Why should we recognized as Hindus by Brahmins?

Brahmins are maintaining a curse to all linguistic races naming a social identity Hindu. Though Hindu word can’t be found in any religious scriptures composed in this demography. Hindu word adopted by root natives of India by only impositions and enforcement of this social identity by only Islamic emperors to depart Muslim followers in Islamic empire from non-Islamic followers of this demography. Stupid historians, writers and specially Brahmins promoted this word “Hindu” instead of Vedism or Brahmanism to promote their faith system vedism or Brahmanism using this identity Hindu. Now a day’s Hindu extremist organization Sangh Parivar hate Muslims but love their given identity “Hindu” for which they demand a Hindu Nation. In our any Indian laws it is not defined what is Hindu, though it recognizes who is Hindu in some Acts. Acts are majorly made and influenced by psychotic Vedic promoters of Indian demography; so this Identity forcefully imposed to major root native Indians those are from different linguistic races. What if voters of Congress party called as “Congreshia,” as a social identity, voters of Bhajapa(BJP) as Bhajpaiya? etc. Is not it a stupidity? In any religious scriptures, it is neither mentioned deities were Hindus, nor deities themselves recognized themselves as they were Hindus. Why we need a social identity as Hindu in first place? Which streams from Shindi linguistic race (Shind Province) and now is a part of Pakistan! Why should we more than 1500 linguistic races of India would recognized according Shind province of Pakistan? (Shindu Civilization). Each individual distinct linguistic race is one kind of civilization without any doubts. Hinduism seems like an abusive language or slangs or a curse; because it promotes blind believes, discrimination, hate, irrationality; promotes drinking wastage of Cow, like cow urine and cow dung and believe it as holiest. Why should we worship nonliving idols that has no senses and consider it as god? is not it a mental disorder? Respecting an idol as a memory and worship it as god are two different things. We respect eminent personalities idols in their birth day as a memorable identity and source of inspiration but consider it as they are dead in this world, but respect to their human activities once he had done for human race or a social group; but in the case of God Idol it seems totally stupidity. Innocent animals are sacrificed in front of these nonliving idols; what kind of insanity it is? Where even penis of God (Shiva Linga) promoted to be worshiped by our all linguistic root natives saying it’s a part of Hindu practices? Should our family follow this kind of stupidities? Should we pass this kind of lies, irrationality, stupidity and mental disorders in the name of god, tradition, custom, culture and heritage? We should not support delusional and illusion liar world of Brahmins faith named as Hinduism and shouldn’t even let them victimized our co-citizens in their evil traps. Some Brahmins themselves even in delusion; if they don’t know the vedic conspiracy theory. If they had been aware about Vedic conspiracy theory; then they would not have making wake up to their nonliving identities by ringing bells, chanting in Sanskrit to these nonliving idols and worshiping the penis of the god till to date.  In fact, when somebody identify as Hindu it logically represents, he/she is irrational, blind believer, ignorant, discriminator, hater, abuser, stupid; follower of lies, violence and delusions etc. etc. it is more than an abusive word, curse and slang. When you will see your family and friends bowing these imaginative and nonliving identities think about how they bow and surrenders to lies, irrationality, blind beliefs, ignorance, discrimination, hate, stupidity, violence and delusions which are nothing but mental deviations or mental disorders. Nobody has right to enforce any social identity based on stupid faith systems on us because its not only violations of human rights but also it is violations of fundamental rights and our self-respect. Good mental health is a natural fundamental right of humans. We should better feel to have a social identity as a “Human” as a gender, as a citizen of the Nation; obviously we can manipulate ourselves as a good human or a bad human.

Many generations are gone. May be most of our ancestors had lived for more than 65+ or may be more… In their Generations Lord Shiva was only 30+ and even still in our generations he is that 30+ charming faced youth. Charming faces, boastful bluffs, honey coated polite words etc. are used to promote their identities but with these they only promote poisonous lies, irrationality and blind beliefs with these honey coated polite words and charming faces. Shiva identity is still promoted as 30+ charming face to  cheat our brain as a conspiracy to make us stupid. Vedic promoters use charming and beautiful present young generation to promote their Vedic identities to delude in their world of imagination so that our mind will be cheated for ever generation to generation. Vedic promoters use their godly identities in Movies, TV serials etc. to promote their world of delusions with new generations skills, technologies and with their charming body.

Giant statues, architects etc.  are made for unite followers of same belief and to polarize them for their faith or set of beliefs made by them; but which kind of faith they are united for that does matters. If its for exploitation and mental abuse to have self and organized benefits from them then its called promoting of stupidity; which should be exposed. This statue will polarize the Hindus to be utilized by Vedic promoters in their own ways and as they like. It won’t develop the rationalism in their mental health but develop blind beliefs and stupidity. Yoga has no relation to vedism and Shaivism but relating it to Shaivism this Sadhguru helping to promote Vedism in the name of Yoga and distorting to history of Yoga. He will die one day but his made statue will be used to promote stupidity generation to generation. In this case this Sadhguru is really meant a bad Guru which helped to cripple our descendants mental health in the name of Yoga, religion, custom, culture and heritage. Yoga will still work if you don’t know what they called. Yoga is set of exercises with different postures of the human body. Postures and set of physical activities carried out for the sake of health and fitness will even still work if you even don’t know what those positions & exercises are called.  One thing more according to Shiva Purana and many Shiva related scriptures Shiva was an identity belongs to Kiratian race which is found in Himalyan regions now this tribe considered as Scheduled tribe by Government of India. We often seen Shiva artistic impressions and sculptures always relating to Himalaya mountains which proves Shiva identity was belongs to only this region not from other parts of our planet. Shiva identity even not known to Canadians, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Australians, Greenland, Antarctica, Europeans and Africans etc…If he was belongs to Kiratian race then his mother tongue had Kirati not Sanskrit. Now you just go with your simple logic how  he could understand Sanskrit if he was belongs to Kiriati linguistic race? Brahmins still worship him with Sanskrit chants…. Would it really work for him? What is the possibilities men can do well exercises/Yoga in ice surroundings.

 Don’t Call Us Hindu.

Hindus worship idols and artistic impressions means; whom they worship all are no more in this world. We all knows once an identity got dead we worship their photos or idols; why this is not understood by followers? Is not it a logical blindness? Is our dead family members can help us? Then how these dead identities can help the followers if they were really existed? All Hindu God died in their youth, so we don’t get any old age artistic impressions or sculptures of their old age identity till to date though only Bramha seems to be an older among them.

1.      Shiva’s snake still lives in the neck of Shiva and you can’t find any old age picture or sculpture of itself Shiva and his snake though followers claims, thousand and thousand year ago he had existed. Time passes but he still seems younger to younger. It proves how logically blinds are followers. Its directly proves followers mentally disorders.

2.      Head of the Ganesh is still mystery. In any scriptures name of that elephant whose head had used for the torso of dead Ganesh is absent. Again; an animal head will act like an animal not like a human. Though concept/mind born story of Ganesh is a superb lie and a stupid imagination by cons but till to date followers worshiping an elephant instead of a Ganesh as their God of knowledge. How his massive body carried by a mouse? Is it really possible hundreds of kilogram weighing human carried by a little mouse? That mouse is not even getting older and perhaps never died so in every year it comes with youngest to youngest forms.

3.      Rama, Krishna and Radha etc. etc. day by day looking charming & wonderful rather than being older. Nobody thinks how was their life without electricity, mobiles, internet, airplanes, trains, buses, cars, ACs, Tv and cable connections etc. etc. They still armed with old weapons likes, Chakra, Gada, Swords, bow and arrow etc. etc. where we are much more powerful than our god having guns, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons etc. etc.

If your logical blindness is self-diagnosed and rectified, then you can explore more than me…. My motive is to activate your slept logical consciousness and to vaccinate your mind.

Vedic followers worshiping Snakes:

Cambodian girl cooking a Snake recipe for her family:

Vedic followers worshiping Dog:

Vedic followers worship genitals:

Vedic followers drinking Cow pee:

 Remember on thing prominently:

When you say I am proud of being a Hindu; It directly says:

Your are proud of being an irrational, blind believer, ignorant, discriminator, hater, abuser, stupid; follower of lies, violence or antisocial activities in the name of God and delusions. You feel proud for being a majority of Stupids. Your are proud of being a part of mass hysteria. Your are proud of being a partial mental disorders. Your are proud of being slave to stupid Vedic philosophies and being slave to Brahmins. You are proud of hating other religions and maintaining disharmony in the society.


