Brahmins theft Buddhist symbols “ॐ” (OM) & Swastika ” 卐 “

Om symbol is the biggest iconic representation of in Hinduisms but if you will trace the truth then you can find its even theft and robbed by Brahmins for their faith promotion Brahmanism. Om symbol is streams from Odian script which is earlier know as Kalinga or Pali script. The letters used by Ashoka for his stone or cave inscription was pail not Brahmi it’s because major Buddhist scriptures are written in Pali not in Sanskrit or not any other language from oldest contexts.

brahmic-scriptAshoka promoted the Buddhism in Pali language so the Buddhist countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. have their Buddhist scriptures in Pali. The “Pali” word is not destroyed it’s because there was no supremacy of Brahmins in their land to corrupt their literature and societies as in India. Sanskrit was not the language of the common masses. The upper classes of Vedic society could speak the language properly. If Sanskrit language had oldest then why it’s having only less than 15000 speakers out of 126 crore people of India? Sanskrit was a language from a clan those were named them Vedic clan and promoted themselves as Brahmins. Vedic Brahmins were only using the language of Sanskrit; those even had not developed their own writing letters; If they had developed letters then they could have been write the Veda by those letters in palm or stone inscriptions. We can’t find any Vedic scriptures written in letters that have used by Ashoka which clearly proofs the letters used by Ashoka was not Bramhi at all. Brahmins fabricated the name of the letter with a name “Brahmi” or “Brahmic scripture” to promote their race. Pali language is even the ecclesiastical language of the Buddhists of Ceylon, Burma. Using Pali language in the age of Mauryan empire shows it was the popular language in that time. Promoting Pali as Brahmi is a racial conspiracy of Brahmins for racial hegemony. If you go through the letters of Indian linguistic scripts, then you can find two kind of letters with basic principles. The letters are written in individual like Dravidian letters and letters are joined together by a line or inter connected to each other like Devanagari, Bengali etc. The curved appearance of the scripts are results of the practice of writing on palm leaves, which has a tendency to tear the leaves when many straight lines are written. So those use straight lines often are later developed letters than the individual letters those use more curves in their writing. So Devanagari or Hindi seems to be 7th century script not as old it is claimed. If it’s a recent developed script then OM or ॐ should not so old if it streams from Devanagari or Hindi, it should even a 7th century developed letter! But Hindi or Devanagari use a bar or straight line in its every letter’s head where itself ॐ has no striaght line on it, so it can’t be from Hindi or Devanagari origin its borrowed from other lingustic race. If you keenly study the letter its the composition of three letters one is “ଓ”, second one is half of “∞” (Bisagah which pronouce as ‘ah’) and third one is “ଁ” ; If it could have been Devnagari then it would look something like Devanagari letters and would have been start with ‘ओ’ which is not seen in devanagari; so its borrowed from Odian letters.

omOdian race was a Buddist race till 12th centeury after that fully destroyed by Brahmins when they made anti purusha sukta idol Jagannath to Avatar of Vishnu. After the declining Buddhism by Pushyamitra Shunga Buddhism has been spoiled by Brahmins to that extent,  it divided as two major sects; one is Hinayana & other is Mahayana later developed Tantrayana or Tantrik Buddhism which divided in to Bajrayana, Kalachakrayana & Sahajayana and many other sects of Buddhism around the world like Padmasambhaba and Lama Buddhism, zen Buddhism etc. Hinayana was the original teachings of Buddhism which had been followed by Odian race. Ashoka had followed Hinayana not Mahayana. The first two major sects of  Buddhism i.e. Hinayana & Mahayana had conflict in them in various grounds. Hinayana had developed the Buddhist scriptures in Pali language and Mahayana used the Sanskrit for their Buddhist scripts. Mahayana followers were treating Hinayana in hatred, inferior or lower views. Possibly only Odian Buddhist scholars had developed this ‘ॐ’ or ‘OM’ for Buddhist meditation. You just go through all the letters of Indian lingustic race and you will find the OM symbols are used by only Odian letters closer to this symbol and other borrowed it for the development of their alphabets. No doubt Brahmins theft this symbol for their racial promotion. Swastik symbol found in Hathigumpha Inscription which is about 2nd century BCE stone inscription.

