Brahman Nation/ Brahman Akhand Rastra

Brahman Nation

Brahmins are only found in Indian race so; it’s no doubt Brahmin’s origin belongs to only India. If it was Arayan race or something else, then there must have been any proof outside of the country in their history or from any geographic contexts. Since we don’t found any strong proofs of this race outside of India we have to admit, it’s only belongs to Indian race. Brahmins were the only race those had promoted the Vedic fourfold caste system in Indian demography i.e. in the oldest kingdoms of India only Brahmins had implemented the caste system by hook & crook for their racial hegemony. Brahmins are not from one clan though they act as a race as Vedic social elite. Brahmins of India populates around 6 crores and their mother tongue & surnames differs changing the demography in Indian Nation. If they had one clan then they would have only one surname and one mother tongue. If we start to think that Brahmins had their own clan and they had migrated to other linguistic clans and amalgamated or hybridized with the other linguistic race those were absolutely non-Vedic caste clans, then changing of mother tongue according to the linguistic race adoption shows their death of the clan so Vedic social elite as Brahmins in any linguistic race is discarded and nullified due to loss of their own identity if it is there. For an example if an American had come 800years ago to south India and started to live in India and adopted south Indian art of living, spoke Telugu language, married to a South Indian girl and his family lived till to date in India then his descent is no more American, so we have to admit his clan identity dissolved in South Indian clan.  If we consider Brahmins had their own clan and they migrated to many linguistic race of India and adopted the language & art of living of that linguistic race for racial hegemony, then how they got opposite sex for their descendants? In this case they must have been chosen females of non-Vedic clans. If Vedic clan had their own surname, then all Brahmins would have only one surname; but we don’t get one surname as whole Brahmins shows they had not one clan. In case if they had one clan as Brahmins but they had many surnames then who was that single authority that had maintained the all the surnames of single clan? Maintaining many surnames as one class even baseless for single origin. In last case we have to admit it’s the self-claimed special group of peoples form different clans recognizing themselves or certifying themselves as social elite for single ideology and for organized benefits. It’s the reason why Brahmanism is organized priesthood from different linguistic race certifying themselves as social elite as Brahmins to dominate their own linguistic clan and total demography as organized with a single philosophy of Vedic caste system. It’s the reason why more than thousands of surnames found in Indian Brahmanic racial group though their demography & language differs to each other but with a same ideology i.e. priesthood with Vedic chants & Vedic practices. Priest without Vedic chants or Vedic practices are not Brahmins by Caste or as social group but well said as only Poojari/ Poojaka or just idol care takers or worshipers. Any devotee of Indian deities or idol worshiper can be Poojari but not Brahmin till he himself uplift to that level or other Brahmin priest group certify him the status of Brahmins. We can say Idol worshipers those had adopted Vedic ideology of priesthood, certified themselves Brahmins and promoted caste system are only called as the Brahmins of India which has no single origin but organize ideology for organized benefits to fool and rule the society as elite group though Vedic clan of India or Brahmins had originated the theory of Brahmanism & caste system. Vedic caste system had promoted by only one clan i.e. Vedic clan;  Vedic clan was a race of Sanskrit linguistic race. Other  linguistic races just had adopted the ideology and used the ideology in their races in translated forms. So other than Sanskrit linguistic race i.e. those don’t have Sanskrit as their mother tongue and only has the adoption of the Vedic philosophy has no connection of any kind with Sanskrit linguistic clan of any kind without the Vedic clan hegemony to their own linguistic clan.  For an example a Telugu linguistic race has no connection with Sanskrit linguistic race but Caste system or Brahmins can be found in their linguistic race, because of only adoption of the Vedic philosophy or implementation of vedic philosophy in their linguistic race. This Brahmins elite ideology is the most heinous ideology in Indian race and stagnated the India till to date for dominating and discriminating its own natives in their own land. We can say crooks of the different linguistic clans (Like Hindi, Maharashtrian, Telugu, Bihari, Punjabi, Odian etc. linguistic races) uplifted or certified themselves according Purusha Shukta 10:90 as Brahmins to rule not only their own clan but also whole demography as organized race. They migrated to other linguistic race to help other Brahmins for racial hegemony. Its the reason why Brahmanism is a race of crooks though few descendants from them might be not feeling the same ideology due to rational development in them. The Brahmanism ideology had developed in different linguistic races rapidly after the declining of Buddhism in Mauryan empire. Before the regime of Pushyamitra Shunga you can’t find there was any caste system or any kind of Brahmanism had existed in their linguistic race except Vedic race which was a negligible clan of Indian demography. Brahmanism is the root cause of social disharmony and human discrimination with thousands of other social evils. Vedic ideology violates human rights and the ideology of caste system is totally inhumanity.

