Major Hindu Deities and their origin.

Rig Vedic Gods: The oldest composition claimed by Vedic followers is Rig Veda. Major Vedic deities are Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Aryaman, Aditi, Sarasvati, Asvins, Pusan, Maruts, Brahmanaspati, Vasus, Bhaga, Vayu, Dyaus, Yama, Matarisvan, Rudra, Surya,  Savitar and Visnu. Visnu is widely used identity as Hindu god and Agni is used as essential practice as Homa or havan or  yangya or Yajna or Agnihotra or as Diya except that none of the Vedic deities widely used and worshiped. Agni is Vedic prime God and it is found in first place of Rig.Veda. Fire is essential part of all worshiping method of Hinduism. Indra word is used highest more than 2900 times, Agni is used 1970 times in Rig veda. Indra is not widely used by Hindus but Agni is widely used as homa/havan, yangya or Yajna or Agnihotra and Diya for the Hindu deities. Vedic identity Visnu is widely used identity but the word is used only 112 times in Rig Veda where Savitar is used 191 times, Mitra is used 435 times, Varuna is used 578 times, Aditi is used 147 times, Asvins is used 472 times, Pusan is used 140 times, Maruts is used 556 times, Vayu is used 160 times, Yama is used 174 times, Rudra is used 155 times, Surya is used 202 times but not widely used identities by Hindu followers. Sacrifice word is used more than 800 times and offer word is used 863 times. Drink word is used 704 times and Soma (wine) word used more than 1500 times. Bull word is used about 261 times, cow word is used about 336 times and horse word is used about 364 times. Vedic clan’s gods, Rishis and priest Brahmans all are wine drinkers and meat eaters. Vedic clan is majorly promoted by Brahmins so it is Brahmanism or Vedism. Since sacrifice word is a majorly found in Vedism and itself Caste system made from sacrificing of Purusha which is defined in Prusha Sukta 10.90 of Rig.Veda Violence is the base part of Vedic faith system. Sacrifices and any kind of violence declined in Buddhism so those obey rules of Buddhism they are the followers of Buddhism not Vedism. Since many Brahmans are vegans and not supporter of eating meat it may be a sign when Buddhism had declined in this demography and Buddhist monks had been severely prosecuted by Vedic promoters then many Buddhist monks those surrendered to vedic philosophy may converted to priest class to promote Vedism as Brahmins and helped to destroy Buddhism. Gomedha (Cow sacrifice), Aswamedha(Horse Sacrifice) and Purusha medha (Human Sacrifice) is essential part of Vedism. Buddhism was the major opponent faith of Brahmanism or Vedic philosophy and their religious practices; to decline Buddhism in India they formed alliance with paganism from different linguistic tribal race of ancient India to form Sanatan Dharma (majorly in 800 AD) later with the invasion of Islamic Invaders (after 700 AD) Santan Dharma renamed them as Hindu Religion;  before 700AD it was just Vedism/Casteism/Brahmanism. There was alliance of Shaivism, Vaishnabaism and Shaktism to form Hinduism. India was a place thousands of kingdoms and it was a place many faiths. No single faith had ruled still Mauryan empire made Buddhism as their National religion. Major Brahmanism faiths are mind born construct or imaginative construct i.e. psychological construct entity like we see Spider-man, Superman, Hulk etc. with imaginative powers to control their followers mind in the name of those identities. Jainism was a B team of Sanatan Dharma or had created by Brahmins to destroy Buddhism. If you deep study to Jainism one can easily find its from the Vedic created origin equating a similar religion like Buddhism and identity like Mahavir to destroy image of Buddha and Buddhism. The first Tīrthankara of Jainism Rishabhanatha is belongs to Vedic origin. Neminatha was the twenty-second tirthankara (ford-maker) of the present descending cycle (avsarpani).[2][3] According to Jain beliefs, he lived 84,000 years before the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshvanatha.[4] His full name was Aristanemi which is an epithet of the sun-chariot.[5] He was the youngest son of King Samudravijaya and Queen Shivadevi,[6] and the cousin brother of Krishna. Trishala also known as Queen Trishala, Trishala Devi, Priyakarini, or Trishala Mata (Mother Trishala) was the mother of Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, and wife of the Jain monarch, Siddartha of Kundgraam, of present-day Bihar. Trishala was born into royalty. She was daughter of Chetaka, republican president of Vaishali City.eldest daughter[›] Trishala had seven sisters, one of whom was initiated into the Jain monastic order while the other six married famous kings, including Bimbisara of Magadha and Mahavira’s own brother, Nandivardhana. She and her husband Siddhartha were followers of Parshva, the 23rd Tirthankara. According to Jain texts, Trishala carried her son for nine months and seven and a half days during the 6th century BC. However, Svetambaras generally believe that he was conceived by Devananda, the wife of a Brahmin and was transferred to Trishala’s womb by Indra because all Tirthankaras have to be Kshatriyas. These decorum historical facts or stories implies that the Mahavir identity may be a manipulated identity that had been formulated only by Brahmins equating to Buddha to destroy both the identity & artistic idol impression of Buddha. Jainism philosophy is having back door support to Vedism as a contemporary religion to Buddhism bluffing Jainism is more older than Buddhism. They made Mahavir nude to make delusion Buddha idol Vs. Mahavir idol and degrade Buddha identity. You can’t find any Jain tirthankar record after Mahavir. Major Brahmins scriptures are mind born or imaginative and pathological lies and bluffs or theft from other origins and Brahmanitized for racial benefits; same thing reflects in above Jain’s context with proof of relations to Brahmanism. Vedism link to Jainism implies Jainism was nothing but Sanatan Dharma’s B team to destroy Buddhism from India. If you found any king was Jain from Mauryan origin including Chanakya in history then make it Buddhist because main intention of making Jainism by Brahmans to destroy Buddhist impression replacing Jainism to dominate the Buddhist faith and its origin.

(Counting methodology of words in Rig veda: open the given English translated Rig Vedic and Vedic link in upper paragraph or download it in your system. Use yandex browser to view the link or open the downloaded pdfs in yandex browser and use Ctrl+F to find the search box then use the keywords like Indra, Agni etc. to calculate how many times the word used in search box automatic counter. It may differ the original work with translated work but we can at least guess the number of times major words used in the Rig Veda. The identity word majorly used has the more importance to Vedic composers and their promoters.)

Vedic deities were deities of only Vedic clan till it is enforced to other social groups of Indian linguistic races. Indian race has a multi-linguistic and multi-cultural origin. The faiths, deities, traditions, practices, culture and heritage of different linguistic race timely amalgamated with the each other and formed different kind of hybrid culture throughout the time. When unification of faith developed in Indian race we got different kind of major faith in India according to their beliefs. Buddhism had once upon a time great unified faiths in India but in the war of faiths Vedism or Brahmanism used the shortcuts to promote their faith dishonestly or applying cunning ways of capturing the largest Buddhist kingdom of Mauryans empire; so it became leader in faith race and now its a largest faith empire in India as Brahmans hegemony. Vedism or Vedic clan was a minor communal social group before Mauryan empire.Its proof is veda is composed in Sanskrit language and Sanskrit language is spoken less than 15 thousands people as their mother tounge in present day. Sanskrit is mother of all language is fake and stupid claim by Vedic promoters. If Vedism has been dominated faith from 185BC  who destroyed it, if it was a popular language in this demography? Sanskrit had never been a popular language to this demography nor it is mother of all Indian languages. Sanskrit composed faiths are forcefully implemented to non-Sanskrit spoken clans in this demography; Which proofs Caste system is forcefully implemented to Non-Sanskrit spoken linguistic clans by shine of sword, hook and crooks and by fooling & cheating to their beliefs. Brahmin Army chief of Ashoka empire Pushyamitra Shunga captured the Buddhist kingdom of India in 185BC and forcefully implemented Vedism using Brahmins constitution Manusmriti to Ashoka’s kingdom which is now known as India. Pushyamitra Shunga destroyed many Buddhist emblems created by Ashoka and terrorized the Buddhist followers killing the Buddhist monks and hunting Buddhist monks head with the exchange of 100 gold coins per head, it’s the reason why promoters of Buddhism declined fast, and Buddhism lost its base quickly. Since Buddhism never supported violence so Buddhism destroyed rapidly due to not resisting to conversion. After that the promoters of Vedism or Brahmanism focused to eliminate Buddhism and other faiths of different linguistic pagan beliefs from their mind through the Brahmanism faith unification. It’s the reason why Buddhist kingdom converted to majorly Brahmins empire implementing caste system and promoting Vedic and their Pagan tribal deities to destroy the Buddhism and similar faiths like Buddhism from their root. They privileged the famous linguistic pagan identities like Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc. etc. as their God or Avatars of God and the tribal priest as pradeshik Brahmins privileging them in Manusmriti with different kinds of reservations to Brahmins as their prime faith promoters. Majorly clever root natives from different linguistic race uplifted themselves after the implementation of Brahmanism in Buddhist Maurayan empire finding the backdoor opportunity as Brahmans except the tribal priests conversion to Brahmins by Vedic promoters due to privileges given to Brahmins in the Manusmriti and race became strong due to clever support of root natives and its grown faster as fire. The Brahmins race ruled the faith empire of Indian race by hook and crook and lost many wise faith systems that had been developed once upon a time in India. When you come across the scriptures those have biological impossible characters and identities then its no doubt mind-born stories.  It is made by Brahmins or was stories by any other linguistic race that does not maters. Brahmins had Sanskritized many stories in their favor to promote their faith system making it as empire of faith to rule the whole demography. Brahmins later created many fake Hindu deities giving mind born attributes to them saying their followers that these are your gods with many honey coated stories behind them to rule their mind and life. They made them logical blind with faith addiction, generation to generation and exploiting them till to date with fake deities and blind beliefs. Here are some major identities exposed those are from their own origin, some are totally fake and some identities with rare truths those are misused to promote their faith.



Vedic clan used to worship only Agni or fire sacrificing animals like cows and horses in them. It’s because Purusha Sukta of Rig Veda clearly mentions cows and horses are made when Purusha had sacrificed but other animals are ignored. Sacrifice and offering word has been used more than 1600 times pointing sacrifice is a prime practice in Vedic clan. With the reformation, cows and horses eliminated in the practices and now only offering oblations of Ghee (clarified butter) and Samagri (organic material), and reciting Vedic Mantras are used along. From the earliest of Vedic times and even to present day, fire (Agni) was viewed as the chief of the Gods.  In fact, the first verse of the Rig Veda is addressed to Agni, the fire God. “I praise Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice, The hotar, lavishest of wealth.” Havan  is  a symbolic  form  of  communication  with  god. Agni is said to be the vehicle between the worshiper and the Vedic and Pagan tribal deities used by Brahmins. Vedic clan were not using temples or shrines for their deities it’s because there is no claim about deities’ home in Rig Vedic origin. The famous deities like Rama and his slave Hanuman, Krishna, Shiva and his family i.e. Parvati, Ganesh and Kartika etc. are not belongs to Rig Vedic origin. Major Vedic scholars argue Rudra is Shiva which is mentioned in Rig Veda; If Shiva is widely used then why it’s not mentioned in Rig Veda? It is absolutely fake claim only to bag identity fame of pagan north Indian tribal identity Shiva as Rudra to promote their faith Sanatan Dharma.



Visnu word is frequently used identity in Rig Veda, that had used about 112 times. Visnu is not explained how he looks like and his physical configuration in Rig Veda as claimed by Brahmins artistic impression used in Hinduism. The word exists means either the identity name with Vishnu had existed or the Vishnu is an imaginary name that had been created by a creator human had existed. In both the case it’s a creation of a human or itself a human in the name of God that belongs to only Indian origin from specific clan that had flourished in ancient Indian demography. The artistic impression of Vishnu with four hands only developed in India by Brahmins in post Vedic period majorly expected in Gupta age which is biologically impossible. The clothes, ornaments and weapons used by the identity Vishnu majorly indicates the imaginary artistic or idol impression was developed in medieval age of India. The word Vishnu is derived from Rig Veda where artistic impression is developed by itself only by Brahmins for theological hegemony. So it’s simply an identity with the fake mind born artistic impression with mind born attributes or powers designated to that identity. Vishnu is mostly popular in South India where other parts of India major Hindu deities are symbolized to Avatars of Vishnu like Rama, Krishna, Thirupati, Jagannath etc. So Vishnu is most powerful and widely used identity in Brahmanism after Agni. Using Brahmin thread on the body of Visnu implies the identity is solely copyrighted to only Brahmins. Wearing Brahmin thread means he is a dwija i.e. borned twice one when he born from mother’s womb and secondly when he learned Vedas. Since Vishnu has no mother but look like human it only a Brhamin’s made psychological construct or identity which is brahminatized.


Ayyappa is presented as a warrior hero of Pandala kingdom. Pandalam dynasty was a royal dynasty emerged from a branch of Pandiya kingdom which existed in Kerala during the Kollam era. Buddhism is believed to have entered in Kerala by 3rd Century BC. In the Sangam age, Buddhism was prominent in Chola, Chera, and Pandya countries. The Buddhist missionaries made arrangements in their own countries for the treatment of people and animals, suffering from diseases. By 3rd century, during the reign of Asoka, some of the missionaries traveled to south India to spread Buddhist teachings. This made the entry of Buddhism to Kerala. Buddhism was the prominent faith before it made to Brahmanical caste based society.  Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala was built by a Pandalam king. The Pandalam dynsasty is a by product of the Pandya dynasty of Tamil Nadu. And the Pandalam king who built the Ayyappa temple was not a Hindu. He was a Buddhist. The Gesture of Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala : Index finger touching the thumb and the three other fingers are set free. That symbolizes the steadfast aim of the devotee to achieve nirvana, by taking refuge in the three jewels (Triratnas), Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, the fundamental commitments of a Buddhist. Dharma and Shastha are two terms closely associated with Buddhism. While Sastha is another name of Buddha. Ayyappa relates to Buddhist origin which has been fabricated by mind born stories of stupid Vedic promoters Brahmanism. Brahmanism made many fictional stories and their super characters as their god. To whom they made super characters were most of them really existed as human identity but not related to their faith but against their faith system. Since they majorly fabricated to Buddhism, Charuvaka/Lokayata, Ajivaka etc. rational god and idol less faith systems, probably their promoters were majorly victims of fabrication. Ayyappa identity is just a victim to Brahmainc delusion.  Tamil Sangam-works like Manimekhalai indicate that there were Buddhists in Tamil Nadu and that the Buddhist missionaries were active in spreading their religion.  According to the Sangam tradition, there was a famous Buddhist chatty a (temple) at Vanchi (Karur) and a Palli Bana Perumal became a Buddhist. The Cheras were originally Mundas, many of whom were Buddhists even before their arrival in Tamil Nadu.  It was they as well as the Buddhist missionaries from the Maurya Empire that brought the religion of Buddha to the South.  They were distinctly a powerful minority in Tamil Nadu and were subjected to persecution by the Brahmin Counsellors of the Dravidian Hindu Kings during the ascendancy of Brahminical Hinduism in the South.  Aalavaipathikam records that around 640 A.D., Sambanda Murti, a Brahmin, won over the Pandya royal family and caused the massacre of 8,000 Buddhist monks in Madurai; Buddhist nuns were reportedly made into devadasis and relocated in the Hindu temple precincts. The persecution and eventual exodus of Buddhists from Tamil Nadu to Kerala in the seventh century was occasioned by the fall of the Buddhist Kalabhras at the hands of the Pandyas.



Since Shiva is not any prime identity in Rig Veda it is clear it’s not an identity from Vedic clan origin though their scholar claims Rudra in Rig veda is Shiva which is no doubt from fabricate origin and trying to theft or capture the identity fame for self benefits equating to the identity of Rudra in Rig veda. Rudra word is used in Rig Veda 155 times but Siva is not used a single time for that identity. Rudra is equated to Shiva for Vedic belief benefits i.e. for the promotion of Brahmanism or Sanatana Dharma. Shiva is a tribal identity worshiped mainly outside of Vedic society. Major Vedic Gods are beef eaters and wine drinkers where Shiva had loving to Bull or animals so made bull as his career. Nandi is the bull who was the career of Shiva. A Bull lover can’t be a Bull killer or supporter of Bull killers. According to Rig Veda major Vedic Gods were fond of eating Bulls so its totally contradicts with the behavior pattern of Shiva with Vedic clan’s Gods; so Shiva is from Vedic origin is totally fake and from fabricated origin. Even we can see the tribal races like Chenchus and the Malavans who live in the remote areas of South India consider Shiva not only as a hunter and a forest deity but also as the ancestors of their tribe. Basically if we go through the body language and his environment surrounding in artistic impressions, we can easily find out, he is a dwellers of the Himalaya region where he sits on Kailash mountain. We can’t find him wearing rich fashioned clothes like Vedic deities’ or ornaments like other gods. Even Brahmins developed artistic impression of Shiva looks like from tribal origin, but Brahmin thread on Shiva body is only hegemony of Brahmins i.e. Bramhanitization to a popular tribal identity as God saying from their origin for self and organized benefits. No doubt Shiva is a popular identity from mountain regions without any affiliations to Vedic clan. It might be demerits to Vedic clan, so to take benefits from the fame of the identity, they might had been portrayed him as destroyer in trinity with mind born sweet lies. Promoting Shiva identity as Shivaism from tribal paganism origin by Brahmins in Indian race in the age of Pushymitra Shunga and afterwards might be due to destroy the Buddhism under the umbrella of Sanatan Dharma.  From the many linguistic tribal race of ancient India Vedic clan either feared or hated, they picked up certain beliefs and practices that were beneficial to them for Brahmanism. According to even Shiva Purana Shiva mentioned as Kirat.  The Kirat or Kirati or Kiranti or Kirant people are indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas extending eastward from Nepal into India, Bangladesh, Burma and beyond. Now this tribe is designated as Scheduled Tribe. The promotion of Shiva identity by Brahmins might have been in the time frame after the Pushyamitra Shunga i.e. 185 BC on wards to till date. No god will never tell to worship his penis or Linga as divine. A sound mind human even knows penis excretes the wastage of human body and used for reproduction purpose which can’t be divine. Worshiping penis of Shiva as Shiva Linga only is the creation of Brahmins as a joke to exploit innocent believers as humble exploitation without notice of a follower, thinking Indian innocent linguistic followers can do anything if it is said in the name of God. It’s one kind of making fool to followers with humble persecution of faith. To expose it we need to know who told first to worship Shiva linga as divine.