Disclaimer: Those stupid promoters & followers will be hurt reading these facts; they will be responsible, agreed & liable for promoting lies, irrationality, blind beliefs, delusions, discrimination, disharmony, violence and different kind of antisocial activities due to this faith system. Not only liable for present generation but also liable for past generations those had been cheated by this faith system. Stupid promoters can be prosecuted under even offense of promoting blind beliefs and superstitions; cheating etc…

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If Padmini had existed, she would have a Buddhist princess not a Vedic/Hindu follower.

Fictional Padmavati was Buddhist Princess

Padmini, also known as Padmavati, was a legendary 13th–14th century Indian queen (Rani). The earliest source to mention her is Padmavat, an epic fictionalized poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540 CE. The text, which features elements of fantasy, describes her story as follows: Padmavati was an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom (Sri Lanka). Ratan Sen, the Rajput ruler of Chittor Fort, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hiraman. After an adventurous quest, he won her hand in marriage and brought her to Chittor. Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi, also heard about her beauty, and laid siege to Chittor to obtain her. Many events occurred during the period of the siege, till the fort was finally taken. Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was killed in a duel with Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner, who was also enamoured with Padmavati’s beauty. Before Alauddin Khalji could capture Chittor, Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honour. After her sacrifice, the Rajput men died fighting on the battlefield.

According to Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat (1540 CE)

Padmavati was the daughter of Gandharv Sen, the king of the Singhal kingdom. She became close friends with a talking parrot named Hiraman. Her father resented the parrot’s closeness to his daughter, and ordered the bird to be killed. The parrot flew away to save its life, but was trapped by a bird catcher, and sold to a Brahmin. The Brahmin bought it to Chittor, where the local king Ratan Sen purchased it, impressed by its ability to talk.

The parrot greatly praised Padmavati’s beauty in front of Ratan Sen, who became determined to marry Padmavati. Guided by the parrot and accompanied by his 16,000 followers, Ratan Sen reached Singhal after crossing the seven seas. There, he commenced austerities in a temple to seek Padmavati. Meanwhile, Padmavati came to the temple, informed by the parrot, but quickly returned to her palace without meeting Ratan Sen. Once she reached the palace, she started longing for Ratan Sen.

Meanwhile, Ratan Sen realized that he had missed a chance to meet Padmavati. In desolation, he decided to immolate himself, but was interrupted by the deities Shiva and Parvati. On Shiva’s advice, Ratan Sen and his followers attacked the royal fortress of Singhal kingdom. They were defeated and imprisoned, while still dressed as ascetics. Just as Ratan Sen was about to be executed, his royal bard revealed to the captors that he was the king of Chittor. Gandharv Sen then married Padmavati to Ratan Sen, and also arranged 16,000 padmini  women of Singhal for the 16,000 men accompanying Ratan Sen. Sometime later, Ratan Sen learned from a messenger bird that his first wife — Nagmati — is longing for him back in Chittor. Ratan Sen decided to return to Chittor, with his new wife Padmavati, his 16,000 followers and their 16,000 companions. During the journey, the Ocean god punished Ratan Sen for having excessive pride in winning over the world’s most beautiful woman: everyone except Ratan Sen and Padmavati was killed in a storm. Padmavati was marooned on the island of Lacchmi, the daughter of the Ocean God. Ratan Sen was rescued by the Ocean God. Lacchmi decided to test Ratan Sen’s love for Padmavati. She disguised herself as Padmavati, and appeared before Ratan Sen, but the king was not fooled. The Ocean god and Lacchmi then reunited Ratan Sen with Padmavati, and rewarded them with gifts. With these gifts, Ratan Sen arranged a new retinue at Puri, and returned to Chittor with Padmavati.

At Chittor, a rivalry developed between Ratan Sen’s two wives, Nagmati and Padmavati. Sometime later, Ratan Sen banished a Brahmin courtier named Raghav Chetan for fraud. Raghav Chetan went to the court of Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi, and told him about the exceptionally beautiful Padmavati. Alauddin decided to obtain Padmavati, and besieged Chittor. Ratan Sen agreed to offer him tribute but refused to give away Padmavati. After failing to conquer to the Chittor fort, Alauddin feigned a peace treaty with Ratan Sen. He deceitfully captured Ratan Sen and took him to Delhi. Padmavati sought help from Ratan Sen’s loyal feudatories Gora and Badal, who reached Delhi with their followers, disguised as Padmavati and her female companions. They rescued Ratan Sen; Gora was killed fighting the Delhi forces, while Ratan Sen and Badal reached Chittor safely.

Meanwhile, Devpal, the Rajput king of Chittor’s neighbour Kumbhalner, had also become infatuated with Padmavati. While Ratan Sen was imprisoned in Delhi, he proposed marriage to Padmavati through an emissary. When Ratan Sen returned to Chittor, he decided to punish Devpal for this insult. In the ensuing single combat, Devpal and Ratan Sen killed each other. Meanwhile, Alauddin invaded Chittor once again, to obtain Padmavati. Facing a certain defeat against Alauddin, Nagmati and Padmavati committed self-immolation (sati) on Ratan Sen’s funeral pyre; other women of Chittor also died in mass self-immolation (jauhar). The men of Chittor fought to death against Alauddin, who acquired nothing but an empty fortress after his victory.

Investigation and logical verification according to even their given facts: It is highly impossible arranging a marriage only by a talking parrot named Hiraman. Could you believe this parrot flew from Sri Lanka to Rajasthan crossing about 3,628 km to exact location of Rajasthan where a Brahmin got it and given to King? Again if Parrot was trained to talk then it might be talking in Sihanli language not in Marwari/Rajasthani or Hindi! It might have highly possibility Brahmins would have been the cause of falling Medapata (Mewar) kingdom; because they have well track record destroying kingdoms by dishonesty using their knave or crooked mind but possibility of Padmavati is seems to be fiction. What is the possibility of fair understanding of parrot language if it really happened? Do you think parrot could have well communicated about the princess Padmini to Ratan Sen? Ratan Sen had reined his kingdom in 1302 –1303 CE. Malik Muhammad Jayasi wrote the epic fictionalized poem in 1540 CE. It means he had not in the time frame of Ratan Sen and it is composed after 237 years after the Ratan Sen’s death. According to some writers the composer Malik Muhammad Jayasi had lost his father at a very young age, and his mother some years later. He became blind in one eye, and his face was disfigured by smallpox. He married and had seven sons. He lived a simple life until he mocked the opium addiction of a pir (Sufi leader) in a work called Posti-nama. As a punishment, the roof of his house collapsed, killing all seven of his sons. Subsequently, Jayasi lived a religious life at Jayas. He is also said to have been raised by Sufi ascetics (fakir). It is totally absent there was any relationship of any kind with the characters like Ratan sen, Padmavati, Gandharv Sen or Khilji families or to their relatives or to their descendant or to their historians those had helped him to compose the Padmavat. So it has no possibility of its authenticity; there may be few characters that had existed those are used for composing Padmavat as fiction. If we will start to think it was even true then in that time frame Gandharv Sen should have existed in Sinhalese monarchs. In the time frame of 1302 –1303 CE when Ratan Sen was the King of Medapata (Mewar) kingdom; at that time in Singhal/Sinhala/Sri Lanka there was House of Siri Sanga Bo (1220–1345) dynasty. There was no king named Gandharv Sen had ever existed in Singhal history.

Kingdom of Dambadeniya (1220–1345)

Name King From King Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Vijayabahu III 1220 1224 *A patriotic Prince of Sinhala Royal blood
Parakkamabahu II 1234 1269 *Eldest son of Vijaya Bahu III
Vijayabahu IV 1267/8 October 1270 *Eldest son of Panditha Parakrama Bahu II
Bhuvanaikabahu I
(from Yapahuwa)
1271 1283 *Brother of Vijaya Bahu IV
Interregnum 1283 1302
Parakkamabahu III
(from Polonnaruwa)
1302 1310 *Nephew of Buvaneka Bahu I
*Son of Vijaya Bahu IV
Bhuvanaikabahu II
(from Kurunagala)
1310 1325/6 *Son of Buvaneka Bahu I
*Cousin of Parakrama Bahu III
Parakkamabahu IV
(from Kurunagala)
1325/6 1325/6 *Son of Buvanekka Bahu II
Bhuvanaikabahu III
(from Kurunagala)
1325/6 1325/6 *Known as Vanni Buvaneka Bahu
Vijayabahu V
(from Kurunagala)
1325/6 1344/5 *Second son of Chandra Banu of Jaffnapatnam

Here is the list of Sinhalese monarchs:




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Vedic promoters promote Mahabharat to promote Caste System.

