This blog exposes Brahmins of India.

Disclaimer: This blog exposes who are really Brahmins and what are their contribution to Indian race. It can hurt to approximate six crores Brahmins out of 126 crores of Indians, those are majorly ignorant about their ancestors evil contributions to Indian race for which India stagnated till to date. This website does not claim all Brahmins are having evil ideology but being a part of the evil race knowing their persecution to others is severely bad, is also one kind of sleeping support to that evilness or racial crimes. Knowing to their evil contribution to Indian society and not having any try for reformation shows negligence of supporting crimes by the liberal Brahmins. More than 90% Brahmins may even don’t know why they are Brahmins, so whatever they did they were told or commanded by their authorities to do so; In this case they are abettors of racial crimes due to their authorities, those passed the evil information with the miscarriage of guidance to exploit others according to their wish. So evil Brahmins authorities those passed to their descendants knowing its bad to others or to Indian society is prime accused and the website name them as crook Brahmins. The citizens of India with  surnames of Brahmins and with the professions other than priests without supporting and promoting the ideology of Purusha Sukta is departing them from these Crook Brahmins. This website exposes crook Brahmins those wants to establish racial hegemony to democratic India as like they had been doing to non-sovereign India, implementing their old idiotic Vedic & Manusmritic ideology to Indian race. If you don’t want to know the evil contribution of Brahmins to Indian race then stop reading the website here. Saying truth is not hatred speech; but some crook Brahmins and their vedic supporters and promoters wants to suppress the truth in the name hatred speech punishable by law even saying truth for social reformation. The Constitution of India and its hate speech laws aim to prevent discord among its many ethnic and religious communities. The laws allow a citizen to seek the punishment of anyone who shows the citizen disrespect “on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever”. The laws specifically forbid anyone from outraging someone’s “religious feelings”. This is the reason why Indian constitution even indirectly give permissions to promote and support antisocial activities done by the cunning religious races and itself religions in the name of hate speech bans.  Saying truth and claiming justice against antisocial activities by religious communes are not crimes; so saying truth if  someone’s “religious feelings” is outraged they must have to proof the truth claimed is false otherwise they are accused of promoting religious crimes. Section 295 A of IPC stops hate speech but not banning telling the truth. If it bans telling truths then we have no rights to condemn any kind of terrorist activities done in the name of any religion or race or group; so in that case we even don’t have right to condemn ISIS for their evil deeds. All Brahmins are not crooks and even they don’t know why they are Brahmins. The blog helps to make transparent who are the crooks among the Brahmins those are curse to Indian race. Contents of this website should not be taken or subjected or constitute or construed  as abusive, enticing or promoting hate or violence against any particular race, nationality, religion or lifestyle; illegal, threatening, harassing, annoying or disrupting, hateful, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, scandalous or injurious to the reputation of any person or entity, and only be constitute or construed  as facts of knowledge which need to be discussed for mankind to decline harm full believe structure of Human-beings. Nature has given humanity the ability to think, to evaluate, to imagine, to compare and contrast and then come to conclusions based upon knowledge. This is what differentiates the faculties of human beings from the other members of the Animal Kingdom. The motive of this website is for establishing our global and National peace, unite humanity, strengthening the securities and establishing peaceful life. Website is against the irrationalities in religions and races. Strictly mentioned don’t read if you don’t like; nobody (writer or it’s promoters) will be responsible if it hurts to your existing beliefs or any conflicts in any forms due to this website though your state laws may enforces it as offenses. Reading this website means you are aware about the disclaimer of the website and bound to accept and agreed; that, you will not misuse the information in any means and in any forms. The information in this website will be only taken as the knowledge for discussion and interpretation for the eradication of irrationality in Human belief system that arises due to God beliefs in different parts of the world; So solely take this website at your own risk. Readers are requested to have the intellectual inquisitiveness, to persevere, to continue reading and investigating.

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