13 Most Heinous Crimes by Brahmins.

Brahmins; the curse to Indian race.

1. Caste system

CasteCaste system is created, implemented and promoted only by Brahmins for their self and organized benefits to Indian race. Caste system hails from Rig Vedic hymn of purusha Shukta 10:90 which states as follow.

Purusha is described as a primeval giant, not unlike Norse Ymir, that is sacrificed by the gods (Purushamedha) and from whose body the world and the varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which in turn the world was made. In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet. The Moon was born from his spirit, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth.

It had been implemented to Buddhist kingdom of Ashoka only by the Shine of sword through the dishonest Brahmin army chief of Ashoka kingdom Pushyamitra Shunga with Brahmanic constitution Manusmriti.

Caste system majorly a social management system as autocratic race, dividing a social group according to their socioeconomic level or professions according to their beneficial order to Brahmins designating to important body parts of a male human as a social governance system. The profession of commanding is most fabulous profession than others. So they chose themselves as the executive of Gods saying they are supreme and communicators of God to command others. They created their own kind of vices and virtues so that they can make business. They divided actions according to their favor those are harmful to human society  as sin and good deeds as virtues. They knew without harming to people a human can’t be a king so to be a king harming people is a common action in King profession. War can’t be won without killing peoples so King majorly fall in sinner group with high economic status. For the well wishing of the kingdom virtue is most important factor for which homas, yangyas etc. rituals are most important actions should be performed by a king. Brahmins command a king how sin can be washed and well wishes can be bagged to the kingdom. In other words Kings were the first victims of Brahmins. Third caste is vaishyas those control economy of a social group and have wealthy status in a society. With 100% honesty business can’t be run so they are the second largest victims of Brahmins to wash their sins. Now rest those are deprived from right to good life, equality, dignity, property, fair justice, education etc. as lower castes had no permission to enter in a temple but they can worship God to change their position in next life, where their surname racial profession can’t be change in the present life, which is even controlled by them. How many Brahmins born from their mothers mouth? If all human born from the female reproductive system then what make them special? Brahmins are the major promoters of violence, irrationality, blind-beliefs, superstitions, discrimination, injustice, stupidity, lies, criminality etc. etc. in the name of Hinduism, Dharma or religion, spirituality, divinity, morals, custom, culture, tradition and heritage in Indian race. In-depth study of the race implicates its a race of “spiritual con artists” and “crook criminals“, i.e. majorly a race of guileful priests, stupid scholars, knaves, discriminators, lies promoters and spreaders, cheaters, exploiters, crueler, atrocities, corruptions, favoritism, nepotism, traitors, racial ego and status addicts, prestige hunger, greed, rapists (creator of Deva Dashi pratha that forces a girl in the profession of prostitution from her childhood), extremists, orthodox, radicals, terrorists (Brahmins had massacre to large numbers of Buddhist monks in 185 BC, it was world’s first radical attack to a religious group by a religious group later they converted to native ancient Indians to castesm/Vedism/Hinduism as followers of Sanatan Dharma by hook and crook) etc. etc. you can’t count their crimes to Indian race. They are curse of Indian race. Don’t believe in Brahmins written literature and history, and even Brahmins influenced writer’s literature and history and their promoters, they are majorly lies,  corrupt and fabricated, mind born or fictions. 

