Truth about Rama Janm Bhoomi.

Present Ramayana is an edited version of Hindu promoters. Hindu is the name or identity which had given only by Islamic Invaders to non-Muslim root natives of India when they invaded India in 7th century or after the 7th century. “Hindu” word can’t be found in any Indian religious scriptures that had composed before Islamic Invasions.  Islamic emperors had only given the name of their kingdoms as Al-Hind or Hindustan or Indoustan which can’t be found in any Vedic or Brahmanism scriptures and not even in Jains and Buddhist scriptures. Hindu word streams from “Shindu” i.e. a river which runs in majorly present Pakistan whose riverside dwellers are well known as Shindu civilization now better know as Sindh province, those uses Sindhi language as their mother tongue and second major population of present Pakistan. India was a place of thousands of kingdoms and more than 1700 linguistic clans/races without any unified name as India or Bharat though according to history only the largest Kingdom ever had made in this demography was only by Mauryas as Mauryan empire, which was a Buddhist Kingdom. Sindhu linguistic race has no connection with other linguistic races though only a part of the vast Indian demography. Islamic emperors just used their identity to name other clans with an unified name Hindustan/Al-Hind/Indoustan though all the kingdoms they unified as Islamic empire had no connection with the Sindhi clan of any kind; even Sanskrit spoken Vedic clan had not  any connection with Sindhi clans, because the language has the high differentiation (use google translator and other Sanskrit to English translators for verification without others help). If Sindhi language is the oldest then why Brahmins use Sanskrit language in their chants to worship Hindu deities instead of Sindhi language? Even Nagari (Presently know as Devanāgarī or Hindi) spoken root native Tulsidas had no connection with Vedic clans. If he was from Vedic clan then what was the reason he translated the Sanskrit composed Ramayana to Hindi? Translating Ramayana to only Hindi language shows his mother tongue was Hindi but wanted to promote Ramayana being a Vedic certified priest named Brahmin. Here I must tell you one thing important priest and Brahmins are two different identities with similarities. Purusha Sukta 10.90 only defines caste system and who is Brahmin. Priest or Pujari/Poojari/Poojaka is a care taker of idol/emblematic deities and prime communicator to those identities faith system and its worship or certain rituals methods. All priest are not Brahmins but those promote Sanskrit composed Purusha Sukta certified organized priesthood is called Brahmanism or priest as Brahmin; so Brahmins are priests but all priests are not Brahmins. Tulsidas was a Vedic promoter Brahmin. Whether Rama is a mind born identity or real it does not matters, but its true the identity belongs to only Indian demography but not the origin of the whole races found in Indian demography.  If Rama had existed then he would speak in his own mother tongue not in various mother tongues i.e. more than 1700 languages in his life; So Rama identity had even no connection with all races found in Indian demography. Rama promoted as the common identity for racial hegemony with an evil intention for the theo-political benefits to create an empire of faith to rule their followers mind as an unified cult. Original composer of Ramayana was “Ratnakar” which is renamed with a  pseudo name “Valmiki” to promote the popular story Ramayana for  Vedic racial hegemony hiding the real composer of Ramayana. It is also possible original Ramayana composition had in any other language before its Sanskritisation and after that it translated to other different languages from Sanskrit. It might be possible there was no caste system in real composition but with the time it might have changed and Caste system inserted and all other things had appended with the time frame to motivate its followers according to the motivators motives. Rama promoted as Kshatirya to promote only Vedic Purusha Sukta where its original composer Ratnakar alias Valmiki is considered as Shudra by Brahmins. If Ratnakar was a Shudra why he would compose a popular epic degrading himself? So its no doubt original Ramayan was not a caste based story but with the time it is fabricated and changed to caste based popular story inserting Kshatriya, Brahmin etc. to promote Vedic caste system for vedic hegemony.  According to mythological/historic records, Rama was a king of a small kingdom named Ayodhya i.e. presently an area of just 10.24 km²  which was not the whole India (3.287 million km²) we have now as our democratic country. Some Maps are given below which can help you to understand BJP dirty politics for Ayodhya. There was no place named even Ayodhya from 1749 to even 1947. Some of British India map shows a place named OUDH. OUDH is Ayodhya even hard to prove. There is place Rampur but according to BJP politics its not Birth place of Ayodhya. If we will even consider AOUDH is Ayodhya then how it is possible to prove the Coordinates 26.7956°N 82.1943°E is the real birth place of Rama? Is this Coordinates 26.7956°N 82.1943°E is mentioned in Ramayana? The claimed place by BJP politics is not the Birth place of Ayodhya is no-doubt false. Its just RSS dirty politics for BJP to polarize Hindu votes for their vote banks. They are playing with the sentiments of 82% Hindus making them fools for their vote banks. It is even claimed that in Sep 30, 2010 one order has held that Kasauti pillars found after the excavation of the Babri Masjid site by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), in 2003 were starkly in resemblance to Buddhist structures and there is a great possibility that Babri Masjid was actually built on the ruins of an ancient Buddhist structure and that some of its material was actually used in the construction of the Babri Masjid. If Rama had existed then he must had born in a King’s palace not in temple. There is no evidence found there was a palace in that place. If Rama had born in a bare land then how court came to conclusion that, that place was a birth place of Rama? If Archeological survey of India found debris of Buddhist monastery then how could it be possible to prove that the place was a birth place of Rama? Mind born stories fake and fabricated histories are not enough to prove that place is the birth place of Rama; commonsense is enough to prove that the place is absolutely not the birth place of Rama. If it will be proved by apex courts of India that place was the birth place of Rama then it will be a most idiotic milestone judgement in Indian history i.e. Indian apex courts are just place stupid justice and Indian judicial system is just a joke. If temple will be built over there on the basis of birth place of Rama, then the temple will be physical proof of Indian Judaical & Political systems stupidities. Wikipedia is populating by false & fabricated mind born stories by Vedic promoters so beware about the facts……