Composer of Mahabharat Vyasha was a Chandala or out caste because in Brahmin’s language of caste system, he was even degraded to Shudra and Atishudra its because he was son of a fisher woman Satyavati (lower caste) & Rishi Parashar without any wedlock; so in other words a bastard; whose mother was even a lower caste. If it was  only a famous story in ancient India that had composed by Vyasha, then its for sure it had used by Brahmins to promote caste system giving castes to characters of the Mahabharat; which was an evil intention by Brahmins. We can’t find any surname attached to the character’s name which directly proves the real composition had no castes and castes are added later according character’s profession to promote Purusha Sukta. Pandavas & Kauravas certified as Kshatriyas to promote the caste system in the story. Somewhere Pandavs are even  considered as Brahmins where Kauravas are not, where both belongs to same ancestor. The characters like Karna, Ekalavya certified as Shudra where teachers like Drona etc. are certified as Brahmins. If in that time Shudras were even untouchables then what was Karna doing in their group? In even Ramayan “Sabari” had given her eaten berries to Rama for eating and Rama had even eaten berries, but according to Vedism/Brahmanism Sabari is considered as an untouchable. If Rama had practiced caste system then he would not ate the berries from an untouchable Sabari; its because according to Brahmanism tribals are scheduled tribe(ST) or untouchables. If both Ramayana and Mahabharat are composed by Brahmins certified Shudra Ratnakar/Valmiki and Vyasha then how it became scripture of so called elite group Brahmins? It proves it had reedited or recomposed and fabricated according to requirement of Brahmins applying many lies and fabrication to it according to their requirements to promote Vedism or caste system to control their followers brains which was even not belongs to them. If we will remove caste system from these stories then we will find only different professions like King, priest, teachers, byopari or businessmen, soldiers, royal advisor, composer etc. without any Vedic divisions as Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. When there was age of kingdoms in ancient India and had many linguistic races and their kings they had their own kind of social administration systems and had own kind of set of social beliefs. In those days they must have been gone through their own literature evolution where they had composed many popular compositions and stories. There was no entertainment like TV serials or movies in those days so reciting mind born composed stories with morals embedded in it was best ways of entertainment. Popular stories must have been translated to other languages to enjoy it in their language those became popular. When Brahmanism developed in Indian demography as organized priesthood promoting Vedic philosophies they must have been used it in their own ways to promote their caste system to rule their followers mind embedding their philosophy appending in it. Rama, Krisha, Shiva Ganesh etc. can’t be found in any Veda but Brahmins promotes them as Avatar of Vishnu, Rudra etc. making a relation to Vedic identities which implies its just a fabrication. Who had verified these were Avatar of Vishnu? If it had their compositions then they would have directly name it as Vishnu why with Rama, Krishna etc. character? Was that verifying man existed in the both time period of  Vishnu and Rama to make the match? Avatar itself a deception of Brahmins to make fool the followers. There is no rebirth so there is even no Avatar; if it is even there, it can’t be verified so its all knave and crook game conspiracy by Brahmins or Vedic promoters to fool their followers. Both the stories written in that way that composer must have present with all occurrence of the characters but you can’t find composer’s existence mentioned in the real time incidents happened in the story or no where even written characters had helped to compose the composition which proofs it is just a mind born composition by the composer. Though these stories may not have any relation with caste system when it was originally composed by any linguistic race but now so much defiled that promotes only caste system, irrationality, discrimination,  deception, delusion and blind beliefs etc. Since both the stories promotes caste system its without any doubt its only promoted for maintenance of caste system and Brahmins hegemony.Veda Vyasa is impressed with Gandhari’s devotion to her husband and gives her a boon to have a hundred sons. She gets pregnant but carries the child for an unusually long period (some versions says about 2 years). Later she hears that Kunti (queen of king Pandu, younger brother of Dhritharashtra) has given birth to Pandavas, and in frustration she pounds on her stomach (some version says she damaged her womb with angry). A small grey mass comes out of her/ in some versions it is said she damaged her baby in that way which turned in to 101 pieces. Veda Vyasa divided this into 101 parts and keept them in cool earthen pots to incubate/ in some version it is said he stored it in ghee mixed pot to make babies. First Duryodhana came out, followed by 99 brothers and one sister, Dushala.

According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. However, figures from other sources vary, primarily due to differences in definition of the terms “language” and “dialect”. The 2001 Census recorded 30 languages which were spoken by more than a million native speakers and 122 which were spoken by more than 10,000 people. What was the mother tongue of Kauravas, Pandavas and Lord Krishna? Their mother tongue was only one or they were speaking with all 1721 languages found in India? If they had one mother tongue then why to victimize rest linguistic races promoting their stories to brain wash their mind? Mahaprathanika Parva This Parva starts with the great journey of the Pandavas across the whole country and finally their ascent on the great Himalayas where each Pandava brother die including Drupadi except for Yudhisthira. Yudhisthira is the only person to reach the Heaven in human form.





In all cases in these videos its totally prominent skills or knowledge built up in a brain totally depends upon the teachers and type of skills and knowledge they feed to their brains; i.e. like your teachers accordingly will be their students; therefore who teaches what to whom with which motives that does matters. Every teaching that is irrational, inhuman, blind beliefs, promote discrimination and disharmony, spread lies and deception, violate human rights and promote violence should be banned and teachers should be punished.

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Brahmins are the God of Hindus.

Declining Buddhism in 185BC by Pushyamitra Shunga and by his supporters those had implemented Brahman’s caste based social administration with “Manusmriti” to Mauryan empire and conversion of many linguistic races to caste based society only stagnated Indian civilization. If it had not declined in our country we would have been developed like Japan, China and USA. Vedic social administration system only uplifted antisocial crooks those only work organized for self and organized benefits.  Vedism/Brahmanism promoted irrationality, blind beliefs, ignorance, inequality, unfair-justice, discrimination, disharmony, lies, deception, illusions or delusions, mental disorders and antisocial activities in the name of God, religion, practices, tradition, custom, culture and heritage…. Due to this reason India only produced corrupt selfish oligarchs those have been theft more than 100 trillion dollars from India after its independence. After the independence major ruling class in Indian administration is only Brahmins.  USA is a very much iconic developed nation even having 20 trillion dollar national debt but Indian corrupt oligarchs have more than 100 trillion dollars as black money in only Swish bank excluding other banks. If it could have invested in our country for our people we would have more developed than even USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

What abnormalities they promotes…….

