Brahmins are only the major conspiracy theorists in India.

Crook Brahmins are the conspiracy theorists as elite group to control the Indian race as slaves and truly they are the race of criminals as conspirators, race of guileful humans as priests or as  a race of spiritual con artists or as a race of crooks.


If you trace the origin of Brahmins, then you can easily find the origin belongs to Rig.Veda Purusha Sukta 10:90 that defines Purusha and creation of fourfold caste system making them as an elite group. Now if you will trace the composer or creator of that theory it’s no doubt itself the composers or creator theory those had portrayed themselves as special group or elite group of the race i.e. themselves as Brahmins. Only creator of the theory will make them in favorable status comparing to others. If you study carefully the Purusha Sukta you can easily find; it’s a biggest lie or bullshit that is creating all social problems in our Indian race.

Purusha is described as a primeval giant, not unlike Norse Ymir, that is sacrificed by the gods (Purushamedha) and from whose body the world and the varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which in turn the world was made. In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet. The Moon was born from his spirit, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth.

The conspiracy here is, they made a social management system making them superior as out let of mind i.e. mouth and others to other parts of the body that can be controlled by them. It means their motive was assigning prime professions of the society as a special group to control the society making them superior to others. Which implicates creating a professional discrimination rule the society and make it hereditary through surname convention lineage where changing of hereditary profession or freedom of surname is declined.

Now consider all following points and think what it results?

