Saffron was not representing to Vedism or Brahmanism it was representing to Buddhism or Atheism.

color-of-athiestIn India we can see many political spiritual leaders represent themselves in saffron dress. Many Hindu organization represent their communal symbol even in saffron and seldom use red. In our Indian flag saffron is a prime color but most of them don’t know saffron was the color of Buddhism not Hinduism. Buddhism was the largest religion in ancient India. Vedism’s base is violence, irrationality, blind belief, knave & deception or it represents primarily violence its because the creation of the world & Varna system or fourfold caste system itself created by Brahmins sacrificing or assassination of Purusha (Rig Veda 10:90) according to their definition; so its a faith of violence and intolerance where Buddhism is a faith of non-violence, science, rationality, peace, intelligence and mediation. Saffron was a color for representing Buddhism i.e. for non-violence but robbing Buddhist symbolism saffron by Brahmins has been changed its meaning as a symbol for violence and intolerance these days. India has been ruled China, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka etc. for decades by empire of faith i.e. by Buddhism not by Vedism. Japanese & Chinese bow at Buddha not to any Vedic or Hindu God. Cunning Brahmins even hating Buddha, condemning him as an atheist made him an Avatar of Vishnu for self and organized benefits to dominate him saying he is in the circumference of Vedism and tried to sell him as other Hindu deities but did not promote him in their Hindu temples. Crook Brahmins fabricated birth place of Buddha throwing him in to Nepal with Alexander Cunningham instead of promoting real birth place is Odisha. Buddha is that Indian; to whom many intelligent civilization bow their head as their loving master. Indian Brahmans spoiled his name & fame in India in that way that Indians even don’t know Buddha is an Indian. Here I must clear you one thing why I am using the name India instead of Hindustan and Bharat. When we got independent there might be conflict what should be the name of our country in new constitution. The Hindu orthodox political leaders must have been suggested Bharat, Islamic supporter Hindu promoters must have been suggested for Hindustan and secular intellect must had suggested for India. One country but three names? Till to date we are having conflicts what is our true country name? lol India is having three names i.e. India, Hindustan and Bharat. Our constitution says “We the people of India” but when it translated to Hindi, it becomes “Bharat” how? and why? Is it possible phonetic will change changing the language? How a name changes with language? If somebody say “Rama” or “Rahim” and when we represent it in Hindi language it looks and spells like “राम” and “रहीम” nothing else. In that protocol when India is translated to Hindi it should be “इंडिया” not “भारत.” Now lets come to find reasons, why our country named so? India is derived from Shindu->Indu->India where Hindu is derived from Shindu->Hindu->Hindustan in both the case Hindu or Indu had no affiliation to any religion it just represents riverside dwellers of Shindu river. So Hindu had no affiliation to any religion before it branded to Santan Dharma or Brahmanism after post Islamic period in India. It is river Indus though as a modified term. Indian region even partly or wholly had several names at different era in history, like Aryavartha, Jumbudvepa, Tianzhu, Hodu, India major and minor, Bharatavarsta, Hindush, Hind, Al Hind, Yin, Indoi, Ind, Hindustan etc. Most of these names has one common origin i.e. river Sindu aka Indu or Indus.  The present name India has happened three times in the history i.e. in 400BC, 100BC, 1200AD. and the present name is the fourth time. Each name have their own history situations. Regarding the present name India:-  River Indies(in European terms)/ River Indus (Persian, Greek)/ Sindu (Sanskrit) was known since ancient times because of its large and monstrous width and fast water flow making it the strongest natural barrier defense against any conquerors/intruders to the land east of it. Even Alexander the great had a hard time with it. During his conquest in 300 BC, at the bank of river Indus he stated Indus to be bigger than any other river in Europe. So North Asians, Middle East and Europeans always made river Indus as the territorial benchmark for warfare as well as trading. They called the land east of Indus i.e. South East Asia as East Indies. East indies was always a place of attraction since ages. It was once economically the most successful province in the world. Columbus once in 1492AD August tried to discover an easy trading sea route to east indies (SE Asia) by traveling westerly from Europe. But this ended up in discovering “West indies” and America continent. There is also a theory that American aboriginals being called American Indians or red Indians, Indiana state origin etc. are all related to Columbus’ belief of having landed on India. East India Company: Like any startup/growing company would do, EIC selected a then well rated term “East indies.” They found it apt since they were planning to deal with the land east of Indus. They modified the term ‘Indies’ to the old-medieval age English term for Indus river-‘India’. As the East India company entered a region with huge scope of growth potential they started to control the province. During their reign the name India got more popularized and was again included to the modern English. For classifying their colonies and for office purposes, British Raj chose the name ‘India’ from east India company and officially named this multi provincial land collectively as India and the indigenous people as Indians. In every Acts they passed till 1947 they mentioned the name of land is India not Bharat or Hindustan. Bharat is created after 1947AD only by Hindu orthodox leaders without its authenticity for racial hegemony. Islam reveled by Prophet Muhammad(born 570AD) in 610 AD and came to India in 700AD. For various reasons many root natives had converted in to Muslims; major reasons were forceful conversion by orthodox Muslim emperors and lower caste Hindus, Buddhists and other faiths to Islam due to Vedic or Brahmanism exploitation. When Islamic rulers tried to depart Islamic believers from non-Islamic they used the word Hindu to non-Muslims later Brahmins used to represent their faith Sanatan Dharma. Hindu had used to represent slave to Islam so I don’t find it should be our national Name. Hindu word even not there in any Veda and Puranas that had composed till 