2. Untouchability

Back to Godhead - Volume 12, Number 07 - 1977Untouchability means, the class or social group of vedic division those should not be touched by upper castes i.e fourth Varna of Vedic fourfold caste system known as Shudras and Atishudras. Shudras and Atishudras are also know as Out Castes, Dalits, Harijans, Ajaati, Chhoti Jaat, Achhoot, Ekaja etc. etc. Once upon a time upper castes of Vedic believers even were not touching shadows of lower castes. Lower castes people were using a broom to sweep the foot prints they were passing by on the ways of upper castes. Some were using Ganga Jal or cow dung to purify the ways that lowers caste used. Common water resources were banned to the lower castes. Many kinds of humiliations and exploitation were like this to lower class Vedic division. Basically these were common practices in recent past days of Indian Vedic adopted social race. Even in remote urban and rural Vedic adopted societies having same practices till to date in India. This kind of practices shows the Vedic psychological disorder of upper castes is nothing but a genetically mental psychological disease of aspersion. The stupid psychological disordered upper caste vedic believers those practices these kind of idiotic practices shows only their psychological disorder even ignoring their commonsense. Upper caste vedic believers those were practicing such kind of mean minded stupid practices; perhaps did not have the commonsense, that the air they breath is a common source the lower caste breath; it means the air exhaled by lower castes are inhaled by them, not only lower castes but also  breath exhaled by dog, pig, monkey, donkey etc. etc. and the smell of their farts, poops mixes with air those even inhaled by them but that is good for them. They banned lower caste people to ponds, wells or other water resources etc. but they did not had commonsense that the animals and creature like fish, frog, cows, buffaloes etc. etc. must have been excreting their poops and pees in the water when they used to those resources. Majorly every human washes its own feces but the limbs used by that person does not become untouchable but the human helped to wash their feces becomes untouchable; from this logic any person can evaluate the height of stupidity of vedic upper caste practices. Brahmins taught their followers cows dungs and its pees used in Panchagavya, which is later modified as Panchamrita as sacred practice in Hinduism with some replacements as  food or medicine for human immortality. How wastage admitted by itself cow became medicine by Brahmins or vedic Scholars is out of logic; though they advocates for beneficiary constituents in their pees and poops.  Every animal those excretes has different amounts of necessary ingredients in them. Different kinds of ingredients or biological elements are required by an animal body for different purposes; it does not mean everybody will start to drink pees and eat poops of different animals according to the experiences of authorities those experienced beneficial to them with a blind belief and passed the idiotic wisdom without any scientific confirmations. Dogs even eat human feces as their food but don’t get any harm; they becomes even healthy eating human feces; does it means, they might be thinking its an immortal food for them or what? Where itself body of the cows admits that my pees and poops not necessary to my body so I am eliminating all these substances from my body as my body wastes; how Vedic Scholars or Brahmins find immortality in cows pee and poops? I have seen all Panchagavya/Panchamrita majorly taken by followers that are prepared and served by Brahmins but never seen they are taking it as sacred food or as Prashad. In that case its an ill motive by Brahmins, which is having an intention to exploit their followers. With a motive of  eating poops and drinking pees of an animal and not touching the humans degrading the humans even lesser than to poops and pees of cows shows, what is the height of their wisdom.

3. Dowry


Its only Brahmins practice promoted itself by Brahmins as a practice of Hindus. Those converted Islams from Hindus the same thing is seen though there is change of religion. The Vedas prescribe that a dowry be given by the bride’s family to the groom. The Rig Veda states that cows and gifts given by the father of the bride to the daughter accompanied the bride’s procession [ Rg Ved X.85 ]. Kakshivat in the Vedas says he became rich by the father-in-law giving him 10 chariots and maids and 1060 cows during the marriage ceremony [ Rg Ved I.126 ]. Dowry is referred to as `Streedhana’ and is an ancient practice! The ancient Vedic custom of kanyadan, where the father presented his daughter with jewelry and clothes at the time of her marriage, and vardakshina where the father presented the groom with cash and kind are, in essence the dowry system. This curse is fully sanctioned in the Vedas and promoted by Brahmins or Sanatana Dharma or Hindu religion.

4. Female Infanticide


Due to dowry practices in many social Hindu groups its very hard to get a good groom for a bride from a healthy socioeconomic and educational family background. In other ways major good grooms comes with good dowry or dowry helps some grooms to establish themselves socioeconomically good in society those are not from healthy socioeconomic class. Due to practices of Brahmanism major population in India became Shudra those were deprived from right to property for long decades. Socioeconomic conditions even does not remains equal in all generations of an upper castes. So practices of dowry portray a girl child only a loss for Hindu family. A son is often preferred as an “asset” since he can earn and support the family; a daughter is a “liability” since she will be married off to another family, and so will not contribute financially to her parents. Female foeticide then, is a continuation in a different form, of a practice of female infanticide or withholding of postnatal health care for girls in certain households. Many families even could not bear the cost of marriage customs excluding demands and go for loans. Now many middle class and lower middle class families except BPL those are not able to bear the cost of a girl’s marriage think that to bore a girl child is a nothing but curse to family.

