Lord Rama is a God or Ghost?

Hinduism which is actually idolism by Vedism/Brahmanism are actually worshiping Ghosts or mind born Ghosts. How? When a person dies we used to respect their pictures or statues after its death. We remember them in their death anniversary and even in their Birth day. In the past there was no technology of capturing pictures so they were using their handmade idols or handmade arts or paintings. These influential idols became the powerful mind controlling identities for Vedic based Idolism where Brahmins are their promoters or prime executives. They even made many popular stories characters as God or deities of Hinduism. There are no real or actual historians of our mythologies, so the scriptures and faces of identities vary changing with the demography where characters remains same. All Hindu deities are worshiped by their followers either in art forms or in sculpture forms; in both the cases it represents they are no more or they are now past for which we used to worship their statues or pictures. According to literature those are past known as “Bhoot/भूत ”, its the reason why we say past tense to “भूत काल.” Most popular God identity Rama always can be seen in either in pictures or in statues as a young man or as a youth aged something around 30+ to 40+ and nowhere can be found his old age pictures or his old age statues which proves he died in youth. If you study Ramayana, its directly written he had a “Jal Samadhi” means suicide in water i.e. in Sarayu river due to his family disturbances. Suicide or death of Rama has been kept hidden by their promoters to their followers. Suicide or death of Rama is not written directly as suicide but written with an ornamental explanation by their promoting authors in different orchestrated forms. The same story goes with many other characters of Hindu deities. Though science doesn’t believe in both the God and Ghost but many irrational blind believers those believe in these two identities produce different kind of miracles to prove their existence. It has been seen behind all miracles there is either scientific reasons or it is a hypocrisy by a knave to cheat the Innocent believers using science. According popular blind belief of many Indians a strong belief has been established in them is, those don’t have normal deaths they could have the possibilities of being dangerous ghosts basically those make suicide. According to their belief and logic Rama even had the suicide; why he is not a Ghost? I don’t believe in this kind of stupid logic, but according to their believe I reproduce their logic according to their faith. If you ask them both the case they will agree with a normal human suicide it has possibilities of being a Ghost but in case of Rama it is not i.e. every protocols according to even their beliefs fails in the case of deities implicates a logical blindness which is a psychological disorder, which has been embedded by the faith imposers of Vedic promoters. In short we as Branded Hindus or certified by Brahmins as Hindus has been brainwashed by Brahmins to worship these dead identities once upon a time they were living beings; cons just promote them as Avatar of Vishnu or Avatar of any Vedic Gods linking mind born stories to fool and control their followers. Who has that machine or scientific tools or any technologies that can measure and verify these characters were all the Avatars of Vedic God Vishnu? What is even authenticity of Vedic Gods? Do all people of the human race even knows about Vedic Gods? Brahmins bluffs and lies has no boundaries those had created the delusional world of Hindu deities where Hindu followers are just only the scapegoats/cattle of sheep those are controlled by them. According to Oxford dictionary “Ghost” means, an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear to the living, typically as a nebulous image. Simply in Hindu beliefs if a person dies without his normal death it becomes Ghost. Rama had not the normal death; why he is not a ghost according to the Hindu beliefs? Is it really safe to worship a Ghost even according to Hindu belief? Is not it all delusions and psychological disorders? Who promotes these disorders in our civilization? Think!