  1. What was the intention of creating such kind of social management system? Varna system made many root natives of different linguistic race those were crooked & dishonest as Brahmins, Bullies or Dabang in to Kshatriya, Dishonest to Vaishyas and ignorant, illiterate, innocent hard workers to Shudra.
  2. Why a Brahmin only can teach or authority of Vedas? Why should every person those are branded forcefully as Hindu should obey and consider Veda as their origin though its full of bullshits?
  3. What knowledge contains Veda and Sanskrit Scripts? Is it really beneficial for mankind? Sanskrit linguistic race was that backward race which had not even developed their own letters. Hindi is not Sanskrit. Sanskrit is mother of all language is the biggest lie ever told by Brahmins. Why we won’t find any Hindi stone inscriptions from any oldest context where we can see Ashoka’s inscriptions in Prakrit or Pali language? Then which is oldest?  Why all deities in all linguistic race in India only understand Sanskrit chants?
  4. Why Brahmins were considered to be elite or special though they have no contribution in making society without guileful control to make benefits from other three Varnas? They are cheaters and dishonest race in the world ever had, but still why they should be considered as elite?
  5. What Brahmins originally does? Claiming the near executive of God they control the other Varnas and live as parasites doing nothing. In truth they are only the sitting crooks make money only controlling other three varnas. Why?
  6. Which global rights empowered them to control & discriminate human society according to their conspiracy? Who gave them right to certify others as Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Shudras?
  7. Why till to date this bullshit Varna system exists in Indian Constitution as general caste, SC & ST caste and OBC? Who are those promoters as political movement?
  8. If you go through the literature in any linguistic race Brahmins had been dominated all the linguistic literature making them elite inserting a character as Brahmin as special. Why the literature were not scrutinized according to its authenticity? What is the reason behind fabrication of literature?
  9. If you search internet and even folk stories from different linguistic race you can easily find the fabrications of Brahmins. Now young Brahmin talents are listing 100 – 400 successful Brahmins from various fields as great race to promote their race as elite. What is the reason behind it? Now approx. only 6 crores Brahmins out of 126 crore people lives in Indian society. More than 80% Brahmins are not socioeconomically developed comparing to other race but most of them have a promoting ideology of Varna system. You can find only about 20% Brahmins i.e. about 1.2 crores Brahmins only has the evil intention and reasons for many social evils in Indian race. Less people but more control over the Indian society as conspirators. Why should we tolerate them? 80% Brahmins even does not know they are even victims of these 20% crook Brahmins conspirators.
  10. Brahmins even fabricated and included many extraordinary qualitative people from other Varna to their race for their racial promotion by their name or identity and fame theft. What is the reason behind it?
  11. Why Brahmins surnamed people in India don’t change their surname changing their professions? If a Brahmin surnamed people has a profession of a sweeper, why it has the social status same as elite? If a Sudra surnamed people has a profession of teacher & executive of god; why he won’t have the surname of Brahmin?
  12. Brahmins surnamed people never went to field to cultivate grains, never made any home and made cloths to make people dressed. They had never made any medicine to protect humans from disease then what made their profession as special profession? Is cheating people in the name of God and shaking bell in front of deities making them special and elite?
  13. There is no word exist “Hindu” even in any Brahmanism scriptures those were composed before 1300AD then what is the conspiracy behind Hindu religion?
  14. The popular deities we worship as Hindu will never found in any Veda. They were either popular identities from any linguistic race or fabricated creations of Brahmins to control the followers. How worshiping the lies make them elite & special? Worshiping lies and promoting lies to mind control of others is a crime; Then how they became elite where they are the race of crooks or criminals or guileful humans?
  15. How many Brahmins has born from their mother’s mouth? How many Kshatriyas has born from their mother’s arms? How many Vaishya has born from their mother’s thighs? And how many Shudras has born from their mother’s feet? If they are all born from their mother’s reproductive sytem, then how they discriminated to each other by birth? Why this mentality still not adopted by Brahmins? Why they are not ahead of social reformation declining Varna system adopting Shudra surname promoting freedom of surname or declining their surname accepting freedom of surnames? Why government don’t promote freedom of surnames till to date? Which can easily solve the Varna discrimination?
  16. Brahmins are the race of guileful priests, conspirators, stupid scholars, knaves, crooks, Megalomaniacs, Psychopaths, irrationality, blind beliefs, discriminators, lies promoters and spreaders, cheaters, exploiters, crueler, promoters of atrocities, corruptions, favoritism, nepotism, traitors, racial ego and status addicts, prestige hunger, greed, dowry promoters, rapists (creator of Deva Dashi pratha that forces a girl in the profession of prostitution from her childhood), extremists, orthodox, radicals, terrorists (Brahmins had massacre to large numbers of Buddhist monks in 185 BC, it was world’s first radical attack to a religious group by a religious group) etc. etc. you can’t count their crimes to Indian race. They are curse of Indian race. Whenever they ruled dishonestly to a great empire, the empire always got destroyed. Example is Mauryan Empire destroyed by dishonest Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga and Marataha Empire destroyed by Chitpavan Brahmin Balaji Baji Rao and his fellow-castemen. With this huge examples of criminalism how they are elite group?
  17. When a person helps or giving service cleaning human feces categorized as Shudra or untouchables, but when itself a Brahmin cleans its own feces why it is not considered as act of Shudra and the hand is untouchable? What this mentality implicates? are not they suffering from paranoia? I found Brahmins is the race that is suffering from many psychological disorders but they are still elite? How? Why they just want to be in the “TOP” position to boss around the poor people of other caste?
  18. Brahmin bashing hurts Brahmin intellectuals but what they have done till to date to eradicate their forefather’s crime done to other race? If it hurts, then why they are not adopting other surnames to protect humanity and declining discrimination? Declination or not adopting Shudra surname is exposing their evil intention of being caste Asperger. How many Brahmins are there in Indian society those have adopted Shudra surname? Creating and grabbing favorable opportunity by hook and crook without having even skills, ideology only had developed by Brahmins in their regime; it’s the reason why a Brahmin becomes Pandit by its Birth, but now some educated Brahmin talent argue for equal opportunities. Who had created these inequalities? Some Brahmins claims that; “already a lot of the Brahmins that had the opportunity to leave the country have left due to lack of equal opportunities. After a while there won’t be any more left and who will you guys use as a scapegoat then? Society won’t progress unless everyone is offered an equal opportunity.” This claim is totally fake and full of condemnation. Brahmins never were skilled and was a talented group in human history. They were just a race of con or knave people. All the great things had done in the age of Buddhism in India which had fabricated by Brahmins after declination Buddhism to Maurayans empire making all things in favor of Brahmins; even by identity theft and by all kind of  fabrications. They were few in past even till only 6 crores out of 126 crores. According to Outlook India, total population of Brahmins was 5.6 crores, as published in 2007. From which poor Brahmins: 13%, Rich: 19%, literacy levels above the age of 18: 84%, Graduates only 39%, Brahmin chief justices between 1950 to 2000: 47%, Associate justices between 1950-2000: 40%. According to report only 39% are able to reach Graduations. Do you think only 5.6*39/100= 2.184 crores are only talented group in India? How many from them would have been reach the position of 80-90%-mark level in academic education? The claim of bashing reservation is totally pointless and a fake claim, but they don’t admit their incompetency with the growth of elevation of suppressed talents. According to Indian constitution reservation can be given up to 50% i.e. if 49.5% given to SC, ST & OBC etc. then 50.5% enjoyed by General Castes. Who are these general castes? Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishya. Now Brahmins holds only ability of 2-3 crores in academic and service sectors as man power. Vedic Vaishya hold only 7-10 Crore population from 126 Crores. Vaishya or Business class never go for Service sectors if yes then very few; may be maximum 50% of their population let it be 5 crores. Kshatriyas will be less than even one crores because ruling class always few in any social group. If we found population of more ruling class, then it’s nothing but uplifted Varna’s those addicted to portray themselves as Kshatriyas for higher caste addition fueled by Brahmins. We can take 100% of them let it be 1 crore for them. Even in their Brahminpedia they claim about 18-23% of upper caste non-Brahmins i.e. Vaishya & Kshatriyas holds about 18-23% of Indian population which is even as an assumption non considerable. Before the Partition of India in 1947, only 562 Princely States were there. 562 kingdoms means 562 kings and their families as Kshatriyas. How far you can add their family members just add! it even won’t reach 1 crore. In general idea Vedic certified businessmen were considered as Vaishyas. Don’t consider situation of present days; now even every castes adopting Business as their profession but they are not all Vedic Vaishyas. If you will consider even Vedic certified Business group it will be even less than 7 crores. Businessman like Ambani is even not from any Vaishya families they were all from lower caste Gujarat clan uplifted to Businessman and now certified by Vedic promoters to a Vaishya lineage. If they were Vedic Vaishyas why Dhiru Bhai Ambani had poverty and was filling petrol in Dubai? He was a successful businessman due to only his own effort so he became petrol pump attendant to Reliance owner. You can’t even find any surname “Ambani” in Gujrat linguistic clan as Vaishya. If you will find any article or links in any website or article in Wikipedia after my post then its just a mind born or fabrication and justifying lie to real. I feel pity to those people who change their social surname identity or feel shame for their forefathers professional surnames. The forefathers were the victims of Vedic caste system. They had no roles behind their class or for their surnames! nobody will want to portray themselves as lower caste; they had been enforced to embraced the class system only due to Brahmins enforcement of Varna system by persecution.  If you feel shame for being a lower caste then its insults to your forefathers those had been exploited by Brahmins. One thing more; all lower caste should remember i.e. their forefathers were the root natives of this land and the present civilization you see is only for their hard works. Your present existence is only due to your forefathers; feeling shame for forefathers surname or due to their caste is disrespecting to them and respecting to exploiters. I don’t hesitate to say Shudras were great and Brahmins were criminals and terrorists, cheaters to Indian race because historical evidences are there to say them so. I had read Vedas & Puranas; which was totally wastage of times; even all Vedas and Puranas links has given in front page just read it in your convenient time and experience the knowledge in them, which you may find totally Bullshits. I found no knowledge in them but I am surprised how reading those books made our Hindu Babas & Hindu spiritual leaders as scholars???  When some people uplifted to higher  socioeconomic status from their lower background, then their family may not prefer to present themselves from their old social origin they come from; to make a better future family history they might have even seeking for Vedic favoritism brand for present Indian commune conformity as higher social status origin; seeking this opportunity Brahmans may have given them upper caste status linking to any higher clan making a mutual favoritism to each other. It may be in the case of Ambani family for which they might have been uplifted to a great Businessmen family as Vedic Vaishya in Gujrat linguistic clan. You can find many pics of Ambani family with BAPS spiritual leaders. I am more than 100% sure they might be funding to BAPS for developing Bramhanic empire.  This kind of things has been happening through out the history by Brahmins to every successful non-Brahmins. Many kings are worshiped as our Hindu God due to this kind of favoritism in the name Aavtar of Vishnu. After 700 AD when Islam invaded India many natives converted in to Islam due to various reason majorly fear of death of Islamic rulers and lower caste conversion to Islam due to Vedic caste exploitation so we are having now about 18 crores Muslim population i.e about 14.2% of Indian population. Now literacy rate in Muslim is about 57.3% (its even seems huge, so I am having a doubt but let it be) i.e. about 10.314 Cr. Muslim population may try for government service. Other community have very few in their commune we can take them maximum 1 crore as general category competitors level. Now add them all 3Cr. Brahmins + 1Cr. Kshatriya + 5Cr. Vaishya + 10.314Cr. Muslim + 1Cr. Others= 20.314 Crores as General Caste competitors. More than 70% people of Hindu population i.e. more than 90 crores out of 126 crores population belongs to Shudra as OBC+SC+ST etc. and they are assigned to only 49.5% in reservation but only  20.314 crores as General caste enjoy 50.5% !!!  Now determine is it fair? and they talk about fair equality of opportunities? Brahmins were never trustful in past and can’t be never be trusted in Present & future. They were easiest opportunity seekers and selfish by hook and crook in past, acting as crooks in present; even will be crook in future. Giving importance to Brahmans by non-Brahmans castes is not only stupidity & foolishness but also slavery to their Varna system and their crook theories. If you study in-depth about their race you will find them not only they are the race of knaves or cons or psychos or paranoid or crooks or criminals but also pathological liers as inheritance. They eat ours, drink ours, wear ours, nursed by our civilization but when time comes to serve mother land or our nation crook controls us capturing dishonestly our governance and neutral Brahmins prefer to go abroad to have lump sum money and talking about equality of opportunity in governance and promoting fake patriotism! which they are not. They don’t talk about declining the caste system for equality of human values under the ground of gender, race, caste creed, education, property, fair justice and dignity.
  19. In India the 20% of  5 % Brahmins rule over 95 % of the Indian population. In South Africa 15 % Whites rule over the 85 % Black race. Does India then have any right to point an accusing finger at the apartheid policy of South Africa when the worst kinds of discrimination are being practiced in India? We talk “democracy” and “equality before the law” but keep a third of India’s 800 million people as Untouchables, unseeables and unapproachable!
  20. Who has the major share of magazines/newspapers published in India? The Brahmins/RSS of course! According to a recent survey their share of the media is approximately 81 %. The following are the well-known Newspapers that are owned by the Brahmins, not to mention so many others which are financed less by the Brahmins to blow their trumpets. The Indian Express – 93 % employees are Brahmins. The Hindu – 97 % employees are Brahmins. The Times of India – 73 % employees are Brahmins. These Brahmins have invaded both All India Radio and Television. Most of the time the Brahmins and their programmes are on air. Private news channels like India News is owned by Karthikeya Sharma (Brahmin). News 24 by Rajeev Shukla (Brahmin). NDTV is owned by Prannoy Roy(Brahmin). Jaya TV is owned by Jayalalithaa (Brahmin),  India TV owned by Rajat Sharma (Brahmin) and somany are there….
  21. MANU VII, 133 says that: “Brahmins should not be taxed and should be maintained by the State.” Why?
  22. ABOUT LOW CASTE Shudras – MANU SMRITI X, 129 says that: That no collection of wealth was to be made by a Shudra, even though he may be capable, for a Shudra who has acquired wealth would pain a Brahmin, and that Brahmins may appropriate by force the property of the Shudra. PANCHVANISH BRAHMIN 3-1/1 I says: Even if a Shudra acquired wealth, he must always remain a slave. His main job is to wash the feet of the higher caste. TULSIDAS, A Brahmin in his Ramayana writes: Even if a Shudra is learned and virtuous, he should not be given respect and honour. Many more exploitation are there please search manusmriti and read it.
  23. When the British left India, almost all the industries owned by them were taken over by the Brahmins. So much so that today they own about 60 % of the leading Industries in the country. Remember their (Brahmin) population is only 5 % of the total population of India.
  24. Just few from 5% Indian Brahmins Capture Over 60 % Of The Positions. According to (Voice of the Week, Oct. 1989)
    Loksabha 48% are Brahmins
    2. Rajyasabha 36 % are Brahmins
    3. Governor/L.G. 50 % are Brahmins
    4. Secretary to Governor/ L.G. 54 % are Brahmins
    5. Union Cabinet Secretaries 53 % are Brahmins
    6. Chief Secretaries to Minister 54 % are Brahmins
    7. Private Secretaries to Minister 70 % are Brahmins
    8. JS/ Additional Secretaries 62 % are Brahmins
    9. Vice-Chancellors to Universities 51% are Brahmins
    10. Supreme Court Judges 65 % are Brahmins
    11. High Court Judges/ Addl. Judges 50 % are Brahmins
    12. Ambassadors 41% are Brahmins
    13. Chief Executive of Public undertaking:
    (i) Central 57 % are Brahmins
    (ii) State 82 % are Brahmins