5. Poverty


Due to Brmhanism major population of India became Shudra & Atishudra or lower caste. Shudras were intentionally persecuted by Brahmins banning no property and education to them for long decades for which major population deprived form property and remained poor. Due to no freedom of profession most of them remained depressed till there was little social reformation happened in India but still most of the population of India is under poverty due to this Vedism or Brahmanism. When Islam came to India many poor Shudra changed their religion from Hinduism to Islam due to upper caste and Islamic emperors persecution but changing religion their socioeconomic standard majorly remained same. Very very few Muslims from 52 creores of British Indian Muslims socioeconomically uplifted themselves to an well socioeconomic and educated level till to date but most of them still in dark poor age.

6. Reservation


Reservation is maintained through the fourfold caste system banning freedom of professions and freedom of surnames. It means only Brahmins descendants will enjoy the profession of Brahmins, Kshatriyas descendants will enjoy the profession of Kshatriyas and same in the case of Vashiyas and Shudras. Change of profession and surname is declined. It means reservation reserved through the surnames and lineage of a caste. Manusmriti majorly privileged to Brahmins, then Kshatriyas and after that Vashiyas where it persecuted to lower castes and give different kind of punishments for thinking even being of upper castes. So reservation is sole theory of Brahmans practiced by upper castes from the beginning of caste systems according to their favoritism. After independence Dr. Ambedkar reveled the conspiracy of Brahmins and given little benefits to enjoy reservation through the  constitution of India. Its the reason why majorly 50.5% of reservation enjoyed by upper castes with Muslims, Christians etc. and remaining 49.5% enjoyed by lower castes. It means more than 90 Crores from 126 crores population only enjoy 49.5% reservation and remaining 50.5% reservation enjoyed by only 30 crores general castes. It is indirectly says 50.5% reserved for general category and rest 49.5% reserved for others. Those lower castes converted to Islam and Christianity even majorly don’t take advantages of general category due to being minor in socioeconomic developments. If you see present reservation system its even deception and cheating to lower castes. When we say general castes then its reserved for general category. Actually non-reserved means reserved for General category. Since general categories (30 Crores) are less than lower caste categorizes (more than 90 crores), they should get lower than lower castes. In India we are having about 80% Hindus, 14% Islams and 6% from other religious groups. 14% Islams & 6% other religious groups are majorly lower castes converted to other foreign religions like Islam and Christianity due to Vedic untouchability & Vedic humiliations/exploitation. From 80% Hindus only maximum 6 Cores are Brahmins, less than 1 crore Kshatriyas, less than 7 crores are Vaishyas and rest are from Vedic classified Shudra or lower castes origin. We can say 6 Crore Brahmins + 1 Crore Kshatriyas + 7 Crore Vaishyas i.e. only 14 cores i.e. 11% upper-castes majorly enjoy 50.5% reservation as General Category.

7. Fake Hindu Gods

fake God

Brahmins has been created many mind born biological impossible identities till to date as Hindu deities embedding it to Hindu followers mind that these identities are your gods and worshiping these identities you will be benefited so and so…. making them logical blind, fool and stupid generations to generations. They empower their mind born identity with mind born super powers and advertise their worshiping benefits to their followers. In ancient times the advertisements were only through the recitations and making the identities with  artistic or idol impressions, that changed to books as scriptures when social groups started to use letters to represent their thoughts and for mutual communications; now it is improved as reality through the audio and video platforms with computer generated special effects representations to fool their followers. With the evolution of technology and creativity of an artist it will further developed with new dimensions to fool future generations. Followers get angry and violent when their logical blindness are tried to remove; its due to only Brahmins polarization and radicalization generations to generations to their followers. Hollywood imaginative superheros like Spider-man, harry-potter, Superman, Batman etc. are more powerful than Indian deities. Even present humans use more dangerous lethal weapon like Gun, Machine-gun; atomic, nuclear, hydrogen, chemical and biological weapons better than Indian deities. Crook Brahmins are the pathological liars, deceivers or pathological deceptive and master of bluffs those feed the followers mind with intoxicated sweet honey coated lies from generation to generation in the name of faith or religion, spirituality, God, devotion, morals, justice, commune, custom, tradition and heritage for personal and organized benefits and for their racial hegemony in India. All these proofs Brahmins are not only prominently racial cheaters but also promote their racial antisocial activities passing their old ideology, philosophy and traditions generations to generation even corrupting and defiling their own race. If we say in psychological form then its a race that promotes ASPD (Anti social personality disorders) to its own race to exploit other race for their personal and organized benefits. Crooked Brahmins are mostly Machiavellian or leerier or wilier or slyer; and cunning quality is their major weapon and crookedness is their organized motive. Slyness or cleverness is used for bad motive is not beneficial for the society; it stagnates the development of a social group and degrades the humanity creating several social evils in that social group though it gives benefits to only slyer and his commune. Its the reason why Brahmanism is a racial organized crime in the name of faith or religion, spirituality, God, devotion, morals, justice, commune, custom, tradition and heritage.