…… It’s just Vedic promoters or Brahmins. India was the place of many kingdoms. The people of those lands or demography or kingdoms or linguistic races are only the root natives to that land or Linguistic clan or race. Telugu spoken humans are only the Mool-Nivasi of Telugu linguistic clan or race, Gujaratis are from Gujarati Linguistic clan so on and so forth…Root natives or Mool-Nivasi is the enough social identity for social recognition instead of Brahmins certified or Islamic emperors given name Hindu to them. When we say root-natives or Mool –Nivasi there is no branding of any religious social identity. With the time root natives adopted or forcefully trapped to any religious empire for social existence by ruling class hegemony. If Rama was existed; he was from UP; I respect him as a root native to this land or if a story I respect it as a good story or epic; but Rama as character of God and used for racial hegemony or for a hegemonic faith empire for personal and organized selfish benefits is no doubt has an evil intention and criminal activity by orthodox criminal stupid Theo-political knave think tanks; which should be exposed and should be punished for their evil intention. Robber Ratnakar or Dasyu “Ratnakar” was the original composer of “Ramayana.” If he was not a robber let it be only an identity named “Ratnakar” had only composed the Ramayana. It became popular so it might had translated to Sanskrit and promoted for their racial promotion. To use his work Brahmins made a mind born story of Valmiki introducing a character “Narada” who given direction to Ratnakar to write Ramayana. Ratnakar became Valmiki i.e. Maharshi for his composition and his work to be used by them. According to Brahmins Ratnakar was a Shudra or from a working class root natives so Vedic promoters had certified him as Shudra in reality and Marashi Valmiki for their racial promotion to use his literature art work of Ramayana, it’s the reason why they still don’t even worship in Valmiki temple. If we start to think in simple logic Ramayana is just a story or may be story based on rare truths; Is it possible to write each and everything what happened in Ramayana by a real Historian? Is it really possible the characters like Hanuman i.e. Monkey God and Bear-Man (Jambuvana), Jatayu (humanoid bird) and Kaka  (humanoid bird) biologically? It all indicates Ramayana is a fantasy rather than a reality. It is not mentioned anywhere Ratnakar/Valmiki was with Rama, Laxmana, Sita and their family and friends, then how Ratnakar/Valmiki wrote each and every life occurrence happened to their life? Is it possible? It’s the reason why it’s just a story not a real life history of a person. Some so called stupid Brahmanism promoters hype it is written in the guidance of Ganesh. Ganesh? Which is a totally a mind born identity by them? Is it possible to write a real life story of a man by a mind born identity itself? When Shiva transplanted even elephant head to beheaded Ganesh which had born only by Parvati’s body dusts, even only an elephant! Because using an elephant head only act like an elephant not as a human! Even the name of that elephant whose head used in the torso of the dead Ganesh not mentioned anywhere in Hindu scriptures. An animal head will act like an animal or as a human? Again Dasaratha was an impotent according to some Brahmanism versions of Ramayana. If Dasaratha was an impotent then how his children were born? According to them they born according to the principle of niyoga. Queens of Dasaratha sexually conceived by some Rishis through niyoga so Queens were able to bore four sons Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughana; where it is ornamented like they are given “Amrit or Mango something like this…” to queens so they got pregnant. In these versions it is indirectly mentioned the sons of Dasharatha though belongs to Kshatriyas as from foster father Dasaratha but biologically belongs to Brahmins; it’s because major Rishis from Vedic clans promoted as Brahmins; but in truth Vedic version of Ramayana all the sons are from Bastard origin it’s because queens got pregnant without wedlock with the Queens as extra marital affairs or adultery. Even in Ramayana different incidents points Rama was a simple human being; but portrayed as super hero for religious benefits. Rama was exiled for 14 years and lived in forest eating fruits, non-vegs and water from rivers. He and his wife and brother Lakshmana used to toilet in open fields, living life without electricity and striving for life fighting with his enemies. If God’s standard of living is less than his devotees, then how he could be considered as God? If itself Gods are deprived of from good life and liberty, then how could he develop the life of devotees? So it all proves how Brahmins or Vedic promoters fooling and deluding their followers and weakening their logical thinking and making them logical blind and psychological disordered for decades promoting these stories as their own to control their followers mind. A Brahmin Tulsidas from Sukarkhet Rajapur village on Pashka Road near Parashpur Bhauriganj Bajar, currently in District Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 50 km from Ayodhya had translated Ramayana to Hindi in 16th-century as Ramcharitmanas  and helped to his community deluding the followers making it as a spiritual business for their livelihood promoting Rama. If it would be considered as even Rama was real; In commonsense Rama was a king of Ayodhya  because Rama was the son of Dasaratha, who had ruled