Brahmins Terrorism as RSS

BHOPAL, INDIA - AUGUST 11: Bajrang Dal workers stage a protest against incidents of attack on Hindus those happened in Kishtwar, Jammu on August 11, 2013 in Bhopal, India. A town in the south of Indian Kashmir was under curfew for a second day after two people were killed and dozens wounded in Hindu-Muslim clashes in the disputed Himalayan region, police said. Stores and buildings were torched in the clashes on August 9, which erupted in Kishtwar town, 150 kilometres (90 miles) southeast of Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar after prayers marking the end of Ramadan. (Photo by Gagan Nayar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

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RSS is nothing but hidden face of Brahmins conspirators using other two higher castes Kshatriyas and Vasihyas with lower Hindu castes i.e. SC, ST and OBC for their self and organized benefits making a crowd named RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) coining word Hindu and Hindu Nationalism. There is no Hindu or Muslim word existed before 610AD in India; and in that time popular religions were Buddhism, Jainism and Sanatan Dharma which is originally Brahmanism or Vedism. Vedism or Bramhanism only tells about caste system and worshiping deities with Sanskrit chants. When warrior prophet Muhammad revealed Islam in his forties i.e. in 610AD Islam came in to world with the followers name Musalmans. It means before 610AD most of the root natives had diversified faith in its own land like Ajivika, Charvaka, Jainism and Buddism with Sanatan Dharma where there were no Muslims. In the age of Ashoka i.e. 268 to 232 BCE most of the root natives religion was majorly Buddhism. There was no major sign of Brahmanism or Vedism was there in that time. Brahmins emperor Pushyamitra Shunga dethroned Buddhist emperor Brihadratha dishonestly and captured the Ashoka’s kingdom which is now known as India and made all things in the favor of Brahmins implementing caste system using Manusmriti i.e. Brahmins constitution to Buddhist kingdom of Ashoka in 185-149 BC. Pushyamitra Shunga had declined Buddhism making Buddhist genocide in that time so Buddhism disappeared from India. After Shunga even some Buddhist emperors were there but Brahmins agents cunningly converted major root natives and their kings to Vedism implementing fourfold caste system according to their professions so Buddhist those were without tribal clergy, King and Business as their profession became all Shudra it’s the reason why major root natives became Shudra in the empire of Brahmanism and in the age Brahmanism. Till Muslim invasion to India; there was no Hindu word is used to represent Brahmanism or Sanatan Dharma. After 663/665 AD, the Arabs launched an invasion against Kapisa, Zabul and what is now Pakistani Balochistan which was once upon a time a part of Ashoka empire. ‘Imād ad-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Qāsim ath-Thaqafī (Arabic: عماد الدين محمد بن القاسم الثقفي‎; c. 31 December 695 – 18 July 715[citation needed]) was an Umayyad general who conquered the Sindh and Multan regions along the Indus River (now a part of Pakistan) for the Umayyad Caliphate. Sindh is wrongly pronounced by them as Hind where the word Hindu has derived to designate dwellers of conquest land. They were using word Al Hind to that conquest regions. Basically they wanted to depart them as owner of the land and slave were designated as naming Hindus with land name Al Hind where Hindustan word generated. Islamic rulers used the word Hindu departing the Islamic followers made by them later Sanatan Dharma used the word to represent for promoting its religion Brahmanism. Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism were against the philosophy of Sanatana Dharma and all are anti-Brahmins but the Brahmins cleverly dominated all the religions making it neutral cunningly and after the independence of India, Brahmin Prime minister (Jawaharlal Nehru) made all these differentiated faiths as Hindu under the umbrella of Hindu marriage Act. Hinduism is dominated by Sanatan Dharma or Brahmanism so there is no role of Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism in that dominated faith of Brahmanism or Sanatana Dharma. These Dharmas are contradictory to each other so now Hinduism means only Brahmanism. RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is only Hindu promoting organization or in hidden means Brahmins organization that use other castes for its own selfish goals through Brainwash making organization crowd bigger. It uses conspiracy and framed or doctored violence to promote its agenda. Many evidences are there its members create violence against Hindu portraying it was done by Muslims to create violence Hindu against Muslims creating disharmony in the society. It does not means Muslim terrorists are not there in India. It means India is having different terrorist groups according to their embraced faiths to make disharmony in the Indian society for their personal and organized benefits. Government of India is having biased role to the faith believers due to vote banks for which India is always in a stage of stagnation. RSS is now washing the brains of students making its political student wing ABVP but same framed conspiracy used to exploit their opponents which is not only anti national activity but also political terrorism. Some article are also vanishing those expose their terrorism. Here is the proof that has been removed from the internet might be due to RSS or Brahmins oppression upon media. The had published the article RSS is a terrorist organization but it is not there. It is traced from the website with url



America enlisted RSS in one of the Biggest Terrorist Organisation in the World

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