8. Sati


Sati (Sanskrit: satī, also spelled suttee) is an obsolete Indian funeral custom by Brahmins where a widow immolated herself or by force due to religious enforcement immolated on her husband’s pyre, or committed suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband’s death.

9. Illiteracy


Due to Brmhanism, major population of India became Shudra & Atishudra or lower caste. Shudras were intentionally persecuted by Brahmins banning no property and education to them for long decades for which major population deprived form education and remained illiterates. Due to no freedom of education most of them remained depressed till there was little social reformation happened in India, but still most of the Indian population are illiterates or partly educated.

10. Devadasi

payalDevadasi or prostitution (with a religious sanction) by Brahmins. The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report (10-11-87), as a result of conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave prostitution their religious sanction. Poor low-caste Hindu girls, initially sold at private auctions, were later “dedicated” to the temples. They were then initiated in to prostitution Even to this day this religious prostitution blessed by Hindu religion is still alive in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

UNI. – TIMES OF INDIA – 10th Nov 1987: confirms that the practice of Devadasi or religious prostitution in Hinduism is the origination of Brahmins.

Dedication young Harijan (Hindu) girls (Mahars, Mangs, Dowris and Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrive in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two doctors of the India Health Organization.

The report clearly indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy between the Hindu feudal class and the priests (Brahmins) who with their Hindu ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a Hindu way of practice which acquired religious sanctions. They noted in their study on – “Devadasis” – “the link between Hindu religious culture and child prostitution”.

The study revealed that girls from poor Hindu families were sold after puberty at private auctions to a master who initially paid a sum of money to the families ranging from 500 to Rs. 5,000. The study, made during health camps organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Devadasi populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as 70 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

11. Jyotisa and Palmistry.


Jyotisa and Palmistry are ancient or oldest con to exploit and control innocents and ignorant people of Indian race by only Brahmins. Jyotisa is a Bramhanic prophesy knowledge that can predict fortune of a person by a Jyotisa scholar when newly baby born to a Vedic adopted society. The knowledge claims a newly born baby’s life can be predicted before it starts its life on the earth, according to the positions of  “Grahas or Planets, Rashis and Naxatras” when it come out to earth from the mother’s womb. The creation of a child begins with the the day of the conception not when it come outside from mother’s womb. Taking a baby out from the mother’s womb can be also determined by a doctor through Cesarean delivery. No Jyotisa scholars makes Kundli or Jataka when the conception occurred in a female reproduction system; so all the Kundli till to date has the wrong or fake predictions even according to their claims. Vedic promoters portray Maharishi Bhrigu as the the first compiler of predictive astrology, and also the author of Bhrigu Samhita, the astrological (Jyotish) classic. Brahmins portray Bhrigu as the major architect of Brahmanism. Here point to be noted though it is claimed Jyotish is rooted to Vedic origin by Vedic promoters; they have only their own oral and written literal proofs as their  evidence otherwise there is no evidences exists he is the original creator of  astrology as an astronomical planets discoverer with theory of planetary and star positions and their movements and their effects on earth with the time. In future they even might claim Sun is created by Rishi Bhrigu through some eternal principle of Brahmanism.  Brahmanism lies and bluffs has no boundaries with sophisticated ornamented decorum words and narrations which really affects to victimize their followers; in truth they use power of words to fool and exploit their victims with evil or con intention. It is majorly believed by many scholars that, form of astrology was practised in the first dynasty of Mesopotamia (1950–1651 BCE). Chinese astrology was elaborated in the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BCE). Hellenistic astrology after 332 BCE mixed Babylonian astrology with Egyptian Decanic astrology in Alexandria, creating horoscopic astrology. Alexander the Great’s conquest of Asia allowed astrology to spread to Ancient Greece and Rome. Historical evidence suggests that astrology arrived in the Indian subcontinent from Greece, after the arrival of Alexander the Great, and it post-dates the Vedic period. You even can’t find any sign of Jyotisa in Rig.Veda. The zodiac signs for the Greek astrology and Hindu astrology are almost identical. Hindu astrology is astrology based on medieval Hindu texts, wherein the relative positions and movements of celestial objects is used as a means for forecasting information about human affairs and fortunes. Bramhanic Jyotisa is a prediction knowledge based on nine planets, twelve Rashis or zodiacs and 27 Naxatras or lunar mansion or the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star(s) in them. First thing is we are having eight planets in our solar system not nine. Even no scientist can claim which is our next planet till it is explored and confirmed. No one knows what are the major surrounding objects of our planet that affect our lives and how? Thinking only nine planets, 12 zodiacs and 27 Naxatras affects our life is totally from stupid origin of wisdom. Universe majorly we know that includes planets, natural satellites, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy. The observable universe is about 28 billion parsecs (91 billion light-years) in diameter at the present time. The size of the whole Universe is not known and may be either finite or infinite. Observations and the development of physical theories have led to inferences about the composition and evolution of the Universe.

