Brahmins conspirators or conspiracy theorists has been started new Brainwash.

Now a days you will find many Indian main stream media {Like AJTAK, ABP, ZEE News, India News, India TV, IBN 7, India 24X7, News 24 etc. (All are using GSAT-15 and giving their service Free To Air to reach more viewers for brainwash and mind control. They created new definition for media as Media Mafia & Media terrorism by paid & power influenced news. These days Brahmins oligarchs use these media for hegemony of Brahmans. Most of the editors, journalists, directors, CEO, owner, anchor & participants are Brahmins)} are either owned by Brahmins or directly or indirectly controlled by Vedic promoters or supporters  for promoting Vedisms in present Indian society with a motive of Hindu Nation. What is the reason behind it? You will find many entertainment channels ( STAR India’s Star PlusLife OkStar Utsav, Zee Network, Multi Screen Media Private Limited‘s Sony TV, Sab TV, Sony Pal, Viacom 18‘s Colors, Rishtey etc. etc. ) telecasting soaps embedding Vedic/Hindu belief in them portraying the belief of Vedism as undeniable parts of Indian family & practicing of such thing is status of elite living. Now news Channels like ABP statred a new Brainwash “Bharatvarsh” only for washing the Brains of Hindu or Vedic follower Indians i.e. India is Bharat & Vedism is its origin. Watch the following episode. The above Medias stop using the name “India” promoting only “Bharat” to brainwash Indians.

Now in this video series Writer, Director and Anchor (All are Brahmins) says “Jagat Guru Sankaracharya” was great and “Jagat(World) Guru(Teacher)” what does it mean? Teacher of World!!! How he is teacher of World? What he taught to world? How many peoples in the world follow Vedism? Now Vedism oligarch Paganism (Local deities by root-native Indian believers without affiliation to Vedism like Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Kali etc. etc. believers) is know as Hinduism. According to Pew Research, there are about 1 billion Hindus worldwide (13.8% of world’s population). If only 1 billion from 7.2 billion people practice Hinduism then how he is promoted as Jagat Guru?(Teacher of the world?) How many Hindus even knows about this Adi Sankaracharya? I found Sankaracharya was the Main Spiritual orthodox Brahmin who was part of “Bhrahmins Conspiracy” i.e. One of the major conspiracy theorist to destroy Buddhism after 700AD from India (After heinous cruel Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga). Now watch India Map and calculate the Char Dhams distances. Do you think is it really possible by a man, that visited those four place where char Dham exist in India only by his feet and established those Dhams? There is no evidence he had used the compass to locate those place. The distance from Dwarka to Badrinath is about 2000Km, Puri to Badrinath is about 2000Km, Distance of Puri to Rameswaram is about 2000Km, Distance of Rameswaram to Dwarka about 2500Km and altogether about 8000Km-8500Km. Had he really traveled such a distance with accurate location? Let it be true. What was the intention creating these Govardhana Pīṭhaṃ, Sringeri Śārada Pīṭhaṃ, Dvāraka Pīṭhaṃ, Jyotirmaṭha Pīṭhaṃ in those place & what was the reason behind fabricating their real origin of that places? If you will go through the History its impossible Krishna the identity from Bihar (Yadu or Yadavas are prime race of Bihar or Magadha) had ever existed in the Gujrat where Dwarka is situated now; it seems like some people used the name and created that geographical identity for specific motive. If you will visit there you can’t find any evidence or existence of Krishna as we are told by Vedic promoters. You will find a Krishna Idol may be 12-15th century old used to fool the followers. It seems like only illusions or delusions & fictions, lies & bluffs by Brahmins are our religion/faith, traditions, custom, culture and heritage. Main temple of Krishna is worst but Swaroopa Nanda temple closer to it i.e. in right side of the main temple is more attractive than itself Krishna temple. That fat Vedic Brahmin  so called live Guru is worshiped there with more decorum than Krishna. I suspect this Mathadheeswara Swaroopananda Sawarwasti ever had gone to school or not but Vedic promoters promote him also Jagat Guru! Puri Jagannath was Buddhist temple before 1161 AD. Sankaracharya & Ramanuja converted it in to Vedic Avatar of Vishnu. Same story goes with other two.

Sankaracharya was the prominent  eye catch criminal that had tried to destroy Buddhism form its own land; how he could be Guru with such intention? Watch the video, some so called stupid scholars like Dr. Ram Nath Jha (Brahmin), Prof. Ramesh C. Bhardwaj (Brahmin), Dr. Satish K S i.e. probably Satish Kumar Sharma (Brahmin because all most more than 99% professors of Shri Lal Bhadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha are Brahmins), Professor S.R.Bhatt (Brahmin), Bhagirathi Nanda (Brahmin) are justifying he was the master mind of uniting Hindus creating Char Dham so he was great. Yes obviously uniting root natives making them stupid and fools for their self and organized benefits so that they can make wealth and power controlling their mind destroying real good faiths from India made him devil good & great like other devil hero in the planet. Brahmans always had an evil motive to rule the land making it to a spiritual empire that was not belongs to them and still exist with other forms. Even in their age of supremacy Brahmins had joined as fake identities as Buddhist monks or followers in Buddhism; after the periods of Mauryan empire and defiled it in their own ways. After  capturing dishonestly to Maurayan empire by Pushyamitra Shunga  Buddhism faced division in to Hinayana & Mahayana. Hinayana was the real teachings of Buddha and was in pali or Prakrit language but Mahayana Buddhist followers used the Sanskrit to promote Buddhism and dominate Hinayana. Ashoka was the follower of Hinayana. Vajrayana Buddhists encourage rituals, chanting, and tantra techniques which was the Brahmins contamination to the real Buddhism. Mahayana had even defiled by Brahmins to dominate original Buddhism from the Nation probably that was the movement of fake Buddhist monks those were originally Brahmins to destroy Buddhism being a part of it. I even suspect Sikhism is defiled by Brahmins in same ways so we can see Varna system in them too. They had even created Jainism as they had made many fake deities in India to dominate Buddhism as their B team. Mahaveer was even a fake identity like Ganesh, Hanuman, Nrushingha etc. to encounter identity of Buddha.  Anupam Kher is not only cine world bad man but also real world bad man to our Nation due promoting communal feelings in secular India. The producer, writer, director and obviously the narrator Kashmir Pandit Anupam Kher are all the part of Bramhanic conspiracy as conspiracy theorist to brainwash innocent Indians in 2016 by main stream media. They even blocked comments in their YouTube channel due to encounter of these lies. Most of the Crook Brahmins or Brahmin controlled entertainers fabricating the original historic stories like “The Ashoka” making them in to their favor to Brainwash the Indians and hide their real face from their followers. So boycott those stupid criminals those have evil intention to our federal India. Crooked Brahmins are more dangerous than Islamic terrorists or Jihadist those has been controlling India from more than 2000years.




Watch these videos how they Brainwash innocent Indians embedding spiritualism in their entertainment.

Many more are there…. keep exploring… Making fools to Indian does not have the limits….

See how special effects are done in Mythological serials……

This is advance VFX used in Bahubali but most of the Hindu mythological serials use simple FX. In Bahubali it meant to an entertainment but in Mythological serials its brainwash.

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