Now India has been started to knowing about the vices of Brahmins to Indian race and their evil contribution to Indian society till to date rapidly due to information technology. The race of Brahmins is full of con-artists i.e. crooks and in psychological language full of sociopaths & psychopaths. We can say crook Brahmins are honey coated poisons and elite or honest masked criminals. These are the real evils of the Nation and more dangerous than even invaders, terrorists and other hardcore criminals.  If Brahmins had not their then there would not any division of India. Brahmins are the root reasons of division of India. If Brahmins had not there, then there would not decline of Buddhism in India so Buddhism would have been the major religion till to date. If there was Buddhism, then there would not any caste system so there might not have conversion of Vedic lower caste to Islam in Islamic regime. Islamic ruler was more tolerant than even Brahmanism empire it’s because they had not destroyed the whole Vedic followers; now known as Hindus though they ruled about 900yrs to Indian race. Brahmin started to rule Ashokan Buddhist empire which is now known as India after 185BC and Islam came to India about in 700AD i.e. Brahmanism philosophy majorly ruled the kingdoms for 885years till Islamic ruler invaded kingdoms of India. Brahmins took over the Ashoka or Mauryan empire after 185BC and abolished totally to Buddhism in India within this 885years but even with the 900years cruel rulers of Islam had not destroyed totally to other religions of India it’s the reason why Hinduism is still a major religion in India. In this regard we can say Brahmins are the more extremist or cruel & crook than Islam. From the 6 crore Brahmins all might not be not crooks but 20% are not only crooks but also control India in evil ways, because 20% Brahmins are wealthiest & well established in this 6 crore Brahmins. More than 80% of Brahmins i.e. 4.8 Crore Brahmins are just ego paranoid social elite and their standard of living is even worse than other non-Brahmins Castes. May be some of them need social reservations for uplifting their   living standard. Now if these 6 crore Brahmins will be departed from India as Muslims departed as Pakistan & Bangladesh then many social evils will be solved to some extent. They will have new country like Pakistan & Bangladesh may be named as “Brahmansthan” or “Land of Brahmins” or “Akhand Brahman Rajya” or “Akhand Brahman Rastra” or “Bhrahman Bharat” or “Brahmisthan” or may be something like this but it will be wisest decision to depart all Brahmins from India to maintain harmony in the Nation. According to Vedic fourfold caste system mentioned in Purusha Shukta 10:90 India is divided according to four castes and other religious groups. Let it be in an approximate calculation from 130 Crore Indian populations, 104 Crores are Hindus (about 80%), 18.2 Crore are Muslims (about 14%) and rest 6% i.e. about 7.8 crore citizens are from other religious and non-religious group. No other than Brahmins with some so called brainwashed Kshatriyas and Vaishyas only promote caste system. From these 104 Crore Hindu population only 6crores are Brahmins, less than 1 Crore are original Kshatriyas (descents from any Kings family) and less than 7-10 Crores are Vedic Vaishyas, so altogether they will be about 14-17 Crore as upper castes and rest more than 87-90 Crore are Vedic lower castes as OBC, Sc & ST etc. Since Brahmins dominates even Kshatriyas and Vaishya they even may have the choice to decline Vedic caste system. Brahmins can profess as Kshatriya i.e. as Kings & Vaishya i.e. as traders but no Kshatriya & Vaishya can be Brahmins. It means in even upper caste there is violation of human rights and domination of upper castes. We can say Kshatriyas & Vaishya are upper caste stupids those help promoting inhuman Vedic caste system for their stupidity with crook Brahmins for some organized social benefits. If Brahmins can be departed from our nation, then whole social discrimination problem can be solved easily and country will be united as secular union without any disharmony and discrimination. If 6 crores will be privileged to make their own Nation as Brahman country and departed from 124 crore peoples, then Indian problem is solved. Think what will happen once Brahman nation is created. The nation will be only race of Brahmins. Think what will happen to their social harmony? Who will do the lower caste jobs they had assigned to lower castes? like garbage sweeping, latrine cleaning, cloth washing, shoe making etc. etc. think about it. Let them divide themselves as sweeper Brahmins, Brahmin washer men, Brahmin shoe makers or cobbler Brahmins etc. etc. They will even divide themselves again and will play “divide and rule” in their own clan. How they will maintain Brahmanism in their own Nation will be the lesson to learn. In conclusion I want to say If Brahmins will be departed from our land then they will divide even themselves it’s because they are only the root reason for divide and rule in our Nation where root cause is Vedic fourfold caste system or Purusha Shukta 10:90.

