How peaceful are Hindus? Hindus meant to Brahmins

Though Hindu word is used to represent vedic/Brahmins follower but its major promoter are Brahmanism leaders. When Hindu antisocial activities are seen it all points to only Brahmins.

How peaceful are Hindus?


Some Hindus accuse non Hindus of being communal and violent, and claim that only they are peaceful and most tolerant community in the world. Interestingly these lines are said by them after hurling couple of abuses at the non Hindu. Let’s have a look at the communal violence perpetrated by Hindus. But I am not talking about ancient history which tells tale about bloodshed of Jains and Buddhists by Hindus, But this deals with their deeds from 1947. It is impossible to post all communal violence so I will highlight only few incidence. Before talking about persecution of minorities by Hindu extremists let’s have a look at intolerance within the Hindu community.


These are all individual cases. There have been numerous caste based massacres done by fanatic organisations like Ranvir Sena and others, readers can go through Wikipedia’s article

and also this article


While hypocrite Hindus beat their chests of being most tolerant and always finds opportunity to blame others of intolerance, there have been numerous incidents where people were killed or threatened for expressing their views on Hinduism.



Many other Hindu leaders like Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Prachi, Varun Gandhi, Amit Shah, Ashok Singhal, Surendar Jain… have given hate speeches against minorities but Hindus are OK with it and furiously drags Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate speech to defend their leaders.


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