Major fabrications by Brahmins.

Brahmins has been fabricating the real work or different linguistic race in their favor from their race of hegemony. They prefixed and post fixed many favored terminologies with their name to promote their race and for racial hegemony under the ground of literature and history hegemony. They mostly use the word bed/ved, dev/deb, bra, brahm, brahma, bramhi, bramhana, brahman etc. as prefix or postfix to real work of different linguistic race of India. They translated many works of different linguistic race to Sanskrit and claimed its all their intellectual property as root origin where itself they theft the intellectual properties of other linguistic race and fabricated the original source. They not only fabricated the intellectual properties even they fabricated identity & history of other original sources. Like this “Ayurgyan/Ayugyan” fabricated as “Ayurved.” Ayurgyan has no relation with Veda or Vedas, it’s the Indian herbal medicinal knowledge from decades but they bag it in to their favor post fixing “veda” to “Ayur/Ayu.” Caraka-Saṃhitā  & Suśruta-saṃhitā both were from the Buddhist origin; so Ayurgyan/Ayugyan even was composition work of Buddhism but had fabricated by Brahmanism to promote Vedism renaming it as “Ayurveda.” Many intellectual think tanks of ancient India from different linguistic race were known as Sadhu, Rishi and Munis but they were not all Brahmins or promoters of Brahmanism or Vedism. Many Rishis, Munis and Sadhus were also Rationalist and Non-Theists. Ajita Kesakambali is credited as the forerunner of the Charvakas, while Rishi Brihaspati is usually referred to as the founder of Charvaka/Charuvaka or Lokāyata philosophy. Buddha was even a Non-Theist and a Rationalist of Indian demography. Theists of Indian demography were majorly idol worshipers; Those priests of Idol worshipers promoted Vedism & flourished themselves as Brahmins used the word “Nastik” for Non-Theist as Slang to create a hate those did not believe in God; even theists of the world used a word Atheist/Atheism as Slang to decline non-believers of God. An intelligent think tank will never troll violence, lies, irrationality, injustice, blind belief, disharmony, discrimination, deceptions, delusions and stupidity etc as Vedic or Brahmanism promoters did. You can find thousands of examples like this. So never trust Brahmanic literature & history. You can find many irrational & baseless facts or full of lies and bluffed based articles or literature trolling all over in our Indian race, on internet, even in Wikipedia by Bramhanic writers or Brahmin inspired and influenced writers, but you have to accept the knowledge according to your rational interpretations. Most of them are only bluffs, lies, blind beliefs, irrationality and fabrications. Never believe instantly Brahmanism literature & history those are written by them or written in the direction or influence of Brahmins; most of them are honey coated sweet lies & fabrications. But after keen observations and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reasons and truths after your proper interpretations then accept it. Brahmins even fake claimed about the letters used in Ashoka pillars as “Brahmi” where there is no reason exists why its Brahmi? Why a Brahmanism hater used “Brahmi” in his stone inscription? If Brahmi letters were there, then why Vedas were not translated to Brahmi? Brahmi word prominently streamed from the word “Bramha or Brahmana” terminology. Today’s Hindi or Devnagari is originally Nagari which is prefixed by Dev/Deb by Brahmins oligarchs for racial hegemony. There is no word “Hindu” or “Hindi” exist in Indian scriptures till Islamic invaders invaded India. Islamic emperors propagated the word “Hindu” and largest spoken language “Nagri/Nagari” renamed as Hindi and Brahmins copyrighted to it, as their intellectual property. Nagari is nothing but popular language of Ashokan empire which has root to language Pali. Brahmin made Nagari to Devanagari and translated the Veda in this language. Sanskrit linguistic race had not developed their own alphabets it’s the reason why we don’t get any Vedic inscription emblem from oldest contexts. They just bluffed and hyped Sanskrit and Vedas are oldest and others are streamed from Sanskrit. India has 122 major languages and more than 1599 other languages. No instrument or tool are there to detect which is oldest one. If we take consideration to popular languages as the most frequently used language and from oldest origin due to its popularity then Sanskrit has only 14,135 people those reported Sanskrit as their native language in the 2001 census of India. If we consider with an argument with the time civilization & language disappears then it’s also not fit for Sanskrit; because even giving favor to Brahmanism and Vedic Civilization Sanskrit still not a popular language which shows, it’s just one language from thousands linguistic race of India but not a major language. Sanskrit has importance in our race only due to Brahmins hegemony because vedic dictators used the Sanskrit language as their mother tongue. Nobody can prove our deities or historic identities Shiva, Rama, Krishna was talking in Sanskrit language or their mother tongue was Sanskrit. Chanting in Sanskrit to Hindu deities is only a hegemony of Vedic Brahmins to pagan deities of different linguistic race to fool and rule their followers mind. Rama belongs to UP so his mother tongue may be from one of the language used by Uttar Pradesh civilization i.e. major native languages of the state being Nagari,  Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Bundeli, Braj Bhasha, Kannauji and the vernacular form of Khariboli. Krishna belongs to Yadu or Yadav clan so he is a prime identity from Bihar it’s because Yadav are prime race from Bihar so his mother tongue may be Nagri, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, Bajjika, or Angika. Shiva is a prime identity from Himalayan region because most of his artistic impressions portrayed with Himalaya and many Indian scriptures also claims he is from Kiratian race. The Kirat or Kirati or Kiranti or Kirant people are indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas extending eastward from Nepal into India, Bangladesh, Burma and beyond. So mother tongue of Shiva may be from one language spoken in these linguistic race. All these identities take major roles in our Indian religious scriptures as life guiders where in truth most of them are just used as lead character for creating moral fictions with rare truths to guide the lives of their followers.

