In the Indian struggle of independence from the British, There is more than what meets the eye. In fact chasing the British away itself might have been unnecessary. Sree Narayana Guru, a contemporary of Gandhiji did not participate in freedom struggle. Guru brushed away the issue saying “Easterners and Westerners should merge” as “as all are just human beings” !

Humanity is the only reality. Just people of all shapes and sizes and colours, like the different fingers. To the palm all fingers are just parts of it. So whatever combinations the fingers make and unmake are immaterial to the palm.

The Indian mind set has always been dominated by the upper castes, the ideas always fed by the wise Brahmins, who realised how to live without working by scaring people about God and punishments. Until the Mughals came, the Brahmins, in company of the upper castes were hunting and exploiting the lower castes. And made the lower castes feel that the lower castes thoroughly deserved it too! Any objection was ruled out in the name of God. Upper castes used the lower caste women for sex but kept out the lower caste males with an innovative invention “untouchability”. If some self respecting lower caste male challenged it and pulled up the upper castes who raped his women , he was threatened with “Brahma hatya paapam” means ‘killing a Brahmin is equal to killing God’ ! The same tricks used by priests and politicians all over the world.

The Mughals called bluff of the Brahminical way of worshiping God by making others go around idols of various shapes, eating vegetarian square meals in round stomachs and screwing women after scaring the males who were afraid of God ! They introduced their own way of worship without idols, eating non veg food and of course screwing as many women as possible ! Now Brahmins got the dose of their own medicine. Did they learn. No way. It needs more repeated lessons for the morons and those unwilling to learn.

Thus came the Europeans. By this time, Mughals were ruling the country on the face of the Brahmins and doing exactly as the Brahmins did, only with some variations in the ways. Like ways of worship (with and without idols) Food (veg Vs Non Veg) etc. On women, the Brahmins and the Muslims did strikingly similar rituals. The Europeans were a refreshing new breeze. They were fairer, bigger, more adventurous and far better looking. The current self proclaimed local heroes found themselves as the dwarf males in the Malayalam movie ‘Athbhutha dweep’ trying to chase away the fresh better opponents. In a heritage where the lesson is “Vasudhaiva kudumbakam” meaning ‘the entire world is one family’, where is the possibility of such discrimination? Remember all this was started by the wise Brahmins, in way of casteism to enjoy the extra women in the name of a ‘stupid’ or ‘impotent’ God which none really believed to exist. It was like a stone causing an avalanche.

Now the wiser Brahmins had to decide the best way to safeguard their interests. The wise brahmins had isolated and tortured the lower castes. To escape torture and dehumanization, the lower castes joined other religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. Still the Brahmins thought the “secret lessons in Vedas were safe with them, being in Sanskrit language which none else knew !” See the height of ego and ignorance ! The presnt challenge was to save the females from getting attracted to the handsome Europeans ! So the Brahmins decided to chase the Europeans first ! This was simply due to sexual jealousy and insecurity of weak males who are the majority.

The approach to the Europeans is to be seen in this context. All this is due to double standards kept by weak males. When it suits them, they stand by it, When it does not, they change the subject. For example the size of people. Suppose we make a rule that big people are respected, then all big (or fair) people are to be respected. So there may be bid people among lower castes. Or the Negroes. Or the Caucasians. So the rule gets a modification by the vested interests. “All big people can be respected, provided they belong to us !”

LOL ! Now who are these ‘us’ and ‘outsiders’?.

The basic issue is how to keep the women and wealth for oneself. So males invent rules that suit them, sometimes knowingly hurting the others. What they don’t understand is that they are creating an unnecessary problem which they will have to answer later all by themselves in another form. Thus the Brahmins decided to chase away the smart Europeans (whom the local women must have started fancying) by befriending the lower castes (whom the Brahmins were exploiting for thousands of years) and even Muslims, who did many things unacceptable to the Brahmins. Because, to the Brahmins, the similarly miserable looking locals were not an issue. the issue was the far better placed sophisticated Europeans, before whom the Brahmins felt like dwarfs.

It is this fear of the Brahmins that led to the war of Independence. A lower caste Guru from Kerala, who advised to befriend and live with the westerners, did not get many takers. So efforts were made to portray the Europeans as ‘white Devils’. They were at worst traders. Living with the better race was like making ourselves sidelined. So efforts were on to chase them than accept them as better placed brothers of the world family. Thus the leaders like a Brahmin Nehru was more acceptable to the upper castes. with the help of Muslims and lower castes, the Europeans were chased away. The Brahmins laughed as if they won, as usual. That was the beginning of another tragedy !

After the Europeans left, the locals tried to do exactly like the Europeans ! See the irony. When they were here, they were treated as enemies. No merit of them were considered worthy. The Muslims and lower castes were more worthy than the Europeans ! Now it is back to square one. The Muslims are very much here. The Europeans are keeping a respectable distance. The lower castes are still here. And the Brahmins are back to their favorite pass times of exploiting the lower castes and raping their women ! Had the Europeans been here, India would have developed like Europe by this time. With systems in place for free fearless respectable hygienic living in light of modern science with equal human rights for females. The Brahmins are still trying to bring in their own far better system in India than anywhere else in the world. The only problem is on their way to that utopia, they stumble upon females, their only weakness.

Soon there would be another situation, if not already there. The upsurgence of Muslims as the rulers of the country. Are the Muslims better than the Europeans? Except religious fanaticism, blind consumerism and male chauvinism, Islam rejects education and sciences, even when enjoying the benefits of both. Clearly the agenda of Islam is to globalize Islam and use the scientists of other religions as their slaves to continue to enjoy the comforts of science, in their own way. Now the lower castes are asking a doubt to the wise Brahmins. The Europeans were chased away with the help of Muslims. Now when the Muslims take over power in a democracy through peaceful democratic means, the Brahmins will ask the lower castes to fight the Muslims to save the country !

Now rewind to the beginning. How did all this happen in the first place? The wise Brahmins tried to exploit the lower castes. We have reached a full circle. Today, the Brahmins are seeking the help of the same lower castes whom they exploited until now to chase away someone that the Brahmins do not like ! This is the time to crack the Brahmins on their bluff. Suppose the lower castes listen to the Brahmins again and defeat the Muslims and capture the control back. The Brahmins will be back with their pass times !

Respect the Christians and Muslims just for this aspect. Not cowing down to the empty Brahmin bluff. The great India rope less tricksters.


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