MANU VII, 133 says that:

Brahmins should not be taxed and should be maintained by the State.”

ABOUT LOW CASTE Shudras – MANU XMRITI X, 129 says that:

No collection of wealth was to be made by a Shudra, even though he may be capable, for a Shudra who has acquired wealth would pain a Brahmin, and that Brahmins may appropriate by force the property of the Shudra.


Even if a Shudra acquired wealth, he must always remain a slave. His main job is to wash the feet of the higher caste.

TULSIDAS, A Brahmin in his Ramayana writes:

Even if a Shudra is learned and virtuous, he should not be given respect and honor.

When the British left India, almost all the industries owned by them were taken over by the Brahmins. So much so that today they own about 60 % of the leading Industries in the country.

Remember their (Brahmin) population is only 5% of the total population of India.


  1. Loksabha – 48% are Brahmins
  2. Rajyasabha – 36 % are Brahmins
  3. Governor/L.G. – 50 % are Brahmins
  4. Secretary to Governor/ L.G. – 54 % are Brahmins
  5. Union Cabinet Secretaries – 53 % are Brahmins
  6. Chief Secretaries to Minister – 54 % are Brahmins
  7. Private Secretaries to Minister – 70 % are Brahmins
  8. JS/ Additional Secretaries – 62 % are Brahmins
  9. Vice Chancellors to Universities – 51% are Brahmins
  10. Supreme Court Judges – 65 % are Brahmins
  11. High Court Judges/ Addl. Judges – 50 % are Brahmins
  12. Ambassadors – 41% are Brahmins
  13. Chief Executive of Public undertaking:

(i) Central – 57 % are Brahmins

(ii) State – 82 % are Brahmins

(Courtesy: Voice of the Week, Oct. 1989)

In other fields also:

Banks – 57% are Brahmins

Airlines – 61 % are Brahmins

IAS Offices – 72% are Brahmins

IPS Office – 61 % are Brahmins

Radio & TV – 83% are Brahmins

CBI, Customs & Central Excise – 72% are Brahmins

This then is the employment situation in India. The cream of the jobs goes to the five percent Brahmins. Do you get a fair salary for your hard work? Probably not! Because your paymasters are Brahmins. Remember! Your children and grand children will suffer the same fate, or worse, if you don’t free yourself from the control of the Brahmin.

Since independence, India has been ruled only by Brahmins. All the Prime Ministers (except V.P. Singh) have so far been Brahmins.


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