Brahman Nation

Brahmins Exposed by Ambedkar supporter.  The first PM of India Kashmir Brahmin Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru became the PM without any election. The First Lok Sabha was constituted on 17 April 1952 after India‘s first general election but Jawaharlal Nehru hold the office from 15 August 1947 without any democratic election process.

Drive Away Brahmins from India
They are only less than 6 Crores
And real enemies of the Nation.
Brahmins are Dangerous than even Invaders.

3%-5% Brahmins devastating the lives of 97% root natives of India. Its better to depart them as other Nation like Pakistan.

India should be the Brahminless country. Those shout for Hindu Nation, which streams from river Shindu and Shindu civilization i.e. presently Sindh province of Pakistan after independence; they should migrate to Sindh province to form Hindu Nation.

If you study about Brahmins then one can easily find they are not from any single clan but are from different linguistic clans as single ideology of Vedism to promote caste system making them as prime social elite as Brahmins. Its the reason why their mother tongue and surname changes changing the lingustic clans & demography in India. We can say majorly crooks of all clans promoting them as Brahmins or social elite those had once or presently has  profession of idol worshiping as Poojari and adopted the Brahmanism i.e. Purusha Shukta 10:90  due to Vedic Brahmins rule by Pushyamitra Shunga regime declining Buddhism. Brahmanism is an organized Vedic ideological race those wants to dominate all the  Indians, i.e. dominating the Governance, Media, literature, history, entertainment and everything that controls life of a person in Indian society. Brahmanism is only an organized race of crooks from different linguistic clans named as Vedic social elites/Brahmins and act like boss to all non-brahmins. Its the reason why Brahmins are the race of crooks those wants racial hegemony in India.

Think what will happen if 6 crores Brahmins will be departed as their own nation? If their will be a Brahmin Nation then their will be so called equality of social dignity or surnames but what about dignity according to their discriminated professions? Due to absence of other castes they have to make grains, they have to make clothes and oil press. They have to make their latrine clean and wash their clothes etc. etc. Will they themselves discriminate to each other? If you study Brahmins caste itself, then Brahmins even discriminate themselves according to their distributed professions so definitely they will create again discrimination dividing their own Brahmins race according to their adopted profession. They may divide themselves as Brhamins, Brahmin Kshatriya, Brahmin Vaishya and Brhamin Shudra. If other two upper castes will be departed as Kshtriya Nation & Vaishya Nation then same thing can be expected from their race. So Vedic ideology is evil to our Indian race. Vedic ideology or Purusha shukta 10:90 is the root reasons of discrimination in Indian society and root cause of thousand so social evils. Vedic ideologies violates the human rights; its the reason why we have to first decline Purusha Shukta 10:90 in Indian society and depart the promoters of Vedism from India.



ब्राह्मणतो वेदका गुलाम है; लेकिन जो जातिबाद यानि पुरुष शुक्त को मानता है ओ ब्रह्मणोंका का गुलाम है | क्षैत्रिय भी गुलाम, बैश्य भी गुलाम और सूद्र इन सबकी गुलाम | बेदका पुरुष शुक्त हमें गुलाम बनानेका धूर्तोंका बनायाहुआ फंदा है |

Those believe in Caste system or Purusha Sukta they are slave to Brahmins.

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