Brahamins are racially psychological disordered sociopathic intellect crooks those pass ASPD to their descendants with their surnames. They are weakening the whole Indian societies for their racial hegemony and making whole the nation psychological abnormal and even making to their descendants logical blind with mentally partial paranoid where whole Hindu social groups as mass hysteria to enslave their mind… In other words we can say Crook Brahmins are the criminals with self claimed so called social elite class those are racially exploiting the whole non-Brahmin social groups of Indian demography till to dates making slave to their minds with deceptions and lies. According to Brahmanism, Brahmins are slave to Veda to get certification of Brahman or Vedic certified priest, Kshatiryas (those rule Kshetra or acquire Kshetra or land i.e. only Kings not soldiers or any other profession equivalent to it) and Vaishyas (Vedic certified Traders) are slave to Brahmins where Shudra (major working class or presently OBC) and AtiShudra (those were not a part of the caste based society i.e. SC & ST) are slave to all these three Classes (GN) with reserved professions “Priest, King and Trader.” These three prime professions were reserved for ruling class of Vedic social administration where rest working class considered as Shudras. Those Shudras were closed slave to Kings, Brahmins and Vaishyas they are now certified as Kshatriyas by demanding their rights to them; means they like to be certified by these criminal social elites or Vedic promoters for their social identity recognition. Those struggle to get certified as upper castes actually don’t want to decline this stupid idiotic system but feel proud and wants to be certified by them for their created social system certifications and to maintain Vedic social system. In our ancient original Indian societies there was no caste system, even no classes based on professions. There was freedom of professions, acquiring skills and even freedom of getting any surnames or last names. We can’t find the last name of any deities proves there was no last name convention in our ancient time. Brahmins had created these last name or surname system to weaken the societies based upon their professions. Brahmins are the Mother/Father of “divide and rule.” They reserved the professions in their surnames or last name forcefully to rule their life and reserve their own profession to their descendants not to be transferred to other professional class declining interchange of professions. Which proves what kind of crook criminals they were. All these criminal intents proves how they were psychologically disordered and criminal minded to exploit others. Now in Independent India there is freedom of professions but maintaining last name or surname convention by Government of India implicates they want to reserve caste system in present social system. Today higher castes & lower castes are recognized by their ancestors surnames. Though Vedic certified lower caste becomes doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers etc. but due to their surnames they are considered as their ancestors professions those were sweepers, leather workers, washer-men etc. as lower professionals according to Vedic certifications; so these skilled and professional citizens treated and exploited according to their Castes even having higher qualifications and more efficient than upper castes. Being an illiterate Brahmin gets more social respect than a highly qualified Vedic certified lower caste in a Vedic class based society; Which represents Vedic certification has more values than present academic certifications by universities. Here 5th class failed Brahmin, uneducated Sadhus even guides life of Scientists, Doctors and other high qualified professionals just being a Brahmin and due to their stupid so called prophesy knowledge i.e. Palmistry and astrology. We can get Palmistry and Astrology books in Rs.10 and even Vedas in Rs.100-Rs.900 online. Reading all these books will not take even more than 5 months. We can get even these knowledge free on internet just googling their pdfs. How acquiring these knowledge make them Pandits/Scholars is totally out of logic and how its respected and recognized by present modern societies as holiest and great is totally weird; which implicates how Brahmanism has been crippled the minds of the Brahmanism followers and Vedic class based societies.

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Lord Rama is a God or Ghost?

Hinduism which is actually idolism by Vedism/Brahmanism are actually worshiping Ghosts or mind born Ghosts. How? When a person dies we used to respect their pictures or statues after its death. We remember them in their death anniversary and even in their Birth day. In the past there was no technology of capturing pictures so they were using their handmade idols or handmade arts or paintings. These influential idols became the powerful mind controlling identities for Vedic based Idolism where Brahmins are their promoters or prime executives. They even made many popular stories characters as God or deities of Hinduism. There are no real or actual historians of our mythologies, so the scriptures and faces of identities vary changing with the demography where characters remains same. All Hindu deities are worshiped by their followers either in art forms or in sculpture forms; in both the cases it represents they are no more or they are now past for which we used to worship their statues or pictures. According to literature those are past known as “Bhoot/भूत ”, its the reason why we say past tense to “भूत काल.” Most popular God identity Rama always can be seen in either in pictures or in statues as a young man or as a youth aged something around 30+ to 40+ and nowhere can be found his old age pictures or his old age statues which proves he died in youth. If you study Ramayana, its directly written he had a “Jal Samadhi” means suicide in water i.e. in Sarayu river due to his family disturbances. Suicide or death of Rama has been kept hidden by their promoters to their followers. Suicide or death of Rama is not written directly as suicide but written with an ornamental explanation by their promoting authors in different orchestrated forms. The same story goes with many other characters of Hindu deities. Though science doesn’t believe in both the God and Ghost but many irrational blind believers those believe in these two identities produce different kind of miracles to prove their existence. It has been seen behind all miracles there is either scientific reasons or it is a hypocrisy by a knave to cheat the Innocent believers using science. According popular blind belief of many Indians a strong belief has been established in them is, those don’t have normal deaths they could have the possibilities of being dangerous ghosts basically those make suicide. According to their belief and logic Rama even had the suicide; why he is not a Ghost? I don’t believe in this kind of stupid logic, but according to their believe I reproduce their logic according to their faith. If you ask them both the case they will agree with a normal human suicide it has possibilities of being a Ghost but in case of Rama it is not i.e. every protocols according to even their beliefs fails in the case of deities implicates a logical blindness which is a psychological disorder, which has been embedded by the faith imposers of Vedic promoters. In short we as Branded Hindus or certified by Brahmins as Hindus has been brainwashed by Brahmins to worship these dead identities once upon a time they were living beings; cons just promote them as Avatar of Vishnu or Avatar of any Vedic Gods linking mind born stories to fool and control their followers. Who has that machine or scientific tools or any technologies that can measure and verify these characters were all the Avatars of Vedic God Vishnu? What is even authenticity of Vedic Gods? Do all people of the human race even knows about Vedic Gods? Brahmins bluffs and lies has no boundaries those had created the delusional world of Hindu deities where Hindu followers are just only the scapegoats/cattle of sheep those are controlled by them. According to Oxford dictionary “Ghost” means, an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear to the living, typically as a nebulous image. Simply in Hindu beliefs if a person dies without his normal death it becomes Ghost. Rama had not the normal death; why he is not a ghost according to the Hindu beliefs? Is it really safe to worship a Ghost even according to Hindu belief? Is not it all delusions and psychological disorders? Who promotes these disorders in our civilization? Think!…… It’s just Vedic promoters or Brahmins. India was the place of many kingdoms. The people of those lands or demography or kingdoms or linguistic races are only the root natives to that land or Linguistic clan or race. Telugu spoken humans are only the Mool-Nivasi of Telugu linguistic clan or race, Gujaratis are from Gujarati Linguistic clan so on and so forth…Root natives or Mool-Nivasi is the enough social identity for social recognition instead of Brahmins certified or Islamic emperors given name Hindu to them. When we say root-natives or Mool –Nivasi there is no branding of any religious social identity. With the time root natives adopted or forcefully trapped to any religious empire for social existence by ruling class hegemony. If Rama was existed; he was from UP; I respect him as a root native to this land or if a story I respect it as a good story or epic; but Rama as character of God and used for racial hegemony or for a hegemonic faith empire for personal and organized selfish benefits is no doubt has an evil intention and criminal activity by orthodox criminal stupid Theo-political knave think tanks; which should be exposed and should be punished for their evil intention. Robber Ratnakar or Dasyu “Ratnakar” was the original composer of “Ramayana.” If he was not a robber let it be only an identity named “Ratnakar” had only composed the Ramayana. It became popular so it might had translated to Sanskrit and promoted for their racial promotion. To use his work Brahmins made a mind born story of Valmiki introducing a character “Narada” who given direction to Ratnakar to write Ramayana. Ratnakar became Valmiki i.e. Maharshi for his composition and his work to be used by them. According to Brahmins Ratnakar was a Shudra or from a working class root natives so Vedic promoters had certified him as Shudra in reality and Marashi Valmiki for their racial promotion to use his literature art work of Ramayana, it’s the reason why they still don’t even worship in Valmiki temple. If we start to think in simple logic Ramayana is just a story or may be story based on rare truths; Is it possible to write each and everything what happened in Ramayana by a real Historian? Is it really possible the characters like Hanuman i.e. Monkey God and Bear-Man (Jambuvana), Jatayu (humanoid bird) and Kaka  (humanoid bird) biologically? It all indicates Ramayana is a fantasy rather than a reality. It is not mentioned anywhere Ratnakar/Valmiki was with Rama, Laxmana, Sita and their family and friends, then how Ratnakar/Valmiki wrote each and every life occurrence happened to their life? Is it possible? It’s the reason why it’s just a story not a real life history of a person. Some so called stupid Brahmanism promoters hype it is written in the guidance of Ganesh. Ganesh? Which is a totally a mind born identity by them? Is it possible to write a real life story of a man by a mind born identity itself? When Shiva transplanted even elephant head to beheaded Ganesh which had born only by Parvati’s body dusts, even only an elephant! Because using an elephant head only act like an elephant not as a human! Even the name of that elephant whose head used in the torso of the dead Ganesh not mentioned anywhere in Hindu scriptures. An animal head will act like an animal or as a human? Again Dasaratha was an impotent according to some Brahmanism versions of Ramayana. If Dasaratha was an impotent then how his children were born? According to them they born according to the principle of niyoga. Queens of Dasaratha sexually conceived by some Rishis through niyoga so Queens were able to bore four sons Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughana; where it is ornamented like they are given “Amrit or Mango something like this…” to queens so they got pregnant. In these versions it is indirectly mentioned the sons of Dasharatha though belongs to Kshatriyas as from foster father Dasaratha but biologically belongs to Brahmins; it’s because major Rishis from Vedic clans promoted as Brahmins; but in truth Vedic version of Ramayana all the sons are from Bastard origin it’s because queens got pregnant without wedlock with the Queens as extra marital affairs or adultery. Even in Ramayana different incidents points Rama was a simple human being; but portrayed as super hero for religious benefits. Rama was exiled for 14 years and lived in forest eating fruits, non-vegs and water from rivers. He and his wife and brother Lakshmana used to toilet in open fields, living life without electricity and striving for life fighting with his enemies. If God’s standard of living is less than his devotees, then how he could be considered as God? If itself Gods are deprived of from good life and liberty, then how could he develop the life of devotees? So it all proves how Brahmins or Vedic promoters fooling and deluding their followers and weakening their logical thinking and making them logical blind and psychological disordered for decades promoting these stories as their own to control their followers mind. A Brahmin Tulsidas from Sukarkhet Rajapur village on Pashka Road near Parashpur Bhauriganj Bajar, currently in District Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 50 km from Ayodhya had translated Ramayana to Hindi in 16th-century as Ramcharitmanas  and helped to his community deluding the followers making it as a spiritual business for their livelihood promoting Rama. If it would be considered as even Rama was real; In commonsense Rama was a king of Ayodhya  because Rama was the son of Dasaratha, who had ruled only Ayodhya which is now only a place of 79.8 km2 It was not the whole India, which is 3,287,263 km2 in area. If Rama was a root native to Uttar Pradesh then there was no genetic and linguistic relation to other linguistic clans except adoption of the identity as God by Vedic promoters. Giving life threatening importance to this non-living identity is stupidity and only for Theo-political hegemony and benefits. These Brahmanism prompters are so con that they even used  the name of “Rama” to promote their faith system even in their follower’s death using a slogan/chant “Ram Nam Satya Hai.” “Ram Nam Satya Hai” is slogan/chant in Nagari (Language of city or Nagar) language, now well kown as Debanagari/Devanagari or Hindi language but it has been adopted by all Brahmanism followers, its the reason why even in Dravidian linguistic race those don’t have any connection with Northern linguistic races they even use this “Ram Nam Satya Hai” slogan/chant while carrying a dead body to the cremation ground. Brahmins are the enemies of  science, logical thinking and reasoning to their followers and making them stupid to control their life and mind as sheep in the name of God, religion, tradition, customs, culture and heritage; but in truth it’s just stupidity. Brahmans of a linguistic race is only the con root natives of that linguistic race adopting Brahmanism/Vedic philosophy to control the society as elite group making it as an organized Theo-political party to control the whole demography as race. Its something like a political party made in one corner of the India where their leaders, party members and voters can be found each and every part of India simply following their memorandum or political party constitution. Its the reason why they don’t have any connection except organized group of same ideology according to their memorandums. Like this Brahmanism only a social system made by Brahmins or majorly Idol care takers or priest group of many linguistic races as organized to control their society adopting Vedic philosophies; due to this reason all Brahmins has the different mother tongues changing with the demographic regions with different surnames but adopted Sanskrit as their chant language due to following memorandum of Vedism. It implicates Brahmins are nothing but own land’s con root natives those divided the own society for their self and organized benefits adopting just Vedism. They worked with the other Brahmins linguistic clans as organized and maintained their group policy for hegemony and livelihood. They intentionally made people logical blind so that they can be used for their use. Its the reason why they are just race of stupid con/knave scholars those wants to make their followers psychological cripple to make benefits from them. They are only responsible to destroy great Indian Buddhist or rational civilization of India. They destroyed all rational philosophies from the land by hook and crook only for their livelihood and racial hegemony so that they can rule their followers mind forever and can use the working class to make revenues by ruling the whole civilization. A Brahman never ever work hard for making revenues in a Vedic based civilization, neither King nor a Vaishya. These all are just suckers, labor of working class(Shudras). These three professions are reserved as upper castes in Vedic based society. Brahman just fool the followers saying he is executives of the God and hold the world of knowledge banning to others and grabbing royal advisor position to make money from the Vedic based society. Kings or Kshatriyas were only the revenue makers and resource grabbers though they were responsible for Justice but controlling units has in the hand of Brahmins as royal advisors in Vedic society based Kingdoms. Vaishyas were just money makers as middlemen or as brokers in supply chain using working class or Shudra’s made products and services. Transforming many Buddhist kingdoms to Vedic based societies or Kingdoms after 185BC  was only the days of our progressive civilization destruction. Its the reason why rational philosophies like Charuvaka/Lokayata, Ajivika, Vaisheshika even lost from this land which could have made our civilization more rational & scientific. We got all electronic items from China right? From mobile batteries to all kind of chips of different electronic instruments are made by either China, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan. How they are able to develop such kind of devices? Its root reason is rationalism in their civilization. That rationalism which had transferred to their civilization from our civilization through Buddhism which was the major religion before 185BC in our civilization. If it could have not been destroyed by Brahmins then our country would have been more developed than them. Its the reason why Brahmins are only the real enemies of this land.