only Ayodhya which is now only a place of 79.8 km2 It was not the whole India, which is 3,287,263 km2 in area. If Rama was a root native to Uttar Pradesh then there was no genetic and linguistic relation to other linguistic clans except adoption of the identity as God by Vedic promoters. Giving life threatening importance to this non-living identity is stupidity and only for Theo-political hegemony and benefits. These Brahmanism prompters are so con that they even used  the name of “Rama” to promote their faith system even in their follower’s death using a slogan/chant “Ram Nam Satya Hai.” “Ram Nam Satya Hai” is slogan/chant in Nagari (Language of city or Nagar) language, now well kown as Debanagari/Devanagari or Hindi language but it has been adopted by all Brahmanism followers, its the reason why even in Dravidian linguistic race those don’t have any connection with Northern linguistic races they even use this “Ram Nam Satya Hai” slogan/chant while carrying a dead body to the cremation ground. Brahmins are the enemies of  science, logical thinking and reasoning to their followers and making them stupid to control their life and mind as sheep in the name of God, religion, tradition, customs, culture and heritage; but in truth it’s just stupidity. Brahmans of a linguistic race is only the con root natives of that linguistic race adopting Brahmanism/Vedic philosophy to control the society as elite group making it as an organized Theo-political party to control the whole demography as race. Its something like a political party made in one corner of the India where their leaders, party members and voters can be found each and every part of India simply following their memorandum or political party constitution. Its the reason why they don’t have any connection except organized group of same ideology according to their memorandums. Like this Brahmanism only a social system made by Brahmins or majorly Idol care takers or priest group of many linguistic races as organized to control their society adopting Vedic philosophies; due to this reason all Brahmins has the different mother tongues changing with the demographic regions with different surnames but adopted Sanskrit as their chant language due to following memorandum of Vedism. It implicates Brahmins are nothing but own land’s con root natives those divided the own society for their self and organized benefits adopting just Vedism. They worked with the other Brahmins linguistic clans as organized and maintained their group policy for hegemony and livelihood. They intentionally made people logical blind so that they can be used for their use. Its the reason why they are just race of stupid con/knave scholars those wants to make their followers psychological cripple to make benefits from them. They are only responsible to destroy great Indian Buddhist or rational civilization of India. They destroyed all rational philosophies from the land by hook and crook only for their livelihood and racial hegemony so that they can rule their followers mind forever and can use the working class to make revenues by ruling the whole civilization. A Brahman never ever work hard for making revenues in a Vedic based civilization, neither King nor a Vaishya. These all are just suckers, labor of working class(Shudras). These three professions are reserved as upper castes in Vedic based society. Brahman just fool the followers saying he is executives of the God and hold the world of knowledge banning to others and grabbing royal advisor position to make money from the Vedic based society. Kings or Kshatriyas were only the revenue makers and resource grabbers though they were responsible for Justice but controlling units has in the hand of Brahmins as royal advisors in Vedic society based Kingdoms. Vaishyas were just money makers as middlemen or as brokers in supply chain using working class or Shudra’s made products and services. Transforming many Buddhist kingdoms to Vedic based societies or Kingdoms after 185BC  was only the days of our progressive civilization destruction. Its the reason why rational philosophies like Charuvaka/Lokayata, Ajivika, Vaisheshika even lost from this land which could have made our civilization more rational & scientific. We got all electronic items from China right? From mobile batteries to all kind of chips of different electronic instruments are made by either China, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan. How they are able to develop such kind of devices? Its root reason is rationalism in their civilization. That rationalism which had transferred to their civilization from our civilization through Buddhism which was the major religion before 185BC in our civilization. If it could have not been destroyed by Brahmins then our country would have been more developed than them. Its the reason why Brahmins are only the real enemies of this land.

