The filthy or dirty hypnotic crook games of Brahmins.

The main weapon of Brahmin empire of God is cunningly using powerful words for their created imaginative identities to make them real from imaginative world to real world with honey coated lies to motivate followers for self and organized benefits.

How really it works? If you study the Indian society you can find easily major population is from socioeconomically and educationally deprived or weak background. Depressions due to various reasons are the major elements in their life. Depression counseling easiest and magical way with fake hopes created by clerics in the society in the name of God is very easy to motivate the uneducated mass. Ignorant peoples can be controlled easily so in the age of Brahmins in India they had banned the education to huge mass of the people classifying as per Vedic fourfold caste system as Shudras. Though now many Indians academically educated but intelligently or rationally still illiterate or partly educated.

The process of dirty hypnotic games of Brahmins starts with using hypnotic psychological words. First of all, what their words can do? or They’re capable of:

  1. Stimulating your imagination.
  2. Distracting you from the real world.
  3. Painting pictures in your mind as real.
  4. Activating your senses for their imaginations.
  5. Creating associations with their created imaginative world.
  6. Linking the things with hypnotic superficial lies to their imaginative world as undeniable truth or inducing the lies in to the followers’ mind as truth making him as a victim and making crowd with such kind of victims as mass hysteria.
  7. Making the association of emotions attaching to the imaginative world they created by motivations and polarization. If emotions or feelings is tampered, then victim reacts violently defending the lies as truth.
  8. Making the imaginative identities as a real part of life with motivating or hypnotic game as a faith then as traditions, custom, culture or as heritage.
  9. Making the Imaginative identities a part of the followers’ life using philosophy and passing it to generation to generation making it a habits to them. Habits can’t be declined or changed in one day; Its because it becomes a part of our daily life. Knowing even its wrong it’s very hard to leave which implies its a psychological disorder.
  10. Implementing beneficial and favorable elements in their created imaginary empire of God to control the followers according to their wish.

Many imaginative identities had been created by the Brahmins like Ganesh, different Avatars of Vishnu, Hanuman, Durga, Lakshmi, Brahma, Sarasvati etc. etc. I am going to give only one example here to make you understand, rest you can explore yourself if you like to explore them.


