Major Hindu god and goddess are either Kings, tribal chiefs, mind born powerful fake identity or famous pagan identities from tribal origin.

Social Structure of Hindusim

In Hinduism it is believed there are more than 33 crores deities claimed by their promoters. Naming and maintaining records of all 33 crores deities is impossible but some famous identities are famous from con and stupid origin from their promoters (majorly by Brahmins). They hype anything out of boundaries even imagination to establish their base. I think 99.9% Hindu followers don’t know why they are Hindus and how they become Hindu. Why they are called Hindu and who initially named them as Hindu. Before branded as Hindu what was their ancestor’s faith origin? Let’s start one by one. Let’s take examples of some Hindu follower’s name.

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Morarji Desai
  3. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  4. Lalu Prasad Yadav
  5. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
  6. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (His ancestors were Gujrati Baniya before being Shia Islamic follower)

If somebody says only Jawaharlal, Morarji, Mohandas, Lalu, Bhimrao Ramji then nobody can guess their castes excepts their religious identity; that they are Hindus. So their last name or surname Nehru, Desai, Gandhi, Yadav and Ambedkar recognizes them according to their forefather’s profession once they had adopted for social existence in the past or in ancient age of kingdoms when fourfold caste system had implemented to a social group or kingdom. Once you recognized surname then you can easily guess who is belongs from which caste origin i.e. Nehru from Brahmin caste, Desai form Kshatriya caste, Gandhi from Baniya Caste, Yadav from Shudra or other backward class and Ambedkar from Atishudra or scheduled caste. This caste system gives enough clues that our ancestors were divided due to their adopted professions they were doing in specific time period in ancient age of kingdom. Now question arises who created this division and how it had implemented? If you go through the surname conventions it implicates the division of social groups according to their profession and as per their beneficial order to an elite group to a special class of people named Brahmins. Yes, few peoples had designated themselves as the social elite group in the ancient society and named them as Brahmins and they had created the fourfold caste system according to professions favorable and beneficial to them. If you study the Hindu scriptures, then according to their claim Rig.Veda purusha Sukta 10.90 tells about fourfold caste system. Except it, you can’t find any hymn telling about castes and religion. Even you can’t find any single word “Hindu” used in Rig Veda. Rig Veda is a scripture which designated to some prominent personalities and their relatives in their clan and their positions, powers or working abilities, interest and their favorites or likings. It is believed Vedic fourfold caste system or Purusha Shukta later included in the Rig. Veda to establish an evidential proof to prove it’s from very older origin by their promoters. You can’t find no surnames from even believed deities system. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh, Indra, Vishnu, Bramha, Durga, Pandavas, Kauravas etc. etc. has no surnames. Mother tongue tells about our linguistic race or origin of an ancient clan. If Rig Veda is composed in Sanskrit, so it is belonging to Vedic clan; non-Sanskrit linguistic race has no relation to this clan and their faith system without the adoption of their faith system. Fourfold caste system belongs to only Vedic clans and had limited to only their race; but it had been widely adopted or forcefully implemented to other kingdoms by hook and crook by them to control others. Since Sanskrit linguistic race is rare in India it is very easy to say it was not the root origin as it is claimed. As it is hyped to us that Sanskrit is mother of all Indian languages is from fabricated origin because it has no alphabets of its own. Hindi or Devanagari letters are not Sanskrit letters. If it had so ancient, then why we won’t find it in old stone inscriptions? Vedic clan was one small clan from thousands of clans or social tribal race of ancient age of kingdom those were believing in fourfold caste system. In the age of kingdoms there was no single belief system like Hinduism. Vedism is well known as Brahmanism and later it is promoted as Santana Dharma after that it branded as Hinduism. I have already told there is no word “Hindu” exists in original manuscripts of Hinduism i.e. in all Vedas and Puranas that are composed from 1500BC-700AD there is no word exists as “Hindu” in all original scriptures. Logically it can’t be too because Hindu word came to our Land with Invaders. In the ancient age of kingdoms, the demography had populated by many kingdoms. They had their own faith systems, their own style of living and own kind of social management system or governance. They were fighting to each other for their demography expansions for which cultural and faith system amalgamation was giving and shaping to other new hybrid cultural system. In the race of united kingdoms, the largest kingdom ever united in ancient time was by Mauryans. Now the demography we see from Afghan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh was once united empire of Ashoka. Majorly kingdom of Ashoka is now known as India. Ashoka was not a Hindu but a Buddhist and Ashoka’s kingdom was a Buddhist kingdom. You can’t even find any inscription by Ashoka naming his kingdom as Hindu or with any word related to Hindu. Now let’s find out how Hindu word originated and implemented to Indian society. As I told Vedic clan was a small clan in ancient India those are believing in Vedas and their fourfold caste system. Veda is the proof; man, cow and horse sacrifice rooted to Vedic clan and prominently it is written in Vedas, that Indra was fond of eating bulls. Due to sacrifice of Purusha or cosmic man castes and other things had created. Many social tribes in ancient age of kingdom were even worshiping to idols i.e. they were majorly idol believers and they had their own kind of worshiping methods without any Vedic hymns and priest class named as Brahmins. Since Shindu river mentioned in Rig Veda it is believed the composition of that Veda was belongs to that region (Majorly in now Pakistan because Sindhu river runs majorly in Pakistan demography). Shindu river mentioned in rig Veda it does not mean that river and its name copyrighted to the Vedic clan. Fire, sun and wind etc. even mentioned in Rig. Veda repeatedly and Fire or “Agni” even as their prime God and Brahmins always use fire in their Yangya or Havan it does not mean fire is copyrighted to them.  