Brahmins shaping their new famous identities as Gods for future Hinduism.


As a Hindu nobody ever asked the question why we are Hindu and where it hails from or how they become Hindu. If you will ask this question to any Hindu to our Nation seldom will be there who can give its answer. First of all, let me clear the concept of Hindu first. What is Hindu and where it actually hails. If we study about our faith origin; all present Hindu scholars will agree that only one source where faith of Hinduisms streamed i.e. it is from Veda or from the oldest scripture Rig. Veda. Surf in internet you will be getting the translated version of Rig. Veda because original manuscript does not exist or had ever existed. Even going through the present translated version of Rig. Veda you won’t find any single word used as “Hindu” so claiming Hindu from Vedic origin is totally wrong. You can find a river name called “Shindu” but as a river not with any other meaning. I gone through major Puranas and other ancient scriptures but I could not see any single word used “Hindu” in those scriptures; but in recent commentaries, articles, compositions and translated versions of Puranas and Hindu scriptures majorly used the word “Hindu” basically those are published after the 1300AD, contains the word Hindu. It implicates from the original context ‘Hindu’ word had not existed but it is induced in the scriptures in specific time period in Indian theological movement. The name “Hindu” is not given by our root native Indians. The foreigners’ origin like Iranians, Afghans etc. were recognizing the dwellers of river “Shindu” as Hindu dropping the letter ‘s’ in their pronunciation, so it became “Hindu” which became a communal or racial representation to river side dwellers; later used for all inhabitants when the Islamic invaders from those regions Invaded India and ruled for decades. Muhammad (Born in 570AD) reveled the Islam in his forties i.e. in 610AD and after that his co-Islamic or converted Islamic following emperors Invaded Indian demography majorly in 7th century and after wards; In that time Sanatan Dharma or Brahmanism had been major faith system declining to Buddhism. Bramhanism or Sanatan Dharma had not told as Hinduism in those time. If there was anything like Hindu, then we could have been get its proofs from ancient stone inscriptions or in any old palm or metal foil inscriptions. Islamic invaders forcefully converted many root natives to Islam so Islamic population raised in our demographic region; later to differentiate Muslims from non-Muslims they used the word “Hindu” for non-Muslims which ultimately represented to Brahmanism followers. Sanatan Dharma is nothing but Vedism governed paganism. The intentional or other meaning of Hindu is slave to Islam. Hindustan means Hindus governed by Islamic rulers. Paganism nothing but natives Indians worshiping to local deities those are not belongs to Vedic clan. Care takers or worshipers of local deities were not priests or Brahmins. Shiva, his imaginary son created by Brahmins Ganesha, Krishna, Rama etc. are not from any Vedic clan or origin; major famous deities we see in our Hindu faith, either fake creation by Brahmins or they are from tribal pagan origin. Majorly they are basically all local identities from different linguistic race those are hacked by Brahmins naming them as Avatar of Gods form Vedic origin majorly dedicating to their God “Vishnu.” There is major philosophical contradtion between Buddhism & Sanatan Dharma or Bramhanism. Buddhism is anti-Vedism or Sanatan Dharma or Brahmanism but when Nehru framed Hindu Marriage Act after 1947 he made all followers those are not from foreign faiths i.e. Parsi, Islam and Christianity in one umbrella naming it as Hindu. Though there are many contradictions between Brahmanism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other paganisms it all designated as Hindus. Now Brahmins had been created conspiracy not to worship deities from tribal or ancient pagan origin so they are now focusing their spiritual leaders or Gurus as the God of Hindu denomination. Leave old famous temples like Char Dham i.e. Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameswaram lets consider new temples in present era. Hinduism mind controllers are not investing money for renovation or new and adorable big budget temples for the old famous identities. Now they are creating Big budget temples with their suitable Gods majorly their favorable identities; means, spiritual leaders or Gurus as God in Hinduism to control future Hindu followers. Nobody had seen Shiva, Vishnu, Rama had existed. We believe them it’s because our ancestors and the Hindu promoter promoted them as our God. In future new God like “Swaminarayan” will replace Vishnu, Rama etc. due to magnificent architecture temples made by them for religious promotion to make huge amount of money from Hindu God Industry. Now the game is they will not use famous pagan deity identities used before.


Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham complex is a Hindu mandir, and a spiritual-cultural campus in New Delhi, India. Also referred to as Delhi Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham, the complex displays millennia of traditional Hindu and Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture. According to official website of Akshardham; ‘Akshardham‘ means the divine abode of God. It is hailed as an eternal place of devotion, purity and peace. Swaminarayan Akshardham at New Delhi is a Mandir – an abode of God, a Hindu house of worship, and a spiritual and cultural campus dedicated to devotion, learning and harmony. Timeless Hindu spiritual messages, vibrant devotional traditions and ancient architecture all are echoed in its art and architecture. The mandir is a humble tribute to Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781AD- 1830AD), claiming the avatars, devas and great sages of Hinduism. The traditionally-styled complex was inaugurated on 6 November 2005 with the blessings of HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj and through the devoted efforts of skilled artisans and volunteers. Akshardham is made by BAPS. Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (IAST: Bocāsanvāsī Akshar Purushottam Sansthā), often abbreviated as BAPS (formerly Bochasan Swaminarayan Sanstha or BSS), is a worldwide religious and civic organization within the Swaminarayan branch of Hinduism. BAPS was established as a formal organization on 5 June 1907 by Shastriji Maharaj. As a global Hindu minority organization, BAPS actively engages in a range of endeavors aimed at spirituality, character-building and human welfare. The activities span religious, cultural, social, and humanitarian domains. Through these activities, it aims to preserve Indian culture, ideals of Hindu faith, family unity, selfless service, interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence. More than 55,000 volunteers and 3,850 temples serve 3,850 communities around the world. The mandir, known as a Hindu place of worship, serves as a hub for the spiritual, cultural, and humanitarian activities of BAPS. In the tradition of the Bhakti Movement, Swaminarayan and his spiritual successors began erecting mandirs to provide a means to uphold proper devotion to God on the path towards moksha, or ultimate liberation. BAPS mandirs thus facilitate devotional commitment to the Akshar Purushottam Upasana, in which followers strive to reach the spiritually perfect state of Aksharbrahman, or the ideal devotee, thereby gaining the ability to properly worship Purushottam, the Supreme Godhead. If cost of Akshardham Temple New Jersey Cost : Approx. $ 150 Million i.e. about Rs.10028250000.00 and Delhi Akshardham Temple more than Rs.400 Crores, then you can estimate the costs of other large and small temples made by the organization. Now question arises who funds them or how they got this amount to accomplish all these things? Is it all from their follower’s donations or any other source of funding are there? If this identity is not a so famous Hindu deity in India, then who and why promoting this identity as God and what is the motive behind it? If you will simply start to think it as a God industry business in the name of religion, spiritualism, art & culture, custom, tradition and heritage; it’s just a mind control game to get money as donation power as unity i.e. honest rob and polarization center for Hinduism. Definitely they might be financial backed by some elite business group and politicians those might be using this organization for their black money storage center. Now let’s explore who is Swaminarayan. Swaminarayan was born on 3 April 1781 (Chaitra Sud 9, Samvat 1837) in Chhapaiya, Uttar Pradesh, a village near Ayodhya, in a Hindi speaking region in India. Born into the brahmin or priestly caste of Sarvariya. Swaminarayan was named Ghanshyam Pande by his parents, Hariprasad Pande (father, also known as Dharmadev) and Premvati Pande (mother, also known as Bhaktimata and Murtidevi). The birth of Swaminarayan coincided with the Hindu festival of Rama Navami, celebrating the birth of Rama. The ninth lunar day in the fortnight of the waxing moon in the month of Chaitra (March–April), is celebrated as both Rama Navami and Swaminarayan Jayanti by Swaminarayan followers. This celebration also marks the beginning of a ritual calendar for the followers. Swaminarayan had an elder brother, Rampratap Pande, and a younger brother, Ichcharam Pande. He is said to have mastered the scriptures, including the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata by the age of seven (Super Brags & Bluffs). So here our new Hindu God identity is again a Brahmin. Swaminarayan is now a Brahmin God for Hindu followers; those Brahmins, where once banned Shudra to enter in the temple and had made them untouchables, but presently major Hindu followers are Shudras (more than 80% as OBC(Shudra)+(Sc+ST) AtiShudra ) accepting everything without knowing about their God blindly.


Talking Pictures

Dhirubai1 Dhirubai2 Dhirubai3 Dhirubai4 Dhirubai5 Dhirubai6 Dhirubai7

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