There is no evidence till to date in world history monkeys were socially equated to humans and they were capable to communicate humans with human using languages. There is no proof exists till to date humanoid monkeys were there in our planet. If humanoid monkeys had there then we would must have their fossils. If in this present advanced age of biotechnology monkeys could not be socialize as humans then how it was possible in those dark age? even in those days there was no electricity! We use mobile phones sending our messages in fraction of seconds to Sri Lanka to communicate their citizens, where God sent to his messenger Hanuman to deliver his message to Sita who was in Sri Lanka i.e. used a monkey to deliver his message? How could it be possible being even  socially and technologically so backward he had built Ramasetu i.e. a bridge to Sri Lanka using only army of monkeys? Is not it a joke? Those are promoting these stupidity in their literature and in mainstream media actually showing their stupidity to  the world.  In imaginative writing or compositions anybody can write anything it does not mean its true. Spider man is even a reality in sliver screen. His big statues can be found in many parks in the world, it does not mean Spider man is real. We can find many imaginative identities like spider man in our human race, it does not mean they were really existed. Politics using the imaginative  identities and controlling brain of humans should considered as what? Is not it a stupid con game? Feeding lies to control human brains is totally a crime. It does not matters whether Rama existed or not. Rama is not fighting for his existence but those stupid promoters using Ramayana to promote Vedic class system embedded in Ramayana is definitely having wrong intention to divide the society feeding sweet lie stories without their prior knowledge. Those scriptures written to promote Sanatana Dharama/Hinduism/Vedism having an hidden agenda to promote Brahmanism or “divide and rule” agenda in it. So those promote these stories they definitely has the wrong intentions to this Indian demography for their racial hegemony.

NB: I produced information whatever Vedic promoters promotes about the Rama as it is, but even though it can hurt you. If you are an orthodox Hindu and lover or hardcore follower of “Rama” it can hurt you a lot; but it can even make your psychological conditions correct; its totally depends upon how you handle these information in your logical interpretations and reasoning. If you get angry reading this article; ask yourself what makes you angry? Even some people can get angry to that level they can kill me if they found me in front of them. Think what makes you that level angry, where you can kill anyone for that non living identity; whom you even don’t know personally and never ever met in your life, even your own ancestors never ever met that identity except their statues, artistic impressions and paintings. Its the Brain game of some stupid knaves of the land. They created a non living identity so real in your mind that seems real in your life and which seems like, that identity controls your life. Its called the dirty brain game. I call it psychological disorder. When lies and deception codified as truth in your brain by some cons, a misinformation even becomes a logical truth in your mind. Followers protects that identity in their mind/brain because they love that identity; where identity is itself a non-living in existence.  Organized Vedic priesthood as Brahmanism controlled and ruled the life of major root natives of Indian demography in the name of god just using mud, stones, metals and artistic impressions through delusions for their self and organized benefits. Love to a misconception/misinformation is not a healthy psychological condition, its a condition of psychological disorder. Addiction to an identity, that exists in only human brains without the living existence as the position of God which needs an irrational reason to love or no reasons to love, is one kind of psychological disorder. You may call it as God-addiction or THEOPHILIA. Theophilia is combination of two words theo & philia. You might be knowing about theology WHICH MEANS “logic of god” i.e. “THEO” MEANS “GOD,” WHERE “PHILIA” means an abnormal love for, or inclination towards a specified thing. SIMPLY Theo=God, Philia=unconditional or conditional love to an identity as supreme or as a creator that needs an illogical reason or no reason to believe. Theophilia in other-way means god addiction through deception or delusions. Theophilia is a psychological disorder and its harmful to our human race. Its your own hand whether you want to make your descendants mentally healthy or psychological disordered. This Theophilia was only the reason we had war of faith empires in our own demography. This Theophilia is the only reason for many social evils in Indian civilization. For Theophilia our country got divided by dirty politicians. If I am correct  Theophilia can make that mass destruction in our human race by creating WAR of major religions hegemony for which our planet can be destroyed. Theophilia is not only applicable to Hinduisms but applicable to all those God philosophies those are based on God beliefs; whether it is monotheist or polytheist; Its the reason why  Theophilia exposed as disease for immunization against faith contradictions and to protect the psychological conditions of a human that has been disordered due to God beliefs. Take the above information at your own risks and correct your psychological conditions, and even cure your logical blindness. Investigate and know more with your own efforts.

