Anti National Organization RSS

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh abbreviated as RSS (Rāṣṭrīya Svayamsēvaka Saṅgha; IPA: [rɑːʂˈʈriːj(ə) swəjəmˈseːvək ˈsəŋɡʱ], lit. “National Volunteer Organisation”[12] or “National Patriotic Organisation”[13]) is a right-wing volunteer, Hindu nationalist,[5] non-governmental organisation.[4][1] It is claimed that it is the world’s largest voluntary non-governmental organisation.[14] RSS states that its ideology is based on the principle of selfless service to India and the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra.[15]

RSS itself claims it does not agree to constitution of India and need Hindu Rashtra which is called treason or sedition by their members but still Indian government is not taking any actions against this organization which indicates Government itself surrendered to this Organization and controlled by it. Is RSS above the Indian Government and Indian Constitution? Which directly proofs RSS is an anti Nationalist organization and involved in the acts of treason and sedition.  It also implicates that it has grown its members within the Government machinery and other society controlling elements to that level so that they will do whatever they want to do according to their agenda. It implicates Brahmins hegemony restored again in the age of democracy; its because RSS is a Bahamians controlled Organization. They wants to implement Manusmritic theocracy to democratic India as like dishonest Brahmin army chief  Pushyamitra shunga did to Ashoka’s kingdom which is now known as India. They coin an Identity Bharat Mata. Who is Bharat Mata? Before 1947 there was no official word existed named Bharat. Its OK you see India as a Mother so its some extent to justified Bharat is our Mata. Even every mothers of India is respected so “Bharat mataon ki jay” is justified in that respect. Even its justified “Bharat Pitaon ki jay”, “Bharat Bhaionki Jay”, “Bharat Kishano ki Jay” ……. so and so on…. Even in that notion since India is a country of many linguistic race “Al Hind Ammi Zaan zindabad or Al Hind Ammi zaan ki jay” is also justified and  so and so on slogans equivalent to this type are also justified from other linguistic origin….. Why RSS does not respect these slogans? They say those don’t utter “Bharat Mataki jay” all are anti national. It means they want to impose their ideology in their ways of patriotism or in the cover of Hindu nationalism i.e. in the concealment of “Bharat Mata ki jay” they wants to make India as a Hindu Nation. I ask why they won’t utter “Al-Hind Ammi zaan zindabad or Al-Hind Ammi zaan ki Jay?” If they won’t they are no-doubt anti nationalist. If you expect patriotism imposing your personal feelings to others then you should also respect others feelings of citizens of India. First of all who gave them patriotic right to promote their personal feelings “Bharat Mata ki Jay” as national slogan?

India officially the Republic of India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area (3,287,590 km2), the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. Religion in India is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. India is the birthplace of world’s four major religions; namely Hinduism (15% of world population), Buddhism (7.1% of world population), Jainism and Sikhism. Religion has been an important part of the country’s culture throughout India’s history. Its estimated approximately Hinduism holds 78.35%, Islam 14.88%, Christianity 2.5%, Sikhism 1.9%, Buddhism 0.9%, Jainism 0.4% and other holds 0.9% of Indian population.

Demography of British India i.e. present Pakistan + India + Bangladesh was a place of many kingdoms or princely states in the “age of Kingdoms,” and “age of exploration,” without any National name as like today’s India (Name given by British which is derived from the word Indus/Sindhu, a river that flows through Pakistan, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat, and western Tibet), Hindustan (Given by the Islamic emperors, which indirectly says slave to Islam i.e. land (Stan) of Hindus or dweller of Shindhus, and the word Hindu is derived from Sindhu, a river that flows through Pakistan, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat, and western Tibet, without any religion brand, like presently dedicated or hijacked to Vedism or Santana Dharma) and Bharat (1. Given by Vedic promoters claiming younger brother of Rama i.e. Bharat was the emperor of British Indian demography once upon a time, but according epics he was a king of only Ajodhya/Ayodhya which is a city i.e. a tiny part of present India at the south end in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya used to be the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom., 2. Other theory is; it is named as Bharat because Jain’s first Tirthankar Lord Rishabhadev’s eldest son Bharat Chakravorty had ruled to the land long and long days back where exact time and area of demography is unknown; according to Jains, Jain Dharma is an ancient religion & even older than Vedic-Hinduism., 3. Another claim is, long days back in history, the land had ruled by a brave like lion emperor Bharat, where exact time and area of demography is unknown. He was the founder of the Bhārata dynasty and thus an ancestor of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. Vedic supporters claim, the Bhāratas are prominent tribe in the Rigveda, the story of Bharata is first told in the Adi Parva of Mahabharata, wherein he is the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala).