So thinking  a person’s future can be manipulated and predicted by only these nine planets, 12 zodiacs and 27 naxatras, is nothing but practically from the origin of stupid wisdom. Its basically a psychological cheat counseling knowledge for making fools and to cheat innocent ignorant followers those are suffering from psychological problems, i.e. majorly depressions. In Jyotisa, some planets or Grahas are also from wrong origin. In Jyotisa the grahas are 1.Surya(Sun), 2.Chandra(Moon), 3.Mangal(Mars), 4.Budh(Mercury), 5.Guru(Jupiter), 6.Sukra(Venus), 7.Sani(Saturn), 8.Rahu(North Node), 9.Ketu(South Node). The North Node and South Node points are directly opposite each other. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of  birth; So according Vedic Astrology only five planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn), one nearest star Sun, and one satellite of earth moon and their 12 position named as Rashi or Zodiacs and 27 Naxatras are only affecting the life of a person. The positions of these vedic astrological Rashis or Zodiacs are divided into twelve equal divisions or signs i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.  Its something like shaping their idiotic prediction counseling con science matching to some extents with the modern astronomy for their created con art of cheating for personal and organized benefits. If their logic is, all the celestial objects of universe affects the life of an animal on the earth then why a drop from the ocean taken to calculation? We know Sun is a Star and moon is a satellite with this only five selected planet and few stars positions as Naxatras only affects the life of a person and other than these; effects from the rest all celestial contents of the Universe are ignored! The Naxatras are (1) Kṛttikā (the Pleiads), (2) Rohinī, (3) Mrigashīrsha, (4) Ārdrā, (5) Punarvasu, (6) Sūnritā, (7) Pushya, (8) Bhanu (the Sun), (9) Asleshā, (10) Maghā, (11) Svāti (Arcturus), (12) Chitrā (Spica), (13) Phalgunis, (14) Hasta, (15) Rādhas, (16) Vishākhā, (17) Anurādhā, (18) Jyeshthā, (19) Mūla, (20) Ashādhas, (21) Abhijit, (22) Sravana, (23) Sravishthās, (24) Satabhishak, (25) Proshtha-padas, (26) Revati, (27) Asvayujas,  and some use extra star named (28) Bharani. Now if we even consider these elements of Jyotisa may affects the life of a person or animal on the earth then how their effects are manipulated and determined? Are these elements of Jyotisa told to the creator or developer of the Jyotisa knowledge, that we are controlling lives of a human in these ways so write according to our command? Which theory proofs that the celestial bodies they mentioned give their predicted mentioned results  to a human’s fortune when they positioned accordingly as per their calculations? The “Bhav” for celestial bodies totally mind born and manipulated by them so  its only a mind born manipulation or assumption or guess by the Jyotis developers studying and guessing the major events and actions in a human life as common to counsel the believers according to their own ways to control their mind and life. In short its totally con, fake, lies, mind born, cheat and exploitation. If we even consider the effects of celestial bodies on humans life on earth is there then also its wrong. The zodiac is divided into twelve zones of the sky, each named after the constellation that originally fell within its zone (Taurus, Leo, etc.). The apparent paths of the sun, the moon, and the major planets all fall within the zodiac. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the equinox and solstice points have each moved westward about 30 degrees in the last 2,000 years. Thus, the zodiacal constellations named in ancient times no longer correspond to the segments of the zodiac represented by their signs. In short, had you been born at the same time on the same day of the year 2,000 years ago or when the astrology had created?, you would have been born under a different sign. In fact, there should be 13 signs, not 12. It is this fact of precession which has altered the very constellations from which masses “derive” their charts. Precession of the equinox is caused by the fact that the axis of the earth’s rotation (which causes day and night) and the axis of the earth’s revolution around the sun (which marks the passage of each year) are not parallel. They are 23 l/2 degrees away from lining up; that is, the earth’s axis of rotation is tilted. This tilt also causes our seasons, a fact that Ptolemy did understand but that many people do not understand even today. Ptolemy understood that the rotation axis of the earth was slowly processing , or moving in a circle, with an angular radius of 23 1/2 degrees with a period of around 26,000 years. He deduced this from comparisons of data taken by the ancient Sumerians 2,000 years before his time. He did not understand what was pushing the precession, but he did understand the motion. We now realize that the sun is rotating with a period of around 30 days and that this causes the sun to bulge at the equator, which causes a torque to be exerted on the top like motion of the earth’s day and night cycle. There is also a small 18.6-year variation caused by the moon’s orbit around the earth, and the moon also has a small effect on precession; however, the sun’s equatorial bulge is the main cause of the precession of the equinox, which is why your sign listed in Kundli most cases is removed by one sign from the modern, actual position of the sun at your birth. Psychologist Bertram R. Forer, who demonstrated the propensity of people to believe that vaguely worded personality “profiles” (which could apply to anybody) were accurate, custom-tailored profiles; its the real reason for forecasting a  human life fortune in Jyotish. The con humans in the society has better capability of human life manipulation, and in Indian race majorly Brahmins are the racial con and crook in nature due to their created faith Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma and their contribution or roles or mind and actions in Hinduisms. If we focus on the similarities between astrology and racism; They both operate on the principle that a person’s behavior is based on how they were born instead of who they are. Though most astrology readings are parlor tricks pointing out the most general positive qualities in a person, it does follow that if you believe that a person is introspective because they were born in December, then you can also buy into the foolish idea that a person is lazy because of the color of their skin. Another thing is the predictions through the palms popularly know as palmistry which is same con art by Brahmins as Hindu astrology. Human hands and foots develop “Flexion Creases” in the womb usually by the 12th week of gestation, and are present on a baby’s hand and foot when he/she is born. Palm readers will tell you Palmistry is real its because they see it as their profession or status of their intellectuality or ways of living but in truth it is fake, lies and cheat. It’s all down to interpretation anyway and is not based on anything scientific or logical. What about those child those born with full life line in their palm but dies after born? Baby dies in the womb with even having full life line! Do people born without hands (and therefore no lifeline) die immediately? What about people those lose their hands in an accident? Do they die on the spot? because they lost their life line on palm? What about the predictions those lose their palms or change their palm with plastic surgery? Nothing is preordained.  How you clenched your hand in your mother’s womb isn’t going to dictate your future, your future can only be dictated by your decisions and actions. If lines of the palms can predict the life of a human then what predicts the lines of feet? Foot also having many lines why they didn’t have the science of  footistry yet? These con crook Brahmins even develop footistry in future to fool their followers. Brahmins are only the major promoters of irrationality, blind-beliefs and superstitions in India in the name or faith or religion, spirituality, morals, customs, traditions and heritage.