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Organized priesthood as Brahmanism & Purusha Shukta.

How India got devastated by Brahmanism and their Purusha Shukta.  

“Divide and destroy” & “Divide and rule” are the prime weapons of Brahmanism. Racially Brahmins were never ever good in any skilled work without cheating & exploiting in the name of God and religion. They renamed others great work in their favor & in their name to promote their race. Brahmanism is nothing but con/knave/cunning people of every linguistic clans of India worked as organized those had promoted Vedic Purusha sukta certifying themselves as Brahmins i.e. number one social elites of caste based social system and preserved the King profession and traders profession for their created social class Kshatriyas and Vaishyas declining these professions to poor root natives. They are only the masters of cheating and all kind of social evils; altogether a race of crooks. They promoted illiteracy, ignorance, deceptions, delusions, blind beliefs, disharmony and discrimination etc. etc. to their followers so that they can be victimized ever and ever. They are actually stupid criminals those acts as parasites in the Indian societies and lives as jackal/fox and feed themselves by cheating to their followers in the name of religion & God. These days they know their demerits its the reason why they started to adopt those professions, by which they can control their followers and others. They have been trapped the governance in its all perspectives. They have been trapped almost more than 50% positions in executives, legislative and judiciary including fourth pillar of democracy i.e. mainstream Medias. They have been privileged many so called uplifted Shudras certifying them as Kshatriya those are populating positions in Indian Army so that they can be used as their force. No Kings or Kings descendants are there those populates our Army as Kings/Kshatriyas. Kshatriya are only Kings not soldiers. They started to upper caste hunger uplifted Shudras as Kshatriya so that they can be used as their slaved armed force. You can find even people those are so poor that they even don’t get three times meals in a day and says themselves as Kshatriya. Is a King or descent of a King had that so poor circumstances? How many Kings and their family members are there in India? Social so called Kshatriya proud themselves as Kshatriya though they don’t have no Kshetra i.e. land or Kingdoms and even any wealth without the surnames of Kshatriyas.

In many civilization classes are there i.e. rich and poor classes, but you can’t find any Varna system/Castes anywhere in the world except India. Brahmins  stabilized or frozen the professions as Varna class that declined to others and even to each other Varnas. If you are poor then there is possibility of being rich but crook Brahmins frozen the professional classes naming it as varnas/castes and banned their preferred professions to others and made it hereditary to the racial Varnas with surnames. Stupid Brhmin’s son becomes “Pandit” with his birth. He got certificate of Pandit from his mother’s womb. His mother’s womb is his university of knowledge that gives certificate of Pandit/Scholar without any studies and examinations. Brahmin’s programmed Purusha Shukta with that evil intentions, that made Priest, King and traders profession stabilized or frozen so that poor classes can’t be the competitor to them. The great mass of Buddhist population even got certified as Shudra those don’t had priest, King and traders profession at the time of Purusha shukta implementation to different linguistic clans after 185BC. They banned education, right to equality, property, right to dignity, equal opportunity, fair life, fair and equal livelihood & justice etc. to Shudras by enforcing Brahmin’s code of Manusmriti; so that they can make them slaves for ever for which they can’t be rebellion to them in any circumstances and can’t be problem to their racial hegemony and organized benefits.

There is no definition of Hinduism in our any religious scriptures and even in our any laws though Article 25 (2)(b) of constitution and section 2 of Hindu marriage Act. 1955 recognize who are Hindus.

India’s Constitution does not give a definition of the term Hindu, but it does define to whom the Hindu Law applies.  It has to do this because in spite of its pretence to secularism, the Indian Constitution allows Muslims, Christians and Parsis a separate Personal Law.  In a way, this separate treatment of different communities merely continues the communal autonomy of castes and sects accepted in pre-modern Hindu states, but it exposes the credibility deficit of Indian secularism.  At any rate, the situation is that Personal Law is divided on the basis of religion, and that one of the legal subsystems is called Hindu Law.

Article 25 (2)(b) of the Constitution stipulates that the reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jain or Buddhist religion. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 goes in greater detail to define this  legal Hindu, by stipulating in Section 2 that the Act applies:

Section 2 in The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

2 Application of Act.
(1) This Act applies
(a) to any person who is a Hindu by religion in any of its forms or developments, including a Virashaiva, a Lingayat or a follower of the Brahmo, Prarthana or Arya Samaj,
(b) to any person who is a Buddhist, Jaina or Sikh by religion, and
(c) to any other person domiciled in the territories to which this Act extends who is not a Muslim, Christian, Parsi or Jew by religion, unless it is proved that any such person would not have been governed by the Hindu law or by any custom or usage as part of that law in respect of any of the matters dealt with herein if this Act had not been passed.
Explanation. The following persons are Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas or Sikhs by religion, as the case may be:
(a) any child, legitimate or illegitimate, both of whose parents are Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas or Sikhs by religion;
(b) any child, legitimate or illegitimate, one of whose parents is a Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina or Sikh by religion and who is brought up as a member of the tribe, community, group or family to which such parent belongs or belonged; and
(c) any person who is a convert or re-convert to the Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina or Sikh religion.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), nothing contained in this Act shall apply to the members of any Scheduled Tribe within the meaning of clause (25) of Article 366 of the Constitution unless the Central Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, otherwise directs.
(3) The expression Hindu in any portion of this Act shall be construed as if it included a person who, though not a Hindu by religion, is, nevertheless, a person to whom this Act applies by virtue of the provisions contained in this section. State Amendment Pondicherry: In section 2, insert the following sub-section:(2A) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), nothing contained in this Act shall apply to the Renoncants of the Union territory of Pondicherry . [ Vide Regn. 7 of 1963, sec. 2 and Sch. (w.e.f. 1-10-1963).]

This definition of the legal Hindu, though explicitly not equating him with the Hindu by religion, is exactly coterminous with the original Islamic use of the term Hindu: all Indian Pagans are legally Hindus.  The Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are explicitly included in the Hindus by law but separated from the Hindus by religion: at this point, the law follows the usage established by Western scholars, contrary to the original usage.

Note that the changes in Hindu Law imposed by an Act of Parliament (on top of the very existence of separate Hindu and Muslim Law regimes) constitute a further measure of communal inequality.  The secular government would not dare to touch the other religion-based law systems, as has repeatedly been shown in the past decades regarding items of Christian and Muslim Personal Law.  An interference in Hindu Law by a national legislative body only makes sense in an avowedly Hindu state; in a sense, therefore, the Hindu Marriage Act constitutes an admission by Jawaharlal Nehru that ultimately India is a Hindu state.

India was a demography of many kingdoms till unified as a federal Nation as India. It had originated many faiths and many philosophies. Ajivika, Chauvaka, Buddhism, Jainism were the major opposer of Brahmanism/Vedism/Polytheist idolism priesthood for pagan deities with Vedic pursha shukta philosophy. Brahmanism was the major evil faith ever in this land but politicians of federal nations were major followers of Brahmanism. They put all faiths originated in this land in a single umbrella named “Hindu” which is not only stupidity but also it shows height of their nonsense and idiocy with foolishness. It was crookedly and intentionally made to promote vedic purusha shukta in our federal governance to promote Vedism. Its the reason why Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya represented as General caste and Shudra as OBC and Atishudra as Sc & ST. Being only 14% of the Indian population as General caste enjoy 50.5% of reservation i.e. 50.5% seats in government reserved for general category and rest for lower caste origin i.e. 86% of Indian population enjoy only 49.5% as reserved for other non-General category.

