Hindu Polarizer & Radical Terrorist Praveen Togadia.


Name: Pravin Togadia

Activity: Hindu polarizer, A radical Hindu extremist that brain washes innocent and ignorant Indians by polarizing them as Hindu and want to establish empire of Bramhanism/Vedism/Hinduism. Praveen Togadia was an RSS swayamsevak in Ahmedabad, and a colleague of Narendra Modi. He was drafted into VHP in 1983 and Modi was drafted into the BJP in 1984. The two remained colleagues during the rise of BJP to power in 1995.[6] Express India credits his legacy in Gujarat for “bearing fruit” in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Born: 1956 (age 59–60) Sajan timba Village, Amreli district, Gujarat,

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Brahmanism.

Education: MBBS in medicine followed by a master’s degree (MS) in surgical oncology.

Occupation: Leader of Vishva Hindu Parishad.

Pravin Togadia is an Indian doctor and advocate for Hindu nationalism and a promoter of Bramhanism. He is the International Working President of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and a cancer surgeon by qualification. He is known for his hate speeches against Muslims.[1][2]  This man itself showing his education, profession and his activities does not match, so he may know what it is exactly. Whatever he does is simply a mental disorder and pointing to antisocial activity in the name of religion and God. He suffers from a antisocial psychological disorder (ASPD); though he is a MBBS qualified doctor. As a doctor his duty is to protect life but this doctor making himself as a protector of a religious philosophy calming protector of the followers of Hindutwa philosophy and Hindus. Terrorizing the other commune and even involved as a conspirator and abettor of riots and genocide. He is the best example of brain drain that converted to a criminal but still in open air due to his antisocial politicians, legislative and judiciary even executive supporters in the governance. His all time activities is to give hate speech against the Muslims and make the commune in terrorize position which is a criminal activity. By terrorizing the Muslims he is creating hates in Muslims for Hindus those have no intention to terrorize the Muslims and defaming the Hindus for his terrorist activities using the name of commune and faith they believe in. Protection of Indians is the duty of Indian governance but this psycho Hindu radical leader proclaims himself he is the great protector of Hindus. Now question arises perhaps Indian laws, army and state police are not having ability to protect internal issues of India or Indian government remotely controlled by these theocratic organization to establish communism as theocracy? This man is simply a criminal as per the Indian law and an active part of military force of Hindu organization i.e. RSS and VHP to instigate the Hindu commune and advocating for Hindu Nation; which is called treason. Its something waging war against the nation but still Indian government is silent to this person and to its companions. I don’t know togadia belongs to which caste in Gujrat but promoting Brahmins and caste system is showing either he is a Brahmin or want to uplift his caste to Brahmins by these Brahmin certifiers for his future generation and for his communal title or is a चमचा (chamacha)/ FLATTERER/ STOOGE of Brahmins. He moved to Ahmedabad at age 10 and joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) soon after. He received a bachelor’s degree (MBBS) in medicine followed by a master’s degree (MS) in surgical oncology. It shows favoritism by RSS to Togadia was for future use in Organization. RSS is a Brahmins terrorist organization those use fools and stupid intellectuals from different castes to use them in the organisation for their selfish motives. They do not want to be blamed as a Brahmins conspiracy so, creating puppets by brainwash providing them favoritism for their selfish benefits. Brahmins are the curse of Indian race according to Indian History. They had corrupted Veda, they destroyed original Indian culture and heritage of India i.e. Buddhism and even still claims Hinduism is the oldest one which is a biggest lie to Indians. Brahmins were the worlds first terrorist groups in India those destroyed Buddhism now calming they are the protectors of Dharma. Dharma means “Sat Karma” or justified good deeds. Brahmins cheat people saying pagan linguistic popular identities from different tribal races as God like Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Vishnu etc.. those can’t be found any Veda and even in any Bramahnic Race. Brahmins forcefully implemented Vedic Purusha Sukta i.e. fourfold caste system to exploit the Hindu followers as Islam did after 700AD in India. How it could be Sat Karma? Its Dharma or “Ku Karma” in the name of Dharma? These are the Thugs/Crooks/Cheaters/Exploiters/Docoits/Gundas or in short criminals in the name of Dharma. Buddhist promote non-violence but in the age of Bramhanism dishonest Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga had killed thousands and thousand of Buddhist monks in a day and had announced 100 gold coins for one Buddist’s monks head, what it is? Was it Dharma? According to my view these are the terrorists inside our Nation still active even after we are having Democracy those should be eliminated from our country. These are the “Ghar ka Gardar” or back stabbers those create intolerance and destroy social harmony in the name of religion and God. This Hindu idiot leader saying it all as Dhrama. If it is then ISIS is more Dharmik than this. These guys are equivalent to ISIS and should be in the jail without any mercy.

15th_togadia_2244102f brahmin-terrorist-praveen-togadia m_id_449843_pravin_togadia-e1387438917143 togadia

See the Body Language its simply Terrorism. Mind it India is now a Democratic country not a empire of Brahmins.

Crooks are not to be tolerated more….

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