Female Foeticide in India is only due to Brahmins.

Female foeticides

Female foeticide in India is the act of killing a female foetus outside of the legal channels of abortion. It occurs in India for assumed cultural reasons that span centuries. Why Indian kills their female child? What cause them to kill female fetus? Some scholars suggest that female foeticide can be seen through history and cultural background. Generally, male babies were preferred because they provided manual labor and success the family lineage. The selective abortion of female fetuses is most common in areas where cultural norms value male children over female children for a variety of social and economic reasons.[31] A son is often preferred as an “asset” since he can earn and support the family; a daughter is a “liability” since she will be married off to another family, and so will not contribute financially to her parents. In this point if it had the cause then why it’s only in India why it’s not in other countries? If females are liabilities in a family it should reflect the same thing in other society around the world then why female foeticide is assumed for cultural reasons in India? The root cause points to economically good life partner comes with tradition of dowry. Dowry is an evil to Indian society for which many girls deprived from good life due to cost of marriage. Grooms are sold in Indian societies. If girl’s family have good money then they may have good grooms. Good groom means well socioeconomically established and need some more money to have economically strong. Majorly most of the Indian family thinks if girl child will be there then nursing cost with marriage cost will make a pain for them in future which will make their family stagnate in economically, so it’s better not to have a girl child. Having a girl child means one kind of pain to family. Now we have to trace why cost of a marriage is panic in Indian society? Why it’s not having easy way of marriage that cost nothing to family? and where this cost of marriage comes from in Indian tradition? It rooted to Brahmanic tradition of Stridhana now known as Dowry. When Sanatan dharma/Vedism/Bramhanism forcefully implemented to Indian society Brahmins are officiating to marriage. Brahmins were made a tradition when you marry the bride, the girl should be gifted by wealthy amount from her family to run a better life in groom’s home. So dowry is the wealth transferred from the bride’s family to the groom or his family, ostensibly for the bride. Stanley J. Tambiah claims the ancient Code of Manu sanctioned dowry and bride wealth in ancient India, but dowry was the more prestigious form and associated with the Brahmanic (priestly) caste. Bride wealth was restricted to the lower castes initially in the age of Brahmanism due to declining right to property to lower castes, who were not allowed to give dowry but with the time in modern India it became a practice to all. He cites two studies from the early 20th century with data to suggest that this pattern of dowry in upper castes and bride wealth in lower castes has persisted through the first half of the 20th century.[35] When dowry became compulsory practice in India it became social evil; so to avoid nursing cost, dowry cost and even avoiding dowry deaths many preferred better not to have a girl child. Due to only Brahmanic practice of Dowry in India, it became a curse as female foeticides in India. If girls are killed in mother’s womb in Indian society the reason rooted to only Brahmins.





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