12. Declining of Buddhism

AranthalawaMemorial13 AranthalawaMemorial14 Massacre-313x218

Declining of Buddhism in India in the age of Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga and age of Shasanka, might be like above genocides though pictures are shown as demonstrations. The Buddhists of India might had been killed by Pushyamitra Shunga like above pictures. Killing of Buddhism in India was the days of killing to developments in India. Due to major rationality in Buddhism faith; the faith helped Japanese, Chinese, South Korean etc. social groups to develop their scientific evolution in their race. If it had not been declined in India, India would have been first in science and technology in human race. Now we Indian proud of using Japanese and Chinese technology but we are fooled and made stupids due to Brahmins and stagnated to 100 & 100 years back comparing to them.

13. Muslims and Division of India.

Indian Muslims offer prayers at a mosque in the premises of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Millions of Muslims across the world are celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. (AP Photo/Pawan Sharma)

Division of India happened only due to major religious communes in pre independent India and dirty politics by British India dirty politicians for their political mileage and organized political benefits. Islam faith was the second largest faith in British India. How it became second largest faith? Here we must know before the independence Muslim emperors ruled India more than 300 years without disturbing the integrity of Hindus and Muslims; even when Britishers ruled after 1600AD for 300 years there was no sign of division of the country but when country handed over to their own people in beginning, the country got divided according to the religion adopted by its natives. If we calculate Muslims of British India i.e. present Islamic population of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh it is something like 18crores+19crores+15crores = about 52 crores Muslims belongs to root Indian origin excluding maximum 3% as outsiders. That 3% outsiders as invaders Islamic race even got permanent resident in India and became the root natives to Indian origin for hybridizing with Indian race. Islamic emperors invaded India after 610AD mostly in 7th century to 1300AD, its because Islam founder prophet Muhammad born in 570AD and in his forties i.e. in 610AD he reveled the Islam and after that his followers spread the Islam around the world. Islam adopted emperors Invaded India not with any major Arabic world natives it was only by the emperors those had adopted Islamic faith for their political growth majorly belongs to Afghanistan and Turk Mangolian race with few soldiers. Initially Islam forcefully implemented to the 7th century root natives of ancient India. In 7th century Brahmanism was the major religion that had been suppressed to the ancient Indians other major religion Buddhism. If you peel Hinduism its nothing but Brahmanism or Vedism. There was no word existed as Hindu till Islamic invaders Invaded India and used the word Hindu for non Muslims to Indian root natives. Indian ancient society had been divided by vedic fourfold caste system so major caste had been the Shudras and Atishudras now called as Dalits or harijans, those were majorly deprived from right to good life, liberty, education, dignity, property, fair justice etc. etc. for decades due to persecution of Brahmins. The lower caste vedic divided society those were holding more than 90% of the population had been severely exploited by Brahmins rules in that time. When Islamic Invaders invade India some Islamic emperors were cruel so they were  forcefully converting natives to Islam, it means converted root natives were initially form Buddhist, Jain, followers of Paganism, non-believers, tribal, Ajivika, Charvaka, Vedic Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and even Shudra and Atishudra etc. but some Islamic emperors were liberal its the reason why they had implemented religious tax Jizya to  practice their own religion. Brahmins had been suppressed different kind of other religions by hook and crooks before Islamic invader invaded India. India is a vast demography so conversion to Islam by force might be very limited but due to persecution of Brahmins to lower caste through Vedic division by Brahmins they got an opportunity to escape from their exploitation so major  ancient lower caste root Indian natives converted themselves to Islam to get at least right to equality, dignity, fair justice, right to property and education etc. better than vedism. Some might be incapable of paying Jizya so they might be converted to Islam. This is the reason why vedic divided lower caste  root Indian natives forcefully trapped to Islam without any other social living options due to vedic exploitation, resulting huge Muslim population in post Islamic period in India. Islam became second largest religion for which India got a stage of division and lastly due to crook, fool and stupid dirty politicians we lost our root identity where Hindu word originated i.e. Sindhu region as Pakistan. Hindu is major faith in India but our original “Pahachaan (पहचान)” or “recognition or identity” remains in Pakistan; Its because the word Hindu is derived from river Sindhu which is majorly runs in Pakistan. Major Muslims of British India i.e. Muslims from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are nothing but “Desi log Bidesi Bhagwan (देसी लोग बिदेसी भगवान)” or “Native people with foreign God” and “Desi log Aur Bideshi Naam” i.e. Native peoples with foreign names or foreign nomenclatures majorly due to only crook Brahmins.

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1 Response to 13 Most Heinous Crimes by Brahmins.

  1. raj says:

    Brothers and sisters this is a wake up call against Brahmin terrorism ,It is not the british who started divide and rule,it is the brahmins who divided india before them ,these fellows are the main reason of all caste problems ,they will supress every other caste ,they simply try to achieve by being good to the other caste member who is in higher position ,that is how they divide tamils ,telugus ,malyali , kannadigar’s ,we are not against religion ,but these Brahmin fellows ,who are destroying every indian .in every state these brahmins are quietly having a good time ,in indulging us against fighting within other caste members.
    Below are the many facebook pages these brahmins have started ,these pages they created to supress the dravidians
    Brahmin’s power will prevail , brahmins are in charge ,have been and will be

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