Shiva and Linga

According to Puranas to give high status to Vishnu in trinity; the dramatic story of testing trinity had created by Brahmins. Rishi Bhrigu tested three prominent deities to estimate who is great; which implicates Rishi Bhrigu was above these identities who is capable to examine and determine their exact powers to certify according to their outcomes. So, Many great sages gathered at the bank of river Sarasvati to participate in Maha yagya organized at that time. Maharishi Bhrigu was also present there. All the great saints and sages could not decide that out of the Trinity Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiv who is pre-eminent and to whom should they offer Pradhanta (Master) of that yagya. With the consent of all the great saints present there, it was decided that Maharishi Bhrigu will test and decide who was pre-eminent.

Upon being entrusted with the task Maharishi Bhrigu decided to test Lord Brahma first. He went on to see Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka. On reaching Brahmalok Maharishi displayed utter disrespect to Lord Brahma on purpose. Lord Brahma got angry and wanted to punish Maharishi but Maha Saraswati, wife of Lord Brahma saved Maharishi from his anger. Angry with disrespect, Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Lord Brahma that no one will worship Brahma in Kaliyuga. To this day, there are very few temples devoted to Lord Brahma (the notable exception being the Brahma Temple at Pushkar).

Maharishi Bhrigu then decided to visit Lord Shiva at Kailash Parvata. On reaching Kailash Parvat, Nandi stopped him from going inside because at that time, Shiva and Parvathi were sporting fun or having romance and sex. Since Shiva unnoticed and ignored to Rishi Bhrigu; Bhrigu curses Lord Shiva to be only worshiped in Linga form; from that day Shiva is worshiped in his Linga form i.e. Rishi Bhrigu decided how God Shiva will be worshiped. Lord Shiva is powerful or Rishi Bhrigu is powerful one can guess from this contexts. However, there is a statue form of lord Shiva in Kashi (Maha Mrityunjaya Temple) said to be over 400 years old.

Then in order to test Lord Vishnu, Maharishi reached Vaikunth Dhama. He entered the Dhama without Lord Vishnu’s permission and saw that the Lord was resting at that time. Maharishi asked him to wake up, but Lord was in deep sleep. On seeing no reaction from Lord, Maharishi hit Lord Vishnu on his chest. That strike by Maharishi Bhrigu left a foot print on Lord’s chest and that foot print is known as “Shri Vatsa”. Lord Vishnu got up after the strike and realized what had happened. On realizing that Maharishi had hit him with his foot, Lord asked him, “Maharishi, are you hurt in your foot? My chest is strong but your foot is not so strong”. Seeing the decorum of Lord Vishnu, Bhrigu was pleased and declared him superior amongst the Trideva.

From the above story its clear Rishi Bhrigu the major architect of Brahmanism; who had cursed to Shiva to be worshiped as Linga not as human body. It clearly mentions the hate to Shiva popularity but wanted to use for the racial benefits in their ways to unify the different linguistic race for hegemony. It also implies Brahmin Bhrigu is more powerful than Gods and due to this reason Linga is worshiped till to date by the Sanatan Dharma/Brahmanism/Casteism followers. If we peel the decorum words in the story, motive of Brahmins is very clear i.e. they wanted to use the fame of Shiva but as nasty manner fooling to their followers in the name devotion and religion. After only 185 BC the trinity concept had been implemented to Buddhist empire of Ashoka Kingdom. Shiva had been converted to Vedism from tribal paganism. All the Buddhist demography from Arab to Thailand were in the path of conversion of Buddhism to Brahmanism according to the impacts of Brahmins in those regions. The conversion was depending upon the impact by promoters of Sanatan Dharma and adoptee followers. Twist of the identity of Shiva is worshiping pagan deities in Mecca at Kaaba. Sanatan Dharma had been flourished as fire after declination of Buddhism in India. Shiva was a popular identity in northern regions. In mecca Arabic nomadic groups were using idols to represent their race at Kaaba. Scholars says there were about 360 idols in Kaaba that had been destroyed by Prophet Muhammad for his own faith system Islam. Allah was a name of prime idol of Kaaba. Idols were worshiped like Indian paganism and newly developed Sanatan Dharma in ancient Indian race after declination of Buddhism. Prophet Muhammad reveled his religion in 610AD. So time gap i.e. 185BC-610AD = 795 years was enough to superimpose Brahmanism over paganisms and declining of other faiths in Indian origin by Brahmins. Practices of Idolism & polytheism from Indian paganism superimposed by Vedism must had been an effect on Kaaba. Prophet Muhammad was illiterate business man and most of his time before his forties spent on business trips exploring different religions in that age. Islam is nothing but mixture of major faiths in that time. Prophet Muhammad came to world in 570AD and reveled his faith in 610AD. So in that time frame in the surrounding demography of his life he might came across, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Paganism inspired from India and newly developed Santana Dharma from India. Allah has more similarity with north Indian popular tribal God Shiva. Shiva Linga has been a prominent emblem for Santana Dharma in that age. Moon is the prime symbol of Shiva and it’s a prime symbol of Islam. The black stone of Kaaba is having similarity with Shiva Linga. Quran and Islam practices majorly mixture of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, native Paganism, Indian idol tribal paganism, Brahmanism with prophet Muhammad’s life story and his commands. Praying practices of Muslims majorly inspired by Hinduism. Allah or Hubal identity is majorly inspired by Shiva but Muhammad destroyed old belief portraying his own creation of monotheism re-framing the pagan Arabic faith system which is based upon “there is no God but God.” He declined idol worshiping polytheism of Hinduisms in Arabic paganism and established “no shape for God but there is God, and there is only one God Allah as monotheism.”  Even few years back ancient Kaaba was looking like a Shiva Linga.

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Here I must point out one thing more that the concept shrines or using of temples was from Buddhism not from vedic clan. Ashoka had made many Stupas in his Kingdom which are majorly dome like structure that are similarities to Shiva Linga after the declination of Buddhism in India. If we can trace oldest Shiva Linga used in Indian demography, then we can conclude which one is the oldest one, the dome of Buddhist Stupas or Shiva Linga by Brahmins. Many Buddhist Stupas had built by Mauryan empire majorly till 185BC. So Stupas are more older than Shiva Lingas found in India. The concept of worshiping Shiva Linga majorly found in Puranas those are majorly composed in 250AD-1000AD. Linga purana is composed between the 5th- to 10th-century CE. If we can find the Shiva Linga older than 185BC with valid Authentication, then using of Shiva Linga in Buddhist era will be proved. But as far as my research done, if you will trace the truth of oldest Shiva Linga from different temples in India then we can find they are majorly the parts of Ashoka pillars which are used as the part of Shiva Linga.

Linga and Stupa


Lord Brahma

Brahma is the creator god in the Trimurti of Hinduism. Brahma is also known as Svayambhu (self-born) which illogical and scientifically impossible. No-doubt anybody can guess Brahman and Bramha word are related to each other. Being Brahmins as upper caste in fourfold caste system and Bramha as creator in trinity also having some specific meaning; so anybody can even guess the relation. So no-doubt the Brahmins origin related to this identity without any doubt. Probably Bramha is pseudo portrayed pivotal identity or origin or creator of Brahmanism with an imaginary artistic impression with some rare truth, which had really created the concept of Brahmanism in Indian race dedicating to its originator; which was actually a real character but portayed as fiction reality. A human identity with four heads and four hands biologically impossible; so its no doubt the artistic impression is imaginary, and powers of Brahma is only mind born or imaginatively empowered with only powerful words to subjugate the followers of Hinduism. His hands hold no weapons, rather symbols of knowledge and creation which implicates he was a think tank of Bramhanism.  His one handholds the sacred texts of Vedas, in second he holds mala (rosary beads) symbolizing time, in third he holds a ladle symbolizing means to feed sacrificial fire (replaced in edited version of artistic impression with lotus), and in fourth a utensil with water symbolizing the means where all creation emanates from. His four mouths are credited with creating the four Vedas. He is often depicted with a white beard, implying his sage like experience. You can’t find no major gods in Hinduism except Bramha that depicted old as Bramha. This gives us a clue that the identity portrayed as Brahma is a pseudo identity based on real character and the identity was old when he got the fame of that pseudo identity. Using ladle for sacrificial fire implicates he was a Brahmin and related to Yangyas. Present artistic impressions using bramhanic thread on his body even implicates his origin belongs to Brahmins or Brahmins promoters even admits he is a Brahmin so they use Bramahnic thread on his body. The artistic impressions changes with the time frame, technology of arts and with the artistic visions to portray that identity as best as he can do with his all efforts as described by their promoters. If we will consider the use of clothes in his body, using ladle for sacrificial fire,  symbolism of text version of so called sacred  Vedas in his hand all points the identity is not so old as the Brahmins claims. Some versions says Bramha had five heads i.e. four heads in four directions and another head was toward to up direction. Shiva slain the head which had upward direction and that fell down in Badrinaath; now followers worship that head as Bramha kapal. Brahma does not enjoy popular worship in present-age Hinduism and has lesser importance than the other members of the Trimurti, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is revered in ancient texts, yet rarely worshiped as a primary deity in India. Very few temples dedicated to him exist in India; the most famous being the Brahma Temple, Pushkar in Rajasthan where seldom devotees goes to worship. According to Bramha purana to continue with the process of creation, Brahma gave birth to a man and a woman from his own body. The man was named Svayambhuva Manu and the woman was named Shatarupa. Humans are descended from Manu. That is the reason they are known as manava. When Brahma created Shatarupa, he was immediately infatuated and pursued her wherever she went. Shatarupā moved in various directions to avoid his gaze but wherever she went, Brahmā developed another head until he had four, one for each direction of the compass. Desperate, Shatarupa leaped over him to stay out of his gaze even for a moment. A fifth head, however, appeared above the others. Thus, Brahmā developed five heads. At this moment Shiva appeared, cut off the top head and determined that since Shatarupā was Brahma’s daughter (being created by him), it was wrong and incestuous of Brahma to become obsessed with her. That cut off  top head is now known as Bramha kapal which is used to fool the Hindu followers in Bradrinaath. Brahma married his own daughter Goddess Saraswati! According to Brahmins Brahma is the creator of the universe. Saraswati, who became the wife of her own father, was actually the daughter of Lord Brahma. There are two stories about her genesis in the Hindu Mythology.  According to Saraswati Purana, Brahma created his beautiful daughter Saraswati direct from his vital strength or seminal fluid. Some texts also prove that Brahma used to collect his semen in a pot whenever he masturbated fixing his eyes on the celestial beauty Urvasi. Brahma’s semen in the pot gave birth to Saraswati. Thus, Saraswati had no mother. This daughter of Brahma is the Hindu goddess of learning. When Brahma saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father’s passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She finally succumbed to Brahma’s wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma’s son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters. However, As per Matsy Purana, there was a time when Lord Brahma was only alone when the cosmos did not exist. He longed for company. Accordingly he decided to split himself in to two parts, creating a feminine counterpart. As mythology mentioned her in the name of Sandhya, Brahmi or Saraswati who emerged from Brahma’s mouth. Brahma was attracted and fell in love with her. His longing for her increased and he started looking at her constantly. To avoid his gaze, Saraswati started moving from one side to another even flied on top but Brahma started looking towards her without turning his head, but creating heads all around, total of five heads. Brahma finally requested her to help him to create the Universe. Saraswati as his wife helped Brahma to execute his plan accordingly and created the demigod Manu, who ultimately created the world. She is the mother of our language, Sanskrit as well as mother of the Vedas, texts of Hinduism. Rest you can guess what is the teaching of Hindusim by Brahmins. Creator itself an incestious predetor and has no controll to his own desires and lust but God!

Ganesh (Elephant Man)


The creation of Ganesh: As per our Puranic contexts we come to know that Parvathi the wife of lord Shiva created Ganesh from dirt or from dusts. Some version says she created Ganesh from the dirt of her body when she was scrubbing the body with turmeric for bathing etc. etc. so versions change with the adoption of story they are told; though there are different versions but almost all says Ganesh is not a  biologically born Identity. If Ganesh had made from body dirt of Parvati, then we have to think how long Parvati did not bathed so that she had so much body dirt from which Ganesh had created and given life by her. Now its clear Ganesh is not born with opposite sex biological principle so Ganesh is not the biological son of Lord Shiva. Creation of a human body from dirt without the biological principle of sex is unscientific or totally from the boastful bluff imaginative origin. Now what is the motive of making such identity? You can manipulate yourselves. We worship Ganesh as God it’s because our religious authorities said it’s your God. My parents parent and their parents all are told as same so I come to conclusion that it’s my God due to only ancestral acceptance of the faith system without any logical interpretation and verification of the identity. My forefathers were accepted it blindly but I am going to accept it, if it’s true; if it’s not then I have right to voice against the such kind of dishonest criminal activities by religious authorities those not only fooled my ancestors but also all the ancestors those followed the religion. So here it’s clear the God Ganesh is an imaginative identity induced in to family of Shiva. Who induced it? Definitely those promote Hinduism it’s because Ganesh is a God of Santana Dharma or Hinduism. Who are the prime promoters of Hinduism? Is it Kshatriyas, Vaishya, Shudras or itself Brahmins? Anybody can say the Hinduism is born and brought up by itself Brahmins so the identity is no doubt the creations of Brahmins. Now let’s move to their next idiotic logic. Parvathi created instant young powerful boy that could protect her. According to that story Ganesh given a task by his mother to protect her as a watch man. Ganesh took the responsibility and became a watch man in front of the door and did not let anyone to enter in to the home. Shiva came and tried to enter in to the home but Ganesh and Shiva did not recognize themselves as father and son being themselves as even Gods. Its ok let it be… lets move further…..Now due to misunderstanding they fought to each other and father resulted powerful so Ganesh beheaded by his father Shiva and got dead. When Parvathi came to know the incident she cried and demanded to make Ganesh alive again. Father Shiva did not try to join again to the original head with the torso but ordered to his soldiers to find another head. Its because beheading with weapon of Shiva i.e. by Trishul can’t be joined again. Which proofs itself God Shiva is powerless in front his own weapon Trishul. According to Shiva’s command his followers went and came with a baby elephant head. Here Lord Shiva ordered to behead a baby elephant’s head to give life to his own son! What a justice by God? Since Ganesh had made by only Parvati she could have make another Ganesh from her body dirt or at least she would have make another head and could join with the beheaded torso to make him live again but she did not, may be she had lost her presence of mind. Perhaps creator of mind born identity Ganesh had not thought about these dimensions. Now here is the most heinous and stupid part comes. I have been interviewed hundreds of intellectual Hindu scholars asking “who is actually Ganesh identity?” none of them satisfied with their answers without their bookie knowledge which is superficial honey coated lies that are told to them by scriptures and stupid religious so called religious scholars or as religious authorities. So I concluded with being a book worm can’t be a rationally literate. It means logical blindness can be induced through the faiths even to educated mass; those can even be controlled with blind beliefs through the faith system. I questioned them who was that baby elephant? whose head is joined on the beheaded Ganesh torso? Many could not answer and some said Airavata. Airavata was the carrier elephant of Indra which was a wrong answer told by them, but nowhere mentioned the name of the baby elephant that is used as head of Ganesh. Now let’s move to next. Shiva joined the baby elephant’s head to torso of Ganesh and given life to that manimal (man + animal = manimal or man + elephant = manephant or Elephant man) identity and elephant headed identity became our “lord of study or wisdom” Ganesh. Our god of wisdom origin is stupid base of wisdom. Which kind of joke it is? Head is the identity of a biological system or its torso? Head controls the whole body and biological identity remains in its head so head is the unit of a biological system that contains the original identity of that living being. Now when Ganesh beheaded; itself in that day only Ganesh got brain death so he got his biological death even in their imaginative story. The baby elephant joined on the Ganesh’s torso should act as an elephant or as a human being? Then who is the elephant we have been worshiping till to date as Ganesh? Is not it a heinous crime by Brahmins those made fools to their followers with honey coated lies for their evil intentions? An innocent follower came to me and said I could not understand what exactly you said. I asked him are you married? He said no. I asked have you any brother that married? He said yes we are only two brothers and my elder brother is married. Now I said when you three i.e. you, your elder brother and wife of your elder brother worshiping Lord Shiva; Shiva got angry due to mistakes of you two brothers so beheaded both. Now due to crying and pleasing behavior of the elder brother’s wife, Shiva cooled and given order to join the heads so that he can give again life to them. She did the same Shiva gave them life again. Now what happened wife of the elder brother mistakenly joined the heads with alternate torsos i.e. she had join the head of her husband to younger brother’s torso and brother in law’s head on to her husband’s torso. Now whom she will consider as her husband? If she calls to her husband with his name, then husband head with younger brother’s torso answers as her husband so how could be the torso of her husband with younger brother head will be her husband? Now if Ganesh got dead in that incident how a baby elephant implanted on the torso of Ganesh could be the identity of Ganesh? It’s an elephant without any name but it’s not Ganesh without any doubt. We have been fooled till to date worshiping the identity as Ganesh is nothing but a psychological disorder and a great cheat by Brahmins to their followers. These mind born identity simply made for controlling the brains of the followers or controlling a social group those believe in these stupid stories and think its the origin of their faith. Social conformity polarized by these con race with their mind born powerful identities to control their followers brains for organized benefits from them.