See these Maps you can’t find any single place named “Bharat”

More than 99.99% Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh doesn’t know about their origin. Most of them thinks they are belongs to out of their countries because Islam is a foreign religion; where truth is more than 97% Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are root natives to their own land and their linguistic race; where only 3% or less than even 3% Muslims are from other origins, but not from Arabic origin. Islamic Invaders those invaded India like Persians, Afghans and Turko-mongols once upon a time had practicing some other faiths before conversion to Islam and Invading to Indian Demography. Islamic invasion majorly happened in 700AD its because Prophet Muhammad born in 570AD and reveled his faith Islam in his forties i.e. in 609/610AD and got died in 632AD, so after 610AD his followers embraced the Islam and propagated to other land. When Islam came to our Indian demography in that time Brahmanism was the major religion, because Buddhism and other major faiths like Ajivika, Vaishesika, Charuvaka, Lokayata etc. etc. had been destroyed by Vedic promoters after 185 BC and after wards. Many kingdoms had been converted to Vedic caste systems its the reason why major population from different linguistic Kingdoms had converted to Shudra castes those had been exploited by Vedic upper castes due to their Brahmin’s code of Manusmriti. When Islam came to Indian demography they forcefully converted many root natives to Islam irrespective what they were practicing in that time. When Shudra got a better faith than even Vedism/Brahmanism many lower castes even converted themselves in to Islam; it does not mean Brahmans, Viashyas and Kshatriyas had not converted in that time. Islamic Invaders amalgamated to root natives of India and lost their origin identity but their embraced art of living style i.e. Islam became a major part of Indian race. Here everybody must remember that the founder of Islam Prophet Muhammad was a non Muslim or polytheist believer till his forties i.e. he lived as a non Muslim for 40 years and rest 22 years as Muslim. Anybody can study what he did in his 40 years and rest 22 years. His non-Muslim life was more better than his rest 22 years life as he lived as an identity of violence and sins. When his faith came to India our root natives embraced the faith only due to Vedic persecution of caste system by upper castes. So the Muslims we see in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh majorly our root natives those had converted to Islam due to faiths persecutions. Muslims of different states are only the root natives of that State or linguistic race i.e. Muslims seen in Gujarat are belongs to Gujarati linguistic clans those had converted to Islam after 700AD. Like this the Muslims seen in our different states are originally belongs to that States or linguistic race excluding interstates migrations. Andra Muslims are from Telugu linguist clans, Maharashtra Muslims are belongs to Marathi linguist clan, so on and so forth. They changed their mother tongues as Urdu due to maintaining uniformity of community in Indian Muslims. Urdu is an Indian language whose 99% verbs are from Nagari language. Muslims of different States of India were root natives to their land its the reason why they could not leave their root native land even after partition its because they didn’t have any relatives out of their root natives, but evil dirty politicians forced them to leave their own land due to their dirty political hegemony. India got divided by few politicians according to their selfish desires on the basis of major religions Hindu and Muslim for their political mileage, organized benefits and racial hegemony. The consents of the root natives had not taken in to considerations or had their plebiscites  for division. Few hegemonic crazy politicians decided what will be the name of our country, National anthem and song etc. etc. according to their favor; Is not it  political gundaism in the democracy by so called self claimed politicians of majority?


These are only Mental disorders nothing else.

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ब्राह्मणतो वेदका गुलाम है; लेकिन जो जातिबाद यानि पुरुष शुक्त को मानता है ओ ब्रह्मणोंका का गुलाम है | क्षैत्रिय भी गुलाम, बैश्य भी गुलाम और सूद्र इन सबकी गुलाम | बेदका पुरुष शुक्त हमें गुलाम बनानेका धूर्तोंका बनायाहुआ फंदा है |

Those believe in Caste system or Purusha Sukta they are all slave to Brahmins. When you worship delusional idols of Brahmins like Ganesh, Shiva-linga, Narsimha, Hanuman etc. etc. then you admits you are submitting yourself to lies, deception, illusions or delusions, discrimination, irrationality, blind beliefs and antisocial  world of Brahmins and to their hegemony or Brahmins as your BOSS.

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Brahman Nation/ Brahman Akhand Rastra

Brahman Nation

Brahmins are only found in Indian race so; it’s no doubt Brahmin’s origin belongs to only India. If it was Arayan race or something else, then there must have been any proof outside of the country in their history or from any geographic contexts. Since we don’t found any strong proofs of this race outside of India we have to admit, it’s only belongs to Indian race. Brahmins were the only race those had promoted the Vedic fourfold caste system in Indian demography i.e. in the oldest kingdoms of India only Brahmins had implemented the caste system by hook & crook for their racial hegemony. Brahmins are not from one clan though they act as a race as Vedic social elite. Brahmins of India populates around 6 crores and their mother tongue & surnames differs changing the demography in Indian Nation. If they had one clan then they would have only one surname and one mother tongue. If we start to think that Brahmins had their own clan and they had migrated to other linguistic clans and amalgamated or hybridized with the other linguistic race those were absolutely non-Vedic caste clans, then changing of mother tongue according to the linguistic race adoption shows their death of the clan so Vedic social elite as Brahmins in any linguistic race is discarded and nullified due to loss of their own identity if it is there. For an example if an American had come 800years ago to south India and started to live in India and adopted south Indian art of living, spoke Telugu language, married to a South Indian girl and his family lived till to date in India then his descent is no more American, so we have to admit his clan identity dissolved in South Indian clan.  If we consider Brahmins had their own clan and they migrated to many linguistic race of India and adopted the language & art of living of that linguistic race for racial hegemony, then how they got opposite sex for their descendants? In this case they must have been chosen females of non-Vedic clans. If Vedic clan had their own surname, then all Brahmins would have only one surname; but we don’t get one surname as whole Brahmins shows they had not one clan. In case if they had one clan as Brahmins but they had many surnames then who was that single authority that had maintained the all the surnames of single clan? Maintaining many surnames as one class even baseless for single origin. In last case we have to admit it’s the self-claimed special group of peoples form different clans recognizing themselves or certifying themselves as social elite for single ideology and for organized benefits. It’s the reason why Brahmanism is organized priesthood from different linguistic race certifying themselves as social elite as Brahmins to dominate their own linguistic clan and total demography as organized with a single philosophy of Vedic caste system. It’s the reason why more than thousands of surnames found in Indian Brahmanic racial group though their demography & language differs to each other but with a same ideology i.e. priesthood with Vedic chants & Vedic practices. Priest without Vedic chants or Vedic practices are not Brahmins by Caste or as social group but well said as only Poojari/ Poojaka or just idol care takers or worshipers. Any devotee of Indian deities or idol worshiper can be Poojari but not Brahmin till he himself uplift to that level or other Brahmin priest group certify him the status of Brahmins. We can say Idol worshipers those had adopted Vedic ideology of priesthood, certified themselves Brahmins and promoted caste system are only called as the Brahmins of India which has no single origin but organize ideology for organized benefits to fool and rule the society as elite group though Vedic clan of India or Brahmins had originated the theory of Brahmanism & caste system. Vedic caste system had promoted by only one clan i.e. Vedic clan;  Vedic clan was a race of Sanskrit linguistic race. Other  linguistic races just had adopted the ideology and used the ideology in their races in translated forms. So other than Sanskrit linguistic race i.e. those don’t have Sanskrit as their mother tongue and only has the adoption of the Vedic philosophy has no connection of any kind with Sanskrit linguistic clan of any kind without the Vedic clan hegemony to their own linguistic clan.  For an example a Telugu linguistic race has no connection with Sanskrit linguistic race but Caste system or Brahmins can be found in their linguistic race, because of only adoption of the Vedic philosophy or implementation of vedic philosophy in their linguistic race. This Brahmins elite ideology is the most heinous ideology in Indian race and stagnated the India till to date for dominating and discriminating its own natives in their own land. We can say crooks of the different linguistic clans (Like Hindi, Maharashtrian, Telugu, Bihari, Punjabi, Odian etc. linguistic races) uplifted or certified themselves according Purusha Shukta 10:90 as Brahmins to rule not only their own clan but also whole demography as organized race. They migrated to other linguistic race to help other Brahmins for racial hegemony. Its the reason why Brahmanism is a race of crooks though few descendants from them might be not feeling the same ideology due to rational development in them. The Brahmanism ideology had developed in different linguistic races rapidly after the declining of Buddhism in Mauryan empire. Before the regime of Pushyamitra Shunga you can’t find there was any caste system or any kind of Brahmanism had existed in their linguistic race except Vedic race which was a negligible clan of Indian demography. Brahmanism is the root cause of social disharmony and human discrimination with thousands of other social evils. Vedic ideology violates human rights and the ideology of caste system is totally inhumanity.