Majorly Sindhu/Indus River has been used as an emblem or symbol to recognize the dwellers of this river’s side gigantic plane without affiliation to any religion. Sindhu is a river without relating to any faith or religion, which is badly used to represent a faith for communal benefits in Hinduism. These names had been given by their respective governments in their regime when they were in the power to this big demographic area according to their favor. India is practically unification of many kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups. These kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups had their own language, literature, social administration, heritage, with or without any faith system, art and culture etc. in their individual regime. Now we recognize major kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups as a State or province according to their respective languages like Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Guajarati, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bihari, Odia, Sanskrit etc. etc. These kingdoms, tribes and nomadic groups had always involved with the warfare to enlarge their demography for acquiring resources. Kings, tribal chiefs and nomadic cheifs were the head of their social commune. The largest kingdom had ever ruled in this demography was by King Ashoka (269 BCE to 232 BCE).  Ashoka reigned over a realm that stretched from the Hindu Kush mountains in the west to Bengal in the East and covered the entire Indian subcontinent except parts of present day Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Emerging with the demographics, amalgamations of their art of living was also taking an evolution. According to historic literature evidence we come across the race those were using Sanskrit as their communicative language had written Vedas those were a smallest part of this largest demography. Now even Sanskrit is spoken by some people which is approximately or even less than 1000 in Uttarakhand. Vedas are the proofs of these Sanskrit using clan was believing in Rig Vedic fourfold class system. These Vedic supporters had always trying to implement their fourfold caste system to administrate the reined kingdoms society and always were considering the non-implemented society as out castes or Atishudras. Vedic philosophy is based on the faith of God that implements theocracy according to their distribution of occupation maintained by Purusha Sukta as Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisyas and Sudra. They were implementing this theory to the society to administrate the kingdom after they rein it. According to their creation story of Veda, it describes the division of the primordial being Purusha into the four castes “for the protection of this whole creation”. Brahmins were born from the mouth, Ksatriyas from the arms, Vaisyas from the thighs and Sudras from the feet. Each one of these castes from the beginning was assigned a particular purpose and station in life. Brahmins (priests) were to recite and teach the Veda, offer and officiate at sacrifices, and receive gifts, while Ksatriyas (warriors) were charged mainly with protecting others, and Vaisyas (merchants) were to engage in “trade, money lending or any kind of actions of buying and selling goods and services.” These first three castes constituted the ‘twice-born’ who had, if they led pure lives, fairly decent chances of going to heaven but Sudras as lower castes those were treated as menial which will serve to these three upper castes without touching to them and have no chance for any change for their present life. Brahmin, Ksatirya and Vaisyas are known as upper castes those enjoy services of lower castes and lower caste had to serve them without dignity, equality, education, liberty and property. Change of occupation and social status strictly prohibited in Vedic believes. It means Brahmins can’t be degraded to Sudra and Sudra can’t get the position of Brahmin and vice versa for the other two castes Ksatriyas and Vaisyas. Those were not belongs to a part of their society i.e. not a Brahmin or Ksatriya or Vaisya or Sudra were considered as out castes or Atisudras those were even treated as worse than animals and even more degraded and cruel ways as they like. In their age of Vedism, Kingdoms without having Vedic management system were considered as kingdoms of Atisudras. In the age of kingdom the largest kingdom had acquired by the king Ashoka who was a king of Mauryan Dynasty, was a kingdom of Atishudra as per the Vedic philosophy; it’s because Mauryans had declined the Vedic beliefs. Vedism is a faith of “discrimination and violence” as its base, whose masterminds were only Vedic promoter Brahmins. Vedic implementer Brahmins and Vedic adopted Brahmins of different princely states have no biological relationship to each others, so adopted Brahmins are also victims of Vedic classifications; and enjoyed so called high status reserved by Vedic class system by maintaining and promoting  the cruel rules of discrimination for personal and communal benefits. Many Hindu followers even don’t know cow slaughtering was an occupation of Brahmins in the age of Vedism. Brahmins were officiating Bali (sacrifice) for fulfilling the desires of followers by offering to their loving deities. Balis (sacrifices) were eaten by Brahmins in that days. Sacrifice is a normal word in Vedism. You can find also terms like gomedha (cow sacrifice), ashwamedha (horse sacrifice), purushamedha (man sacrifice) in Veda and many Vedic imposed Hindu scriptures. Another example is the Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad Gita which  was inserted into an epic called the Mahabharata which had written by ved Vyasa that teaches justice by violence. The story of Mahabharata is fight between cousin brothers for justice.  Every human will agree, taking alcohol as bad habits and gambling is a crime and sin but story starts with the gambling and ends with the justice for Pandavas  those had defeated in gambling;  lord Krishna helped Pandavas to make them win against thousands of  lives in the war for a simple crime i.e. insulting or outraging modesty of a woman is ridicules and foolishness justice ever made in ancient history. Against the one woman’s modesty i.e. Drupadi, thousands and thousands of innocent women and children lost their innocent husbands and fathers, mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers, is which kind of justice by Lord Krishna only he knows or if its said by itself writer in the name of Krishna then he knows, which reflects the level of understanding of these identities. How a divine identity with the position of God supported gamblers to kill millions of innocents  in the war is a good example how violence is taught in the name of morals in Hinduism.