KrishnaKrishna (कृष्ण) is a major Hindu deity worshiped in a variety of different perspectives. Krishna is recognised as the Svayam Bhagavan by Hindu Scholars in his own right or as the complete/absolute incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna itself the word represents “Black” so the complexion of Krishna identity was black which directly proves he was for tribal race of ancient India if he was a native to this demography. Vishnu is a Vedic God so when Brahmin ruled the Mauryan’s United Kingdom they must have been fabricated the identity saying he is the Avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu if he was really existed or Krishna is also a mind-born identity to destroy and decline Buddhism in Bihar linking him to Yadavs found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Since Yadavas or Cow raising clans or cattle raising clans in that regions were major clan; who must have been followed Buddhism in the age of Asoka empire; Brahmins must have been made this identity and linked to Yadas to destroy Buddhism and uplifting their faith Brahmanism. According to Indian mythology Krishna belongs to yadu or Yadav clan which are majorly seen in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh state so if he existed then he may be the identity from tribal Bihar or Uttar Pradesh race and rest are mind born stories with rare truth. Yadavs are included in OBC (Vedic Shudra) so according to Vedic believe itself Lord Krishna belongs to Shudra. How Brahmins know the identities are the incarnation of Vishnu? Which machine or knowledge do they have knowing the past and present of an identity? It’s all knave or crook game by Brahmins those use Avatar(incarnation) word to theft any linguistic famous identity for their self and organized benefits. They are the master of lies and bluffs. Tell mind born stories linking to the identity for mind control to their followers. Krishna is one of the most widely revered and popular of all Hindu deities. There is no relation between Vedic Gods and pagan deities of any linguistic race. Brahmins just included famous identities form many linguistic race either real or mind born for their racial hegemony. They used the identity of Krishna to promote the Brahmanism and to control the Krishna believers. We also find Krishna as pivotal identity in Mahabharata; the earliest text to explicitly provide detailed descriptions of Krishna as a personality is the epic Mahabharata which depicts Krishna as an incarnation of Vishnu. If we trace time period of Krishna existence, then it would be about 900-800BC.

kuru-and-krishna-genelogyAccording to genealogy of Krishna from different mythological resources we need to use only our commonsense to trace his authenticity. Krishna Lilia & Mahabharata may be only stories with some rare truths. Brahmins had created and promoted many mind born stories to fool Hindu followers; which is earlier known as Sanatan Dharma. Ramayana, Mahabharata and Krishna Lila etc. are only good tales of ancient India or may be tales with some rare truths. Ancient India was a place of many kingdoms or different kind of social groups or tribes or clans and nomadic groups. They had their own language and own kind of faiths and own kind of living styles. Vedic clan was one from them. When Vedic clan promoted themselves as Brahmins they started to unify the demography by war and after that as an empire of faith. They included different kind of paganism or local believed idols or famous identities those are believed to be their deities or god and goddess, their faiths and their tales, in their created Brahmanism or Vedism faith to easy control over the land for personal and organized benefits to their race. All these stories have the many versions from different parts of the India. Though its claimed all are written in Brahmin’s language Sanskrit; it’s totally unknown from which linguistic and tribal or kingdom origin all its belongs to as originals. No one knows about their original origins and their original manuscripts. Sanskrit is not an old language as it is claimed. If Sanskrit language is older then why it had not developed their own letters? The widely used letters of Sanskrit is Devanagari; which is recently few centuries back developed letters. The simple evidence or proof is; no one can’t find any Hindi or Devanagari edicts or stone inscriptions or palm inscriptions in India as it is claimed so ancient. If Devanagari is not so old, then what was the letters of Sanskrit in earlier periods? If Sanskrit has no letters developed in their age, then how it could be taken as so old and prime icon of India? Many other languages are there in India; they might be even older than Sanskrit! Should we take them as ancient origin and origin of India? Many compositions translated to Sanskrit with an evil intention to promote a race i.e. Brahmanism. Let’s come to the story of Krishna as we are told by Hindu promoters. If we go through the Krishna Lila, first of all in the story, we are told “an air voice told as prophesy in the presence of Kamsa that his sister’s eighth son would kill Kansa.” Right? Who is that air voice? Who told and why? Who told is absent but motive of voice was death of Kamsa. Is it possible voice by air? Now being a sister Devaki could have been decline or dissolve the marriage so that her Brother could have been protected. Kamsa could have been killed to itself Vasudeva or they could have been separated not for sex. There were no contraceptives in those days its ok, but sexual intercourse depends upon them and their wills why they made interest for children though they knew they will be killed? They could have been made them impotent in first place so that their children would not killed by Kamsa. There were many options not to have children! Kamsa had locked them in the cell and could have been forced not to have sex! Why they sex together to produce children? They could have been kept in separate cells? Let’s its be also ok, they produced children but why up to 8th one? They could have been convinced to Kamsa not to kill children up to 7th. They could have been go for one or two children and after that they could have been stopped. It’s because aired voice had told 8th children will kill the Kamsa, not the other children? Why they went for 8ths? Let’s its be OK, if itself Lord Vishnu knew he will be Avatar of Krishna and will kill Kamsa then why he would not take birth in first place to save other children? If you start to think like this, then you will also find many loopholes of the story and a mind born story for entertainment…. Don’t believe in fake mind born honey coated stories those are made for making fools to followers. Krishna is portrayed as Juvenile criminal in Krishna Lila. He is portrayed as even a pervert to see naked Gopis, taking away their dresses and commanding coming out from river without covering their bodies. He is portrayed as having extra martial affairs with Radha as sacred love and has been worshiped till to date in many temples. He is not worshiped with his legal wives but with his extra marital affair lover Radha why????? Many version of Krishna Lila, Radha is portrayed as elder to him and as an aunt. Kamsa was a Devil or “Rakshasa” then his sister Devaki also genetically belongs to clan of Devils so ultimately Krishna also genetically from clan of Devils or “Rakshasa” then how he is portrayed as God? Krishna Lila is psychological punch to depart Krishna from devils to Deva or converting him to a representative of Brahmanism due to popularity as a tribal icon. He is portrayed as savior to Gambler Pandavas. Ignoring all these facts by a follower is called logical blindness which is a psychological disorder. When a follower ignores all these facts and advocates for its authenticity what should it be called? Brahmins are well in this kind of skills and master of bluffs. Major stories are only promoted by Brahmins there is no roles of these characters those are presented as our Gods. They never told us we are your Gods and follow us as your ideology. Brahmins only sell their privacy for personal and organized benefits making many fabrications to them. These characters are also victims of Brahmins. They lock these identities in a temple like a thief and sell their blessing to their believers.