Now India has been started to knowing about the vices of Brahmins to Indian race and their evil contribution to Indian society till to date rapidly due to information technology. The race of Brahmins is full of con-artists i.e. crooks and in psychological language full of sociopaths & psychopaths. We can say crook Brahmins are honey coated poisons and elite or honest masked criminals. These are the real evils of the Nation and more dangerous than even invaders, terrorists and other hardcore criminals.  If Brahmins had not their then there would not any division of India. Brahmins are the root reasons of division of India. If Brahmins had not there, then there would not decline of Buddhism in India so Buddhism would have been the major religion till to date. If there was Buddhism, then there would not any caste system so there might not have conversion of Vedic lower caste to Islam in Islamic regime. Islamic ruler was more tolerant than even Brahmanism empire it’s because they had not destroyed the whole Vedic followers; now known as Hindus though they ruled about 900yrs to Indian race. Brahmin started to rule Ashokan Buddhist empire which is now known as India after 185BC and Islam came to India about in 700AD i.e. Brahmanism philosophy majorly ruled the kingdoms for 885years till Islamic ruler invaded kingdoms of India. Brahmins took over the Ashoka or Mauryan empire after 185BC and abolished totally to Buddhism in India within this 885years but even with the 900years cruel rulers of Islam had not destroyed totally to other religions of India it’s the reason why Hinduism is still a major religion in India. In this regard we can say Brahmins are the more extremist or cruel & crook than Islam. From the 6 crore Brahmins all might not be not crooks but 20% are not only crooks but also control India in evil ways, because 20% Brahmins are wealthiest & well established in this 6 crore Brahmins. More than 80% of Brahmins i.e. 4.8 Crore Brahmins are just ego paranoid social elite and their standard of living is even worse than other non-Brahmins Castes. May be some of them need social reservations for uplifting their   living standard. Now if these 6 crore Brahmins will be departed from India as Muslims departed as Pakistan & Bangladesh then many social evils will be solved to some extent. They will have new country like Pakistan & Bangladesh may be named as “Brahmansthan” or “Land of Brahmins” or “Akhand Brahman Rajya” or “Akhand Brahman Rastra” or “Bhrahman Bharat” or “Brahmisthan” or may be something like this but it will be wisest decision to depart all Brahmins from India to maintain harmony in the Nation. According to Vedic fourfold caste system mentioned in Purusha Shukta 10:90 India is divided according to four castes and other religious groups. Let it be in an approximate calculation from 130 Crore Indian populations, 104 Crores are Hindus (about 80%), 18.2 Crore are Muslims (about 14%) and rest 6% i.e. about 7.8 crore citizens are from other religious and non-religious group. No other than Brahmins with some so called brainwashed Kshatriyas and Vaishyas only promote caste system. From these 104 Crore Hindu population only 6crores are Brahmins, less than 1 Crore are original Kshatriyas (descents from any Kings family) and less than 7-10 Crores are Vedic Vaishyas, so altogether they will be about 14-17 Crore as upper castes and rest more than 87-90 Crore are Vedic lower castes as OBC, Sc & ST etc. Since Brahmins dominates even Kshatriyas and Vaishya they even may have the choice to decline Vedic caste system. Brahmins can profess as Kshatriya i.e. as Kings & Vaishya i.e. as traders but no Kshatriya & Vaishya can be Brahmins. It means in even upper caste there is violation of human rights and domination of upper castes. We can say Kshatriyas & Vaishya are upper caste stupids those help promoting inhuman Vedic caste system for their stupidity with crook Brahmins for some organized social benefits. If Brahmins can be departed from our nation, then whole social discrimination problem can be solved easily and country will be united as secular union without any disharmony and discrimination. If 6 crores will be privileged to make their own Nation as Brahman country and departed from 124 crore peoples, then Indian problem is solved. Think what will happen once Brahman nation is created. The nation will be only race of Brahmins. Think what will happen to their social harmony? Who will do the lower caste jobs they had assigned to lower castes? like garbage sweeping, latrine cleaning, cloth washing, shoe making etc. etc. think about it. Let them divide themselves as sweeper Brahmins, Brahmin washer men, Brahmin shoe makers or cobbler Brahmins etc. etc. They will even divide themselves again and will play “divide and rule” in their own clan. How they will maintain Brahmanism in their own Nation will be the lesson to learn. In conclusion I want to say If Brahmins will be departed from our land then they will divide even themselves it’s because they are only the root reason for divide and rule in our Nation where root cause is Vedic fourfold caste system or Purusha Shukta 10:90.

Brahman Nation

Brahmins Exposed by Ambedkar supporter.  The first PM of India Kashmir Brahmin Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru became the PM without any election. The First Lok Sabha was constituted on 17 April 1952 after India‘s first general election but Jawaharlal Nehru hold the office from 15 August 1947 without any democratic election process.

Drive Away Brahmins from India
They are only less than 6 Crores
And real enemies of the Nation.
Brahmins are Dangerous than even Invaders.

3%-5% Brahmins devastating the lives of 97% root natives of India. Its better to depart them as other Nation like Pakistan.

India should be the Brahminless country. Those shout for Hindu Nation, which streams from river Shindu and Shindu civilization i.e. presently Sindh province of Pakistan after independence; they should migrate to Sindh province to form Hindu Nation.

If you study about Brahmins then one can easily find they are not from any single clan but are from different linguistic clans as single ideology of Vedism to promote caste system making them as prime social elite as Brahmins. Its the reason why their mother tongue and surname changes changing the lingustic clans & demography in India. We can say majorly crooks of all clans promoting them as Brahmins or social elite those had once or presently has  profession of idol worshiping as Poojari and adopted the Brahmanism i.e. Purusha Shukta 10:90  due to Vedic Brahmins rule by Pushyamitra Shunga regime declining Buddhism. Brahmanism is an organized Vedic ideological race those wants to dominate all the  Indians, i.e. dominating the Governance, Media, literature, history, entertainment and everything that controls life of a person in Indian society. Brahmanism is only an organized race of crooks from different linguistic clans named as Vedic social elites/Brahmins and act like boss to all non-brahmins. Its the reason why Brahmins are the race of crooks those wants racial hegemony in India.

Think what will happen if 6 crores Brahmins will be departed as their own nation? If their will be a Brahmin Nation then their will be so called equality of social dignity or surnames but what about dignity according to their discriminated professions? Due to absence of other castes they have to make grains, they have to make clothes and oil press. They have to make their latrine clean and wash their clothes etc. etc. Will they themselves discriminate to each other? If you study Brahmins caste itself, then Brahmins even discriminate themselves according to their distributed professions so definitely they will create again discrimination dividing their own Brahmins race according to their adopted profession. They may divide themselves as Brhamins, Brahmin Kshatriya, Brahmin Vaishya and Brhamin Shudra. If other two upper castes will be departed as Kshtriya Nation & Vaishya Nation then same thing can be expected from their race. So Vedic ideology is evil to our Indian race. Vedic ideology or Purusha shukta 10:90 is the root reasons of discrimination in Indian society and root cause of thousand so social evils. Vedic ideologies violates the human rights; its the reason why we have to first decline Purusha Shukta 10:90 in Indian society and depart the promoters of Vedism from India.



ब्राह्मणतो वेदका गुलाम है; लेकिन जो जातिबाद यानि पुरुष शुक्त को मानता है ओ ब्रह्मणोंका का गुलाम है | क्षैत्रिय भी गुलाम, बैश्य भी गुलाम और सूद्र इन सबकी गुलाम | बेदका पुरुष शुक्त हमें गुलाम बनानेका धूर्तोंका बनायाहुआ फंदा है |

Those believe in Caste system or Purusha Sukta they are slave to Brahmins.

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