Sacred marks of Brahmins

Theological Party

The most peculiar feature found amongst Hindus of India is the practice of painting sacred marks on the forehead. What does this mean? Amongst very devout ritualists, marks are not restricted to the forehead. Marks are put in different parts of the body such as the ears, the forearms, the chest, the neck, even the abdomen. Each of these have ritual significance to the religious order they belong to. But the most important part to paint remains the forehead. The forehead is special as it draws attention to the human brain, which is special because the brain alone is capable of imagination. The material use has symbolic significance. Major symbolism are creation of Brahmins or priest and tribal groups of the Nation. Brahmins use some symbols to represent their commune in their foreheads. Why they use those symbols? The deities we worship as Hindu God majorly created by Brahmins and marked by symbols in their foreheads. Have you ever tried to know about those symbols? Let’s try to know what symbols represent. Before that you search in any search engine which kind of symbols are used by which sects in different commune in the world. You will find seldom use some marks in their face and forehead representing them as special commune. Now it’s clear the symbol represents something i.e. identification or social mark as individual race or community or something else to identify their uniqueness. If you will go with any image search using search engine like google, peoples from different countries whether the man or woman of that countries using any symbols or marks in their forehead then you will not find any religion other than Hinduism those use marks in their foreheads. Just search American, Russian, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, UK, German etc. etc. you can’t find nowhere as Hindus use marks in their foreheads. If you will find, then it’s very less; and very rare will be with the affiliation to any religion or communal race. Africans tribal origin use tattoos but not having any religious affiliations to their representations. The meaning of Marks may differ with the understanding of the believers. But I am here to decode the symbols with simple meaning which is hidden in them without any fictional orchestrated meanings. Majorly Brahmins made Hinduism use a mark of straight line for man and dot symbol for woman. Married woman use a straight line in their “Mang” (मांग में सिन्दूर). It meant something but most of the Hindu followers does not know this. Why don’t use any other symbols without those symbols? even in their deities’ forehead you can find same kind of symbols. Vishnu or Vaishnava use ‘U’ or ‘I’ inside ‘U’. Shiva or Shivaism use three parallel lines in their forehead and Brahma use two parallel lines underneath a dot. If you keenly study them, you can easily trace their meaning. All major symbols streams or represents the sexual or genital and reproductive systems of humans as symbolism. They use simple ‘hole’ & ‘pole’ theory. Hole or ‘dot or circle ‘represents to hole of Vagina or ovule and pole or ‘I’ represents to penis. In Vaishnavism U used for male part or penis when it is inserted with an ‘I’ symbol it represents the penetration of genitals i.e. U represents vaginal tunnel and ‘I’ is insertion of penis making emblem of creation of human symbolism. Bhag (भग) means female genital and Ban (वान) means male genital so Bhagwan(भगवान) in Hinduism represents to God which is Vaishnavism symbol ‘I’ inside ’U.’ Major Hindu male use ‘I’ mark in their head representing penis or symbolism of manhood where woman use a “circle or dot” representing “hole of the Vagina or ovule” as female symbolism. When a Hindu married they mark a red straight line in their forehead as “मांग का सिन्दूर” that means the women has a permanent pole for her life. Shaivites Mark of tripund i.e. three parallel line & dot in the middle meant ovum fertilized. In Brahma’s forehead we can see there is a dot mark under two lines meant females suppressed by males. Seldom Hindu promoters knows the meanings of these symbols but use and decorate their body in their own ways and their own meanings.


other-combinationsIconography-in-Hinduism-forehead-marks-001 Spiritual-markings-on-the-forehead-Vishnu-tilakas-for-VaishnavasMaang

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