1300AD. Now lets come to Bharat. The word is coined by only Hindu Mahasabha & RSS like mentality Vedic supporters or by only orthodox Brahmans political leaders in that time when our constitution had made. According to them Bharat was a king that had ruled whole Pakistan+India+Bangladesh. So its coined by only Vedic promoters claiming younger brother of Rama i.e. Bharat was the emperor of British Indian demography once upon a time, but according epics he was a king of only Ajodhya/Ayodhya which is a city i.e. a tiny part of present India at the south end in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya used to be the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom., Other theory is; it is named as Bharat because Jain’s first Tirthankar Lord Rishabhadev’s eldest son Bharat Chakravorty had ruled to the land long and long days back where exact time and area of demography is unknown; according to Jains, Jain Dharma is an ancient religion & even older than Vedic-Hinduism; Another claim is, long days back in history, the land had ruled by a brave like lion emperor Bharat, where exact time and area of demography is unknown. He was the founder of the Bhārata dynasty and thus an ancestor of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. Vedic supporters claim, the Bhāratas are prominent tribe in the Rigveda, the story of Bharata is first told in the Adi Parva of Mahabharata, wherein he is the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala. If you study the facts you will conclude its all are Brahmins bluffs with rare truths. Their is no evidence exists of any kind “Bharat” identity ruled the present Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. There is no evidence “Bharat” was the ruler of whole India without only bluff & gossip or rumor or a hoax. India is nothing but largest empire of Mauryan empire which was a Buddhist empire and was a secular kingdom with sufficient proofs. Buddhism supports secularism not the Sanatan dharma or Hinduism or any other religions in the planet. When we say India it includes even Pakistan, Bangladesh including present India. India means (Pakistan provinces as states+India+Bangladesh provinces as States). So in my opinion India is perfect name to adopt as our federal republics name excluding Hindustan and Bharat. Now Hindu promoters use Saffron as their emblem but fools don’t know that was the color which was representing to atheism or secularism not to Sanatan Dharma they believe in. Sanatana Dharama believes in polytheism or idolism or believing in many deities. Buddha never believed in any Santana Dharma followers believed God/deities/Vedic Gods/Pagan deities or God of any kind or in Idolism. He had searched the God and reasons behind the god and result was null so he had declined the God or deities but had faith on life & living. In India “Astha” (आस्था) means a belief or a faith on anything. Believing of anything is called “Astik” (आस्तिक) and believing in nothing is called “Nastik.” (नास्तिक). Brahmins scholars fabricated and redefined the meanings of Astha, Astik and Nastik as those don’t believe in God are called “Nastik” and those believe in God are called “Astik.” Later they promoted Astik as a word of purity & righteousness i.e believing in even  Bullshits is purity and righteousness which is no need reasons to believe any bullshits. Nastiks are portrayed and meant to devils, sinners, dirty, nasty, filthy, unwashed, unkempt, vile, despicable, dishonorable etc. so Astik word promoted as fire without any boundaries to promote Vedism because even a liar or sinner even don’t like to be called as a liar or sinner. Siddhartha Gautama find himself wakened so he is Buddha. Anybody who is wakened or reach to the level of righteous or justified knowledge and deeds is a Buddha. Buddha is derived from the word “Buddhi” means wisdom or justified knowledge that grows the humanity but encountering to this word a defaming word had created i.e. “Buddhu”(बुद्धू) to defame & encounter badly the word “Buddha” making a meaning it to “fool” (मुर्ख). Our Indian inhabitants are so loyal and innocents that they believe anything whatever told in the name of God without any interpretations even they eat and drink poops and pees of cows. This is the reason why any corrupt or crook or dishonest intellect rape & molest their mind according to their bad motives and control their minds according to their evil motives naming or placing them as a super authority. This was not our real culture. Our real culture was believe after findings its reasons. Buddhism is an art of living without any God. Con Brahmans declined the Buddhism in India and made him even a God in Sanatan Dharma to sell him as an Avatar of Vishnu and his blessings with an exchange of donation.   Major Buddhist monks use saffron as their commune color. As we know in present India those don’t believe in God are said “Nastik” or non-god believers; So Saffron is a color of secularism or Atheism that had been used for Buddhism commune. Sanatan Dharma adopted or theft this saffron color fabricating its social identity existed before by declining Buddhism and used for theism and used to representing their Bramhanism/Vedism or newly renamed Hinduism. Saffron even is now majorly used by “Hanuman” devotees to represent their commune as Hanuman Bhakts. Now situation in India is something worsen to that extents, even politicians and spiritual leaders use colors for their political benefits and unification of the empire of faiths for vote bank or for power achievements and followers polarization for various benefits. They don’t use the color of opposite religions indicating specific color phobia in them. Using a specific color for their social identity and for specific benefits making them also a specific color addiction or phobia as a psychological deviation or disorder.


Will Never try this

Indian communal political leaders will never try above dress and facial code in their life, because they are suffering from a psychological disorder of specific dress phobia and addiction. lol So its clear in India, we are having even color politics. Muslim use green and full black color to represent their commune where Hindu use saffron, white, yellow and red to represent themselves. In the race of discrimination they even don’t forget to discriminate the colors. lol Dress, Style, cloths, colors etc. etc. has no religions. Indian politicians and spiritual leaders and their followers should make a multicultural fancy dress festival where they should wear opposite religions dress codes to maintain harmony in the NATION.

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