendra-Singh- narendra-modi-young-age-in-suit-tie narin Navnirmaan-700x448

New Delhi: A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (sitting on the ground at the extreme left) in his NCC uniform. PTI Photo / Twitter (PTI1_28_2015_000041B)

New Delhi: A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (sitting on the ground at the extreme left) in his NCC uniform. PTI Photo / Twitter (PTI1_28_2015_000041B)

Our-PM-Namo radio-interview RareModi1 RareModi2-300x181 RareModi3 RareModi7 RareModi8 RareModi9-300x225 RareModi13-300x196 RareModi14-300x200 RareModi16 RareModi18-300x207 RareModi19-300x210 RareModi20-180x300 RareModi21-300x189 RareModi22 RareModi23-300x237 RareModi24 RareModi25 RareModi26 RareModi27-300x201 RareModi28-300x192 RareModi29 RareModi30-300x198 RareModi32-300x202 RareModi33 RareModi34 RareModi36-300x289 RareModi37-300x151 RareModi40-202x300 RareModi43-300x200 RareModi44-300x132 RareModi45-300x223 rare-photo-of-bjp-neta-narendra-modi-in-bear ubvrl

A much younger pix of Narendra Modi keep rifle 14Pubsep2013

A much younger pix of Narendra Modi keep rifle 14Pubsep2013

urmmnl vad43 when-narendra-modi-moved-to-delhi


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