25. In other fields also:

Banks 57% are Brahmins
Airlines 61 % are Brahmins
IAS Offices 72% are Brahmins
IPS Office 61 % are Brahmins
Radio & TV 83% are Brahmins
CBI, Customs & Central Excise 72% are Brahmins

This is the employment situation in our country. The cream of the jobs goes to the five percent Brahminsor upper castes.

26. Since independence, India has been majorly ruled only by Brahmin PMs. According to Wikileaks and other sources more than 50 trillions dollars has been looted from India by our own dishonest peoples as black money. Islamic major Invaders never returned to their own land so our money remained in our country and never robbed such amounts by Islamic Invaders. British came and developed our Nation by Industrialization and looted money with the exchange of goods and services but our own dishonest people when took the governance in their hands; some dishonest Indians has been looted even more 50 trillions dollars till to date which might had a dream to Islamic & British Invaders. Islam & Hindus were even more united in the regime of Islam & British but country divided when our stupid leaders took the governance in their hands.

Brahmins are only the eye catching race which has criminal intention to mind control the whole land of India with fake, lies, delusions and fabrications making it as all together a psychological illusion exploiting & suppressing indigenous native Indians as slaves and fools. Thus the Hermeneutic Psychology provides a testable and a scientific way to measure personality and assess continuously the changes that take place.  This will kill the ideological thrust of the Sruties and Smirties by pointing out that they are fabrications of human mind quite criminal in the first place.  Such   works as Manu smirti cannot be the words of God at all, but rather the words of criminals who have gained political control and who continue to appeal to such criminal-minded individuals even now.

Brahmins are only the Conspiracy theorist to control India by their evil intentions.

Sleep with a Brahmin all problems/dosha will be wiped out. lol

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