We come to know about Rama only by the story of Ramayana. Ramayana has the many versions in India even outside of India. Though it is claimed original version of Ramayana had composed by Rishi Valmiki in Sanskrit, it’s totally doubtful that it’s from Vedic clan origin and the story is originally a truer fact. First claim the Ramayana composed by Valmiki may be true but he was a Rishi from Vedic clan is false due to many evidences. The character of Rama is not mentioned in Vedas. We can’t find a single time Rama word is used in Rig Veda or Rama is the Avatar of Vishnu even in their edited version of Vedas for single time. Now question arises it’s a mind born tale or a myth or it’s a truth or story with rare truth? Valmiki was a roadside robber and composed Ramayana which is widely adopted myth by itself Brahmins. Brahmins consider Valmiki as Maharshi but don’t worship to him considering him as Shudra. Now here question arises if Valmiki is Maharshi then why he is untouchable by Brahmins? We can also see Valmiki commune as untouchables in India. Here one thing is clear Valmiki identity and his famous story is used for promotion of Brahmin’s created Sanatana Dharma which was earlier Brahmanism or Vedism for self and organized benefits to unify the commune due to popularity of the tale Ramayana. Valmiki is rename to original composer of Ramayana named “Ratnakar.” The story may be also with its own linguistic origin  with some other version! But original version is unknown. If robber “Ratnakara” alias Valimik’s mother tongue was Sanskrit then its belongs to Vedic clan. Brahmin from high intellectual status or identity from Vedic clan, can’t be a robber; its because Vedic clan full of deties and noble persons not by devils or demons or robbers; so he was neither a Brahmin nor was belongs to Vedic clan even from their edited fabrication version of story. If he was a Brahmin then they would never have been portrayed Valmiki as a Robber or considered him as an untouchable. So Ramayana had translated to Sanskrit from other linguistic origin; the language of Brahmins, claiming the original version of Ramayan is in Sanskrit is totally a fabrication by Brahmins. It is very hard to trace from which linguistic clan originally Ramayana belongs to; due to puzzled fabrications by Brahmins or creation of web of misconceptions. Since Ayodhya is in Uttar Prdesh then we can guess Rama identity was form this region or composer was from this region and his mother tongue was one from the language used by this region.  Bramhanitization of Ramayana majorly propagated as promotional propaganda of Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism in medieval India to present days. Original character Rama was not Kshatriya but only a king but Brahmins made him Kshatriya to promote the caste system made by them. Original version of Ramayan is still unknown. Though Ramayana has the many versions from different parts of the India; but its claimed by Brahmins the origin or manuscript is written in Brahmin’s language Sanskrit, where in truth its totally unknown from which linguistic and tribal or kingdom origin it belongs to as original. Sanskrit is not an old language as it is claimed. If Sanskrit language is older than other then why it had not developed their own letters? The widely used letters for Sanskrit is Devanagari or Hindi, may be it was something else before it is named as Devanagari and Hindi; which is recently few centuries back developed letters. If Hindi or Devanagari is so ancient then why we don’t have evidences or proofs in stone inscription or as ancient stone edicts from the ancient origin? you can’t find any Hindi or Devanagari stone edicts or stone inscriptions in India as it is claimed so ancient as a reliable evidence. If Ashoka stone edicts are found as old then why Devanagari stone edicts evidences are absent? Leave the stone inscriptions; even you can’t find palm inscription as old as it is claimed old. Ramayana these days only promoted by vedic promoters according to their favor to use the identity of Rama as an ideology of “Maryaada Purusottama” or “undeniable best noble character male” by Hindu followers and as God. Brahmins behaving Valmiki as untouchable or Shudra points he was belonging to the tribal origin without affiliation to any fourfold caste system or Chatur Varna. So, it’s a popular tale by tribal composer Ratnakara which is decorously portrayed by Brahmins as Maharshi Valmiki told by Narada to write the story of Rama is from fabrication origin. According to Brahmins the writer of Ramayana Valmiki even was a roadside robber known as “Dashyu Ratnakar” or “Robber Ratnakara” and was killing many passengers those were passing in the jungle. According to tale, once “Narada” the another mind born dedicated character in Brahmanism caught by robber Valmiki and informed that whatever he is doing its called sin. Narada told him whatever the sin you do for your livelihood and for your family is your family known about your profession? are they part of your sin? Valmiki went to ask the family “are you all part of my sins, though the profession I do all for your sake of living?” Family denied saying you are responsible for your sins not us, because your responsibility is to maintain your family how you maintain its your responsibility so sin done by you is only yours we are not the part of your sins. Robber Ratnakara changed and asked for rectification of his behavior and life to wash all his sins. Narada said to Ratnakara ‘There is a great man called Rama…’, ‘Rama is a God among men…Close your eyes and keep chanting his name. Narada taught the robber this mantra for salvation and said it will wipe away all your sins.’ Ratnakar asked Narada with wild eyes, ‘For how long..should I…?’Narada smiled, ‘Till I come to get you Ratnakar.’ Ratnakara got a good bath from the river passing by and started to chant Rama..Rama.. under a tree. In other version it was Mara…Mara… ultimately it pronounced as Rama…Rama…Later Narada itself forgot the incident but after many years when Narada again was passing by that way; he came to hear Rama.. Rama… from the jungle with a human covered by ant-hills grew around his body. Narada reminded the incident and declared his penance is successful, bestowing him with the name “Valmiki”: “one born out of ant-hills” (Valmikam in Sanskrit means Ant-hill). According to instructions of Narada Valmiki wrote Ramayana. This decorum story is originally a fabricated story with honey coated lies to hide the real composer of Ramayana using name Valmiki. This decorum honey coated story even gives enough evidence that original Ramayana is a creation of non-Vedic clan. If a non-Vedic story is composed by non-Vedic composer, then the story is no doubt from the Atishudroid (tribal) origin according to Vedism itself. So itself Ramayana is a famous tribal story in ancient India other than Vedic clan from one of the linguistic tribal race from India till it Brahmhinitized or Sanskritised in the name of Valmiki. Rama himself lived 14 years of his exlied life in jungle means with Sheduled tribes. If he was a casteist then would it be possible staying with Atishudra i.e. with the Scheduled tribes for 14years? Ramayana translated to many linguistic races with different kind of versions so it’s a popular story without any doubts but it’s from Vedic clan is absolutely wrong. Now to know authentication of the characters or creation of  time frame of the story we have to go through the stories and standard of living of the social groups mentioned in Ramayana. The major versions tell the story is originated to a Kings family. May be before the story being portrayed as a king family it may be a story of a tribal chief and his sons. Let it be the story of a king due to admittance of different version that Rama was a son of a King. So it proves the story belongs to the time frame when social groups had their kings as their administrators or it belongs to the age of Kingdoms or age of Monarchs. So according to three ages system it may maximum extend up to Neolithic age 10,200 BC – 2,000 BC but majorly expected to Bronze Age due to modernization of Neolithic age so the probable era must be around 3300 BC –1200 BC. The father of Rama was Dasharatha literally Dasha means 10 and Ratha means Chariots which implies the king had his name due to his 10 chariots or chariots had been used in that time frame as their prime carriers but it is not focused in the story. Now if we trace the age in which chariots were widely used it lies even time frame 3300 BC –1300 BC. So maximum age of the story may be to this time frame not more than that. According to wikipedia the epic Ramayana, dated variously from 5th century BCE to first century BCE. The fiction characters used in the story like Marichi (Golden deer), Hanuman (Monkey God), Jambavan (The King of the Bears), Jatayu (Eagle), Macchanu (Son of Hanuman), Makardhwaja (Son of Hanuman), Vanara Shena (army of monkeys), Menaka, Sampati (Brother of Jatayu), Surasa, Suvannamaccha, Tumburu, Vali, Sugriva, Angada etc. etc. are mind born characters to decorum the story which are imaginative and most of them biologically impossible as manimals (Man+animal). Brahmins majorly fabricated the story linking Vedic characters like Visnu, Indra, Bramha etc. from Rig Veda origin and making Rama as Kshatirya putting Purusha Sukta to it to Bramhanitizing the story. Some Brahmins version of the story even claimed Dasharatha the father of Rama was an impotent. Queens of Dasharatha sexually conceived by some Rishis through niyoga so Queens were able to bore four sons Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughana. In this version it is indirectly mentioned the sons of Dasharatha though belongs to Kshatriyas as from foster father Dasharatha but biologically belongs to Brahmins; it’s because major Rishis from Vedic clans promoted as Brahmins; but in truth in Vedic version of Ramayana all the sons are from Bastard origin it’s because queens got pregnant without wedlock with the Queens as extra marital affairs or adultery. Even in Ramayana different incidents points Rama was a simple human being; but portrayed as super hero for religious benefits. Rama was exiled for 14 years and lived in forest eating fruits, non-vegs and water from rivers. He and his wife and brother Lakshmana used to toilet in open fields, living life without electricity and striving for life fighting with his enemies. If God’s standard of living is less than his devotees, then how he could be considered as God? If itself Gods are deprived of from good life and liberty, then how could he develop the life of devotees? Rama and characters from Ramayana never said we are your super heroes and obey, worship us as your Gods even in fabricated origin of stories. It’s the Sanatana Dharama promoters they hype they are the Deities, super heroes of Hindu religion and be devotees to get benefits from their superpowers. Superpowers are also imaginary or mind born by them in the name of those characters to fool the followers. So main culprits are the Sanatana Dharma promoters those are exploiting and making fools to the Hindu followers till to date playing with their emotions for their innocence and ignorance. His weapons though portrayed as supreme by bluff words and visualize boastfully with computerized special effect animations in these days of technology but worse than even present days, weapons we use i.e. Hindu God’s power is even worse than his devotees. He and his brother were using archery as their major weapons but we use machine guns, rocket launchers, atomic, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that are even better than our God.  When god Rama was exiled to the forest together with his wife, Marichi  appeared as golden deer and fooled god Rama. Although Rama was a “god”, he was not able to see through Marichi’s disguise! Rama had no common sense there is no golden deer exists simply declining to his wife that its fake; or Rama was a wife sycophant so he did whatever his wife said without any commonsense. The above decorum origin of the story implies that its mostly from fiction origin. Though so called racist intellect writers tried to rectify the story according to their favor to use its popularity for their racial benefits but could not logically rectified all of them. Ravana took one day to abduct the Sita but Rama being God took years to rescue her. Using “Pushpaka Yana” or airplane or aerial car by Ravana is again implies the story is from mind born or imaginative origin; it’s because in those days, aviation were not improved to that extent without only the boastful imaginations. They spent almost 12 years in the forest peacefully  but  towards  the  end  of  the  exile  Ravana  abducted  Sita  to  Lanka. Being in forest with his wife having no sex is also a question! There were no contraceptives in those days, so not being pregnant by Sita in 12 years is again questions about the mannishness of Rama and shadow of doubt being impotent. Again, to retrieve his wife from devil Ravan, god Rama sought the help of Sugriva and Hanuman, the monkey identities in Ramayana. Hanuman portrayed as Rama’s prime slave or faithful servant; later even Hanuman became one of the major Hindu god due to popularity of the identity. Rama  and  Lakshmana  struck friendship with Sugreeva and Hanuman who would aid them (after Rama killed Vali and anointed Sugriva in the throne) with their monkey brigade to fight Ravana. It was agreed that Rama should help Sugriva to kill Vali and to establish him on the throne of Kishkindha. On the part of Sugriva and Hanuman it was agreed that they will help Rama to regain Sita. To enable Rama to fulfill his part of the compact it was planned that Sugriva should wear a garland in his neck as to be easily distinguishable to Rama from Vali and that while the dual was going on Rama should conceal himself behind a tree and then shoot an arrow at Vali and kill him. Accordingly, a dual was arranged, Sugriva with a garland in his neck and while the dual was on, Rama standing behind a tree shot Vali with his arrow and opened the way to Sugriva to be the king of Kishkindha. This murder of Vali is the greatest blot on the character of Rama. It was a crime which was thoroughly unprovoked, for Vali had no quarrel with Rama. It was most cowardly act for Vali was unarmed. It was a planned and premeditated murder. It means Rama had contract with monkeys to help against help. Would a god seek the help of another god to murder a third one? For personal benefits? How a god supports killing of numbers of lives in the war for his wife or for self benefits without caring values of others lives? Those soldiers died in the war, they might be a husband or brother or son or a father etc. to a family member; think what would have been happened to them by loosing a dear guardian member of a family? Those got died in the war are they involved with the abduction of his wife? Which kind of a justice by a God that results with  rescue of wife against thousands of lives? Again according to Ramayana Surpanakha the sister of the main antagonist, Ravana, King of Lanka was instantly smitten by Rama’s youthful good looks  when she met the exiled Prince Rama of Ayodhya, during one such visit to the Forest of Panchavati. Rama meanwhile spurned her advances, telling her that he was faithful to his wife Sita and thus would never take another wife. Rejected, Surpankha then approached his younger brother, Lakshmana, who reacted in a similar manner and said she was not what he desired in a wife. They decided to play a prank on her. At last, Surpanakha realized they were making her a laughing stock. Eventually seeing that the brothers were making fun of her, the humiliated and envious Shurpanakha attacked Sita but was thwarted by Lakshmana, who cut off her nose and sent her back to Lanka. Is it a justified action by godly characters? Disfiguring a woman’s face only for a love approach, is really justified? If being a brother Ravana took revenge to Rama then where is wrong in it? If your sister had disfigured by a boy when she approached her love to him, won’t you react on to it? If you really love to your sister then no doubt you will react badly as Ravana did to Rama but may be with some other reactions. Here love of a brother to his sister and crime of God Rama and his brother Lakshman is ignored by Hindu followers and Ravana as villain is focused by the religion promoters. The characters of Ramayana i.e. Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanumana and Ravana etc. etc. are just the characters with bad and good human qualities as usual without any special importance but the favorable idenity is promoted for racial benifits though characters in the story has no connections with the followers. Ravan had 10 heads; is it possible bore a baby with 10 heads? His mom’s had a vagina or it was a cave? Is it really possible a man with 10 heads?  Characters are used to polarize and motivate the followers making an emotional attach to them with a psychological trap by promoters as a cunning game by itself promoters for personal and organized benefits of the religion. If Hanuman could fly carrying big mountains, he should have in the first instance carried and flown god Rama to Sri Lanka, which would have resulted in early rescue of Sita. Who knows what Ravan might have done to Sita during this period in his custody? Definitely a devil would have done only “devilish” things! After the rescue of Sita, Sita got pregnant and questioned by his citizens about the chastity of Sita. The story goes as Rama ordered Sita to exile in the forest doubting the chastity. Here God has no confirmation of being father of his kids or confirmed so he determined to punish her for exile. Sita became guest of Valmiki where Rama’s two twin sons got bore as Lava and Kusha and learned the Ramayan from Valmiki and recited in front of Rama. In other version, Sita abandoned by Rama and left to die in a jungle. Sita went for shelter in the Ashrama of Valmiki which was near about. Valmiki gave her protection and kept her in his Ashram. There in course of time Sita gave birth to twin sons, called Kusa and Lava. Sita and her two sons lived with Valmiki. Valmiki brought up the boys and taught them to sing the Ramayana which he had composed. For 12 years the boys lived in the forest in the Ashrama of Valmiki not far from Ayodhya where Rama continued to rule. Never once in those 12 years this model husband and loving father cared to inquire what had happened to Sita whether she was living or whether she was dead. Twelve years after Rama meets Sita in a strange manner. Rama decided to perform a Yangya and issued invitation to all the Rishis to attend and take part. For reasons best known to Rama himself no invitation was issued to Valmiki although his Ashram was near to Ayodhya.  Some version of Ramayana says, Sita had given her test for chastity in a pyre where she did not burn proving she was pure, after that she went inside the Earth, everyone distressed and Rama took his sons and returned to Ayodhya. If she did not burn why she went inside the earth? Though its portrayed, she had passed in the test of chastity but going inside the earth points, she got dead after the test but decorously maintained the identity of Sita Character as good. Here if we start to guess that Sita might had been helped to Valmiki to write Ramayana then how Sita got to know what happened to his husband and brother in-law Laxman after the abduction? And absence incidents of Rama and Lakshmana? If Rama was god, then why there was a fiction game with his own personification ability as human with divinity ability as god? If he had superpower ability as god, then why acted as human? And took so long time to rescue his wife? If he acted as human, then why his human actions are portrayed as God? It implies his actions are portrayed as superficial superpower for specific beneficial motives? Or it’s a popular story used by the Vedic religion crowed makers for propaganda motive to use the identity for their personal and organized benefits portraying Rama as avatar of Vishnu the Vedic god to promote the Santana Dharma to fool their followers? Valmiki also gives a detailed description of how Rama spent his life in the Zenana. This Zenana was housed in a park called Ashoka Vana. There Rama, used to take his meal. The food according to Valmiki consisted of all kinds of delicious viands. They included flesh and fruits and liquor. Rama was not a teetotaler. He drank liquor copiously and Valmiki records that Rama saw to it that Sita joined with him in his drinking bouts. From the description of the Zenana of Rama as given by Valmiki it was by no means a mean thing. There were Apsaras, Uraga and Kinnari accomplished in dancing and singing. There were other beautiful women brought from different parts. Rama sat in the midst of these women drinking and dancing. They pleased Rama and Rama garlanded them. Valmiki calls Rama as a ‘Prince among women’s men ‘. This was not a day’s affair. It was a regular course of his life. The death of Rama and Lakshmana was quite interesting. Due to ultimatum given by Rishi Durvasa Rama and Lakshmana both made suicide in Sarayu River. Rama made suicide decorously mentioned as, he had chosen not to live in earth so chosen heaven for which he immersed in Sarayu River. According to some scholars Vishnu takes different Avatars to maintain Dharma in Hinduism so Vishnu took the Avatar of Rama and restored Dharma and then returned to Vaikuntha. According to Padma Purana disappearance of Rama from earth happened when he entered voluntarily into the Sarayu River. This event is described as the death of Lord Rama. Is Sarayu River a path to heaven or Vaikuntha? Ramayana is having many versions according to the imagination of its composers so authenticity is only fabrications and fictions though characters are used the same but few events differs according to their favor with main anatomy of the story. The truth is, it’s only a fiction or may be a story with rare truth that had been inspired by real life but not as God or supper human as it is claimed; it’s because we can’t find anywhere that claims that one of the character from Ramayana assisted to Valmiki to write the Ramayana. If no character from Ramayana assisted to Valmiki, then how Valmiki able to write each and everything that happened in the story? Then how it could be considered as a true story? If it had even a true story, then how Rama is a God? that act as a simple human being whose standard of living even worse than present lower middle class family. Even present middle class family able to communicate his family members within few minutes with a mobile phone that lives thousands and thousands miles far from them! Now people takes less than 4 hours to reach from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka where Rama being a God could not reach Sri Lanka less than 4 hours. If Rama setu is present then where is their humanoid monkeys fossils those made that Rama Setu? The entertainment of Rama was depending upon the dancers, musicians etc. entertainers of his kingdom; but common peoples of present days, entertainment changes with a single click of a remote button with hundreds of TV channels and thousands and thousands of entertainers. The standard of living of even poor people of present day is better than Vedic deities and different Hindu Gods. Vedic promoter or promoters of Sanatan Dharma or majorly Brahmins and some witty so called spiritual guru or leaders making fools to Indian innocent and ignorant Hindu followers saying same stories thousands and thousands time like Ramayana, Krishna Lila or Mahabharata to wash their brain and to make monetary and political benefits from them.

Hanuman (Monky Man)

lord-hanuman-37aHanuman  is a god and an ardent devotee of the god Rama. He is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic Ramayana and its various versions. As one of the Chiranjivi he is also mentioned in several other texts, including Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Jain texts. Vanara (monkey), Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravana. Several texts also present him as an incarnation of Shiva. He is the son of Anjana and Kesari, and is also described as the son of the wind-god Pawan, who according to several stories, played a role in his birth. According to his artistic impression human body with monkey face is totally impossible as natural till to date so the identity we are told as Hanuman is fake i.e. a mind born artistic impression. He may be either a human or a monkey. There is no evidence exists he was a man so he was a monkey. Brahmin promoted a monkey as god of Hindus with fake mind born powers portraying to him to fool Hindu followers. Brahmin’s bluff story of birth of Hanuman is quite interesting; Añjanā was the mother of Hanuman, according to one version of the story, Añjanā was an apsara named Puñjikastalā, who was born on earth as monkey princess and married Kesari, a monkey chief. Vayu, god of the wind, carried the divine power of Lord Shiva to Anjana’s womb, and thus Hanuman was himself an incarnation of Lord Shiva. How Brahmins knows all the hereditary structure of all gods those were not existed in their time? Are Brahmins being the God of Hindu Gods? lol but its truth they are the God of all Hindu Gods it’s the reason why they are only the conspiracy theorists of Hindu mind control. In another version, Kesari was a male vanara who was brave and inquisitive by nature–and a chief. He was the father of the Hindu god Hanuman and husband of Anjana. Before Hanuman was born, Kesari used to wander around to different holy places, and whenever he found a scenic garden, he would sit in long meditation. Together with Anjana, he prayed to the god Shiva for a son. Shiva, pleased by their devotion and prayers granted the request and Shiva was born to Anjana, later named Hanuman. This is why Hanuman is also called Rudra, another name Shiva was known by. Kesari was a powerful vanara. In this version Brahmins had tried to scapegoat the Shiva in to their favor. To dominate Shaivasim with Hanuman. Major version is adopted around the Hindus is Hanuman was the son of Vayu(wind); it’s the reason why he is called Vayu putra hanuman i.e. son of the wind. Now question arises how wind can pregnant a human or a female monkey? Brahmins bluffs has no boundaries of lies. They can say anything to fool the Hindu followers; fool and stupid Hindus admit everything without any questions and interpretations protecting the Brahmins bluffs and their lies saying what they believe is undeniable truth & right. Some orthodox followers even will verbal abuse if you are opening their eyes because they love blind belies, irrationality, lies, delusions and stupidity. Brahmins had made Hindus so genetically logically blind, irrational and psychologically hysteria, that they don’t care to their critics. Hanuman got famous due to Hanuman Chalisha written by a Brahmin named Tulsidas (1497/1532AD–1623AD). They fooled Hindu followers saying eternal security, virtue & prosperity can be achieved by chanting Hanuman Chalisha. In the age of Kingdom Kshatriyas were their first scapegoats because Kshatriyas had wealth and power and Vaishya were in second scapegoat list to have benefits from them. After the abolition of age of kingdom Vaishya or business class or wealthy Shudras became their prime scapegoats. Hindu Vaishya are major devotees of Hanuman. Here Hanuman the slave to God Rama is also a God.


हमारे भारत में बहूत बड़े-बड़े महान ज्ञानी पण्डित लोग भी है जो लाम्बी-लम्बी हांकते है, और राम के असत्तित्व के प्रमाण देते है, और कूछ मूर्ख तो ऐसा भी कहते है कि साइंस ने सिध्द कर दिया है कि राम थे, और राम का जन्म किस साल कौन सी तारीख को, कौन से महीने और कौन से वक्त हुआ था ये भी ईन लोगो ने ऐक सोफ्टवेयर द्वारा पता लगा लिया हे ऐसा दावा करते है….

और रामायण एक सत्य कहानी है,उन सभी साइन्टीफिक दुष्ट, पापी, पाखण्डी ब्राह्मणो से मेरा एक साइन्टीफिक सवाल क्या उडनछू बन्दर हनुमान के पसीने मे शुक्राणू थे ???
वैसे तो कालप्नीक हास्य कथा रामायण के अनुसार हनुमान ब्रम्हचारी थे, लेकिन उनका एक पूत्र भी था जिसका नाम था, ” मकरध्वज ” ।।।।

रामायण के अनुसार, जब हनुमान लंका को अपनी पूछ से जलाकर आ रहे थे तो, उन्होने सागर की गहराई मे गोता लगाया, उसी समय, हनुमान के पसीने की एक बून्द टपकी और उस बून्द को एक विशाल मछली ने पी लिया और उस पसीने की बून्द से वह मछ्ली गर्भवती हो गयी, और उसने, हनुमान के पूत्र मकरध्वज को जन्म दिया.

अब इस बेवकुफी पर आप सभी महाज्ञानी ब्रह्मंवादियों से मेरे कूछ सवाल:
1) क्या हनुमान के पसीने मे भी शूक्राणू थे ??
2) दुनिया मे एसा कौन सा जीव है, जो मुखद्वार और वो भी पसीने से गर्भवती हो जाता हो, वो ऐसी कौन सी मछली थी ???
3) और मछलीया तो अण्डे देती है, तो भी क्या हनूमान के पूत्र का जन्म अण्डे से हुआ????
4) क्या पानी मे किसी को पसीना आ सकता है, अगर आभी जाये तो पसीन तुरंत पानी मे मिल जायेगाना की उसकी बून्द रहेगी.

मुझे तो रामायण जैसी महा काल्पनीक किताब पड़्कर तो सिर्फ हंसी आती है, ना जाने ये बेवकुफ ऐसी काल्पनीक कहानी पर विश्वास कैसे कर लेते है…


lakshmi-maa-hindu-goddessLakshmi is Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity(both material and spiritual). She is wife and active energy of God Vishnu, who is Supreme God in Vaishnavism. Her four hands represent the four goals of human life considered important to the Hindu way of life – dharma, kāma, artha, and moksha. Representations of Lakshmi are also found in Jain monuments. According to artistic impression of Lakshmi the identity with four hands still biologically impossible so artistic impression is fake.  According to Puranic contexts, Sage Bhrigu was married to Khyaati who had two two sons Dhata and Vidhaata and a daughter Lakshmi. Lakshmi then married Lord Vishnu. This was the first appearance of goddess lakshmi. So Major Brahmin architect Bhrigus’s son-in-laws is Vishnu its the reason why major deities of Hindu origin are Avatars of Vishnu. In her second appearance she appeared as the daughter of ocean like an instant 20-35yrs lady from “Samudra Manthan” as shown in artistic impression without any biological principle of reproduction.