See the proofs that never shown by any Indian mainstream biased media that proves controversial structure was a Buddhist Vihar/Shrine not a Hindu temple and a Masjid in ancient India. Not showing these proofs publicly implicates media has evil intention and totally controlled by Hindu/Brahmanism oligarchs. If proofs were in favor of Brahmins they would have shown it to public through media and hyped a lot about the existence with their authenticity. Since showing it all that can expose Buddhist existence in that place they don’t want to show these proofs and just hype there was a temple in that site for fabrication and for racial and political hegemony.


     Just watch this video and know the TRUTH about Ayodhya politics by VHP/RSS/BJP. Here I must clear you One thing Pujari Laldas was a priest or a Pujari to Ram Mandir in Babri Masjid but was not a Brahmin. I several times mentioned in many articles all idol worshipers or Pujari in our country are not Brahmins though they worship idols as Brahmin priest does. Some con Pujari uplifted themselves as Brahmins priest and maintained the ideology of castesm or Vedism but not all from them does the same. In ancient India major tribal idols care takers of pagan deities (like Rama, Shiva etc…) temples were full time care takers or dedicated devotees of the temples; those were called as Pujari but they were not Brahmins. Later conversion to Vedism by Vedic Brahmins made some linguistic idol care takers or Pujaris as Pradeshika Brahmins those even maintained ego of elite social status paranoia created by Vedic Brahmins to run their faith empire. Vedic Brahmins just added Havan/Yangya or worship to fire and Vedic chants to worship method and maintenance of the Caste system and laws of Manusmriti to old tribal worship method and named that faith worship method as Sanatana Puja Padhati or Karma Kanda or Vedic Puja Padhati. Laldas clearly mentioned in his statements that “Ram Janm Bhoomi is conspired by upper caste Hindus” which is directly implicates and proofs he is trying to say he is not one from them i.e. neither a Brahmin nor an upper caste. Download this video for your future needs as proof before criminal bullish or crooks will force to delete from the internet.

Valmiki i.e. Road side Robber named Dashyu Ratnakar had composed the Ramayana. Brhamins had given him the certificate of Bramharshi but don’t worship in his temple but use his composed Ramayana and the pagan famous identity Rama as God and to promote the Hinduism for their self and organized benefits. Now see what is happening to him. The Pujari or Priest of this temple is not a Brahmin.

See these maps to assure yourself the Rama janma Bhoomi is a fake claim by RSS and BJP.

Truth about Brahmins Intentions

There is no evidence till to date in world history monkeys were socially equated to humans and they were capable to communicate humans with human using languages. There is no proof exists till to date humanoid monkeys were there in our planet. If humanoid monkeys had there then we would must have their fossils. If in this present advanced age of biotechnology monkeys could not be socialize as humans then how it was possible in those dark age? even in those days there was no electricity! We use mobile phones sending our messages in fraction of seconds to Sri Lanka to communicate their citizens, where God sent to his messenger Hanuman to deliver his message to Sita who was in Sri Lanka i.e. used a monkey to deliver his message? How could it be possible being even  socially and technologically so backward he had built Ramasetu i.e. a bridge to Sri Lanka using only army of monkeys? Is not it a joke? Those are promoting these stupidity in their literature and in mainstream media actually showing their stupidity to  the world.  In imaginative writing or compositions anybody can write anything it does not mean its true. Spider man is even a reality in sliver screen. His big statues can be found in many parks in the world, it does not mean Spider man is real. We can find many imaginative identities like spider man in our human race, it does not mean they were really existed. Politics using the imaginative  identities and controlling brain of humans should considered as what? Is not it a stupid con game? Feeding lies to control human brains is totally a crime. It does not matters whether Rama existed or not. Rama is not fighting for his existence but those stupid promoters using Ramayana to promote Vedic class system embedded in Ramayana is definitely having wrong intention to divide the society feeding sweet lie stories without their prior knowledge. Those scriptures written to promote Sanatana Dharama/Hinduism/Vedism having an hidden agenda to promote Brahmanism or “divide and rule” agenda in it. So those promote these stories they definitely has the wrong intentions to this Indian demography for their racial hegemony.