The creation of Ganesh  (Elephant Man God): As per our Puranic contexts we come to know that Parvathi the wife of lord Shiva created Ganesh from dirt or from dusts. Some version says she created Ganesh from the dirt of her body when she was scrubbing the body with turmeric for bathing etc. etc. so versions change with the adoption of story they are told; though there are different versions but almost all says Ganesh is not a  biologically born Identity. If Ganesh had made from body dirt of Parvati, then we have to think how long Parvati did not bathed so that she had so much body dirt from which Ganesh had created and given life by her. Now its clear Ganesh is not born with opposite sex biological principle so Ganesh is not the biological son of Lord Shiva. Creation of a human body from dirt without the biological principle of sex is unscientific or totally from the boastful bluff imaginative origin. Now what is the motive of making such identity? You can manipulate yourselves. We worship Ganesh as God it’s because our religious authorities said it’s your God. My parents parent and their parents all are told as same so I come to conclusion that it’s my God due to only ancestral acceptance of the faith system without any logical interpretation and verification of the identity. My forefathers were accepted it blindly but I am going to accept it, if it’s true; if it’s not then I have right to voice against the such kind of dishonest criminal activities by religious authorities those not only fooled my ancestors but also all the ancestors those followed the religion. So here it’s clear the God Ganesh is an imaginative identity induced in to family of Shiva. Who induced it? Definitely those promote Hinduism it’s because Ganesh is a God of Santana Dharma or Hinduism. Who are the prime promoters of Hinduism? Is it Kshatriyas, Vaishya, Shudras or itself Brahmins? Anybody can say the Hinduism is born and brought up by itself Brahmins so the identity is no doubt the creations of Brahmins. Now let’s move to their next idiotic logic. Parvathi created instant young powerful boy that could protect her. According to that story Ganesh given a task by his mother to protect her as a watch man. Ganesh took the responsibility and became a watch man in front of the door and did not let anyone to enter in to the home. Shiva came and tried to enter in to the home but Ganesh and Shiva did not recognize themselves as father and son being themselves as even Gods. Its ok let it be… lets move further…..Now due to misunderstanding they fought to each other and father resulted powerful so Ganesh beheaded by his father Shiva and got dead. When Parvathi came to know the incident she cried and demanded to make Ganesh alive again. Father Shiva did not try to join again to the original head with the torso but ordered to his soldiers to find another head. Its because beheading with weapon of Shiva i.e. by Trishul can’t be joined again. Which proofs itself God Shiva is powerless in front his own weapon Trishul. According to Shiva’s command his followers went and came with a baby elephant head. Here Lord Shiva ordered to behead a baby elephant’s head to give life to his own son! What a justice by God? Since Ganesh had made by only Parvati she could have make another Ganesh from her body dirt or at least she would have make another head and could join with the beheaded torso to make him live again but she did not, may be she had lost her presence of mind. Perhaps creator of mind born identity Ganesh had not thought about these dimensions. Now here is the most heinous and stupid part comes. I have been interviewed hundreds of intellectual Hindu scholars asking “who is actually Ganesh identity?” none of them satisfied with their answers without their bookie knowledge which is superficial honey coated lies that are told to them by scriptures and stupid religious so called religious scholars or as religious authorities. So I concluded with being a book worm can’t be a rationally literate. It means logical blindness can be induced through the faiths even to educated mass; those can even be controlled with blind beliefs through the faith system. I questioned them who was that baby elephant? whose head is joined on the beheaded Ganesh torso? Many could not answer and some said Airavata. Airavata was the carrier elephant of Indra which was a wrong answer told by them, but nowhere mentioned the name of the baby elephant that is used as head of Ganesh. Now let’s move to next. Shiva joined the baby elephant’s head to torso of Ganesh and given life to that manimal (man + animal = manimal or man + elephant = manephant or Elephant man) identity and elephant headed identity became our “lord of study or wisdom” Ganesh. Our god of wisdom origin is stupid base of wisdom. Which kind of joke it is? Head is the identity of a biological system or its torso? Head controls the whole body and biological identity remains in its head so head is the unit of a biological system that contains the original identity of that living being. Now when Ganesh beheaded; itself in that day only Ganesh got brain death so he got his biological death even in their imaginative story. The baby elephant joined on the Ganesh’s torso should act as an elephant or as a human being? Then who is the elephant we have been worshiping till to date as Ganesh? Is not it a heinous crime by Brahmins those made fools to their followers with honey coated lies for their evil intentions? An innocent follower came to me and said I could not understand what exactly you said. I asked him are you married? He said no. I asked have you any brother that married? He said yes we are only two brothers and my elder brother is married. Now I said when you three i.e. you, your elder brother and wife of your elder brother worshiping Lord Shiva; Shiva got angry due to mistakes of you two brothers so beheaded both. Now due to crying and pleasing behavior of the elder brother’s wife, Shiva cooled and given order to join the heads so that he can give again life to them. She did the same Shiva gave them life again. Now what happened wife of the elder brother mistakenly joined the heads with alternate torsos i.e. she had join the head of her husband to younger brother’s torso and brother in law’s head on to her husband’s torso. Now whom she will consider as her husband? If she calls to her husband with his name, then husband head with younger brother’s torso answers as her husband so how could be the torso of her husband with younger brother head will be her husband? Now if Ganesh got dead in that incident how a baby elephant implanted on the torso of Ganesh could be the identity of Ganesh? It’s an elephant without any name but it’s not Ganesh without any doubt. We have been fooled till to date worshiping the identity as Ganesh is nothing but a psychological disorder and a great cheat by Brahmins to their followers. These mind born identity simply made for controlling the brains of the followers or controlling a social group those believe in these stupid stories and think its the origin of their faith. Social conformity polarized by these con race with their mind born powerful identities to control their followers brains for organized benefits from them.

Brahmins has been cheating and exploiting to Indian race making them fools and stupids; promoting lies, violence, discrimination, blind-beliefs and irrationality as religion and pushing them to different kind of psychological disorders saying they are the controller of paranormal, supernatural, or occult power. Bowing to these mind born identities as God implies bowing to these cons/knaves/cheaters or bowing to irrationality, blind beliefs, violators of human rights and antisocial so-called elites. If Brahmins are master of controlling in paranormal, supernatural, or occult powers then why don’t they challenge to James Randy? He is offering $1000,000 for proving such claims!

If you study about Brahmins then one can easily find they are not from any single clan but are from different linguistic clans as single ideology of Vedism to promote caste system making them as prime social elite as Brahmins. Its the reason why their mother tongue and surname changes changing the lingustic clans & demography in India. We can say majorly crooks of all clans promoting them as Brahmins or social elite those had once or presently has  profession of idol worshiping as Poojari and adopted the Brahmanism i.e. Purusha Shukta 10:90  due to Vedic Brahmins rule by Pushyamitra Shunga regime declining Buddhism. Brahmanism is an organized Vedic ideological race those wants to dominate all the  Indians dominating the Governance, Media, literature and everything that controls life of a person in Indian society.

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