Brahmins are Major reason for Muslims Population.

Pushyamitra Shunga
According to History Buddhism was the national religion of Ashoka kingdom which is now known as India, which was in 268 to 232 BCE. It means India had caste less society upto 232 BCE. But when Ashoka empire’s dishonest Brahmin army chief assassinated the descendant of Ashoka i.e. to king Brihadratha, he implemented the caste system by shine of sword to Ashoka’s kingdom for which citizens of kingdom of Ashoka divided according to their profession in that time to four castes. The tribal priest or idol care takers became priests and after that they might be privileged to learn Veda to promote Brahmanism and officiating rituals, kings became Kshatriya, those were involved with the business became Vaishyas and rest became Shudras and Atishudras. Here you can easily calculate the approximate population of professional communes. Certainly very few might be there in any tribal race as tribal priests or idol care taker. Very less will be there as Kshatriya and little bit more will be there as Vaishyas but huge populations became Shudras due to vedic purusha sukta implementations by Pushyamitra Shunga through the constitution of Brahmins i.e. Manusmriti. Since Buddhist were not idol believers therefore Vedic Brahmins given preference to these idol believers tribal priest of different linguistic race as Brahmins to make easy control over the population through the manusmriti. Possibly many crooks or clever or knaves from different linguistic race might had uplifted themselves as Brahmins due to different privilege attraction for Brahmins. Since major followers were the Buddhist they started to wipe out Buddhism making pagan Heros as god to remove Buddhism from the Ashoka’s kingdom. They wanted to exploit to every Buddhist followers making them suppressed, so the major population became Shudra. They banned right to good life banning no change in profession and castes, banned the liberty, education, equality, dignity, property and fair justice etc. to these Shudras. Their intention was to make these peoples poor and uneducated so that they can’t be elevated further; so that they can easily exploit them as slaves and enjoy them as they like to them. Most heinous and cruel mentality can’t be found in any others race in worlds history as Brahmins. Shudras had been exploited in India by upper castes as animals. Due to spreading of Buddhism out of India by Ashoka, two other religions had been copied to Buddhism to make their own faith as Christianity and Islam in Israel and Arabaic Land due to silk root and Buddhism in their place. Due to copying base as Buddhism these two religions had no castes in their philosophy though they created their own ways of protocol to make their own faith from Abrahmic religion. Prophet Muhhamad reveled his Islamic faith in 610 AD and after that he started to propagate his religion by might is right. When he saw peoples are not adopting his faith by attraction then he started to implement the faith by shine of sword to his own tribe and started to implement it around the world. Prophet Muhammad only implemented his faith within the Arabic countries in his life time but when Mongolian adopted Islam to easy go with enlarging empire they came with Islam faith when invaded India. Some Islamic emperors had came before the Moguls but Moguls had the great impact on Indian society. Islam had one principle adopt the faith or die in that time. So many natives form India those are even Brahmins, Kshatriys, Vaishyas and Shudras convert to Islam through shine of sword. Some Islamic emperors were there in India those were busy to convert peoples to Islam till their last breath but major Shudra preferred to convert themselves to Islam due to Vedic exploitation. They converted themselves to Islam due to at least getting right to equality, property, fair justice comparing to Brahmanism and right to dignity. Major Muslims of pre independent India only due to Brahmins. Now 190 million people are Muslim in Pakistan, 172 million people of India are Muslims and 148.6 millions of peoples of Bangladesh are Muslims i.e. altogether 510.6 millions/51.06 crores peoples those are now Muslims once were part of India from which most of them became Muslims due to Vedic or Brahmanism exploitation. In that time Shudras were so poor that they were unable to pay the religious tax jizya so preferred to convert themselves to Islam. In the rules of Ashoka nobody dared to eye on Ashokas united kingdom but after Shunga it weakened the society due to implementing discrimination in the kingdom so Invaders dare to destroy union. It all proofs Brahmins were the root cause of fall of great Ashoka empire and they are even root cause of major Islamic population in India. Adi Shankaracharya did the same thing but did it in the name spirituality to rise the Brahmins empire through Idolism in 800 AD establishing four Mathas in the four part of the country through polarizing the followers as they are Hindus and Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswar as your God. Now Brahmins empire established through RSS as BJP rules.

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