The conspiracy and intrigue of domination over other human beings has been the main objective of Brahminism all along. Brahminism, an Aryan concoction of human and insatiable lust for hegemony, sex and money, sought to rule the ignorant and deprived masses in the name of religion.

This is very visible from the content, tone and message of the holy books, written and perpetuated in the name of religion by the Brahmins. How can these books be called the word of God? They contain the most exotic form of pornography, the most depraved norms of behavior and the most unjust and ugly system of life based on extortion, cruelty and blood thirst hunger for domination over others. The Hindus are not Brahmins and the Brahmins are not Hindus. At least this is evident from the books written and perpetrated by the Brahmins themselves. The Hindus are the original inhabitants of Hindustan, the very people who were the true architects of the Indus Valley civilization which was considered to be one of the best examples of human societal development in the entire history of the human race.

The barbaric Brahmins came from the wastelands of the region beyond the Himalayas and destroyed the great monuments of culture and civilization and pushed the real inhabitants of India into slavery.

Slavery is the message of the Brahmins “holy” books concocted by them. Just as the Jews divided humanity into Jew and Non Jew, so has the Brahmin. The whole world is classified in these books as Brahmin and Non Brahmin. The non Brahmin is to remain internally a slave unto the “master” who has dominated Indian history since he lay his hand on it.

We must break the chains, once and for ever. The bondage and the slavery must go. But first let us find out what these books say. On concept of democracy, social justice, secularism, politics, economics, leadership and elections are all based on the wretched caste system, an evil curse that has been spun round the necks of the innocent and deprived.

Let us tear the mask away from those evil faces, which stare at us from every nook and corner of our lives.

The intelligent reader can easily uncover the ulterior motives of Brahmins as to why they incite High Caste Hindu mobs to kill Low Caste Hindus or for creating communal tensions with other minorities ever so often. This they do in order to continue their stranglehold on state policies, so that they can manipulate them to their advantage; they don’t care a damn for the nation of India… Read for yourself what the Brahmin priest Purshottam Rao has to say……


Q: Should sadhus enter politics?

A: There was a time when Brahmins used to dictate state policy. Now we have been totally sidelined. The VHP is trying to correct this historical wrong by bringing religious leaders to the forefront of our national life. It is now time for the entire Hindu religious leadership to once again lead the nation.

The Continuing War on Low Caste Hindus……

NEW DELHI, Sept. 19 (R) – Three Indian students set themselves ablaze today to try to shock the government into scrapping plans to reserve more government jobs for low castes in the Hindu hierarchy.

‘This (job’s plan) is for the poor classes who have been denied their rights for thousands of years. The students shouldn’t come in their way,” Paswan told Reuters. Protests led by upper-caste students began sweeping north India soon after Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh said on August 7 that 27 percent of government jobs would be set aside for low castes.

Paswan was himself born an “untouchable” or outcast in the system, which traditionally decides occupation and status by birth. “Untouchables” prefer to call themselves “Dalits,” the oppressed. Paswan told a conference of political leaders and officials today that the jobs plan had to go ahead to raise the status of low castes and create a more sympathetic bureaucracy.

He said the upper castes were still taking jobs set aside 40 years ago for Dalits. Bureaucrats would employ an upper-caste graduate with irrelevant qualifications for a typist’s job and turn down a Dalit trained to type at 60 words per minute, he said.


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