Brahmins Bluff goes like this….Once sage Durvaasa was wandering on the earth. He saw a beautiful girl with a garland. She presented the garland respectfully to the sage. Right at that moment, he saw Indra riding on Airaavat, the elephant. Instinctively, sage Durvaasa put that garland around the neck of Indra but Indra removed it and put it on Airaavat’s head. Airaavat pulled the garland with his trunk and smashed it on the ground. This whole sequence of events frustrated Durvaasa who cursed Indra that he will loose all his wealth. As a result Indra lost his wealth with a passage of time. Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi too didn’t stayed there. She made her abode in the abysmal depth of the sea. Very soon, the demons launched an attack on the gods and drove them out of heaven. Indra along with other gods approached Lord Vishnu. Pleased by their prayers, Lord Vishnu appeared before them and said-the only way to took out the lakshmi from the sea is to perform the churning of ocean with the help of demons. Following the advice of Lord Vishnu, the gods reconciled with the demons and convinced them to carry out the churning of the sea. Then they began the churning using Mandaraachal Mountain. As soon as the churning began, Mandaraachal began to sink. Lord Vishnu took incarnation of Kachchhap (the great tortoise) and bore the weight of the mighty mountain on His back. During the churning, Kamadhenu, the wishful cow was the first to emerge. It was presented to the sages as an aid for their Yangyas. It was followed by the Vaaruni devi, Kalpavriksha (the wishful tree) after which, beautiful apsaras appeared. The Moon followed the apsaras and was taken up by Shiva on His forehead. During the churning, huge quantity of poison had also emerged. It was drunk by Lord Shiva and some parts of it were taken up by the serpents. In the end, Dhanvantari himself emerged from the sea carrying the urn of ambrosia. It was during the churning itself that Lakshmi appeared once again from the sea holding lotuses in her hands. All the sages prayed her. Then taking bath with divine water, goddess Lakshmi took her seat in the heart of Lord Vishnu. When the demons saw that Lakshmi had chosen Lord Vishnu’s heart as her abode, they got perplexed. They at once snatched the urn from Dhanvantari and ran away. Then a row broke out among them over the drinking of ambrosia. Each of the demons wanted to drink ambrosia in maximum quantity. Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu also arrived there in the guise of an extremely pretty woman Mohini and took possession of the urn. Mohini had pleased the demons with her sweet smile while distributing ambrosia among the gods.Thus, the gods came to drink ambrosia. When at last, the demons realised that they had been cheated they immediately attacked the gods. But since the gods had regained their strength, they soon defeated the demons without much ado. Afterwards, the gods prayed Lord Vishnu and returned to heaven to rule it. Indra regain all his wealth. He prayed goddess Lakshmi with devotion and respect. Thus, Lakshmi had appeared as the daughter of Bhrigu and his wife Khyaati. Then second time, she emerged from beneath the sea during its churning. It is believe that one who read this story with devotion will never be deprive of wealth in his life.


saraswatiSaraswati  is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. She is a part of the trinity (Tridevi) of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. All the three forms help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate-recycle the Universe respectively. She also named as Satarupa, Savitri,  Gayatri, and Brahmani. Majorly Vedic lower caste deities are famous in the Hinduism, not a single Brahmin God worshiped except Brahma which is biologically impossible i.e. man with remaining four heads. Brahma had five heads but one head had slain by Shiva and that fell down in Badrinath in Uttarakhand. Now this fifth head can be seen as Brahma-kapal a stone which is used to fool their followers, victimizing as, their forefathers will be sent to heaven if it is worshiped. If we start to find reason behind the slain of this upward Bramha’s head we can easily trace the story of Sarswati. According to Vedic promoters Brahma is the creator of the universe, Saraswati, who became the wife of her own father, was the daughter of Brahma. There are many stories about her genesis changing the regions and sources. One is that Brahma created his beautiful daughter Saraswati direct from his “vital strength” or seminal fluid. The other is that Brahma used to collect his semen in a pot whenever he masturbated fixing his carnal eyes on the celestial beauty Urvasi. Brahma’s semen in the pot gave birth to Saraswati. Thus, Saraswati had no mother. This daughter of Brahma is the Hindu goddess of learning. When Brahma saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father’s passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma’s wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for many years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa. Through the incest of Brahma’s son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters. How instant made deity by Bramha got eligibility of teaching the Hindu followers as Goddess of learning has never questioned. Brahmins always promotes x, y, z …. etc are your deities of so and so; having power of so so…. worship them without question. In some other version….

Lord Brahma and Saraswati story : ‘ब्रह्मा’ ने किया था अपनी ही पुत्री ‘सरस्वती’ से विवाह
Hindi mythological story of Lord Brahma and Saraswati Marriage : हिन्दू धर्म के दो ग्रंथों ‘सरस्वती पुराण’ और ‘मत्स्य पुराण’ में सृष्टि के रचयिता ब्रह्मा का अपनी ही बेटी सरस्वती से विवाह करने का प्रसंग है जिसके फलस्वरूप इस धरती के प्रथम मानव ‘मनु’ का जन्म हुआ। लेकिन ब्रह्मा ने अपनी ही पुत्री से विवाह जैसा निन्दनीय काम क्यों किया इसका जवाब जानने के लिए पढ़ते है पुराणों में वर्णित कथा। ‘सरस्वती पुराण’ और ‘मत्स्य पुराण’ में वर्णित कथाओं में कुछ भिन्नता है, इसलिए हम आपको दोनों कथाओं से अवगत करा रहे है।

सरस्वती पुराण में वर्णित कथा-सरस्वती पुराण के अनुसार सृष्टि की रचना करते समय ब्रह्मा ने सीधे अपने वीर्य से सरस्वती को जन्म दिया था। इसलिए ऐसा कहा जाता है कि सरस्वती की कोई मां नहीं केवल पिता, ब्रह्मा थे।सरस्वती को विद्या की देवी कहा जाता है, लेकिन विद्या की यह देवी बेहद खूबसूरत और आकर्षक थीं कि स्वयं ब्रह्मा भी सरस्वती के आकर्षण से खुद को बचाकर नहीं रख पाए और उन्हें अपनी अर्धांगिनी बनाने पर विचार करने लगे।

सरस्वती ने अपने पिता की इस मनोभावना को भांपकर उनसे बचने के लिए चारो दिशाओं में छिपने का प्रयत्न किया लेकिन उनका हर प्रयत्न बेकार साबित हुआ। इसलिए विवश होकर उन्हें अपने पिता के साथ विवाह करना पड़ा।ब्रह्मा और सरस्वती करीब 100 वर्षों तक एक जंगल में पति-पत्नी की तरह रहे। इन दोनों का एक पुत्र भी हुआ जिसका नाम रखा गया था स्वयंभु मनु।

मत्स्य पुराण में वर्णित कथा- इसके उलट मत्स्य पुराण के अनुसार ब्रह्मा के पांच सिर थे। कहा जाता है जब ब्रह्मा ने सृष्टि की रचना की तो वह इस समस्त ब्रह्मांड में अकेले थे। ऐसे में उन्होंने अपने मुख से सरस्वती, सान्ध्य, ब्राह्मी को उत्पन्न किया। ब्रह्मा अपनी ही बनाई हुई रचना, सरवस्ती के प्रति आकर्षित होने लगे और लगातार उन पर अपनी दृष्टि डाले रखते थे। ब्रह्मा की दृष्टि से बचने के लिए सरस्वती चारो दिशाओं में छिपती रहीं लेकिन वह उनसे नहीं बच पाईं। इसलिय सरस्वती आकाश में जाकर छिप गईं लेकिन अपने पांचवें सिर से ब्रह्मा ने उन्हें आकाश में भी खोज निकाला और उनसे सृष्टि की रचना में सहयोग करने का निवेदन किया।

सरस्वती से विवाह करने के पश्चात सर्वप्रथम मनु का जन्म हुआ। ब्रह्मा और सरस्वती की यह संतान मनु को पृथ्वी पर जन्म लेने वाला पहला मानव कहा जाता है। इसके अलावा मनु को वेदों, सनातन धर्म और संस्कृत समेत समस्त भाषाओं का जनक भी कहा जाता है। (It all show hight of lies & bluffing by Brahmins)


maa-0urga-wallpapersDurga or Chamundeshwari is the form of Mother goddess in Shaktism. According Bramhanic bluffs there are many incarnations of Goddess Durga: Kali, Renu(or)Renuka, Bhagvati, Bhavani, Ambika, Lalita, Gauri, Kandalini, Jaya, Rajeswari and has nine appellations: Skandamata, Kushmanda, Shailaputri, Kaalratri, Brahmacharini, Maha Gauri, Katyayani, Chandraghanta and Siddhidatri. A list of 108 names that is used to describe her is very popularly in use by eastern Hindus and is called Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Durga. According to artistic impression of Durga i.e. human female identity with 10 hands is biologically impossible so its totally Bramhanic mind-born identity to fool Hindus. Now we have to trace what is the reason behind making such identity? The pic gives very clear proofs that is to dominate an identity called Mahishasur, means demon of buffalo. If you can understand the conspiracy patterns of Brahmins then its very easy to trace the truth behind it.  Majorly east Indians worship Durga. Durga is an Identity in the age of Brahmin supremacy so its very clear east Indian tribal region i.e. majorly West Bengal  had a famous identity named Mahishasura or may be with other name Brahmin made it Mahisahura portraying his name Demon of Buffalo so that that identity will be erased from their own natives mind practicing Durga Puja. Watch the Video how Durga created.

In the video you can see Durga is not made from biological reproductive principle of humans, so its totally a mind born identity by Brahmins to fool Hindus. The motive of the creation of this identity  to dominate the identity Mahishasur who may be a famous tribal identity of West Bengal. Till the people will worship to Durga as Shakti the famous Identity Mahishasur will be dominated by Brahmin’s made fake identity Durga as Delusion. See the video how Brahmins created or certified deities donating their weapons to Durga to fight with the demon Mahishsura and lastly she killed the Demon and Durga became heroin. The career of Durga even instantly appear with the appearance of itself Durga. Both are declining age growth principle of humans and animals, and instantly get the age of 20-35years  Lady as Durga with 5-10years aged lion. In the video you can see Durga deceitfully and with deception trying to kill Mahishasur by attracting with her beauty. How a God use beauty and deception to kill an identity and not considered as sin is out of logic. It means still they practice the Durga Puja they will think their great identity Mahishasura as a demon and worship their supremacy through delusion as Durga.

According to Mahesh Chandra Guru, professor at journalism department, University of Mysore, “Mahishasur was a Buddhist king who respected human values, but the priestly class projected him as an ‘asura’ or demon and claimed that he was killed by Chamundeshwari i.e. Durga, a fictitious character created by them;” according to him “Mahishana Habba” held at Chamundi Hills. Guru claims that there is no evidence to prove “Mahishasura Mardhini” — the killing of Mahishasura by Chamundeshwari. “Mahisha was a symbol of equality and justice and people who didn’t tolerate his popularity conspired and projected him as a demon with baseless stories. There is reference in Pali language that he was the king of Mahisha Mandala and therefore Mysuru city is named after him.”

According to folklore expert Kalegowda Nagavara, Mahisha ruled Mysuru and was a good administrator. Facts have been twisted by crook Brahmins. People need to understand the truth and stop seeing him as an asura or Demon. Writer Bannur Raju claim that Chamundi Hills was formerly known as Mahabaleshwara temple and it has a temple of Mahabaleshwara. “The hillock was named after Chamundi during the period of the maharajas of Mysuru after cooking up a story that Chamundeshwari killed Mahishasura,” Author Siddaswamy, who has written a book called “Mahisha Mandala” (Mahisha Kingdom), claimed that a statue of Mahisha was installed at the entrance of the hills during Chikkadevaraja Wadiyar’s period.

You can get different versions of the story by Brahmins. Now explore one version of their bluff….

A detailed story of how the Goddess Durga slew the buffalo-demon Mahishasura.

Long ago, an Asura named Rambha was the King of the Asuras. While walking in the streets, he saw a beautiful she-buffalo, and was immediately smitten with desire for her. The son born of this union was Mahishasura. After Rambha, Mahisha became the King of the Asuras.

As is the custom of the Asuras, Mahisha also wanted to prosecute war upon their cousins, the Devas. However, in order to secure victory over their powerful foes, the Asuras needed to become stronger. To this end, Mahishasura repaired to the mountains, dedicating his time to rigorous penance, directed the creator of all creatures, Lord Brahma.

At last the Lord appeared before the demon and said, “Child. Your prayers have pleased me. Ask of me that which your heart desires.”

The Asura promptly said, “Lord, let me become immortal. May I have naught to fear from death!”.

The Lord smiled and said, “It is not possible. It is an inviolate principle that all creation must have an end. Immortality is not in my power to grant. Anything else, other than this impractical request, ask, and it shall be yours.”

Mahishasura said, “Since it is not possible for me to be immortal, may I not die at the hands of Men. May I not die at the hands of my foes, the Devas. May I not die at the hands of the great Trinity. If death has to approach me, may it approach me only through a woman. Woman is weak, woman is powerless. How can a woman kill me, the all powerful Mahisha? If you grant me this boon, I shall be as good as immortal.”

The Lord said, “O best among the Asuras. You shall become all powerful among men and Gods. You shall lead a long life, but it shall come to an end, through the means of a woman. There is no escaping fate. You shall not die, except at the hands of a woman.”. After granting the boon, Brahma disappeared.

Mahisha returned to his kingdom. Free from fear of death, he began amassing a great army. A brave Rakshasa named Sikshura was the commander-in-chief of his army. Asiloma, Utharaka, Bidala, Bashkala, Trinetra, Kalabandhaka were some of the great warriors in this mighty army. They began invading all the neighboring kingdoms. This army of oppression blew away all opposition, and soon, Mahisha became the overlord of the entire earth.

Once the conquest of earth was accomplished, Mahisha called a council of his generals and spoke to them thus: “Friends, Now our army has proved its mettle in combat and has gained enough experience to proceed towards our main purpose. For eons, our cousins, the Devas, have occupied the heavens, spending their days in ease, while we, who have as much a right to rule, have been banished to the dark dungeons of the underworld. This injustice shall not go unavenged. As you know, Lord Brahma himself has guaranteed me victory over our foes. Death cannot approach me through the Gods. Let preparations be made. We shall march on Amravathi, the capital of Indra at daybreak.”

The assembled Asuras welcomed this pronouncement with shouts of joy. At the dawn of the next day, Mahisha performed a great Yagna (sacrifice), honored his perceptor Shukra, sought his blessings and ordered his army to march towards the heavens. He also sent an emissary ahead of the army, to issue a formal declaration of war to the Devas.

When Indra heard the message conveyed to him by the emissary, he convened a private council of the principal Devas, including Yama, Vayu, Varuna and Agni. He said to them, “Mahisha, the son of the Asura Rambha is marching to conquer us as I speak. He has offered us two choices, either to meet him in the battle-field, or to accept him as our overlord and become his servants. What is your opinion?”

The consensus was far war, for how could the proud Devas even contemplate surrendering to their foes without battle? However, before a firm decision could be taken, the opinion of their Guru needed to be ascertained. Accordingly, a servant was despatched to invite Brihaspati to the council.

As the illustrious son of Angirasa entered the council, all the Devas stood up as a mark of respect to their perceptor. Indra went forward to welcome the Guru and had him placed on the highest seat in the hall. After washing the feet of the Brahmana and offering him worship, Indra said, “O Guru, You must be aware that Mahishasura is about to invade our peaceful environs. He has sent us a challenge via an emissary. Just as Shukra is advising the Asuras and protecting them against harm with the his yogic powers, please protect us with the power of your penance. Without your protection, we cannot hope for victory.”

The Guru said, “Fear not. Victory does not always go to the mightier force. It is not guaranteed by superior intellect, nor by any incantation. Only the Gods can guarantee victory to those whom they favor. Go to Brahma and beseech his favor. With him on your side, you will be able to face the mighty Asura army.”

Accordingly, all the main Devas went to Brahma-loka, the abode of Lord Brahma and prayed him to help them against the Asuras. Lord Brahma said, “I have given him boon that he has nothing to fear from anyone, save a woman. I have no power to harm him. Let us go to Kailasa, the abode of Shiva and ask him for his help in this war.”

Accordingly, the Devas and Lord Brahma went to the abode of Shiva and prayed to the Lord to protect Indra and his kinsmen against the marauding Asuras. Lord Sankara (Shiva) then suggested that the help of Lord Vishnu should also be taken. Accordingly, all of them went to Vaikunta and secured Lord Vishnu’s help.

The two armies met in the battlefield. We have already listed the chief warriors on the side of the Asura army. On the side of the Devas, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva fought, mounted on their respective vehicles.

In one corner of the field, a fierce battle took place between Yama and a Rakshasa named Tamra. Yama fought with his famous Thanda (staff) and repeatedly hit the demon with it. However, the power of Mahisha was also present in his generals, and Tamra was not affected by it at all. He took up his bow and arrows and sorely harassed the Devas, including Indra. At last, the Asura was rendered unconscious by divine missile.

When Mahishasura saw that one of his favorite warriors had fallen on the battlefield, he took up his great mace and renewed his assault upon the Devas. By a demonic power known as shambari (शाम्बरीं), he created thousands of clones of his own self. These thousands of clones then attacked the army of the Gods, who were struck with fear when they beheld this demonic feat. Till this time, the Trinity had not taken an active part in the battle. Indra then beseeched them to save them from the assault of Mahishasura.

Immediately, the Trinity appeared in the battlefield, arrayed for war. When the Asuras beheld them, impelled by a desire to win glory, Asiloma, Trinetra, Bashkala, Andhaka and many others gave battle to the foremost among the Gods. When Vasudeva (Vishnu) saw that the Devas were being sorely harassed, he faced Mahisha in battle. He hit the Asura on the head, with his famous mace, known as Kaumodaki. Stunned by the force of the blow, the King of the Asuras fell down in a swoon. However, he quickly regained consciousness and discarded his form as a Buffalo. He assumed the form of a Lion. Angered, Vishnu tried to behead him with his discus. However, thanks to the boon of Brahma, the discus was powerless against him. He bull-rushed Vishnu and knocked the Lord down. Stunned by the force of the blow, and realizing that his efforts against the Asura were futile, the Lord retired from the battlefield and took refuge in Vaikunta, his abode.