Evil intention of Vedic promoters to manufacture Hindu and Non-Hindu followers consents for authenticity of Rama Setu on the basis of scientific and geological background using International science Media:

When it was a crucial period for deciding whether controversial structure of Barbri Masjid whether belongs to Ramayan origin or not or “controversial structure is the original birth place of Rama or not?” in the Indian apex courts, then in the due course of time an International Science channel named Science Channel  declared some  trailer in its twitter handle that Rama Setu is a man made structure with question mark to “Ramayana.”


Stupid thing is, Science channel ever investigated itself existence of Rama? Science channel will telecast this program in a show named “What on Earth ” and under a name “Ancient Land bridge.” There might be many ancient land bridges on our planet why to this “Adam Bridge/Rama Setu” in advance in their trailer? It really makes a reasonable doubt  about their paid program. There is no evidence in Sri Lankan History and even in their Mythology there was a man or King ever existed named “Ravana” without the Vedic/Brahmanism superimposition to them. If it was a human made bridge then why it can’t be possible, bridge had made in the time of Ashoka/Mauryan empire those had propagated “Buddhism” to Sri Lanka? If we will even believe on the Ramayan; is it really possible land bridge by monkeys? Is monkeys are having that level of civil engineering intellectualism? In Ramayana only monkeys are mentioned they were not even apes  because all Vanara mentioned in Ramayana has the tails where apes have no tails. According to Ramayana  Vanara/Banara/Monkey named Nala was the architect and builder of the bridge. Nala made it all with the help of the Vanara/monkey army, Nala; who completed the 80 miles (130 km) (ten yojana) bridge in just five days(present days its length mentioned as only 30 miles). Sometimes, another vanara called Nila is also credited as the builder of the bridge. They made it in only five days? There was no electricity in that time. There is no mention of electricity even in Ramayan so work must had been done in the day time i.e. 130km bridge only 12hrs per day and in total 12hrs X 5 = 60hours i.e. in approx. 2.5 days they had made the bridge! It is not only a bluff or joke it seems like some body had written it in intoxication. This was that 2.5 days made 130km bridge in which Rama and his army passed over it and reached Lanka, where they prepared to fight with Ravana. Forget about the scientific facts in this, but here there is no boundaries of even lies, deception and bluffs. Rama was very powerful, then why didn’t he dried to itself the sea? If Hanuman was capable to fly with giant hills/mountains then he could have been put some hills/mountain on the sea so that they could have easily reach to Sri Lanka! It was also very easy Rama, Laxman and monkeys could have sit on the mountain and Hanuman could fly with the Mountain to Sri Lanka. Why it all done by Nala and Nila? Having even latest technology these days, making a 130 km bridge with humans and machines in 5 days is impossible. If these so called scientists are capable to identify, according to their claimed 7000 years old stones and 4000 years old sands used in that ancient land bridge then how many super humans / supper monkeys fossils they have got till to date those had made this bridge? Is there any record of any mass monkeys, gorilla and apes fossils in their region even till to date? If scientists are able to find out 243 and 231 million years old fossils of Dinosaurs why they are not able to find out fossils of humanoid monkeys, birds and bears etc. ? It is clearly mentioned in Ramayana Sri Lanka was the kingdom of Golds (Swarna-Lanka). There is no record of any kind golds had been theft by any invasion or something like this in Sri Lankan history and mythology. If 7000 year old stones are found then where is gold made kingdom? Which is more durable? its stone or gold? If stone are found then where is gold made kingdom/empire and its gold? Sorry to say but those believe in these things not only fools but seems to be hereditary stupids. Its a try to proof lie as true covering a fake scientific explanation to fool the peoples those are not familiar to science. How a Science channel promoted this kind of stupid believe is a question of doubt, and it directly proves there might have nexus with Vedic/Brahmanism/Hinduism promoters in the making of this episode to manufacture sentiment & consents under the ground of fake scientific explanations and proofs to establish bridge is made by Rama. I am astonished how a reputed Science channel converting itself to a Stupid channel due to only making money? Does even this Science Channel believe in “Humans, Cows, Horses, Sun, Moon, Air etc.” are made from a Cosmic male named “Purusha” from its body parts without any biological and physics principles which is mentioned in Purusha Sukta 10.90? After the trailer by Science channel many Vedic promoters has been populated many videos on the internet claiming authenticity of Rama Setu. All videos are recently published and all are from Indian origin which directly proves its intentionally made for manufacturing the consents. Its how Vedic/Brahmanism con promotion works.

(Indian spiritual and social think tank Osho had even explained why India got stagnated exposing the real culprits.)

NB: It is not written to disrespect or demoralize to the followers. Its only written to establish truth and to ban feeding lies by the Vedic/Brahmanism/Hinduism promoters to their followers those control the brains of their followers making them logical blind, fool and stupid. Its written to immunize their psychological health.

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