kharabela_inscription_hatigumpha_khandagiri800px-hathigumpha800px-hathigumphainscription 800px-hatigumfaThe image drawn based on the photographs from the real inscription in by Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Volume I: Inscriptions of Asoka by Alexander Cunningham published in 1827 clearly shows the “Swastika” symbol in left hand side. Swastika symbol also belongs to Odian race and used by Brahmins for their racial promotion and other borrowed for their religious symbolism. Nazi’s even used the Swastika symbol to promote them as noble race. Though historian claims Kharavela was a Jain king it’s also a fabrication. There is no evidence exists for existence of Jainism in Odisha except Buddhism. If Kalinga war took place in 262 – c. 261 BCE and Ashoka found Buddhism in Odisha and became a Buddhist, then how historian claims Jain sect had been developed in 2nd century BC declining Buddhism? I found Jainism was a creation of Brahmins as their ‘B’ team to destroy the Buddhism. Jains scriptures has 99.99% similarity like mind born stories as Brahmanism. Contemporary to Buddha, Mahavira is also identity of doubt. It had ever existed or identity had created by Brahmins to encounter Buddha is totally questionable. It’s also questionable why Rishabhanatha the first Tirthankara had not promoted? Where 24th Tirthankara Mahavira had promoted contemporary to Buddha? What was the reason behind promoting Mahavira which is claimed to existed in the period of Buddha got more importance than other 23 Tirthankara? After the Mahavira why succeeding Tirthankara had not promoted? Making Mahavira nude to encounter Buddha idol and making him contemporary to Buddha, origin of Jainism linking to Brahmanism etc. all implicates these are the creation of Brahmins by some other con spiritual artist as Jainism, or it was Buddhism in northern India that had defiled by Brahmins influence as an another sect named as Jainism with fabrications to encounter Buddhism. Jainism promotes non-violence like Buddhism but rooting to vedism & Brahmanism shows it’s the creation by Brahmins to fabricate or destroy Buddhism.  They made Jainism so hard and awkward that people will compare Buddhism with Jainism and ultimately leave or distract Buddhism due to awkward practices of non-violence in Jainism. Promoting nude Mahavira idol equating to Buddha idol is totally meant to make a confusion to distract the Buddhism.

buddha-vs-mahaviraIf Mahavira had promoted non-violence before Buddhism, then why it had not attracted to Ashoka? And other emperors of Maurayan empire? Another thing is some historian claims Chandragupta Maurya followed Jain not Buddhist is also a question of doubt. The history by Jains is intentional to dominate Buddhism fabricating the existence of Jainism was older than Buddhism and fabrication of religious belief of Chandragupta will make an impression that Jain is dominant than Buddhism. Jain texts are even questionable. You can’t find their scripture in one language as root but according to Wikipedia Jains literature exists mainly in Jain Prakrit, Sanskrit, Marathi, Tamil, Rajasthani, Dhundari, Marwari, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu and more recently in English. If you keenly study the Jainism it will seem like ugly Buddhism covered Brahmanism or ugly Buddhism coated Brahmanism, which is root cause of doubt it’s the creation of Brahmins. Another most great fabrication of Brahmins is suppression to Pali and its spoken race. If Sanskrit is a language which had used by Vedic promoters then what about the “Pali” language which had used for Buddhist scriptures? If we have now about 15 thousands native speakers of Sanskrit then where Pali spoken clan get disappeared? There is no evidence exists how Pali spoken clan had destroyed. Then where are the Pali spoken clan and people? Many studies implicates presently Odisha was the birth place of Buddha not Nepal. Buddha was giving his teachings in Pali language. Major Buddhist scriptures had developed in Pali language. If you verify present “Odia Language” using any English to Pali dictionary then you can find more than 80% vocabularies will match to Odia language with out any phonetic destruction where it will match other languages like Nagari(Hindi/Debanagari), Bengali, Asami, Nepali etc. with little variations or with “Apabhramsa” or little destruction. Matching vocabularies without losing phonetics shows Odia language is Pali language. You can verify yourself using a translator English to Pali  putting some daily used word like hand, eye, face, mango or one, two, three etc. it will show exact pronunciation and meaning that exists in Odia language which proves Odia language is ancient world’s “Pali” language. Modern Odia language is mixture of new loaned words from neighbor kingdoms/states or linguistic races and  Pali. Another proof is use of “Pala” in Odian race. Pala is rooted to Pali language. Pala means the tales recited with music in Pali language. Most probably Pala had been used to promote Buddhism in their clan in the age of Buddhism. Now Pala is used for promoting Vedism after destruction of Buddhism in their clan.

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