When they saw that Vishnu had disappeared from the battlefield, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma also realized that their efforts would be futile. Struck with fear, they also left the battlefield, abandoning the Devas to their fate. The Devas were disheartened. Indra tried to rally them around, but fear had already entered their hearts and they could no longer fight as effectively as before.

Indra tried to attack Mahisha with his supreme weapon Vajra, but thanks to Brahma’s boon, the missile made nary a dent on the demon. The Asura assumed the form of a giant buffalo and harassed the Gods with his horns and hooves. Unable to withstand such an unorthodox assault, the Devas and Gandharvas fled from the battle in disarray. All the brave Devas abandoned their posts and ran away, including Indra, Kubera, Yama.

The invincible army of Mahisha entered Amravathi unopposed. The Asura installed himself on the great throne of the King of heaven. He appointed his trusted generals in the posts occupied by the principal Devas. As far the Devas, they fled from heaven and spent many years wandering in the mountains and forests.

At long last, unable to bear their misfortune any longer, they approached Lord Brahma and prayed him to suggest a way for them to regain the kingdom.

The Lord said, “O Devas, what can I do. He has my boon that death cannot approach him through you or via the Trinity. Indeed, he is immune from death from any man. Only a woman can kill him. Let us all go to Kailasa, that foremost amongst the mountains and confer with Lord Sankara. Let us go along with him to Vaikunta and seek the advice of Lord Vishnu.”

Accordingly, the council of Gods was convened in Vaikunta. Indra said, “O eternal one, as you are well aware, we have been chased away from our kingdom by that evil Asura, Mahisha. Strengthened by the boon from the Grandsire, he is confident that death cannot come to him and has let loose a reign of terror. He can be killed only by a woman. But what woman is there who will be able to kill this evil demon?”

Vishnu smiled and said, “We tried to defeat him in battle. Not only did he survive, all of us had to ignominiously flee from battle. As of now, there is no woman who can be his death. Let a woman be created the best parts of all our powers. This lady shall be the death of Mahishasura.”

As Vishnu said this, a dazzling pillar of light emerged from the face of Brahma and shone in the sky. It was red like a flawless sapphire and was bright like the sun. Next, from the body of Lord Sankara, a silver colored flame emerged and joined that from Brahma. Vishnu also contributed his power to this group.

Similarly, Kubera, Yama, Agni and the other Devas, sent their power to join this bundle of light and energy. The collection had grown so bright that not even the Trinity could gaze at it without shielding their eyes. As all were watching, a beautiful woman was born the light.

Born of the best part of all the Gods, she is known as Mahalakshmi. Of unsurpassed beauty, she is three-colored, three-natured and had eighteen arms. She is eternal. She is the protector of the Gods. Though she appears in many forms, her true form is one and is beyond sensory perception.

Her face was created by the grace of Lord Shiva. Her eyes were an aspect of Agni. Vayu’s power created her ears. Her nose was created by Kubera’s grace. Her teeth were from Brahma’s power. Her lower lips were created by Surya’s lusture. Her upper lips were from Kartikeya’s (Skanda) grace. Her arms and shoulders possessed the power of Vishnu. Her fingers were created from the power of the Vasus. Her hips were created by Indra’s lusture. Her thighs and knees were from Varuna’s lusture. Her backside was of the earth.

Vishnu said, “Let us all give all our attributes and our special weapons to this great lady. Let us arm her suitably for battle. Let her be endowed with our strength, to slay the evil Asura.”

The King of the Ocean-of-Milk gave her clothes of red silk, and a necklace made of diamonds, and a crown jewel that shone like a thousand suns to the Devi. Vishwakarma gave her ear drops, shoulder ornaments and bracelets. Tvashta (?who is this) gave her jewels known as Nuparas which were decked with thousands of priceless gems. The King of the oceans gave her many necklaces and rings. Varuna gave her a garland of ever-blooming Lotus flowers and a garland known as Vaijayanti. Himavan (King of mountains) gave her many priceless gems and a lion for her mount.

Now that she was decorated as befitting the queen of Gods, it was time to arm her battle. Vishnu gave her a discus, the clone of his famed Sudarsana-Chakra. Lord Sankara gave her a trident, the spitting image of his own. Varuna gave her a conch to blow and strike terror in the hearts of her enemies. Agni gave her a powerful weapon known as Sathagni (शतघ्नीं), capable of slaying the Asuras by the thousands. Vayu gave her a quiver that will never run dry, and a matching bow.

Indra gave her his all-powerful Vajra (or an image of it). He also gave her the bell that belonged to his elephant Iyravata. Yama gave her a powerful Staff, made from his famed Kala-Thanda. Brahma gave her a Kamandal (water-vessel) filled with the water from the sacred Ganga. Varuna gave her his noose. Vishwakarma gave her an axe. Kubera gave her a cup filled with wine. Tvashta gave her Kaumodaki, the divine mace. He also gave her an armor that can withstand any missiles. Surya gave her his blinding rays.

All the Devas said, “Salutations O Mother. Salutations to you, who are our deliverance. O Bagavathi, we salute you. O Vaishnavi we salute you. You are the heaven, you are the earth, you are the eternal principle, you are the great eternal truth. We salute you. We salute her who is free from the cycle of life and death. Mother, save us from the ravages of the evil demon, that powerful Asura, Mahisha. He cannot be slain by anyone other than you. Have mercy on your pitiable plight. Kill him and restore us to our legitimate place in the heavens. You are our only hope!”

The Devi smiled and said, “O Devas. Have no fear. He has swelled with pride due to the boon from Brahma, but his end is near. I shall march on his capital and utterly destroy him and his demonic forces.”

With these words, the Devi mounted the lion and marched towards Amravathi, the capital city of Indra, where Mahisha had currently established his court. She let out a terrible roar that far surpassed that of her beast as she approached the city.

When Mahisha heard this this noise, he was struck with wonder. He turned to his advisors and asked them, “What is the reason for this uproar? Who dares to disturb the peace of my city?”

Soldiers were dispatched to discover the source of the deafening noise. They were ordered to capture the perpetrator and bring him before their King in chains. When the soldiers saw the Goddess, fearlessly advancing towards them on her lion-mount, they were struck with fear and ran back to their king.

They said, “O King, There is a beautiful woman outside your gates. She is traveling on a huge lion. Her beauty is divine, she is decked in expensive jewels and clothes. She is not human nor an Asura maiden. She might be an Apsara. She has eighteen arms, and she is carrying terrible weapons on all of them. She is has made the terrible noise that you heard a while ago. We do not know who she is. We are not sure why this lady has come to your realm.”

Mahisha turned to his prime-minister and said, “Hearing about this woman has filled my mind with desire for her. Go with a small division of our army and woo her on my behalf. I shall make her my queen. If she resists, imprison her, but do not hurt her, for she is to be mine.”

Accordingly, his prime-minister took a small band of soldiers near the Goddess and said to her, “O Lady! Who are you? My King, the great Mahishasura has sent me to invite you to his palace. He has triumphed over the Devas. He cannot be killed by any man. He has obtained many boons from the creator. He has heard of your divine beauty and he wants to meet you. He is capable of taking any form. If you desire, he shall take a human form to please you. Please accompany me to the city. Or if you so desire, I shall bring him in person. State your wish.”

The Goddess said, “Know me to be the mother of the Gods. I am both their creator as well as their creation. Capable of destroying all Asuras, I am called Mahalakshmi. I have come here to kill your King, the evil Mahisha. I have not brought any army to battle him. Alone, I shall dispatch him to the abode of his ancestors!”

The minister replied, “Devi! I am amused at your bravado. There is no comparison between the mighty Mahishasura and thyself. You are after all, a woman, and have spoken words of falsehood as befitting a woman. It is impossible that you will even be able to last an instant in battle with a man, let alone the great Mahisha! You are young, barely in past your childhood. The great king of the Asuras desires you. Accept his embraces and you shall be the happiest creature in all the three worlds. Forget your foolish words and consent to be his queen.”

The Devi let out a roaring laugh and said, “By your idle words, you have proved your lack of intellect. How can a King be any better when his ministers are such idiots? You are well aware that your King is fated to die at the hands of a woman. Well, here I am, a woman, equipped for battle by the Gods. I challenge him to battle. If he is willing to flee to the safety of the nether-world and restore the heavens to Indra, I shall spare his life. However, that does not seem likely. To me, it appears that your King must be a coward, for who else but a coward would desire death at the hands of a woman? Go to your king and tell him that Durga challenges him to battle!”

The minister thought, “I cannot battle this woman. If I loose, I shall lose my good name. If I win, I might harm her and that shall certainly anger my king. The best course is to report back to the king.”

He went to Mahisha and said, “O King, I spoke to the lady outside your gates. She refuses to accept your proposal. She is desirous of meeting you in battle. She says that she has been created by the Gods for your destruction. I did not want to battle her for I did not see any way to capture her without harming her. You alone can suggest a way out of this predicament.”

Mahisha then turned to his favorite general Tamra and said, “Go to this woman and humble her pride. Do not harm her. Use your warcraft and the art of illusion to imprison her without causing any injury to her.”

Impelled by his fate, Tamra saluted his master and went forth, fully armed for battle. As he approached the Goddess, he saw that she was being worshiped by all the Gods. He went before her and spoke soft words to her: “Discretion is the better part of valor. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, force must not be resorted to. O Lady, do not be so stubborn. The whole world knows that my King is without equals. He is smitten with desire for her and seeks to wed you. You will be his queen, just say the words.”

Devi laughed outright at him and said, “O Tamra, Looks like your end is near. Go back to your dim-witted leader and tell him that I am not in search of a husband. The Lord of the Universe is my husband (This would mean Shiva, also referred to as Mahadeva). He is the creator of all. He is the energy behind the functioning of the universe. He is without beginning, without end. He is omniscient and omnipresent. He is complete. He is holy. He is capable of manifesting everywhere. He is at peace. He is the creator and protector of the world. Am I mad that I shall forsake him for this oaf, this buffalo Mahishasura?. I shall make him (another) mount of Yama (Note: Yama has a buffalo as his mount.)” With this, the Devi let out a roar, that was like the sound of the destruction of the universe at the end of time.

Frightened by that noise, Tamra returned post-haste to his King. Mahisha convened a council to discus his options. An Asura named Durmukha said, “O King, It appears as if we will be defeated in this war. However, we cannot withdraw now, for our glory is at stake. Even when we confronted by Vishnu and Indra, we conquered them in battle. What would the world say if we ran away from fear of a mere woman? Regardless of what the outcome of the war may be, we have no option but to wage war.”

The Asura Bashkala said, “Let us not grow despondent. Enthusiasm is the most important asset for a warrior. Once fear enters a warrior’s mind, defeat is certain. O King, allow me to battle this woman. If fate is willing I shall return after conquering her.”

Both Bashkala and Durmukha went to battle, accompanied by many of their kinsmen. Bashkala wielded his deadly mace and attempted to strike the Devi down. Devi countered him with her own mace and struck him down. When the Asura got up from the impact of the blow, she impaled him with her trident and killed him.

Seeing his friend die, Durmukha grew very angry. He rallied his soldiers, who were showing signs of panic, and personally led the attack on the Goddess. The Devi and the Asura battled each other with terrible weapons, including the mace. Finally, Devi broke his bow with her sharp arrows. She then shattered his chariot with her unerring missiles. Frustrated, the demon tried to knock Durga off her mount. Despite a hard blow to its head, the lion stood its ground. Angered, the Devi struck off his head with her sharp sword.

When the news of the death of Bashkala and Durmukha were brought to him, Mahisha was extremely angry. Sikshura, his commander, promised the King that he would personally take care of the problem. He went forth to the battlefield, accompanied by Tamra.

This was the most vicious battle till date. Ambika (Devi) caused a chariot to appear and fought from it. When Tamra hit her lion with a iron stick, the Goddess beheaded him with her sword. When Sikshura tried to kill her with his sword, she stopped him in his tracks with five sharp arrows. The first arrow knocked his sword away. The second cut off his hand. The other arrows beheaded him. Thus the greatest of Mahisha’s generals were slain by the Devi.

When Mahishasura heard this news, he sent the remainder of his great warriors Asiloma and Bidala accompanied by his army to attack the Devi. The Devi slew him with seven sharp arrows. Thence she Asiloma attacked her lion with a mace. The lion tore his chest with its sharp claws. Then the Asura climbed on top of the lion and tried to hit the Goddess. The Devi promptly beheaded him with her sword.

Mahishasura came out in person to confront the Goddess. He changed his form into that of a handsome man and said to her, “O thou of the beautiful eyes, I have been slain by the arrows of lust emanating from thy person. I have never begged anyone for any favors. I am begging you to accept me as your lover. All the Gods know of my prowess in battle. I am your slave to command. Satisfy my longing”

Bhagavati (Devi) said to him, “I am the eternal bride of the ParamaPurusha (lit. Ultimate-Man). I am his life-force and I create the universe. He is my other half. I am merely another aspect of the eternal principle. Just as a chunk of iron is animated by a magnet, he animates me. If you wish to live, make peace with the Devas and either retire to the earth or to the Nether-world. Else, you must face me in battle.”

Mahisha drew forth his bow and arrow, and the battle begun. For every arrow shot by the Asura, the Devi broke them up with her steel-tipped arrows. At this, the Asura, abandoned his man-form and took up that of a lion. He then tried to gore the lion of the Goddess to death. Angered, the Devi struck him with steel tipped arrows, shaped like serpents.

The Rakshasa took up the form of an elephant and uprooted huge rocks. He hurled these rocks at the Devi. They were also smashed to smithereens by the steel-tipped arrows of the Goddess. Her lion attacked the elephant-shaped Asura and tore at his forehead. He then shape-shrifted into a giant serpent. The Devi then attacked him with her sword.

At this, the Asura took his natural form, that of a buffalo and tried to gore the divine mother to death. She struck him with her trident. He fell down in a swoon but recovered shortly. He then kicked at the Goddess. He also let out a deafening roar to intimidate her.

Deciding to end the battle there, the Goddess then summoned her discuss (given to her by Vishnu), that was an clone of the Sudarsana-Chakra. She launched it at Mahishasura and beheaded him. Thus, the terrible buffalo-demon, who had terrorized the Gods with boons obtained from Lord Brahma, met his end at the hands of Durga.




The Jagannath Temple of Puri (Odia: ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ମନ୍ଦିର) is a famous, sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Jagannath and located on the eastern coast of India, at Puri in the state of Odisha.

The temple is an important pilgrimage destination for many Hindu traditions, particularly worshippers of god Krishna and god Vishnu, and part of the Char Dham pilgrimages that a Hindu is expected to make in one’s lifetime.[1]

Why it is fake:

