Logical true ages of Hindu deities.

Many Sanatani or Brahmanism promoters hype different ages for their believed deities and give theological proofs that they are more older and prominent identity than others. Major deities in Hinduism which is originally multi cultural paganism from different tribal linguistic race which had been dominated by Brahmanism named as Santana Dharma under the banner of Hinduism is a faith of multi linguistic polytheist (believe in many deities) paganism (local or regional deities). You can find many Hindu scriptures, religious books, websites claims Hindu deities are very very older and much more older than all kind of spiritual existence in the world. Just google on internet you can find claims like, Rama was born in several millions years back in India, XYZ Hindu idols are found which is millions years of old from XYZ place etc. etc. as super hypocritical ways without their boundaries of bluffs. Some of the Hindu deity identities are real with fake powers and most of them are totally fake or only mind born. Let’s check what should be their real age or the age when they were created by mind-born. Before that I am giving you a simple example which can help you to find the truth by yourself for which you even don’t need my help.

Example: You have shown a picture i.e. a man with a mobile phone and asked what would be the era of this picture? What would be your answer? Is it 100 years old?, 1000 years old? or millions years old? If somebody will claim it is 100,000,000 years old will you believe it? If you are mentally healthy definitely not; why? Its because you believe mobiles are not invented in that age and will try to find out when mobiles are invented in human history. Once you will get the date or era of mobile phone then you can guess the approximate era of that picture. The first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell[1][2] and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing c. 4.4 lbs (2 kg). It means the age of that picture can’t be older than 1973. If somebody claims its older than that, then its fake. Now if you have records of the mobile phone models and their released date then you can easily get the accuracy era of that picture.

From the above example you can investigate in your personal ways going through a deities idol or picture and its mythological stories where you can easily guess the time frame or real existence of those identities according to the use of their used materials in their life. Here my motive is to develop your logical investigation in Mythology that has been controlled by Hindu promoters creating you a logical blind through the habitual ritualistic motivation made by them.

Timeline of the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages


Three age SystemTimeline of ChemicalsNow lets diagnosis the Indian Hindu Theology according to the above charts. All Hindu deities were part of a civilization, means they were staying with a society i.e. they had family and friends so they are not older than the Bronze Age i.e. they were all not older than maximum 3000-1000 BC.


Hindu deities majorly use Gold ornaments and weapons that are made up of metals. Weapons are majorly either made up of Gold, Copper, bronze, iron or silver. If we can find the exact metal used by these deities then we can easily guess their age of existence or mind born creation. Since consumption of Gold in India is more than other countries then majorly we can guess the metal used by deities may be Gold or Copper. If it is gold then the age of these deities can’t be more than invention of gold in human history and use of gold in Indian civilization. If we study use of Gold as coins in Indian civilization it was majorly used by Gupta Dynasty 320AD-480AD. It is highly possible artistic impressions of the deities majorly developed in this age or in the age of “Bhakti movements by Adi Shankaracharya” and his co- Brahmins or Vedic or Sanatan Dharma supporters and promoters. Deities with weapons majorly represents justice with violence. Again major Hindu deities use different kind of swords, bow and arrows, knives, chakra, Gadaa, trishul etc. as their prime weapons but now in present era humans use more powerful weapons like machine guns, nuclear and atomic weapons, biological and chemical weapons etc. which are even more powerful than Hindu deities weapons. What does it mean???

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