ayurgyanchanakyahacking-by-brahminshackingof-godsbramhishiva executivesofgod-brahminsfool-brahmin-panditsbrahmin-originalityARE THESE ELEMENTS HAS SENSES THOSE LISTEN OR REALIZE  THEIR CHANTS? THEY NOT ONLY FOOLING THEMSELVES BUT ALSO MAKING OTHERS FOOL. DELUDE AND MAKING THEM MENTALLY DISORDERED.

कुछ लोग कहते है भावना में भगवान होते है । यदि ऐसा है तो मिट्टी में चीनी की भावना करके खाये तो क्या मिट्टी में मिठास का स्वाद मिलेगा ? बिलकुल नहीं ! एक पक्षी को भी पता होता है कि कोई मूरत उसका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकती है । वह किसी मनुष्य की मूर्ति पर पेशाब कर देता है। बीट कर देता है उससे डरता नहीं है । कोई मूर्ति का शेर हमें खा नहीं सकता । कोई मूर्ति का कुत्ता काट नहीं सकता तो मनुष्य की मूर्ति मनोकामना कैसे पूरी करती है ?

purusha-shukta-final hindusim-business panditbribeIF IT IS CALLED WATER CYCLE, THEN HOW GANGA RIVER BECAME HOLIEST?


If you study about Brahmins then one can easily find they are not from any single clan but are from different linguistic clans as single ideology of Vedism to promote caste system making them as prime social elite as Brahmins. Its the reason why their mother tongue and surname changes changing the linguistic clans & demography in India. Brahmanism is an organized Vedic ideological race those wants to dominate all the  Indians, i.e. dominating the Governance, Media, literature and everything that controls life of a person in Indian society.

Think what will happen if 6 crores Brahmins will be departed as their own nation? If their will be a Brahmin Nation then their will be so called equality of social dignity or surnames but what about dignity according to their discriminated professions? Due to absence of other castes they have to make grains, they have to make clothes and oil-press. They have to make their latrine clean and wash their clothes etc. etc. Will they themselves discriminate to each other? If you study Brahmins caste itself, then Brahmins even discriminate themselves according to their distributed professions so definitely they will create again discrimination dividing their own Brahmins race according to their adopted profession. They may divide themselves as Brhamins, Brahmin Kshatriya, Brahmin Vaishya and Brhamin Shudra. If other two upper castes will be departed as Kshtriya Nation & Vaishya Nation then same thing can be expected from their race. So Vedic ideology is evil to our Indian race. Vedic ideology or Purusha sukta 10:90 is the root reasons of discrimination in Indian societies and root cause of numerous social evils. Vedic ideologies violates the human rights; its the reason why we have to first decline Purusha Shukta 10:90 in Indian society and should depart the promoters of Vedism from India.

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