  1. Jagannath temple was built in the 12th century (Date of built 1161) before that there was no sign of the term Jagannath. It means the temple is only 2016-1161=855 years old. Where Buddhism and Jainasm contexts are present before the Jagannath & Christen era in Odisha. The kingdom of Kalinga had been annexed by the Mauryan empire Ashoka around 262-261 BCE. After the Kalinga War Ashoka (268-232 BCE) embraced the Buddhism. It proofs Buddhism was an active religion of Odisha in the age of Mauryan empire i.e. Buddhism in Odisha is older than the God Jagannath which is more than even 2248 years. The Hathigumpha cave (“Elephant Cave”) has the Hathigumpha inscription, written by Raja Kharavela, the king of Kalinga in India, during the 2nd century BCE. Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves are partly natural and partly artificial caves of archaeological, historical and religious importance near the city of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India. The caves are situated on two adjacent hills, Udayagiri and Khandagiri, mentioned as Kumari Parvat in the Hathigumpha inscription. They have a number of finely and ornately carved caves. It is believed that most of these caves were carved out as residential blocks for Jain monks during the reign of King Kharavela. Udayagiri means “Sunrise Hill” and has 18 caves while Khandagiri has 15 caves. The caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri, called lena or leṇa in the inscriptions, were dug out mostly during the reign of Kharavela for the abode of Jaina ascetics. Emperor Kharavela (150 CE), was a Jain ruler. Recent findings shows Buddha (563 BCE or c. 480 BCE) was born in Odisha and birth place of Buddha, Nepal is from fabricated origin due to declining Buddhism in India by Vedic promoters and wrong detection of the Buddha’s birth place by British archeologist that points to Nepal. If Buddha is from Odisha then Buddhism in Odisha is even more than 2500 years old.
  2. The identities i.e. Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are all biologically impossible, so these are only mind born identities scripted with honey coated lie stories or may be with rare truths or preexisted identities with other mean. We are told Jagannath is the Avatar of Krishna and Krishna is Avatar of Vishnu i.e. Jagannath is considered as a form of Vishnu[2] or his avatar Krishna. Vishnu had taken 10 major incarnation where atheist Budhha also had taken as an avatar by Brahmins but Jagannath is not their in those tenth incarnations! why? Vedic promoters use easy go with the word Avatar or incarnation and reincarnation. When there is an ambiguity or imposition over other identities or spiritual identity theft for personal benefits, Vedic promoters use the word “Avatar” as their great weapon. They designate to famous divine identities to only three prime identities i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara or other deities that has high honor and popularity in any regional paganism or holy scriptures heros as their God. When Brahmins philosophy raised in their regime they used three famous identities as trimurty named Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Bramha which is belongs to their own mind born origin which is only the creator. Brahmins springs from the word Brahma. Initially Bramha had five heads but Shiva behead one head which was upward in direction. This head fall down in Badrinath, so he left with only four heads, four faces and four arms which is even biologically impossible so its only a mind born identity by itself Brahmins. Now the fifth head is worshipped in Badrinath as Bramha kapal to fool innocent Hindu followers. Secondly they used the north Indian himalayan famous identity Shiva as destroyer or transformer, and third one is from south Indian famous identity Vishnu as preserver. In puri preserver Vishnu worshiped as Jagannath. From these three idols of Puri, Balabhadra is told as elder brother of Krishna i.e. Balarama and Shubhadra is considered as sister of Krishna and Balarama, means again its pointing to some epic that is not related to odian contexts. The truth here is Krishna who is belongs to Yadu clan or now Yadavas from Bihar those are belongs to Shudra (Now OBC i.e. other backward class by Indian Government certification and Shudra by Vedic certification) how became a part of Odian race is out of logic? So its a honey coated white lie that Jagannath is from our Odian origin is fake. Jagannath is Odian God its because we are told by Vedic promoters from 855 years that, its your God. It was a conspiracy of faith imposition by destroying the real facts of the odian origin. Not only they played with the sentiments of Odian race but also destroyed our original culture passing lies with miscarriage of information. It’s called faith crime and crime done to history. Each and every person those had knew the true facts and passed the information with wrong motives or intention are all faith criminals.
  3. There was no sign of Jagannath cult in the history before 1200AD. There was no evidence of preexisted stone made idols of these identities in first instance or any kind of its as pre-existence as represented now from historic sources as we get Buddhism and Jainism. Making Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhdra idols using trees shows, it’s only creation or artistic impression of some imaginary identities through carpenter as they directed to do so with given specific attribution to those identities with specific meanings. Biswakarma had made these identities is a true lie to fool followers. So it’s a faith crime by some cunning people to destroy or hide original culture of Odisha.
  4. If trees are used to create idols then it’s a creation of human beings, there is no involvement of any god is there in this faith system. Jagannath can’t be blamed for humans knaveness. Itself imaginary identity Jagannath is the victim of these crooks. (Since itself Jagannath idol inspired me to expose the truth, I made this blog as Jagannath tells truth.)
  5. If you keenly study the identities, Idols are anti Vedic to Purusha sukta that declines that fourfold caste system not born from sacrificing purusha’s or Bramhas body i.e. absent of mouth, arms, thighs and legs with a hidden meaning to it for which the mouth, arms, thighs and legs are removed from the idols as God declining caste system of Rig-Veda. So making it as Vishnu is a conspiracy to hide truth. According to Rig vedic Purusha Sukta and Puranic creation of caste system from Bramha; Brahmins are created from Purusha’s or Bramha’s mouth, Kshatriyas are created from their arms, Vaishyas are made from their thighs and Shudras are made from their feet. If you keenly study the idols then you can find mouth, arms, thighs and legs are removed from the idols representing these idols are not representing vedic fourfold caste system and against to Brahmins then how it became Vishnu?
  6. Identities are not having any gender symbol representations in Idols; though we are told two from them males and another is female. Some scholars think that originally there was only image of Jagannatha as the object of worship called Nilamadhava and when Nila Madhava disappeared, king Indradyumna fabricated the body of Jagannatha out of a log of wood that was picked up from the sea, as per a divine direction. Scholars suggesting that originally there, were only two deities, cite the example of a temple found in the Cuttack district in Odisha belonging perhaps to the seventh century A.D., where the images only of Jagannatha and Balabhadra have been carved and Subhadra is not to be seen there. Indradyumna is the son of Bharat i.e. ancestor of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Sanskrit epic,  Mahabharata. Its totally a fabricated information linked to Jagannath culture to promote the Jagannath culture saying its linked to Mahabharata. There is no relation with time frames of Jagannath culture and Mahabharat implies its from fabricated origin. 
  7. When we see the stories they show us human personification of Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra. If they were humans then why we worship the ugly faces of their identity? Those have no mouth, arms, thighs and feet? It shows a conspiracy  behind the Jagannath faith system and hiding the truth behind the word Avatar.
  8. Puri was a Buddhist temple before it reconstructed as Jagannath temple.
  9. Buddha had given his teachings in Pali language. It is known that the then language of Kalinga was Pali. The stone inscription of Kharavela as can be seen in Udayagiri hill near Bhubaneswar is written in Pali. Means Buddhism was in first place comparing to Jagannath Culture. Why we have no information about the Jagannath in old historic evidence? If our language is Odia then why Jagannath understands only Brahmins language Sanskrit? Its because chants are used to dedicated to him all in Sanskrits.
  10. According to Sri Lankan legends, when the Buddha died in 543 BCE, his body was cremated in a sandalwood pyre at Kushinagar and his left canine tooth was retrieved from the funeral pyre by his disciple, Khema. Khema then gave it to King Brahmadatte for veneration.[1] It became a royal possession in Brahmadatte’s country and was kept in the city of Dantapuri (modern PuriOdisha). It shows the linkage of Buddha to Puri.
  11. Architectural style of Puri temple is Kalinga Buddhist Architecture.
  12. The procession of cars of the gods is mentioned in one of Ashoka’s edicts, so it’s from Buddhist origin. Proof of Chariot festival is from Jagannath cult origin is absent before 1200AD so it proofs the chariot festival of Buddhist relic fabricated to Jagannath chariot festival in Puri by Vedic promoters.
  13. The eating of food by all castes & race in the same place is a custom from Buddhist origin to decline Vedic fourfold caste system which had fabricated to Mahaprasad tradition but as Hotel to specific religion i.e. to only followers of Vedism/Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma or Bramhanism.
  14. There is no historical evidence of worship of Jagannath at Puri prior to the 10th century, when Yayati Kesari was the ruler. The Buddhist King Indrabhuti’s Jnanasiddhi mentions[6] about the place of Jagannath. Nilakantha Das has mentioned that the Savaras were worshipping the image of Jagannath made of neem wood in a place called Sambal (Samal, now in Talcher of Angul District) in Oddiyana, the kingdom of Indrabhuti, which was even prior to the rule of Yayati Kesari -I. Indrabhuti[59] has described Jagannath as Buddhist deity in Jnanasiddhi.

Vishnu Avtar

Who created and why?

Jagannath is God by believe but not in reality. This belief system not even created by Jagannath; but created by some humans in the name of Jagannath. Now question arises why Jagannath had created replacing Buddhism? The answer is to decline the existed faith systems in Odisha in that time. In truth, followers are just worshiping to a trunk of a plant or a log that is shaped in an Idol form. Idol that don’t have its Mouth, Arms, Thighs, and feet and not even gender but we are told its divine and sacred. Odian sentiments were willfully linked to these identities for creating a race polarization embedding feelings of Sanaatana Dharma to it. If Idol itself in prima facie tells they are cripple and can’t do nothing then what cause followers to believe these identities as God? It’s totally making fools to follower by its implementers for their personal benefits playing with the followers sentiments. Don’t you think it’s one kind of stupidity or psychological disorder that creates logical blindness? Willfully crazy sentiments were enforced to our mind by some Vedic Brahmins those implemented all these things through our anti-Buddhist Odian kings. Real Odian brain washed out by Jagannath culture. Jagannath culture is not our real culture it is fabricated culture intentionally created to destroy our real great culture i.e. Buddhism and Jainism. Before 1200 AD there was no sign of Jagannath in any historic scripture contexts, even you can’t find it in Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita, if somebody claims then verify it you can easily find its 100% from fabricated origin. When Vedic Brahmin emperor Pushyamitra Shunga declined Buddhism in Ashoka’s empire it might had been lost but, after 700 AD when Adi Shankaracharya tried to reestablish Sanatan Dharma or Vedism then this Jagannath culture framed by this Vedic promoter Brahmins with our Odian king ruled at that time declining Buddhism. Shankaracharya established four Mathas in India for vedic Brahmins hegemony and puri’s Gobardhana matha is one from them. Before the Jagannath temple it was a Buddhist temple. Buddhist temple reformed as Jagannath temple with some modifications. Odians were Majorly Buddhist followers and were declining Vedic fourfold caste system like Buddha declined. Odians were declining fourfold caste system using an emblem with an idol which has no mouth, no arms, no thighs and without feet against Vedic purusha Sukta fourfold caste system. Vedic promoters fabricated it with our anti Buddhist king as Avatar of God of Sanatan Dharma. So it was there previously by ancient Odians with some specific meaning declining to fourfold caste system or prusha sukta as I said above, but Brahmins used a different story to continue the idols renaming him as avatar of Vishnu.
Purusha Sukta- The Caste system of IndiaThe caste system hails from Purusha sukta (puruṣasūkta) hymn 10.90 of the Rig-Veda. Purusha is described as a primeval giant, not unlike Norse Ymir, that is sacrificed by the gods (Purushamedha) and from whose body the world and the varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which in turn the world was made. In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet. The Moon was born from his spirit, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth. It means Brahmins in our ancient India created this definition according to their favor to dominate other social groups for racial hegemony. Their motive was to divide society symbolizing according to the important body parts of a human with social pivotal professions to administer the social groups according to their favor. Objecting to Purusha of Veda, Jagannath Identity had created. Jagannath idols are anti Brhamins and anti Vedic like Buddha. No mouth represents, we don’t believe or declines that Brahmins are created from purusha’s mouth, no arms represents we declines or don’t believe that Kshatriyas are born from Prusha’s arms, no thighs represent we declines Vaishyas are made from prusha’s thighs and no legs of Jagannath idol represents we decline or don’t believe Shudras are made from Purusha’s feet; the remained rest of the body is our society without any class system those are having rights of equality in all respects. In other words, excluding those are made from mouth, arms, thighs and feet remaining body is our society that don’t have any class. So identity is against fourfold caste system. Brahmins were invited to puri from outside of Odisha to integrate Brahmins culture with the temple. Odia is our language but these Brahmins used Sanskrit to convey our prayer to these idols to make Vedic benefits from followers. Sanskrit is mother of all languages is also a big lie by Vedic promoters. Jagannath understands Sanskrit language shows its not from the Odian origin. If it could have been pali then it would have been taken some extent to origin of Odians. Jagannath understands Sanskrit language, discriminate devotees by birth place and castes, worship by Brahmins all points to “its a creation of Stupid Vedic Scholars.” The honey coated lie story with rare truths mixed with different ratios of Nila madhaba integrated to these idols to create a bonding with the tribal race, hence after, we all fools following the culture as our heritage origin. But we forgot Ashoka who invaded Odisha in his regime had converted to Buddhism after Kalinga War. So Buddhism was a largest practiced faith in that time in this region. He not only adopted the Buddhism but he had also spread it to outside of India. Japan, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. all follows Buddhism but in his mother land it is destroyed. Many research points, Buddha’s birth place is in Odisha. If Buddha’s birth place is in Odisha then why he is not an Odian? Many proofs are there Buddha was an Odian but itself Odians don’t know Buddha might be an Odian. Ashoka had made a great and largest united kingdom by unifying many kingdoms in Indian peninsula. The kingdom of Ashoka is now known as India. Buddhism was the National religion of kingdom of Ashoka. So our first National religion is Buddhism. Ashoka never believed in vedism and their caste system. He had suppressed the Brahmanism in his regime those were used to practicing vedism and sacrifices of animals in yangya or havan. If Jagannath culture had there in the age of Ashoka then why he did not adopted and propagated Jagannath culture after Kalinga War? Why he did not make Jagannath shrines and its emblems all over India? Why he did not leave the evidence of Jagannath in his stone inscriptions? Brahmins were officiating animal sacrifices in puja and was taking it as food for their living in their age of Vedism. Since Buddhism strongly supports in nonviolence, Ashoka had stopped animal sacrifices and punished cruelly for practicing such kind of activities, so Brahmins lost their livelihood. It’s the reason why Brahmins became vegetarian and it became a puritanical practice to their evolution. When Brahmins lost their job they are told to join Ashoka’s army for their livelihood. After the Ashoka when his descendant was following the path of nonviolence and busy in spreading Buddhism one Brahmin had already been the army chief of Ashoka’s kingdom. His name was Pushyamitra Shunga. In the year 185 BCE, about fifty years after Ashoka’s death, one day when the king of Asoka kingdom i.e. descendant of Ashoka named Brihadratha was seeing the strength of army in a march this dishonest army chief Brahmin Pushyamitra assassinated the last ruler of Ashoka and proclaimed himself as the king of Ashoka’s kingdom and forcefully implemented the Manusmriti as the constitution, that is the reason why all the Ashoka’s united kingdom’s societies divided in four classes according to their adopted profession in the time of implementation as per vedic purusha Sukta fourfold caste system. It all happened in 185BC-149BC. Ashoka’s kingdom had no caste classes so it was like USA, China, Canada, Russia, Australia and Japan or as other developed counties those don’t have any castes in their Nation, even their natives don’t know what is castes? Social recognition of their citizens are primarily according to their gender, demography, skills or educations and profession they presently do but they are not recognized as  according to their one of forefather’s profession they were doing once upon a time in past like Vedic caste system in India. Jagannath itself is representing it does not support Brahmins Purusha Sukta so it is anti Brahmins like Buddha so it implicates Jagannath is from Buddhist origin and Buddha is linked to Odian race but its wiped out or fabricated to that extent that Odian race could not find the Buddhist history from their own land. It shows the height of heinous Brahmins conspiracy or criminal activity to Odian race. I must tell you one thing clear is, Brahmins in Odisha are converted Brahmins; I don’t blame it as their creation but they were the promoter without their prior knowledge and was a part of this conspiracy as victims. The Brahmins of Odisha majorly from tribal origin and they are even victim of Vedic fourfold caste system. They are Brahmin because Vedic Brahmins certified them as Brahmins for their evil motives. They are used for maintaining heinous Vedic Brahmins Philosophy in Odian race as an weapon. It is something like BJP party which was previously known as BJS had started by Syama Prasad Mookerjee on 21 October 1951 in Delhi in collaboration with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) but in Odisha we have their party leaders, members and voters. It is said Pushyamitra Shunga the Vedic  dishonest and cruel Brahmin had massacred 70000 Buddhist monks in one day. Vedic Brahmins were the first radical terrorist in the world those had massacred such a number of Buddhist monks in India. He had declared 100 gold coins for one Buddhist monks head so Buddhism became relic in India. Now followers of Vedic and Manusmriti ideology promoting Vedism in a political form. Kalinga was a part of Ashoka’s kingdom so fourfold caste system and vedism had implemented by the shine of sword like Islam invaders did in their regime. Buddhism don’t believe in castesm so it proofs Odian had no fourfold caste system before the vedism implemented to us. All Odia speaking people has one origin of tribe due to using same language as their mother tongue so it’s a linguistic race without affiliation to Sanatan Dharma as we told as its our origin. When fourfold caste system implemented our native odians, it divided in four classes according to their professions. Tribal idol care takers or tribal priests became Brahmins and after that, might be they had been privileged to learn veda for officiating Vedic ceremonies. Ruling people became Khatriya and those were involved with business became vaishya, and rest with any profession in the society became Shudra and those are not included in the society are labeled as Atishudra or out castes. It means our real culture destroyed by Vedism and we lost our original heritage for which all social disharmony became a pain to these days. Since Vedism sanctioned the class according to their profession many lower castes deprived from right to good life, equality, liberty, education, property, justice, dignity for long decades. Means vedism forced to our odian tribe to produce fools so that they can make an advantage for their selfish goals. They made itself odian against odian implementing a human discrimination class system to them. To promote and maintain Vedism, and to destroy “Buddhism and Jainism” Jagannath culture intentionally created by Vedic promoters with antibuddhist kings of Odisha. Buddha never believed in God and never propagated even existence of God but Vedic promoters used Buddha as an Avatar in Sanatan Dharama and made him a puppet God like other deities in Sanatan Dharma. Here I must tell you one thing more that all famous deities like Rama, Shiva, Krishna etc. are not belongs to vedic culture and even can’t be found in veda, but they included all these pagan famous identities as deities with honey coated lies as a part of their culture as prime God and Avatars to make fools to followers. They used these identities for their selfish and organised benefits for followers in the name spirituality, devotion, heritage and culture. No good human ever tell to worship his private part i.e. linga or penis or in informal odian word “Banda” and in Hindi “Lond or Laura” but these Vedic promoters fooled to their followers telling them it as divine till to date. It shows the height of hypocrisy by Vedic promoters. They think followers are all such kind of fools they will do anything whatever we tell them in the name of God. Penis is a body part of the male human beings that is used for reproduction and removing wastage materials as urine from our body, so how it could be divine it is out of logic! when itself body admits the urine is wastage? Had Shiva recommend to worship his penis instead of his full body or this vedic promoters promoted it for their evil motives? They even taught cow urine and cow dung are medicines those are even used as an ingredients in panchagavya, later named as Panchamrita replacing urine and dung with honey and sugar which should be taken for long life or immortality. According to Puranic context Shiva belongs to Kiratians i.e. a tribe seen in north Indian region basically in Nepal which is now categorise as ST or Scheduled tribe by Government recognition and Atishudra by Vedic certification. How a ST God had been banned to Shudra followers for a long decades though the God itself belongs to their origin? It shows the Vedic hegemony to the faith system and identity theft for selfish reasons. When Shaivism propagated in Odisha it destroyed the Buddhism and major lingas were made using Buddhist Ashoka pillars as prime stones. Lingaraj temple’s Shiva linga is a great example of this kind of occurrence. There is no involvement of these identities making them as God. They are God because these vedic promoters promoted them as God and used them for their personal benefits. They use their stories to polarize followers and to have benefits from them. Same stories are told thousand times to their follower by different Vedic promoters (Spiritual leaders and executives, Babas etc.) for faith polarization to make benefits from them. It all shows Jagannath culture is intentionally created to destroy our real Odian culture. Abhada (Sacred Prasad), puri sweets etc. are all rich in tests; no doubt all are these awesome but all used to promote Jagannath culture to polarize followers. Jagannath never cooks these foods so foods have the same tests even without the Jagannath. Prasads are never given to followers in free of costs so selling of Prasad in the temple in other means says it’s a Hotel of God. In these faith cyclone of polarization many foreigners even polarized and became followers of Jagannath but Jagannath declines these followers to enter in the temple! Which kind of God it is? that even declines its true followers? Jagannath does it or those radicals that made Jagannath as God for their selfish benefits, those declines in the name of Jagannath culture? It all shows Jagannath itself is a puppet God by his creators and promoters. Sat Karma (Justified Good deeds) is known as Dharma. Now think if a culture based on lies, cheating, exploitations, irrationalities, superstitions & blind beliefs with different kind of antisocial activities, how it could be said as Sat Karma? Now whatever we practice is “ku karma” (Bad and unjustified deeds) in the name of Dharma. Means Dharma word even badly misapplied, misused, misrepresented by the Vedic culture.