Before 610AD there was no Islam so non-united kingdoms of India has its own names according to their kingdom regimes and they were having popular religions like paganism(worshiping pagan deities like Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu….etc.), Shamanism, Ajivika, Charvaka, Buddhism, Jainasm and Sanatan Dharm(Bramhanism/Vedism). There was faith war among them but in the age of Ashoka major faith was Buddhism so India’s first national religion is Buddhism. When dishonest Brahmin army chief of Ashoka kingdom behead last ruler of Maurayan emperor Brihadratha  mercilessly and captured Ashoka kingdom he only implemented Sanatan Dharm to Buddhist kingdom of Ashoka by shine of sword terrorizing threat of life. He implemented fourfold castes system defined by them in purusha sukta 10:90 in Rig veda and included pagan deities of  different linguistic race as their God with honey coated mind-born stories to control their faith Sanatan Dharm. These pagan deities like Krishna, Rama etc. can’t be found in any Veda but they can be found in their created Puaranas and epics which is fabricated version of mind born stories in favor of Brahmins. They even created mind born identities to suppress real heroes. They created fake identities like Narsimha, Durga, Hanuman, Bramha, Ganesh etc. those are impossible biologically and scientifically which indicates all are mind born and used to fool its followers. After 610AD when Muhammad reveled Islam and his adopted faith emperors invaded India they used to represent dwellers according to name of Shindh or Shindhu which is wrongly pronounced as Hind. They were designated the demography as Al Hind and with the time, dwellers are represented as Hindu without any affiliation of any religion. Later they used Hindu to designate those are not Muslims so Muslims emperors used the word Hindu to their slaves. Later Sanatan Dharm used the word to represent their faith as Hindu to hide Bramhanism or Vedism to make the crowd bigger excluding non Muslims and non Christians making it as an umbrella. Name Bharat is Brahmins imposed name to India which had no trustful origin and even communal. Bharat word itself coined by Manuvadi peoples of India now organized as RSS. Bharat Mata is totally a mind born identity to enforce Manuvadi to democratic India. They use slogan “Bharat Mata ki jay” means psychologically enforcing their created identity as your National Mother as a God otherwise you are non-patriotic. If you want to certify yourself a patriotic then you have to say their mind born identity ki jay means Manuvad ki jay. What it is? Is not it treason? Its ok if you portray the whole Nation as mother but politicization shows evil motives and treason behind it. How could you change the national flag as your wish? They use the saffron flag for Democratic India is not it anti National? Why and how Bharat Mata use that saffron flag to represent democratic India? Is not it treason? Is Bharat Mata an anti National identity why it represent Indian demography with another flag which does not seems to be Indian flag? If Bharat Mata represents India with non-Indian flag then what should it be called? RSS use this Bharat mata with saffron flag to represent India in their official website is not it treason? Is not it non-verbal sedition?

RSSThe word “Bharat” is not secular like the word “India.” So “Jay India” is more secular than “Bharat Mata ki jay” where RSS and its sister organizations are terrorists. Is Bharat Mata a part of our constitution? Where it is written Bharat Mata is the representative to India as God or whatever like this? These so called communal non government organizations comes with their individual thoughts of patriotism and enforce their idiotic thoughts in the name patriotism and link communal feelings and sentiments to their created identities for their self and organized benefits to make their crowed bigger playing sentiments of their followers; if you don’t support them they portray you are an anti nationalist. Who are these idiotic organizations to determine one’s patriotism according to their heinous thoughts? Tomorrow some organization may claim we see India as our father  or “Al Hind Abbu Jaan” or “Bharat Pita” or “Al Hind Ami Jaan” so if you don’t utter  “Bharat Pita ki jay” or “Al Hind Abbu Jaan zinda baad” or “Al Hind Ammi Jaan zinda baad” you all are anti Nationalist. Is our patriotism will be determined according to their communal thoughts? Is not it anti nationalism? Why Government is not taking actions of sedition or treason against them?

Bhart Maata

Bhart Pita

Al-Hind Abbu Jaan

Al-Hind Ammi

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