There is no evidence till to date in world history monkeys were socially equated to humans and they were capable to communicate humans with human using languages. There is no proof exists till to date humanoid monkeys were there in our planet. If humanoid monkeys had there then we would must have their fossils. If in this present advanced age of biotechnology monkeys could not be socialize as humans then how it was possible in those dark age? even in those days there was no electricity! We use mobile phones sending our messages in fraction of seconds to Sri Lanka to communicate their citizens, where God sent to his messenger Hanuman to deliver his message to Sita who was in Sri Lanka i.e. used a monkey to deliver his message? How could it be possible being even  socially and technologically so backward he had built Ramasetu i.e. a bridge to Sri Lanka using only army of monkeys? Is not it a joke? Those are promoting these stupidity in their literature and in mainstream media actually showing their stupidity to  the world.  In imaginative writing or compositions anybody can write anything it does not mean its true. Spider man is even a reality in sliver screen. His big statues can be found in many parks in the world, it does not mean Spider man is real. We can find many imaginative identities like spider man in our human race, it does not mean they were really existed. Politics using the imaginative  identities and controlling brain of humans should considered as what? Is not it a stupid con game? Feeding lies to control human brains is totally a crime. It does not matters whether Rama existed or not. Rama is not fighting for his existence but those stupid promoters using Ramayana to promote Vedic class system embedded in Ramayana is definitely having wrong intention to divide the society feeding sweet lie stories without their prior knowledge. Those scriptures written to promote Sanatana Dharama/Hinduism/Vedism having an hidden agenda to promote Brahmanism or “divide and rule” agenda in it. So those promote these stories they definitely has the wrong intentions to this Indian demography for their racial hegemony.

NB: I produced information whatever Vedic promoters promotes about the Rama as it is, but even though it can hurt you. If you are an orthodox Hindu and lover or hardcore follower of “Rama” it can hurt you a lot; but it can even make your psychological conditions correct; its totally depends upon how you handle these information in your logical interpretations and reasoning. If you get angry reading this article; ask yourself what makes you angry? Even some people can get angry to that level they can kill me if they found me in front of them. Think what makes you that level angry, where you can kill anyone for that non living identity; whom you even don’t know personally and never ever met in your life, even your own ancestors never ever met that identity except their statues, artistic impressions and paintings. Its the Brain game of some stupid knaves of the land. They created a non living identity so real in your mind that seems real in your life and which seems like, that identity controls your life. Its called the dirty brain game. I call it psychological disorder. When lies and deception codified as truth in your brain by some cons, a misinformation even becomes a logical truth in your mind. Followers protects that identity in their mind/brain because they love that identity; where identity is itself a non-living in existence.  Organized Vedic priesthood as Brahmanism controlled and ruled the life of major root natives of Indian demography in the name of god just using mud, stones, metals and artistic impressions through delusions for their self and organized benefits. Love to a misconception/misinformation is not a healthy psychological condition, its a condition of psychological disorder. Addiction to an identity, that exists in only human brains without the living existence as the position of God which needs an irrational reason to love or no reasons to love, is one kind of psychological disorder. You may call it as God-addiction or THEOPHILIA. Theophilia is combination of two words theo & philia. You might be knowing about theology WHICH MEANS “logic of god” i.e. “THEO” MEANS “GOD,” WHERE “PHILIA” means an abnormal love for, or inclination towards a specified thing. SIMPLY Theo=God, Philia=unconditional or conditional love to an identity as supreme or as a creator that needs an illogical reason or no reason to believe. Theophilia in other-way means god addiction through deception or delusions. Theophilia is a psychological disorder and its harmful to our human race. Its your own hand whether you want to make your descendants mentally healthy or psychological disordered. This Theophilia was only the reason we had war of faith empires in our own demography. This Theophilia is the only reason for many social evils in Indian civilization. For Theophilia our country got divided by dirty politicians. If I am correct  Theophilia can make that mass destruction in our human race by creating WAR of major religions hegemony for which our planet can be destroyed. Theophilia is not only applicable to Hinduisms but applicable to all those God philosophies those are based on God beliefs; whether it is monotheist or polytheist; Its the reason why  Theophilia exposed as disease for immunization against faith contradictions and to protect the psychological conditions of a human that has been disordered due to God beliefs. Take the above information at your own risks and correct your psychological conditions, and even cure your logical blindness. Investigate and know more with your own efforts.

In truth; Rama, Lakkhana(Laxman), Bharata and Sita characters are theft from Buddhist scripture “Dasaratha Jataka” katha by Brahmins. They fabricated the story according to their evil motives inserting caste system in it and promoted for their self and organized benefits. They are making huge money showing his idol as God and telling his story often to fool their victim followers generations to generations. Click for the proofs:


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