Other proofs:

Adi Shankaracharya is the root cause of destroying Buddhism in Puri.


Govardhana matha(820 AD) had founded by Adi Shankara (788 CE-820 CE[1] (aged 32)) and had established before the temple was reconstructed by Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva i.e. in 820 AD. So it is quite sure here is the key point of destruction of Buddhism in Odisha. Adi Shankara was the philosopher and theologian[5] from India who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta.[1] He is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thought in Hinduism and as a great Vedism promoter. Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya are considered to be the pillars of Vedantic tradition of spiritual India. Adi Shankara had more inclination to Shaivism according to his three parallel mark worn on the forehead that belongs to represent worshipping to Shiva as prime God. Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva (1077AD-1150AD) was a ruler of the Eastern Ganga dynasty during its apogee, which ruled southern part of Kalinga, India.  The Jagannath Temple at Puri was rebuilt in the 12th century[1]atop its ruins by Anantavarman Chodaganga. The ruined temple was nothing but a Buddhist shrine. King Chodaganga was originally a Shaivite from Srimukhalingam who became a Vaishnava under the influence of Ramanuja (1017–1137 CE) when he visited Puri. Since Govardhana matha had established in 820 AD in Odisha its highly possible Shaivism had spread in Puri due to only Adi Shankara but when his next great vedic promoter Ramanuja came to Odisha then he polarized the king according to his inclination to godly identity i.e. Vaishnavism. Ramanuja was a great follower of Vishnu. You can find the Vaishnavism symbol used by Ramanuja and in Puri temple’s top are same. Its the reason why it is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. The Jagannath temple was built in the 12th century (1161 AD) atop its ruins by the progenitor of the Eastern Ganga dynasty, King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva.[3] [4]  but Govardhana Matha was existed 1161-820=341 years before the reconstruction of the temple. What it was doing there? Adi Shankara is root cause of destroying Buddhism after the Shunga empire and was a prime promoter of Vedism that propagates Purushasukta of Rigveda (fourfold caste system) and ideology of Manusmriti. So he was the first Master Mind to destroy the real culture of Odisha and making of the fake Jagannath Culture. Adi Shankara and Ramanuja have no origin to Odian race at all though both are belongs to south India and were representing Shaivite and Vaishnava cult of Vedism imposed paganism i.e. Sanatana Dharma or Brahmanism. Vedism is not a part of Odian race  as claimed by present Odian spiritual scholars and leaders due to either lack of historic ignorance or want to impose and continue Vedic hegemony declining real Odian culture Budhhism for self and organized benefits.

Ramanuja Converted the Puri temple to Vaishnavism. 




See the above pictures Shankaracharya Sri Nischalananda Saraswati of Puri infront of a banner that don’t have even Jagannath picture in that banner in any place, though he represents to Lord Jagannath culture. Using the picture of  Adi sankaracharya and not using the picture of Jagannath picture shows the real position of Jagannath in their heart.

Buddhist Ashoka’s pillar like structures are there in Puri as Aruna Stambha and Garuda Stambha:

Buddist Pillar in Puri

Aruna Stambha

According to W.J. Wilkinson, in Puri, Buddhism was once a well established practice but later Buddhists were persecuted and Brahmanism became the order of the religious practice in the town; the Buddha deity in now worshipped by the Hindus as Jagannatha. It is also said that some relics of Buddha were placed inside the idol of Jagannath which the Brahmins claimed were the bones of Krishna. Even during Ashoka‘s reign in 240 BC Odisha was a Buddhist center and that a tribe known as Lohabahu (barbarians from outside Odisha) converted to Buddhism and built a temple with an idol of Buddha which is now worshipped as Jagannatha. It is also said that Lohabahu deposited some Buddha relics in the precincts of the temple. W.J Wilkison suspected the things well but could not express it perfectly. The thing is Buddhist emblemes destroyed by Brahminism/Vedism fabricating the Idol.

Architectural style of Puri temple is Kalinga Buddhist Architecture.

Jagannatha Temple: Discrimination Based on Birth.

Remotes of Vedism/Sanatan Dharma.


All deities of Hindu believers are majorly mind born identities of Brahmins or pagan identities adored as god by their followers with mind born powers.

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    Bullshit.. R u Christian or Muslim?


    • Indians says:

      What is Bullshits here? Can’t you see the truth mentioned? Proof whatever said in the blog, is wrong and on which grounds. If you don’t know try to know; We will help you to know everything that we know and if you know something more which we should know then we request you please let us know what you know on rational and legal points. Don’t forget you are a first human, then your adopted religions comes to identify your religion social identity. So humanity comes first then your religion i.e. Christian, Muslim or Hindus. We recognize ourselves as humans and humanity is our faith after that our Nation i.e. Indians. If you are political, think about the nation not about the party. We consider all religions followers and political parties as our human resources. So our try is to eradicate social evils from our nation exposing the truth and rectifying our human resources. Human is Biological and natural identity; political parties, religion etc. are social identities that has created by some humans for their self and and organized benefits to control the social group for specific goals or to fool and exploit as a huge crowd naming it as a commune or faith or religion for personal and organized benefits. We support and respect good politics and good morals in every faith system and every political parties. If you are from any race those run any evil religion or an orthodox religion and political party follower it will be a bitter pain for you but in truth you are suffering from psychological disorders. If you are a true Indian educate the Indian citizens whatever written in the blog. The blog is written with logical maximum truths by research. Explore the blog research methodology; its also given in the blog. So don’t make any verbal pollution; better try to argue on the vital points. We don’t have time to reply criminals, racists, cons, exploiters, sycophant or Chaamcha, stupids etc. and even no times to protest to verbal and literal abuse. If you don’t want to educate your mind better don’t read the blog. Go through the disclaimer before using the blog. If you like to know any faith in short type “theophilia world” in google-search and know about the religion truth. The guy has well researched and well explained the truth that we appreciate but due to gory pics we don’t linked that site to our blog. We want to remove religious identity, castes from official records in India. We severely oppose the religious identity and caste should use for recognition of a citizens of India. There should be freedom of naming system and freedom of surnames. There should be freedom of faiths so that no one can oppose any citizen of India to go any shrines, temples or mosques discriminating their adopted religion. The opposing every faith executives should be punished and should be jailed. Socioeconomically and educationally backward citizens of India should get reservations as “Help-band” not as “reservation.” Help-band should be determined by rating their socioeconomic conditions certifying their economic and educational status without branding them with religion and castes of any kind. Christianity, Muslim and Hindu identity should be used for their personal faith as private practice but should not taken importance as public recognition. Crimes or violence, irrationality, blind-beliefs, discrimination etc. etc. elements from all religious scriptures, stories, articles etc. should be go through censorship before the promotions of their religious faith. If found guilty they (writers, preachers or orators, publishers, spiritual executives and leader etc. those are responsible for crime) should punished. Hindu should given opportunity to caste conversions i.e. a Shudra can convert them as Brahmins if they wish. A Muslim or Christian can convert them as Brahmin if they like and vice versa. The false and fake social divisions should be abolished through freedom of caste and religion to eradicate Brahmins, Mullah and Popes (clerics) hegemony. Better be a human with humanity and have only a social identity i.e. citizen of India as Indian. Our major demand is uniform civil code for all. Minimum wealth for all i.e. every citizen should have at least his own shelter, employment and old age pension whether he/she is employed or non-employed. Health service for free. Freedom of choosing partner without any religious, caste or race discrimination. Prohibition of dowry. Elimination of traditional marriage system. Modernization of our Indian laws with review system by public. Involvement of public or citizens of India directly in the making process of any law. Political reformation. All tax collected by Indians should be on public domains and all expenses should be on public domain for review etc. etc.


    • Krishna says:

      How many Christians and Muslims know in-depth knowledge of Hinduism? Ask even top Hindu leaders and Scholars they even don’t know whatever exposed here. 99.9% Hindus don’t know why they are Hindu 🙂


  3. But certain category of people know that they are great grandest sons of Hindus and that is why they can write about Hindu Deities. Never the less we tolerant hindus are overwhelmed just by knowing that people of other religion read and try to understand hindu culture (even though they can’t understand an iota of it). Great for Hinduism! Also who ever need the proof about Hindu religion they just need to see and learn scientifically that when Humanity arrived on earth and how old their religion is? What was the religion of their forefathers prior to the start of their religion. Were the new religions formed by their great grand parents as new species developed due to illegal involvement of adams and eves behind the bush and they needed a shelter and identity and formed their religions to protect their interest.


  4. The greatest ever lie is: Ashoka embraced Buddhism after the Kalinga War, those who read this blog must notice, Ashoka embraced Buddhism much before the Kalinga War, because he was thrown out from the Hindu path as he committed many crime against humanity, by a council of Hindu scholars at Kashi, and also because he wanted to relieved from the Hindu Brahmin scholars, that was pure politics, no religion……………… stupids like the editor of this blog don’t even know history and english well,writes grammatically wrong english and makes spelling mistake even, has grievances and grudge against hinduism and wants to take revenge in this rediculous manner, what do you think of yourself, The world is so uneducated ???

    Let me introduce the actual concept of a Shiva linga both symbolically and logically, the proces of birth is carried out by the union of male sex organ and the female sex organ without which no creation or birth will take place naturally………………….. so this signifies “creation” in the most practical manner, If any one has problem with it, merely shows he is not educated rather has got no scientific mind to realise this and just hates the process of reproduction as because it occurs by the process of having sex, or they simply don’t respect or love having sex, they considers it to be ugly, knowing not, if their parents wouldn’t have done sex with each other ,this bastard wouldn’t have been ‘created” to write such shit over here,these people have failed in their biology papers (I doubt whether they have read any)in their secondary classes or just knows shit…………….has got no concept at all, and hates a religion which they don’t like personally…………

    Lets introduce the Shiva linga theologically, a shivalinga symbol has 3 parts; The base, the gauripat and the linga.

    The base part of the symbol symbolises the process of birth as every thing is evolved from land masses or soil, if we refer to our evolution chapters of biology.

    The gauripat symbolises the protection of humanity, i.e, after birth if we are not been protected by our mother’s arm and lap we will just die , there is no doubt in that…………. so every one needs protection just after birth, in general it symbolises the protection of all humanity…………….

    now lets come to the last part; i.e. the linga(the cylindrical structure), it symbolises destruction, death and demolition…………. for a new creation to take place one , who has become old has to pass away so that a new one comes in his place to the world………. one has to die at the end of his life as life constitutes birth,protection and then death……… thus in general it signifies the process of destruction in a positive manner, which indicates that if there is no end to the existing, the new can not arrive,i.e. if the old does not get perished the new cannot evolve, i.e. what we see in the chapters of evolution homo-habilis got extinct and got perished(destroyed) leading to the evolution of homo-sapiens thats all about the process of birth and destruction none are independent of each other…………….


    • You are absolutely right English is not our language and we don’t have any competition with English literature and claim mastery in this language. Language is only used to spread the message of truths. For your kind information there is no apex body or board exists in this world that regulates English language and its grammar. There is no authenticated source exists for English grammar. If you know good English then its good for your communication skills & we wish you best of luck for that. Being a Brahman you like English comparing to Sanskrit its good for your evolution. You reacted means you got the message that’s enough by this blog. If you found any wrong in this blog then correct us, it will be applause. You may get broken words and sentences, spelling mistakes etc. because sometimes spellings and grammars etc. are not checked but you can understand the motives; most of them written for social reformation not for literature reformation. Target to our motives if we are wrong not to silly loopholes for insult & defame, but with the time your demands even will be rectified. These information not for ornament your books or articles but to open your eyes and rescue from logical blindness. If you found wrong then correct yourself and grab its message. Give logic not hate speech. The blog is written with the interpretation & proof provided by their promoters. We all get the information from scriptures, history, literature and articles etc. provided by many scholars and stupids from various sources. We just logically interpret them and tries to give logical truth. If you have some authenticated proofs as your said claims, then provide us your sources. It will be taken to consideration to diagnose the truth. Forefathers of Ashoka had followed Ajivika which is fabricated and removed from the history by your so called brilliant race Brahmins and made it they followed to Jainism. If they had followed Brahmanism or vedism then they would not propagated to Buddhism. If you don’t have simple knowledge of interpretation then don’t reply. If according to your logic Ashoka had followed Buddhism leaving Brahmanism then you have to admit, Ashoka discarded Brahmanism comparing to Buddhism. Explore why he rejected Brahmanism? If he had inclined to Brahmanism then how many Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva, Ganesh etc. temples he had made. Which proofs in the eye of Ashoka Buddhism was the better faith than Brahmanism. He had chosen Buddhism for his kingdom not the Brahmanism. His kingdom is now India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. Who destroyed Buddhism of Ashokan empire? Please explore it. You can find how glorious is your race. Brahman Pushyamitra Shunga never own the empire of Ashoka by war but trapped it by dishonesty stabbing to the Buddhist Mauryans faith. Brahmins are the world’s first recognized radical terrorists those had massacred to Indian Buddhist monks in 185BC. Many sources claims Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga had massacred more than 70000 monks in a day. He had declared 100 gold coins for the head of a Buddhist monk. This the glory of your ancestor’s race; which has been some extent removed from the history by your so called Bramin writers & historians by their collective efforts. Moguls and British were Invaders but Brahmins are the Deshi terrorists or dishonest root natives portraying themselves as elite and devastated itself lives of the root natives for decades. Brahmins used the bullish root natives certifying them as Kshatriya for their armed power or force and used the Vaishya for making money saying they are the sin cleaners for their sins done in trades. Telling, spreading & passing honey coated sweet lies with good literature & verbal skills for the promotion of blind beliefs, irrationality, discrimination, cheating and different kind of antisocial activities, does not proofs & mean you are right, rational, intelligent and authenticate. We found race of Brahmanism is nothing but a race of crooks, liars, exploiters & full of stupid scholars those even have very good literature & verbal skills. We know it hurts you. You can’t tolerate the verbal truth about your race; lol then think about your race that has been been exploiting to non-Brahmin races with their evil motives and honey coated sweet lies with different fabrications for decades to till date….how far it justified? Non-Brahmin races are more tolerant its the reason why you all safe till to dates; but it does not mean future will be same…. So try to change your attitude…. World is changing in very fastest way and truth won’t be hide longer….Don’t show your level of understanding which shows your level of knowledge & intellectuality etc. ….more you chat more you will be exposed.


  5. Hinduism is not just for the uneducated idiots, get that clear…………


  6. People, well sheeple rather, tend to forget that we have been under the iron rule of kings, the age of king until very recent times. Democrazy is a new experiment. The caste/class system was all throughout the globe. It was a pyramid structure. There were many kings in India who ruled very well, also tyrants. Another thing is there is only so much natural resources on the planet that famine and stuff was common in the past and those who had power controlled it. British did whop the brahmins too didn’t they. Actually the west were the Asuras, Danavas, Tauthe De Danaan, goddess Danu. They don’t like religion in general just like the Asuras ha ha. Sharmista the daughter of Asura chief is mentioned as the fairest skin. Actually Arjuna, Krishna were all black. mentioned the asuras because there is common misconception that the asuras were the lower caste people. Nope nope, they were the rulers from the west.


  7. Asuras are norse Aesir.


  8. No sun in the netherworld, hence asuras were white mostly ha ha. There is a big underground city below Ellora just like Derinkuyu. There are many whileblowers screaming about underground alien bases. I listened to an audio podcast of an US army official who states he worked with aliens beneath earth and his descriptions of various beings he saw was eerily similar to those mentioned in the ancient indian literatures ha ha. There was a friend of mine in college who had slits for pupils, eyes like a snake.


  9. Yes there are many injustices that goes on, but don’t think that there is nothing outside of what they washes your brain with in that small class room.


  10. No need to publish my comments, but just keep that in mind ha ha.


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