Clash of clans or kingdoms and crook theological politics given birth to Hinduism. Before 185BC our ancient united-kingdom which is now known as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was majorly populated by Buddhist followers and other minor faiths like Vedism/Brahmanism, Paganism (idol believers or believing in local or regional or tribal deities as polytheism), non-believers and other faith systems but not Islam, Hindu and Christian. When a Brahmin Army Chief of Buddhist Ashoka kingdom i.e. Pushyamitra Shunga dishonestly captured crookedly to Kingdom of Ashoka assassinating last Mauryan emperor Brihadratha; he started to declining Buddhism by massacre of Buddhist monks and their followers.  He implemented forcefully Brahmanism i.e. Vedic fourfold caste system and adopted paganism to decline Buddhism. Vedic promoters started to add pagan deities of different clan as the Avatars of their Vedic God. They gave privilege to idol worshipers to social status of Brahmins (Pradeshik Brahmins and facilitate learning Vedic chants to promote Vedism; it’s the reason why their surnames changes with changing the  linguistic race) and other professional class divided according to their profession they were doing in the time of fourfold caste system implementation to the associated kingdom of Ashoka. Since Vedic fourfold caste system reserves many favoritism and benefits according to their social class order therefore ancient ancestors from different linguistic race socially those were con or crook (Dhurt) attracted to Brahmin class, bullies or hooligans (Dabang) attracted to Kshatriya class and those are white hat dishonest businessmen attracted to Vaishya class and rest fall in Shudra class and could not elevated themselves from their designated brand or uplifted Shudras might have been converted to other upper castes with the backdoor opportunity without the notice of the others which may be rare. Surname convention system applied to their name to maintain their hereditary professions; so not to change their professions they used surname as the symbol of that reservation. It means it also prohibited freedom of profession and inter caste marriage. Due to adoption of paganism by Vedic clan major kings, spiritual activist and leaders had even privileged as their God for their faith system which is now well known as Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism. If you research to find out the origin of Hindu deities then you can easily find most of them are either mind born or fake or imaginary, famous popular identities from any real or fictional origin or from any famous ancient stories of any linguistic race, aliases, may be the kings & queens of the kingdom those helped to promote their faith system, spiritual activists or leaders. Rama was a king, Krishna was a King, Indra was a king in this ways you explore many deities of Hinduism either Kings or mind born fake identities as our God. It is highly possible those kings privileged Brahmins to their better establishment in their kingdoms might got position of God by them, I suspect Thirupati is one from them who got the position of Vishnu as Avatar. From 185BC to 700BC Brahmins created the empire of faith declining Buddhism in ancient India. When prophet Muhammad (Born 570AD) reveled Islam in his forties i.e. in 610AD and promoted his faith system by shine of sword then his converted Islamic emperor invaded India majorly in 700AD-1300AD. Foreigners were ignorant about Vedism but they used to recognize the riverside dwellers as Hindu dropping the ‘s’ letter from Shindu so pronounced as Hindu which had no affiliation to any religion. When they forcefully implemented Islam by shine of sword then majorly Brahmanism believers i.e. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, Buddhists, Jains, other ancient faiths, non-believers, tribal race, nomadic clans etc. are forcefully converted in to Islam. Some Islamic rulers were very cruel and they were busy with conversion to their last breath.  Many Shudra those were exploited by upper castes and unable pay the religion tax jizya converted themselves to Islam. To depart non-Muslims from other faiths they were using the word Hindu. The land they were ruling so named as Hindustan. Later Santana dharma promoters used the word to rename Santana dharma to Hinduism hiding Brahmanism in it. After the independence majorly Nehru framed Hindu laws and though Buddhism & Sanatan Dharma contradict to each other; for political benefit he put both the faith under one umbrella naming it as Hindu in Hindu Marriage Act 1955. He forgot other meaning of Hindu is slave to Islam it’s because it had majorly coined & promoted by Islamic rulers and they ruled Hindus as their slaves. It’s the reason why “India” is more secular than Hindustan and Bharat. Now more than 52 crore Muslims including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh from Indian origin whose ancestor’s faith were something else before 700AD. More than 97% Muslims from ancient India i.e. Muslims from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are root natives of India and less than 3% Muslim from Invaders origin. Invaders were even not from any direct descent from Arab’s origin, they were majorly from Afghan, Iran and Turk-Mongol origin. These 3% Islamic group hybridized with the Indian root natives and never returned to their land. After the Islamic rules in ancient India cultural hybridization occurred and root natives of India even started to use Islamic naming conventions. Genghis Khan was not a Muslim but his descendants those had converted to Islam basically from his son Chagatai dynasty when ruled the India Khan title got famous. Indian Muslims left ancient naming convention and started using the Arabic or Islamic naming convention to represent their social identities.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan was from Gujrati Baniya descents those had converted to Islam. Spiritual father of Pakistan Muhammad Iqbal was from Kashmir Pandits descents. Later clash of faith empire divided India due to political greed reasons and we got divided as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Now trace what caused us to this stage. It’s the faith system we believe in. Our society is in deep hysteria due to this faith system those are only controlled by few elite groups named as clerics with some oligarchs and kleptocrats. They control it because they need power, status and wealth because they are psychopaths and sociopaths. Religion is a psychological deviation or disorder; Where a human feels shame saying him/her as a “human” or a “good human” but proud to feel a part of a commune named as religion saying I am a “Hindu,” or a “Muslim,” or a “Christian.” It’s simply a psychological disorder named THEOPHILIA.

क्यों भाई खुदको इंसान बोलनेमे क्या सरम लगताहै?  इक अच्छा इंसान बनके तो दिखाओ !

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