Truth about Rama Janm Bhoomi.

Present Ramayana is an edited version of Hindu promoters. Hindu is the name which has  given by Persian & Afghan Islamic emperors when they invaded India in 7th century. Rama was a king of a small kingdom presently 10.24 km² with very specific region named Ayodhya that was not the whole India (3.287 million km²) we have now as our democratic country. Some Maps are given below which can help you to understand BJP dirty politics for Ayodhya. There was no place named even Ayodhya from 1749 to even 1947. Some of British India map shows a place named OUDH. OUDH is Ayodhya even hard to prove. There is place Rampur but according to BJP politics its not Birth place of Ayodhya. If we will even consider AOUDH is Ayodhya then how it is possible to prove the Coordinates 26.7956°N 82.1943°E is the real birth place of Rama? Is this Coordinates 26.7956°N 82.1943°E is mentioned in Ramayana? The claimed place by BJP politics is not the Birth place of Ayodhya is no-doubt false. Its just RSS dirty politics for BJP to polarize Hindu votes for their vote banks. They are playing with the sentiments of 82% Hindus making them fools for their vote banks. It is even claimed that in Sep 30, 2010 one order has held that Kasauti pillars found after the excavation of the Babri Masjid site by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), in 2003 were starkly in resemblance to Buddhist structures and there is a great possibility that Babri Masjid was actually built on the ruins of an ancient Buddhist structure and that some of its material was actually used in the construction of the Babri Masjid. Wikipedia is populating by false & fabricated mind born stories by Vedic promoters so beware about the facts……


     Just watch this video and know the TRUTH about Ayodhya politics by VHP/RSS/BJP. Here I must clear you One thing Pujari Laldas was a priest or a Pujari to Ram Mandir in Babri Masjid but was not a Brahmin. I several times mentioned in many articles all idol worshipers or Pujari in our country are not Brahmins though they worship idols as Brahmin priest does. Some con Pujari uplifted themselves as Brahmins priest and maintained the ideology of castesm or Vedism but not all from them does the same. In ancient India major tribal idols care takers of pagan deities (like Rama, Shiva etc…) temples were full time care takers or dedicated devotees of the temples; those were called as Pujari but they were not Brahmins. Later conversion to Vedism by Vedic Brahmins made some linguistic idol care takers or Pujaris as Pradeshika Brahmins those even maintained ego of elite social status paranoia created by Vedic Brahmins to run their faith empire. Vedic Brahmins just added Havan/Yangya or worship to fire and Vedic chants to worship method and maintenance of the Caste system and laws of Manusmriti to old tribal worship method and named that faith worship method as Sanatana Puja Padhati or Karma Kanda or Vedic Puja Padhati. Laldas clearly mentioned in his statements that “Ram Janm Bhoomi is conspired by upper caste Hindus” which is directly implicates and proofs he is trying to say he is not one from them i.e. neither a Brahmin nor an upper caste. Download this video for your future needs as proof before criminal bullish or crooks will force to delete from the internet.

Valmiki i.e. Road side Robber named Dashyu Ratnakar had composed the Ramayana. Brhamins had given him the certificate of Bramharshi but don’t worship in his temple but use his composed Ramayana and the pagan famous identity Rama as God and to promote the Hinduism for their self and organized benefits. Now see what is happening to him. The Pujari or Priest of this temple is not a Brahmin.

See these maps to assure yourself the Rama janma Bhoomi is a fake claim by RSS and BJP.

Truth about Brahmins Intentions

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